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Beyond - Legends Hear Me: An Anakin Solo vignette as he dies in SBS

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by JDH3, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. JDH3

    JDH3 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2003
    Disclaimer: I own nothing the SW universe belongs to George Lucas, I?m just visiting it.

    Summary: Anakin Solo?s thoughts as he dies in SBS

    Hear Me: An Anakin Solo vignette as he dies in SBS

    ?Soon then? he said the words with all the conviction his ever weakening body could muster. Anakin made his way towards the cloning lab a realization burning in his heart and mind. He knew what was to come and he was not afraid not for himself anyway.

    ?This is what I must do? he thought with utter determination. ?This is my purpose what I have been preparing for, what destiny has called me to do. I am no longer simply Anakin Solo, son, nephew, brother, cousin, lover, friend and grandson to heroes past, present and future I am more now. I am the force and the force is me from this moment forth. I once thought the force was simply a tool and now I am it?s tool a tool in the service of life and light.?

    Anakin could feel his physical strength ebb and flow but the force in him was like a well spring of power surging through him to a greater sea. His lightsaber flashed and enemies dropped there was so much power but not the darkness that his grandfather had once wielded with such deadly accuracy but light. Light that shone so radiantly it made his tired, sweaty and bloody skin glow with power, with love and even in this dark moment...hope.

    ?Take her, Jacen. Kiss Tahiri for Me.? Anakin thought to his older brother as his body continued to weaken. Jaina?s cries pierced his ears but it was too late for all that now. ?Tahiri if only we could have had more time, I love you so much.? He knew that he was too weak to reach her but still his thoughts lingered on his best friend turned one true love. ?I will miss you all so much or maybe it?s more the sadness of knowing you?ll be missing me. I know once I?m one with the force I?ll always be with you but the pain you?ll feel and the doubts you?ll have.? For the first time in many moments pain struck his heart but not from his wounds but from his thoughts. ?Please don?t doubt yourselves, like I did with Chewie and Daeshara?cor. The pain will be so much worse if you do and I don?t want you to suffer.?

    One fleeting moment of anger rose in Anakin if only he could reach them. But that well spring of the force was quickly flowing back to the sea from which it came. The thermal detonator had already left his hand and now there was little left to do but wait, wait and pray that the force granted them all peace one day. He force pushed the detonator from Nom Anor?s grasp now it was done, he was done. Jedi live to serve and he was a Jedi but now it was time for rest, time to serve in a new way. As Anakin?s life force left it?s home of flesh and bone behind his last thoughts spilled out into eternity.

    ?Please let Tahiri, My family and all those who I now leave behind know why I must go, somehow, someway...hear me.?
  2. ZaraValinor

    ZaraValinor Jedi Master star 4

    May 31, 2002
    Great job JDH3. I liked how Anakin always thought of the Force as a tool but then realized that he was its tool in the path of light. Anakin was always one of my favorite characters and it hit me hard that he died. That's why I brought him back in my fics. Good job.
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