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    Hi, Im a new member but and old time Star wars fan Im 43 and saw the Original Triology as a kid and became 4 ever a fan. I even had many of the old Kenner toys including the Luke and the X-wing and my brother had Han Solo and Millenium Falcon.

    I used to have an account on the old but I understand the forums have been re-established, probably neccesary in a timespan of 20 years.

    Think about it 19 years ago (1999) Episode 1 came out who would have thought? There should be and probably will be an anniversary :)

    I like the original trilogy the most. Great great effects, awesome storytelling with idealistic heroes dreaming of new horizons in a time of cynicism and mostly cynic contemporary films in the 70s.
    As a kid I could relate to this (with toys)... a hero Luke dreaming of a more exciting life back at his farm and then choosing to fight for the rebels when he was thrown into the Star Wars between the rebellion and Darth Vader.

    The Empire Strikes back kept elaborating on this story, masterfully thickening the plot , now Darth Vader was after Luke Skywalker personally. Luke: "No, that's impossible!" to Darth Vader.

    Return of the Jedi was *extremely exciting*!!! Not only was Han Solo to be rescued, but the vastly outnumbered rebels was to make a final attack on the second death star. This was the epic conclusion of nothing less than a master piece in story telling and special effects through three movies. And it was a happy ending!

    When it comes to the prequels it took some surprising direction. Anakin Skywalker was *very* young, Obi Wan also wasnt that old. But even if George Lucas story telling was a bit rusty the overall impression visually and narratively gave an impression of the world 20+ years before A new hope. Before the attack of the separatists it *was* an elegant age... seen in both the naboo palace, coruscant, the vehicles and clothing. Overall it gave a good impression even if the story have been more exciting. But perhaps that wasnt so bad for a more civil age as Ben Kenobi put it.

    When it comes to the the sequel triology, alas I dont have much positive to say so I'll keep it short. I didnt mind that The Force Awakens reused a lot of the plot from the old triologies.. in fact that history that evil comes back are all elements in traditional sagas that George Lucas was inspired by. The Force Awakens was also really really exciting, Star Wars it hadnt been this exciting since Return of the Jedi! But... what I didnt like was that it departed from the overall feel George Lucas had given to the previous six movies. It was like what George Lucas had tried to move away from in the 70s... The Force Awakens was darker, more cynic and ulitmately began sacrificing heroes for emotional impact. With so much money involved for Disney and JJ Abrams at the spear perhaps they had to make it more exciting than even the original triology. But the current trend in Game of Thrones and also seen in JJ Abrams Lost, introducing heroes get people to emotional connected with them and them killing them of for dramatic effect... it's a cheap cheap trick to cause drama thats part of the current trend in Hollywood. Some heroes died in George Lucas Star Wars too, but killing off Han Solo was really taking the epic rescue of him in Return and the happy ending and flushing it down the drain (sorry I get emotional). And then again killing of Luke in the Last Jedi... I thought it was cheap. I had hoped that Luke would come back in Ep9 and kill Snoke or whatever menace behind Kylo Ren rescuing Rey.. something like that. Epic story telling, not killing of all my childhood heroes for cheap emotional impact. They even introduced Vice Admiral Holdo and killed her and Admiral Akbar cheap game of thrones style... ok this got negative.

    To summarise about the sequels I agree with Mark Hamill (though he has moderated himself) ... I didnt like the direction Luke took. I wish in the face of cynicism he should have stayed the positive hero that he was showing the universe that the idealistic fight for good is what matter. Now Leia will probably die too in Ep9 and it wouldnt surprise me of they blow up Chewbacca and C-3PO some day for that "oh no" effect. Ok I made my point. Im not too excited about EP9.

    Still.. Im here on the forums, because I love Star Wars the way George Lucas envisioned it. I will keep coming back to those six films again and again. But thats my take as a 43 year old fan, growing up with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, maybe I'm a bit *too* fond of them :p

    Lastly, the forums seems very nice! I wish all members a great summer and enjoy whatever Star Wars you like movies, books, toys.. have fun! :)

    Best regards,

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    Welcome mate!! You were very young for ANH!!! Glad to have more 'mature' fans around!!! Any questions or queries, you need but ask ;)

    Ps no spring chicken here!! ;)

    Sent from my data pad in my private quarters.
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    Hello there @Kinetic and welcome to the forums - I hope you will enjoy it here :)
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    Hello! Someone in the management can assist with restoring your account if you remember the email address you registered under.

    I’m an oldie too. :p Saw Ep. 4 in the theatre as a kid, and haven’t missed one since. I’m not as attached to the newer films, but I try not to get emotional over it because at least we’re getting more SW.

    Did you ever read any of the novels or comics?
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    Welcome to the forums.

    No promises, but if you are interested PM me your old username and email address and I can see if the admins can find/restore it.
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    Jul 10, 2018
    Thanks all, nice to be in good company, some at my age too ;)

    Ok I can see if I can retrieve the old email :)

    As kid I read some of the old comics set between Empire and Return. I actually got the issue where they find Han Solo is on Tatooine.
    Also I have read the Timothy Zahn trilogy where the remnants of the Empire is a smaller faction and Han Solo and Leia's kids are all joy (no Kylo Ren). Luke was also doing well, it was more positive than the Sequel films... but those books werent as exciting as the original triology. Also read the first x-wing rogue squadron book a good read :)

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    The entire X Wing Series was a good read, like an action adventure comedy for your mind. Gotta be my favorite series of books.

    1. Rogue Squadron by Michael A. Stackpole (1996)
    2. Wedge's Gamble by Michael A. Stackpole (1996)
    3. The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Stackpole (1996)
    4. The Bacta War by Michael A. Stackpole (1997)
    5. Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston (1998)
    6. Iron Fist by Aaron Allston (1998)
    7. Solo Command by Aaron Allston (1999)
    8. Isard's Revenge by Michael A. Stackpole (1999)
    9. Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston (1999)
    10. Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston (2012)
    Mercy Kill was set later, but was just as awesome, all page turners.

    A great way to remember the late Aaron Allston, I know he is missed among SW readers.
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    Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    @Adalia-Durron , I agree 100% on the X-wing novels. They are such fun and well done.
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    Jun 26, 2018
    Hi, @Kinetic :D Hope you love it on here! Never read X-Wing novels but sounds good ;)

    P.S. Loved your description of all the movies :)
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    Hi there, and welcome to the JCF. The Original Trilogy is my favorite too. Have fun here.