Before - Legends Hauntings from the Past: OC, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan (40 BBY AU) Chapter 14 Posted 3/16

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    Another thrilling update by you. It made me put away part II of the Millennium trilogy by Stig Larson.


    Palpatine is written brilliantly evil. I am glad that Jane does not give in to her darker side and attacks him straight away. She is as good as she is strong and honest.

    A pity that all her gathered evidence is gone.

    What I really loved is the relationship that Obi and Jane have:

    ?Love you, Obister,? Jane said, standing on her toes to kiss Obi-Wan?s cheek while the nurse administered the sedative.

    ?Love you too, Jainy-bug,? Obi-Wan said, his eyelids slowly lowering as every second passed.

    I am curious to read more soon.

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    Nonna is very wise, and it is very special how Jane got the pieces for her lightsaber. Lovely update!
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    Jade_eyes: How much of that did Obi-Wan hear is the question
    Real question is, how much did he hear, how much did he comprehend in his drugged state, and how much did he forget after the next dose of pain meds [face_laugh]

    Hazel: Tee hee! Siri's got it bad.
    Yep. Yep she does! *giggles*

    Valairy_Scot: Definitely a favorite scene to write and re-read. Siri?s quite a bit OOC, but everyone is now and then.

    Shira_Adola: I wanna feel his washboard abs!
    Don?t we all? ;)

    obimom: And her father turned. Now I"m really curious as to who her father is...
    Got a few more chapters to write and a few more characters to introduce before all is revealed? for this installment.:D

    AzureAngel2: What I really loved is the relationship that Obi and Jane have:
    Thank you! They?re fun to write and make me walk away from the computer smiling.

    Luna_Nightshade: Thank you! [:D]

    Alright, so this next chapter will introduce some OC characters that will be important later, both in this story and it?s sequels. One character?s name may be very familiar to some. You?ll see why I chose it later. ;)
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    Chapter Twelve: Greensleeves and Scruffy-Looking Nerfherders

    Six year old Jane walked proudly amongst the many booths of the hotel?s convention center with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. This was her first time on Corellia since the beginning of her apprenticeship, and she was happy to be home.

    She carefully brushed a piece of non-existent lint off of the green sleeves of her robe. After a lot of begging, pleading, skillful negotiating, and a good dose of puppy-dog eyes, the Council had given in and let Jane wear the Corellian green. However, the deal was that only the sleeves of her robe could be green; the rest of the body had to remain the original brown. Jane did not mind; the two colors worked well together and it made her stand out of the crowd.

    After Qui-Gon found the booth he was looking for, he gave Obi-Wan and Jane permission to walk around by themselves.

    ?Just don?t leave this floor,? He said. Both nodded.

    Jane soon found the over-crowded room to be stuffy and overwhelming and stepped outside. Having arrived at the hotel only an hour beforehand, Jane hadn?t had enough time to explore. Keeping Qui-Gon?s words in mind, she began to explore the other rooms on the floor.

    She found a small 5-star restaurant, the ballroom, and?to her utter delight?a room full of musical instruments. Jane loved playing music as much as she loved listening to it, though she rarely had time for it. Taking advantage of this free time, Jane settled herself down on the bench of a large instrument covered with long ivory buttons called ?keys? and began to play.

    She was in the middle of the melody of one of her favorite songs when she heard an irritated voice from behind her.

    ?Hey! Get away from my piano!?

    Jane turned to see a boy not too much older than her with messy brown hair and blue eyes scowling at her.

    ?I didn?t know this was yours,? Jane responded.

    ?This is my practice room,? The boy said angrily. ?And I ask that you please be careful, Little Miss Greensleeves. Many of these instruments are very delicate.?

    ?Sorry,? Jane said, standing up. She was already starting to dislike the boy, but it was instantly hate when he called her ?Greensleeves?. No one insulted her Corellian green.

    The boy eyed her.

    ?What was that song you were playing, if you could call what you were doing that?? He asked.

    Jane felt herself fill up with anger, and with a bit of bitterness, told him what the song was, a rock song by a favorite band of hers.

    ?Not a classic, then?? The boy said, an eyebrow raised and his nose wrinkled.

