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Discussion in 'EU Community' started by The Ganner, Aug 1, 2017.

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    I liked some of the Legends canon. I liked Zahn's earlier stuff and duology, enjoyed the Tales of, and tracked down anything X-Wing or rebel soldier related. I stopped reading after the Allston Vong books when they all got super grimdark, read TUF for completion's sake, wookiepedia'd the silly soap opera drama and caedus stuff, and came back to watch Mercy Kill well, "mercy-kill" the Legendsverse. I thought it was a good note to end on.

    I didn't have huge hopes for the new books, but I was interested to see what the new set of EU books had to offer. I had liked some of Chuck Wendig's previous work...

    Rebels was about half-good, half kiddie/meh, the first run of Poe Dameron comics was fun, but I haven't bought any of the new novels. While Rogue One and Solo managed to flesh out the GFFA in interesting ways and make it feel like a living, breathing organism again, the utterly small scale of both the main saga movies (talented actors aside) and the constraints the new films and books had to operate under (We need a fractured and ineffectual NR and we need to build up the first order, what's scale, we only need one fleet for the NR, etc) while not being able to reveal many details about the main characters, made reading about the founding of a Republic that simply repeats mistakes of its predecessor and gets blapped with the Colossus of Tarkin's Nostril of Palpatine's Sun Crusher #3 feel... Limited and futile.

    So while I'm tentatively interested in anthology stories, I'm afraid the new GFFA has left me cold. It's not SO bad though. We've got a lot of cool new stuff inspired by Star Wars doing Colorful Space adventures (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, etc) and Space Politics with Actual Humans Humaning (The Expanse) so it's not like I'm berefit.

    Outside of some bandai models/F-toys from my local hobby shop and making sure I had the "Fab Four" Rebel pilots, the only lisenced Star Wars thing I've picked up was that outstanding Jaina Solo action figure from the Black Series a few other people did. Glad that one won a contest, hoping we get some more legendsverse votes in.

    Perhaps Lt. Kettch or Ton Phanan?
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    Got me a sweat sweat shirt last week...........


    Living in it...........