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NSWRPF Archive Hate You Can Trust - A Venture Brothers RPG

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Penguinator, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Hate You Can Trust

    "...And in recent news today, Professor Impossible of Impossible Industries unveiled his latest invention, the Oscillation Booster, based off the Team Banzai blueprints. Stocks for Impossible Industries soared, while Venture Industries took a plunge. We now go live to John Wilks for the weather..."

    "Welcome back to Globocorp News, where we're discussing the recent influx of hero teams..."

    "...For those just joining us, the man known only as Phantom Limb has gained control of the entire west coast of Africa. In a brilliant military coup, the bohemian villain seized major
    diamond mines and has dealt a major blow to global economy..."

    "The Monarch has been released from prison today, serving a full three weeks for public urination..."

    "...TOP SECRET - GCI NEWSLETTER: Reminder to all villains and villainesses - annual picnic in two weeks. Guild dues will be collected by agents of the Sovereign. Don't forget to support his new album, in stores on the fifteenth!"


    Welcome to Hate You Can Trust, an RPG based on the comedy show The Venture Brothers. If you haven't heard of the Venture Brothers, then I pity you...and get to tell you what it's about. In short, the Venture Brothers concerns two absent-minded adolescent brothers (the titular Brothers Venture) and their life with their cynical father, a grown-up boy genius. The family is protected by their loyal bodyguard, Brock Samson, womanizer, Zep-head, and all-around badass.

    This game is not about them.

    This game is about the universe they inhabit, and the colourful characters that inhabit it. Villains with odd themes (butterflies!), neurotic heroes.... In this game, you will play as either a hero, or a villain. Villains will be supported by the Guild of Calamitous Intent (ever wonder how they keep up the endless supply of henchmen?), an organization based around professional villainry. Their motto: Hate You Can Trust.

    This game is fairly free-form, as in you will be welcome to have fun in unique ways. However, your overall goal will be to defeat your Arch-Nemesis....!



    1. - GM is law
    2. - Please PM all Character Sheets to Me
    3. - Obey the TOS
    4. - Respect other Players
    5. - No Godmodding
    6. - Reply to Tags ASAP
    7. - Have fun

    If I have to warn you about breaking these rules more than once, you're out. The more serious ones, of course.


    Character Sheets - Canon characters are a no-no.

    Name (Alias):
    Faction (Guild or Hero):
    Short Bio:


    I look forward to playing this game with all who join! Some useful links:

    [link=]Venture Bros. On Wikipedia[/link]

    [link=]Official Website[/link]


    A Cosmic Pirate Productions Game - And yes, I'm aware that this is a franchise game, which I am normally opposed to.

  2. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    GM Approved!

    Name: Count Dismal
    Age: 48
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Guild of Calamitous Intent
    Appearance: Tall and very skinny, goofy, pale white skin, large bushy, dark eyebrows and a thick, black moustache that curls up at both ends. Always wears a bowler hat.
    Weapons: N/A
    Short Bio: Count Dismal was always teased as a kid. He was a benchwarmer in little league, a booger-picker in school, and the main target for bullies.

    Because of this, he grew up as an utter pessimist and is always depressed and sad. However, this has not stopped him from swearing revenge on those who teased him in the past.

    And those who threaten his existence.

    Name: Captain Seksy
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Hero
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: The Sword of Manliness
    Short Bio: Iyam Seksy was always the hawtest kid in the world. Girls wanted him, guys wanted to be him, and mothers wanted to break the law to be with him.

    One day, he was traveling through the woods when he came upon a long, shiny sword. Engraved in the hilt was "The Sword of Manliness".

    This sword inspired Iyam to become the greatest (and "seksiest") hero of all-time: Captain Seksy.>
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