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Hey, BriGuy from Anchorage Here

Discussion in 'Anchorage, AK' started by BriGuy, Jul 25, 2004.

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  1. BriGuy

    BriGuy Jedi Youngling

    Jul 24, 2004
    Whoa, didn't think they would make a message board *this* local! Anyway, I am the all-newbie BriGuy. Truth be told, my brother is more of a SW fan than me, but I enjoy it just the same (especially with the decline of star trek. :p That reminds me, does anybody know a trek message board thats local like this?)

    So, yeah. Just your basic introduction. I've grown up with SW about as long as i have with trek. I've seen all the movies, read a select few of the pocket books, and read a couple technical manuals. I'd rate myself above a passerby SW fan, but not fanatical about it.

    I do hope this board starts to light up again, as it seems to be in kind of a slump. If it does, I'll see about getting my brother on here as well. ;)
  2. Mace_Windo

    Mace_Windo Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 31, 2001
    Another person!!!11!!
    Bring more!

  3. 7mmSTW

    7mmSTW Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 27, 2002
    Welcome Bri.
  4. jag29

    jag29 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 13, 2002
    Not much activity here but hello just the same.

  5. bountyhunter_42

    bountyhunter_42 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 30, 2003
    yo bro i act like a total noob ask anybody on these boards lol but welcome and like its been said this board isnt very actice but a few locals still stick around!
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