    ?Could be one day,? Jane pointed out. ?However, in regards to my playing skills, I may not be a concert pianist, but I?d like to see you do better.?

    The boy sat down on the bench, closed his eyes? and then proved Jane wrong. He played a long, complicated piece that Jane knew instantly within the first notes. Jane felt a bit of jealousy arise in her; how was this boy so good? He couldn?t have been more than eight years old.

    When he finished dramatically, the boy gave her a crooked grin and held out his hand.

    ?Jace Solo, musical prodigy and concert pianist.?

    Feeling a need to protect her ego, Jane responded: ?Jane Mago, child genius and youngest Jedi Apprentice in history.?

    ?Explains your ridiculous get-up,? Jace threw back. ?What exactly are you? A Temple Jedi or a Corellian??

    ?Corellian, and proud of it, thank you very much,? Jane said coldly. ?So, what exactly are you doing here??

    ?My father?s business has a booth at the trade convention,? Jace said. ?You??

    ?I?m here with my Master and fellow Padawan to meet with a business executive,? Jane said proudly. ?About important, top secret matters. In fact, my Master is calling me right now, through the Force. So if you?ll excuse me.?

    This was a lie, but Jane really wanted to leave with most of her dignity intact. She reentered the convention hall and found Obi-Wan.

    ?Back so soon?? He asked, an eyebrow raised. ?I expected that you would have made a new friend by now.?

    ?I made something, but I don?t think it was a friend,
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    Jacen Solo!? o_O Interesting! :D
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    Ah...even the Jedi Council is not immune to puppy dog eyes...[face_batting]

    Jacen Solo...hmm..where have I heard that name before? [face_thinking]

    He and Jane must be too much alike...I wonder if they'll fall in love later...[face_whistling]

    Fun chapter...:)
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    When he finished dramatically, the boy gave her a crooked grin and held out his hand.

    ?Jace Solo, musical prodigy and concert pianist.?

    Jace Solo!


    Well, could we indeed face the secret of Han´s parents here? A musical prodigy and piano player.

    *has a certain song in her mind now*

    I do like your description of Jane loving music.

    Oh and I had to laugh about "Greensleeves".

    *has now a very special version in her mind, the one from the [link=]Mediaeval Babes[/link]*
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    Jace Solo, huh? [face_thinking] Interesting ...

    As is the fact that certain names are common in every generation: like being scruffy looking LOL

    Nice to know there'll be sequel(s). :)

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    Hazel: Jacen Solo!? Interesting!
    Can?t say a word. *puts hands over her mouth*

    obimom: Ah...even the Jedi Council is not immune to puppy dog eyes...
    Never underestimate the power of puppy eyes! ;)

    He and Jane must be too much alike...I wonder if they'll fall in love later...
    Can?t say a word? other than you will like the sequel? [face_whistling]

    AzureAngel2: Oh and I had to laugh about "Greensleeves".
    Then I think you will like some of the following chapters.

    Jade_eyes: Nice to know there'll be sequel(s).
    Right now, I have two sequels in the planning process, both taking place in Saga. There will possibly be a third and fourth sequel, the first taking place in Beyond (you and I have talked about that one, though at the time I didn?t know it was going to be part of this) and one in Saga.

    With ?The Move? coming on the 21st, I am going to go ahead and post the next two chapters: Chapter 13 on Wedensday (3/14) and Chapter 14 on Friday (3/16). These chapters will reveal Jane?s real name; when the board is back up, hopefully I?ll have finished the story and I?ll be able to update every week.
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    Chapter Thirteen: Pride and Jedi-ness

    On the morning of the second day of the Trade Conference, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were to meet in private with Denn and his business partners. The meeting was not for little ears, apparently, and so Jane, Jace and Asana Jaan?the seven-year-old daughter of one of Denn?s partners?were staying in the suite Denn had gotten for the duration of the conference.

    Jane sat on the floor in front of the window, her legs crossed and her eyes closed, breathing deeply, trying to meditate. It was hard to do with Asana sitting beside her, talking non-stop about fashion, gossip, and handsome holo-stars.

