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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by The Ganner, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. LordDallos

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    Feb 2, 2016
    I’ve read all three Claudia Gray books. I like them all quite a bit. The TFA novelization was not very good. Tarkin was decent but probably my least favorite Luceno work yet. I tried to read Lords if the Sith but was not into it all all. Not well written in my opinion. Aftermath, I couldn’t even get past the first few pages.

    I would say that only the Gray books compare to my favorite EU novels so far.
  2. Gamma626

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    May 6, 2014
    I actually went all in on new EU, and after several years of books, I'll be frank. Not much of it has been worthwhile at all. The "adult" books I've read have done nothing for me. I remember being STOKED to read Heir to the Jedi, and if I'm being honest, I don't really remember anything that really happened in that book.

    Now, I don't blame it on the authors mind you. I blame it on the fact that the books seem... stuck. None of them are allowed to tell important stories the way the old EU books did.

    I just bought some of the new comics, and I've thought those were pretty good from what I've read so far.
  3. LordDallos

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    Feb 2, 2016
    Yeah. For all their talk about creating one canon to rule them all, Disney's Canon outside the films has been very underwhelming thus far in many aspects.

    I agree on the Marvel comics. I love the Darth Vader and Aphra series'. I've only read the first volume of the Star Wars main title comics. They are decent. But I'm not a fan of Luke and Vader's confrontation early in the series.
  4. firesaber

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Publishing is the one area where I am an unabashed completist and have kept up with the books and comics. Not always "twitterpated" about the story lines but am interested to see where it all goes. Looking forward to see how they backfill the period between ROTJ and TFA.
  5. UnshavenWookie14

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    Oct 20, 2017
    They already have covered some of that time. Aftermath trilogy covers the first five years and the transition of power while the new republic tries to get established. The other end of that time is being covered by has Bloodline and Phasma taking place in the range of 5-10 years before TFA. The last major piece is the Poe Dameron Marvel series the leads is leading directly into the beginning of TFA. So that’s about 25 years between the major content they have buffering the end of ROTJ/beginning of TFA. There are actually some really good short stories scattered throughout this period in time (SS’s have predominantly been a strength for the new canon). I think you’ll see this era be covered with the newer style comics and JR’s aimed at kids. That’s their primary market while the movies are being released. They know we fans will see them, so what they’re most focused on is ensnaring their ‘fanbase’ (which you could also call their ‘market’ or ‘consumers’) for the next 20 years. Since Rey, Fin, BB8, Rose and that squad are who they best familiarize wit, we will probably see this period predominantly covered with those characters backstories in formats aimed at younger kids.

    I am not loving how they are backfilling the gap between the OT right now though. The Star Wars Marvel series started off strong, but it’s getting the the point of fluff just to have events covering it. Once Vader disappeared from interactions Doctor Aphra served as an interesting crossover of characters. But lately its been a line of stories of narrow escapes while the three stars (Luke, Han, Leia) all pull in different directions. I don’t necessarily mind the stories. It’s a nice read every few months when a TPB comes out. But the fact that they have been so cautious with the novels and their ramifications led one to hope the comics were already planned to cover some big stuff. So accepting this, I hoped for awhile they would start printing novels and other stories aimed at the older generation of fans in time spans farther away from the heavily trafficked 60 years between TPM and TFA. We have known the heroes of both wars for 20-40 years at this point. Send our generations focus elsewear if you;re going to litter and cram the main timeline with with 8 different formats and adaptions of every movie to best entice each age group of kids. I have been disappointed to realize they are in no hurry to brake outside the timeline constraints of the movies. At this point I want to yell at the story bored that Star Wars has a canon history dating back thousands of years. They may have made the stories legends, but stuff like Pelagius, Bane, Mandelorian Wars, heck I’d even take some stuff focused on the jedis right before the republic fell. Like these are all things mentioned in movies and what not so they’re canon. All that they need to do is determine the writer that best suits the story. Oh well. Even when it came to the OT, instead of giving us a new take on our favorite childhood movies with quality novelizations... they instead opted for watered down Junior books (like 190 pages compared to Del Rey adult novels about 450) with cheesy names, I guess they did this so this generation of kids would have an alternative to a film trilogy they might struggle with due to the considerable difference in graphics (compared to what they have always known).

    All that said I do read the new canon. But I have to strain a lot of their content aimed at kids out. I actually like the novelis for the most part, just think they could be stronger if they didn’t have so many kids stories littered around their feet while they try to navigate and still comply with the goals of the new canon. I do wait for the paperbacks though. I’ve always been a hardback guy, but I;m not chasing down 150 dollar issue of Tarkin Hardback and being happy to get a deal (most listings are closer to 200$). Some of the comics are good, and the short stories too. But in timeline that is literallly WIDE OPEN to EPIC proportions I get frustrated that my favorite content (novels) are paying the price for an overcrowded 60 year period they are determined to stay locked into.

    Sorry the post got a little long. I usually post on the New Canon literature board where I travel tried to stay optiomistic, but I wondered over here amd my frustions all manifested once I started typing haha.
  6. Dagobahsystem

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I like the new stuff quite a lot and have purchased a few things including Ahsoka, From A Certain Point Of View, TFA, Forces of Destiny vol. 1 and the first three volumes of TPB each for Star Wars and Darth Vader comics, including Vader Down. The Vader series is excellent, imo.
    Also the films on blu ray, of course, and Rebels Seasons 1-3 as well. Most recent purchase was The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary. Excellent book!

    I was underwhelmed by TFA novel, but really enjoyed the novella at the back featuring Bazine Netal. It is called The Perfect Weapon.
  7. RK_Striker_JK_5

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    Jul 2, 2003
    After seeing the Last Jedi... I now have negative interest in Disney stuff.
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  8. Amon_Amarth

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    Jan 27, 2005
    I'm adding From A Certain Point Of View to the Bloodline + Catalyst list of good NEU novels. I also got Canto Bight - some stories are better than others, but it's a good amount of worldbuilding for NEU.
    Having loved the Tico sisters in TLJ, I also eagerly picked up Cobalt Squadron, but that sadly turned out to be a bit of a filler (can hardly remember what it was about). So yeah, a reminder to thoroughly study the reviews before buying SW books. I blame the new movie hype. :p
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