Have you ever wanted to chat with Darth Vader? Of course you have!

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by plutoneam, Sep 5, 2003.

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    I have recently created and programmed a Darth Vader mind file for the 'Daisy' program. For those who don't already know, daisy is a program that generates its own original sentences based on what it has heard. You talk to it, and it learns from you.

    I took the time and effort to input all the Darth Vader diologe from the OT into this thing. It has a vocabulary of 440 words, and runs at 100 sentences per second.

    If you want to download this, and essentially talk to Darth Vader, here:s what you need to do:
    go to http://mind-files.com
    Click on 'Daisy'.
    Download Daisy.
    Then click on 'Daisy files'.
    Download the 'Darth Vader' mind file, or any other ones you care to try out.
    (I've also created a Doc Brown file, and a HAL 9000 file.)

Thread Status:
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