    ?Is Raylor Cometdust hot or what?? Asana asked as she looked longingly at a teen gossip magazine, that happened to have a fold-out poster of said actor. ?I would love to be Krisly Cyert, getting to kiss him every single day, for every single take! Coruscant Sunset is the best holo-vid in the entire galaxy, isn?t it Jane??

    ?I wouldn?t know,? Jane said irritably, pinching her thumbs against her forefingers hard and trying to keep a scowl off her face. ?I haven?t seen that movie.?

    ?But you must have. Isn?t it, like, a Jedi training video? I mean, Bellana is a Jedi Knight in love with the amazingly handsome half-vampire, half-werewolf hybrid Jared who just wanted to become a Jedi, but didn?t believe he had a soul so he?d have to become a Sith Lord and how she had to help him overcome that so that they could get married. How can you not watch that? It?s so educational about real life!?

    ?Must have been sick the day they showed that in class,? Jane said sardonically.

    That movie had been the laughing stock of the entire Temple. Some of the older apprentices had gone to see it and told everyone about it and everyone had been mocking the actors? lines and more than once had people jokingly tried to get out of assignments by claiming that they were soulless, Dark-Side bound vampire-werewolves.

    ?You were lucky, then, as it was a waste of credits to see the movie, and an even bigger waste to make it,? Jace said from his armchair, where he was typing on a datapad.

    ?Who are you writing to, Jace?? Asana asked, getting up to read over Jace?s shoulder. To Jane?s relief, she had finally taken the hint that Jane was not interested in her latest obsession like the rest of her friends.

    ?My cousin, Maria,? Jace said, trying to push Asana?s curls out of his face.

    ?Oh, the one living on Endor! Oh, do please tell her that I send her my love!?

    ?I already have,? Jace said in a bored drawl.

    ?Poor, poor Maria,? Asana said, clicking her tongue. ?Living on Endor with no shopping malls or salons at all! What do her parents do again??

    ?My uncle studies botany and my aunt studies zoology.?

    ?Oh, Jace, we must go visit Maria!? Asana said, taking Jace?s free hand. ?She must be so bored on that jungle moon.?

    ?Forest,? Jane corrected from her meditating pose.

    ?What?? Asana asked, one of her perfect eyebrow raised as she turned to look at Jane, giving Jace an opportunity to free his hand from Asana?s grip.

    Jane turned from her pose to look at Asana.

    ?Endor is a forest moon, not a jungle,? Jane explained.

    ?I knew that,? Asana said haughtily, tossing back her onyx curls. ?I just wanted to see if you were listening.?

    ?And Maria is not lonely,? Jace said. ?In her last letter, she was telling me about all the fun she has with the children of the other scientists and the locals. The inhabitants of Endor are primarily little bear-like creatures called Ewoks.?

    ?Oh, they sound delightful!? Asana said. She plopped herself down at Jace?s feet and attempted to start more conversations with him, but he ignored her. Refusing to be ignored, she turned to Jane.

    ?Jane, please do let me brush your hair.? Asana asked. Jane opened one hazel eye.

    ?Uh, alright,? Jane said, hoping it would keep Asana quiet.

    It didn?t.

    ?I don?t know if Jace has told you this or not, but we?re going to be married!? Asana said as she ran a brush through Jane?s long hair.

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    Book! Fascinating! [face_dancing] =D= =D= Wootness! This is tooooo fantabulous. It has a fixerupper feel [face_shhh] ;)

    @};- [:D]

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    So Jane's name is really Jaina? Why would she change her name? [face_thinking]

    This is a whole new level of interesting. ;)
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    A Jaina meets a Jason?

    Now I am more intrigued than ever.

    Can´t wait for your next update!
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    *grins as she thinks she's getting it*

    Nope. It makes no sense. It might, but then again...

    Basically you'd better keep posting so that I can fit the pieces together. I'm glad that Jane/Jaina are getting to be friends, and that he believes her. It would be hard trying to tell someone an important secret like that and have nobody believe them.
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    Was going to do indvidual replies; can't today. Was also hoping that I would post one chapter after this sometime before the move. Don't think that's going to happen; I've had a rough last tweleve hours... my cousin died last night so I'm kind of IDK about everything... I wasn't even sure I was going to post this... Please pray for our family.

