Hi Hello! I'm new here!

Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by AT-AT Walker, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I'm new here, and this is the first time I've ever been involved with Star Wars fandom, despite being a fan of the movies for many years. I took my username from the AT-AT Walker. Always wanted one as a kid but never got the toy. I'll see everyone around the forum!
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    @AT-AT Walker: Failte Nua Duine. I'd consider using the toy as your avatar. Not sure if you have specific interests within SW fandom such as comics, books, role playing, etc., but we have forums for all of it so take a look about, get involved and have a brilliant go of it all. If you should require any assistance, feel free to @.tag one of us in here.
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    Welcome to the Forum, AT-AT Walker!

    Great name, and one of my favourite vehicles from the universe. Hope you enjoy your time here, and have fun on the boards!

    See you around!

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    Greetings @AT-AT Walker! Have you considered joining the Star Wars Community senate?
    Its where many of the most distinguished representatives of the Star Wars universe decide what should occur in the galaxy (in star wars).
    Simply pick a planet and declare yourself its senator. It really is that easy!

    see you around! (btw you can get there via the link in my signature)
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