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Help understanding/clarifying the Star Wars universe.

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by Gretnablue, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. Gretnablue

    Gretnablue Jedi Youngling

    Jul 25, 2013
    I'm a film student working on a script on a Star Wars film as a personal project, I know there is little to no chance that I would ever get to work on a star wars film but we can dream. Anyway I would like some questions answered to help clarify how things work in the Star Wars universe. Any help would be appreciated.

    First Question: What is a Balance of the Force?
    Something I always found interesting was one of Spoony's old written reviews of Star Wars Episode III in which he makes a good point, how does wiping out the Sith bring balance to the force, surely all you’re doing by killing them is making the force more imbalanced as one side is vastly stronger than the other. Surely to get true balance, one must except both the Light and the Dark and be able to use them in harmony like how Luke did in episode 6. He was able to use deceit & truthfulness, Fear & Joy and most importantly, Anger and Compassion. This can be best seen in the final battle in the Death Star as he was able to use anger as a strength and then did not get consumed and used compassion, effectually using both sides of the force in balance.

    Second Question: What are Grey Knights/Grey Jedi exactly?
    From what I understand they are basically what I described on top, force users who choose a mix between Sith and Jedi without being either. Using both to reach a balance. Am I correct?

    Third Question: Can someone become artificially force sensitive?
    Without giving too much away, one of the main key parts of the story involves two siblings, the older one was force sensitive while the other was not. Their father, a master Physicist spends his career to make it possible for non-force users to become force sensitive and to further understand how the force works so it can be used to help the public with advancements in medical, criminology and social understanding, but more importantly for him, to make his youngest child happy (keeping with the idea of balance with both selfish and noble traits at the same time. Does something like this already exist in the EU or is it impossible?

    Fourth Question: Would the Jedi except an artificial force sensitive person?
    Simple question, would the Jedi (about 40 years after episode 6) reject or accept someone who was not born force sensitive? Also would they accept or try to stop an organisation like the one mentioned above?

    Fifth Question: Can Force Demons exist?
    In the story, the father and his team create by accident a force demon, either by unwittingly tapping into the dark side of the force and thus creating a living representation of the dark side or simply created by a disturbance in the force. Is this possible or ever been tried?

    Last Question: Can Lightsabers come in Grey, Black or White?
    Basically what the title says.

    Thanks for the help.:)
  2. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 6

    Oct 4, 1998
    First question: The light side brings balance, the dark side is what makes things unbalanced. Life creates the Force and makes it grow, but the dark side destroys life, so it's like a snake eating its own tail, it can't survive. As Palpatine showed us, using the dark side corrupts life and extracts a terrible price on the one who tries to get away with it. The outward manifestation of his ruined face is only a reflection of the inner degradation that rotted his soul for decades.

    Second question: Yes, grey Jedi think they can use light and dark while staying immune to corruption. Like people who claim to have evolved beyond good and evil, they are on a slippery slope that is bound to destroy their hopes.

    3 and 4: Some kind of midichlorian transfusion? That idea has been kicking around a while. And it's one more reason why I really don't like midichlorians.

    Fifth question: Well, we've seen Force ghosts, I suppose there could be bad ones too.

    Last question: White and grey, sure, why not? As for black, there was one on TV in TCW. It was supposed to be a vibroblade, but Lucas said no vibroblade could stand up to a lightsaber, so the animators kept the original visuals and the description was changed from vibroblade to darksaber.
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