    Got a song with this one: Greensleeves (AKA 'What Child Is This'), piano instrumental. The version I used in writing that scene is 'What Child is This' arranged by Melody Bober, but any version will do. # will tell you when.

    Chapter Fourteen: Friends and Allies

    Jane stared at Jace with wide eyes, mentally kicking herself. Jace had figured out her real name. How had she let that happen?

    Jace took a deep breath and studied her face for a second.

    ?So? so Jaina is your real name?? He asked in a whisper.

    Jane nodded.

    ?My full name, my real full name is Jaina Marie Mago,? Jane said, suddenly very interested with her shoes.

    ?Does anyone know besides me?? Jace asked.

    ?Now? No. The only two other people are dead. And I?m not counting anyone who has seen my birth certificate, because they don?t really care,? Jane said.

    ?Why do you go by Jane?? Jace asked.

    ?It?s a long story,? Jane said with a sigh.

    ?I?ve got time,? Jace said. He gave her a lopsided grin. ?Any excuse to not go back to Asana.?

    Jane thought for a moment, before indicating that he should follow her.

    ?I?ll tell you, but you?ve got to promise to never tell anyone, not your dad or your friends or Obi-Wan and especially not Qui-Gon.? Jane said as they continued to walk down the path.

    ?I promise I won?t tell,? Jace said, sticking his hands in his pockets. ?I?ll swear to it on anything you want.?

    ?No, I?ll trust your word,? Jane said, sitting down on a bench. Jace sat down beside her, waiting anxiously for her story.

    ?It started when my mom died,? Jane said, her eyes staring off into space. ?I had just turned three at the time. My mom had ordained who she wanted to take care of me after she was dead, did the paperwork and everything. But I had been taken in as a ward of the state regardless. They didn?t listen to me when I told them I was a Jedi, but that the man who my mom wanted to train me was on Coruscant.

    ?Well, being the rash, impulsive genius I am, I ran away, planning on hitch-hiking to Coruscant. Unfortunately, my disappearance was noticed quickly. I had to go back to the house my mother had lived in to get the paperwork to bring to Qui-Gon, so by the time I had gotten to the spaceport, a Missing Child poster with my name and face on it was everywhere. I used a blanket I had brought with me to wrap my hair and asked a trader heading to Coruscant if I could ride with him, he under the impression that I was a Gamgee from Meedle Oorth. Worried that the Jedi would recognize my name if I told them the truth, I shortened my name to Jane, as that is a Galaxy-wide common name. I kept Mago because that was also common here on Corellia. Qui-Gon and the Council are under the impression I was brought to the Temple by a social worker, when in truth it was just a lady I asked for directions in finding the Temple.

    ?So, that?s basically my tragic backstory,? Jane said, leaning back and staring at the small waterfowl swimming in the pond across from them.

    ?So why not tell your Master?? Jace asked.

    ?Because then I?d feel obliged to tell him another one of my secrets, one I?d prefer to never, ever tell,? Jane said, crossing her arms.

    ?Why?s that??

    Jane glared at Jace briefly.

    ?It has to do with my father.?

    Sensing a delicate subject, Jace didn?t ask any more.

    ?I have a twin, you know,? Jace said, looking at his hands in his lap. ?A twin sister. And I don?t even know what she looks like, what her name is or if she?s even alive.?

    Jane shifted her gaze towards him again.

    ?Dad and Mom were living in this small town on the less occupied side of Corellia,? Jace said. ?Their town got attacked the same night me and my sister were born. Mom took my sister and
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    Oh book-geek! @};- @};- My sincere condolences & bless you for thinking of us readers and posting at such a time! (Texas-sized huggles!)

    Glad Jace and Jane got to know each other better :) And glad to know Jace's back story more.


