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Help for a disabled newbie

Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by Attichitcuk, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Attichitcuk

    Attichitcuk Jedi Master star 2

    Feb 1, 2001
    2015 will be my first Celebration, and I'm brainstorming for costume ideas. Trouble is, I rely on a cane to get around, so whatever I decide on will need to incorporate a character-appropriate cane, staff, weapon, etc.

    I'm too tall for Yoda and not skilled enough with the appliances for Palpatine. Basically, it comes down to this:
    - More textile than vacuforming/fabrication (tho some is ok).
    - EU is fair game
    - I'm only looking for walking-around quality here, not out to win any awards
    - A cane or something similar to lean on is required

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod star 9 Staff Member Administrator

    May 25, 2002
    How about Kir Kanos from Crimson Empire? If you scroll down on the linked page it shows him with a staff/spear. He also used Kenix Kil as a bounty hunter alter-ego.

    Also Lando had a spear/staff as a guard in Jabba's palace.
  3. Jabari

    Jabari Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 25, 2007
    Jedi with a lightsaber cane, like Peter Mayhew's. :)
  4. Maulested

    Maulested Jedi Knight star 1

    Jul 10, 2005
    Imperial Royal guard?'s_Royal_Guard
    Senate guard with the weapon of an Imperial Royal Guard?

    It's hard sometimes to make costumes when you have a disability. Be sure that whatever you make is sturdy enough to use as a cane. Safety and comfort is #1. I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, so I have to be careful when I wear anything heavy or tight that might hit my tender spots. I'm reworking my website and am starting a blog and I've had other costumers with disabilities contact me about writing an article offering tips and tricks. If you're interested or have anything to contribute, send me a PM.
  5. scythe narcassian

    scythe narcassian Jedi Youngling

    Jun 20, 2014
    the jedi can is a good idea. i recently made one. i went to the custom saber shop. order some of their modular hilt pieces with the round pommel with a hole in the middle, then attached a one inch acrylic rod through it and screwed it into the pommel. it works great. here's a pic that was taken of me with it at a local comic book shop. sorry it is blurry but it is the only pic i have at the moment.

    you could also go as a jedi or sith with a lightsaber pike. i used it to lean on as i was walking around the con. this particular one is a ultrasaber lightsaber with 3 pike extensions.
  6. Budd Terry

    Budd Terry Jedi Youngling

    Sep 20, 2015
    I am Very New to the Star Wars Forums. I just finished my Sons Halloween Costume of Deadpool and I wanted to make a costume for myself. Last Year, while Trick O Treating in our new neighborhood, I saw all kinds of adults dressed in their costumes as well. I have always been a Star Wars Geek. So I started a project of building a Darth Revan Costume. I have taken some Artistic freedoms with my build. I started building the mask. As I researched the mask more and more, I saw the resemblance of the Mandalorian helmets. So I started building a helmet with the pepakura program. After several attempts at Boba Fett style helmet, I just made a foam mold of my head using tin foil and duct tape. Now I had a basic helmet the shape of my head and started to add the front face of Boba Fett while keeping reference online photographs of Revan's helmet/mask. I wanted to be the Sith Revan and decided to put a Darth Vader style flare of the back of the helmet. Also similar to a Samurai helmet. I am in the process of painting the helmet after coating several times with a resin to fill in the seams and build up some areas which needed extra material.

    I was wondering how it would be received by Star Wars purists.

    I have also taket some liberties with Revan's Chest armor as well. Instead of the flat chest armor, I decided to go with a muscular chest armor, (Pectoral muscles) to add a little bit of toughness to the Character. I know, Darth Revan is a Total Stud and doesn't really need extra toughness. I just felt compelled to take some Artistic Freedoms. Again, Wanting to know how the costume will be perceived by the Star Wars Community.

    All of the other portions of the costume adhere to the 501st Costume requirements.

    I would like to post some pictures for your review, but the newbie in me doesn't have a clue how.