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    Hi everyone, There was a fan fic posted to this site back in 2002 before Revenge of the Sith came was was so good. I can't remember who wrote it but for some reason the name JW Titus comes to mind. Does anyone know of this fanfic and how I can maybe find it again.
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    Do you remember anything about the plot? That would probably help anyone with knowledge of the old FFs.
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    If this is what you are looking for, it is a ROTS fan novel. I think it was started in 2004, so still before ROTS. The first update contains the link. :)

    If this is not it, feel free to give more specifics. Hopefully we can find it!

    Also, you can get a better response if you post questions like this in the FF finding resource thread. This is the classic/reply-only board.
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