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    First of all, [:D]

    Second, I laughed about Asana and the "real life" Twilight reference, and also how Jace and Jane/Jaina are becoming friends. She is precocious, isn't she? Great updates.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. [:D]

    Take care of yourself.
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    Oh Book! I'm so sorry about your cousin. Big hugs! [:D]

    As for the update, I really enjoyed learning more about Haven's and Jane's secrets. They are on their way to becoming really close. :)
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    Enjoyed the updates,

    but I am so sorry to hear about your cousin.

    Thanks for sharing. [:D]
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    ?Because then I?d feel obliged to tell him another one of my secrets, one I?d prefer to never, ever tell,? Jane said, crossing her arms.

    ?Why?s that??

    Jane glared at Jace briefly.

    ?It has to do with my father.?

    Sensing a delicate subject, Jace didn?t ask any more.

    ?I have a twin, you know,? Jace said, looking at his hands in his lap. ?A twin sister. And I don?t even know what she looks like, what her name is or if she?s even alive.?

    Jane shifted her gaze towards him again.

    ?Dad and Mom were living in this small town on the less occupied side of Corellia,? Jace said. ?Their town got attacked the same night me and my sister were born. Mom took my sister and Dad took me and they went in different directions to protect us. Dad searched for my mom and sister, but couldn?t find them. He tried to talk to her father, my grandfather, but he wouldn?t answer any of Dad?s calls. He doesn?t even let Dad onto the property and he stays locked up in his house.

    ?So everyone talks about my mom and sister as if they are dead. Except my Aunt Lizzie, my cousin Maria?s mom. She and my mom had been best friends, and she?s my Dad?s twin. She and my uncle helped Dad recover and they even raised me for a year?with their own kid on the way, I may add?when my Dad was going through his depression. Uncle Louis even helped Dad run his business. Aunt Lizzie?s the only reason why I know I have a twin.?

    This is too big a coincidence! I wonder... [face_thinking]

    Tell me that you up-date BEFORE the boards move! Le do thoil!
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    Thank you all for the condolences.[:D] The funeral was yesterday and we know he is now in a better place and that all the pain from the last 5 years of battling leukemia is over. Knowing that makes our pain lessen some.

    Jade_eyes: And glad to know Jace's back story more.

    Jace's backstory will come into play in one of the sequels.[face_whistling]

    Luna_Nightshade: I laughed about Asana and the "real life" Twilight reference

    I'm glad. That was a fun scene to write.:)

    Valairy_Scot: Thank you.[:D]

    Hazel: They are on their way to becoming really close.

    Yes, yes they are.[face_mischief]

    obimom: Thank you![:D]

    AzureAngel2: This is too big a coincidence! I wonder...

    *In a creepy Palpatine voice* Yes, yes, keep wondering! Bwhahahaha![face_devil]

    Tell me that you up-date BEFORE the boards move!

    I wish. Maybe if I speed write...

    Jaina is going to go by Jane until Qui-Gon learns of her real name, which should be soon. I've already written the scene. It will probably be the second chapter I post after "The Move".
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    I'm ba-ack! And so very close to finishing this story! I'm just tagging everyone on my PM list, because that's just what I've already seen others do. @Hazel, @mav-jade, @obimom, @Luna_Nightshade, @AzureAngel2, @Shira_Adola, @Jade-eyes, @EGKenobi If anyone wishes to be added to this list when I update, just let me know in your review!

    This chapter uses a song, Do You Believe in Magic? sung by Aly and A.J. The # will tell you when to start playing the song if you wish to listen to it as you read. There are also some new OCs to be introduced that will play bigger roles in the sequels. I hope you all like it!
    Chapter Fifteen: Corellians Know How to Party

    Jane giggled as she hid behind Qui-Gon. Jane, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon had been invited to a party on Corellia by Denn and Jace to celebrate Denn’s sister’s wedding anniversary. Yoda—who was just as happy as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan that Jane had a friend her own age—had overheard that Jane had gotten a new dress for the occasion, and demanded that she model it.

    Qui-Gon, smiling at the girl behind him, knocked on the door to the Grandmaster’s quarters. Yoda opened the door and Jane stepped into view.

    “The belle of the ball, you will be!” Yoda declared as Jane twirled in her dress; the top piece was a velvety dark green while the rest of the body was a silky cream color. She had her hair pulled back with a black headband decorated with a rose on one side and wore black dress shoes with white tights.

    Happy with Yoda’s approval, Jane could hardly stay still over the next few days, anxious to go to Corellia and see Jace. A year had passed since they first met, and they were always writing and calling each other; they even got to see each other a few times. But now Jane was going to get to meet Jace’s friend Marcus and his cousin Maria, both of whom Jace talked about a lot.

    The day of their departure, Jane was helping Obi-Wan bring the bags onto the ship when she noticed Mace Windu hanging out by the hanger. Noticing that Jane had seen him, Master Windu beckoned her over.

    “Master Yoda told me about your new dress,” Master Windu said, reaching into the sleeve of his robe. “And I thought, what is a new dress without new earrings?”

    The Jedi pulled out a small velvet box and pressed it into Jane’s hands. Opening it, Jane found a pair of gold earrings with green stones the color of her eyes.

    “I saw them the other day and thought of you,” Master Windu said; Jane knew this was a lie, but was not going to call the Jedi on it. The box had the year the earrings were made on it and both the box and earrings looked brand new; the date was eight years previous. The designer of these earrings didn’t allow anything to be sold two years after it was finished. What was leftover was given to smaller stores for cheaper prices and were always snapped up instantly. Over the course of eight years, there would be nothing left of that stock, especially nothing that had never been worn previously.

    “Thank you, Master,” Jane said, bowing. “They’re beautiful.”

    Master Windu muttered something about it not being a problem, patted her shoulder and told her to have a good time on Corellia before walking away.

    “Those are lovely,” Qui-Gon said, having asked Jane what the other Jedi had given her. “I think those will match your dress perfectly.”

    “Yes, they will,” Jane said, settling into a seat behind Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. “Master?”

    “Yes, Jane?” Qui-Gon asked, plugging the coordinates into the navacomputer.

    “Did… did Master Windu know my mom?” Jane asked.

    “Yes, they were in the same year,” Qui-Gon said. “They were good friends. Why?”

    “Oh, no reason,” Jane said.

    What she didn’t say was that she knew that Mace Windu was always watching her, but could never meet her eyes. He was always nice, but a little stiff and awkward around her. More than once did the Jedi start to call Jane ‘Jocelyn’. The earrings only confirmed Jane’s suspicions.

    Mace Windu had been in love with her mother.


    Jane grinned as Jace brought her into a hug.

    “Force, I’ve missed your scruffy-looking nerfherder-ness,” Jane said.

    “Missed you, too, Jainy,” Jace said, giving her his trademark lopsided grin. “You look very pretty.”

    “You’ve cleaned up nice, as well,” Jane said as Jace took her on his arm. “So, when do I get to meet the famous Marcus and Maria I’ve heard so much about?”

    “Right now. Maria’s dragging Marcus this way as we speak,” Jace said with a laugh.

    A girl somewhere between the ages of seven and eight came bounding towards them. She was very short her age, with a slender figure and arms and legs that, while thin, were also muscled. Her blonde hair was in corkscrew curls and she had big emerald green eyes that twinkled and a large smile.

    The boy she dragged along was easily a foot taller than her and twice as wide as she was. He had a broad chest and square shoulders, his dark red hair cut in a military style and his fair skin was coated with freckles. He wore all green and his dark blue eyes flickered around the room, trying to take everything in. He had a bit of a nervous look on his face, and seemed to be a little uncomfortable around the girl pulling him. Jane knew at once that this boy was Force-Sensitive, both by feeling him through the Force and from Jace telling her that Marcus was the son of two Corellian Jedi, his parents known for their unique forms of Healing.

    “Hi!” Maria said, stopping in front of Jane and Jace. She instantly threw her arms around Jane, standing on her toes with ease to do so. “Ohmygosh, I can’t believe you’re here in the flesh! I’ve been dying to hug you since I got your first letter!”

    Jace laughed.

    “Maria, let go of her so she can breathe,” Jace chastised lightly.

    Maria did so and reluctantly got off her toes, still grinning. Jane couldn’t stop grinning herself. Shortly after Jane and Jace had started their correspondence, Jace sent her a letter with a warning. Apparently, he had told Maria about Jane and now Maria was dying to talk with Jane. The two instantly got along and frequently wrote letters to each other. Maria told Jane all about her life on Endor and that she was training to become a professional dancer. In fact, as she had confided in her last letter to Jane, the day after the party Maria was going to audition at the Corellian School for the Arts.

    “You’ll forgive me if my greetings aren’t as warm as Maria’s,” The red-haired boy said, grinning slightly. “However, no one can be as friendly as Maria.” He stuck out his hand. “Marcus Jade, at your service. Jace has told me a lot about you.”

    “All exaggerations, I’m sure,” Jane said, taking Marcus’ hand. “Jane Mago.”

    Jace grinned, happy to see everybody getting along. The four spent the entire night together: Marcus was interested to learn that Jane had already completed her lightsaber, (“Lucky. Dad won’t let me till I’m thirteen.”), discussed Marcus’ recent trip to see his Jedi anthropologist uncle, dodged Asana skillfully, and introduced their guardians to each other. Maria, seeing her parents in deep conversation, pulled Jane aside.

    “We need to get ready,” Maria whispered into Jane’s ear. Jane grinned and nodded, and the two girls scurried off, giggling.

    “Oh, Force, what are they doing?” Jace asked, watching Jane and Maria climb on stage.

    Marcus shrugged.

    “I have a feeling we’re about to find out.” Marcus said.

    Everyone was surprised to see the two girls on stage, except Qui-Gon and Denn, who were in on the girls’ plan.

    “Hello!” Maria said cheerfully into her microphone, a large grin on her face. “For those who don’t know us, I’m Maria, Lizzie and Louis’ daughter. And this is my close friend, Jane Mago.” Jane waved at the crowd, her own smile on her face. “Jane has agreed to help me with this little surprise for my parents. The song we’re about to sing is special because my Dad proposed to my Mom after they danced to this song, and played this at their wedding ten years ago today. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.”

    Maria nodded at the DJ, who started a song.
    # (Jane Maria Jane and Maria)
    “Do you believe in magic,” Maria started to sing. “In a young girl’s heart? How the music can free her whenever it starts. And it’s magic if the music is groovy, it makes you feel happy like an old-time movie.”

    “I’ll tell you about the magic that’ll free your soul,” Jane took over. “But it’s like trying to tell a stranger ‘bout rock n roll. If you believe in magic, don’t bother to choose if it’s jug band music or rhythm and blues. Just go and listen. It’ll start with a smile it won’t wipe off your face, no matter how hard you try.”

    “You’re feet start tapping and you can’t seem to find how you got there so just blow your mind.

    If you believe in magic, come along with me. We’ll dance until morning till it’s just you and me. And maybe if the music is right, I’ll meet you tomorrow so late at night.

    We’ll go a dancing baby then you’ll see all the magic’s in the music and the music’s in me, yeah. Do you believe in magic? Yeah. Believe in the magic of a young girl’s soul, believe in the magic of rock n roll. Ohhhh, talking about magic.

    Do you believe, like I do, do you believe in magic?”

    “Do you see it, Denn?”

    Jace and Marcus turned to see Qui-Gon and Denn standing behind them, watching them.

    “Yes, yes I do,” Denn said with a smile.

    “See what?” Marcus asked.

    “The look in your eye,” Denn explained. “Both of you have it.”

    “What look?” Jace asked, his brow furrowed.

    “The look that says, plainly and clearly, that you’re in love.” Qui-Gon said, his blue eyes smiling.

    Both boys started sputtering, cheeks red, trying to deny the Jedi’s remarks to the older men’s amusement. Seeing a losing battle, the two excused themselves and ran off.

    “We’re not in love,” Marcus said. “Right, Jace?”

    “It’s impossible,” Jace said. “Dad and Master Qui-Gon must have had too much to drink tonight.”

    “Clearly,” Marcus said. “I mean, where would they even get that?”

    Neither boy made direct eye contact with Jane or Maria for an hour.

    As the party wound down, the four kids decided to take a walk in the garden. Half-way down the path, though, Maria shivered from the cold night air. Marcus offered to get her his jacket, which Maria accepted. They both went back inside, and Jace and Jane sat on a bench to wait for them.

    “So,” Jace said, leaning against the back of the bench.

    “So,” Jane repeated awkwardly. It was the first time they had been alone all evening.

    “Am I allowed to call you Jaina in private?” Jace asked. Jane scowled.

    “No,” She said sharply. “You ask me that every time we see each other and I always give you the same answer. Why do you keep asking?”

    “I like the name Jaina,” Jace said with a shrug. “It’s elegant and exotic all at once. It’s the dynamic mark of a beautifully composed piece. When I say it, it makes the perfect sound and is pleasing to the ear. It fits you perfectly. I wish you would go by it.”

    “One, stop talking in fancy speak. You’re way too young for that. And two, you know why I can’t,” Jane said, glad of the dark light so that he couldn’t see the sudden change in color in her face.

    “I know why, but I don’t know why,” Jace said, adding emphasis. “Are you ever going to tell me what the deal is with your dad? He’s dead, right, and you never knew him. Why is it so important that it stays a secret?”

    “Why does everyone want to know about my father?” Jane demanded, pointedly turning her head away.

    “Because you’re a puzzle,” Jace said. “Everyone wants to solve you. You’re mysterious and enchanting.”

    “Why? Why can’t I be a mystery?” Jane asked, turning briefly to look at Jace.

    “Like I said, you’re a puzzle. You form a beautiful picture, but there are so many missing pieces that it won’t come together. Your father is a part of you. A dark part, as you point out, but it’s important to see the whole picture. Besides, what difference does it truly make?”

    “What do you mean?” Jane asked, turning to face Jace again.

    “Do you seriously believe that anyone—Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Maria, Marcus, me—will change how they feel about you if they know who your dad is?”

    “Stop calling him my ‘dad’. He fathered me, yes, but I could never give him the title ‘Dad’ like you do with your father. That title implies love and affection. Knowing that person. I never had that,” Jane said. She looked at her hands. “And do I truly believe you and the others will change how you feel about me? No. The rest of the Jedi population currently residing on Coruscant? Yes.”

    “Are they really that bad?” Jace asked, his brow furrowed. Jane had mentioned that she had a few run-ins with some unsavory members of the Order, but she always seemed to blow it off.

    Jane nodded.

    “I decided a long time ago that I will only tell when it is life-or-death necessary or when I have no say in the matter,” Jane said.

    “When you have no say? You make it sound like someone’s going to set an interrogator droid on you,” Jace said in a teasing tone. His smile dropped when Jane scowled. “Jane, what-”

    “C’boath wants to set an interrogator droid on me,” Jane said. “He tried a few weeks ago. Cornered me after my lessons. Tried to lead me off, said Qui-Gon asked him to take me to him. Like I couldn’t see through that lie. Qui-Gon sensed my distress and he and Obi-Wan both rounded the corner not a minute later. Obi-Wan took me off and while Qui-Gon spoke with C’boath. He was livid. C’boath didn’t even try to deny what he was doing. Master Yoda has arranged it so that C’boath is on missions whenever I’m at the Temple.”

    Jace was stunned.

    “That’s… that’s just sick,” Jace said with a sneer. “What kind of psycho would try to set an interrogation droid on a seven year old!”

    “I just told you, C’boath, otherwise known as the Temple’s resident Twisted Duck,” Jane said bitterly. “Half of me just really wants to tell, get it over with, but I know that if I do, everything will get a lot worse.” For the first time in their conversation, Jane met eye contact with Jace. It broke his heart to see her hazel eyes filled with tears. “I’m scared, Jace, I really am. I’m in too deep. I’m at the bottom of the hole, but I keep digging myself in deeper.”

    Jace leaned over and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and rubbed her back as she leaned her head against his shoulder, taking deep breaths.

    “It will all be alright,” Jace whispered in her ear. “I promise you, everything will be alright.”
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    Damn that C'boath! :mad:

    So... Marcus Jade, hmm? Interesting.

    Great chapter BG! :)
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    Interesting work. I don't usually enjoy stories with OCs as the protagonist, but this proved to be an exception.
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