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Highlander The Source/Highlander The Comics

Discussion in 'Archive: SF&F: Films and Television' started by darth-sinister, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Katya Jade

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    Jan 19, 2002
    Adrian Paul is overrated. It's all about Methos!
  2. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    Well, I should post a couple other photos. Mostly cause I don't know how many will check out the other sites I linked to. So I present three photos from the filming phase, which most have seen, but in case others have not.




    Soon I'll give an update regarding the anime project.
  3. PrincessKenobi

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    Aug 12, 2000
    lol Amusing, I come in here to ask you about the Anime project and if it was related to the movie anyway.

    And Kate I agree, Methos is a beautiful man. It's fun pointing him out in all the shows and other movies he's been in since Highlander.

  4. Tabula Rasa

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    Jul 8, 1998
    Unlike Adrian Paul though, Peter Wingfield isn't aging very well. He already looks quite a bit older than when we first saw him in the series. Adrian has aged really well, remarkably even, it's hard to believe he's turning 47 in a few months.
  5. RolandofGilead

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Why gabe I'm surprised to see you coming out this way. :p
  6. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    This may be why there is a possibility of [hl=black]something happening to Methos. Be it death or something more enlightening. During the filming, Adrian Paul said that there's a moment with him and Peter Wingfeild that will blend both fantasy and reality. And both men agreed that this was going to be a memorable scene. They also commented on how they can't keep reprising these roles forever, because they're starting to get older. So the general feeling is that either Methos dies or he will become a part of the Source and ascend to a higher state of being. Kinda like Decker and Ilya in the first Star Trek film. [/hl]

    As to the anime project, it is a separate continuity from everything else. The story follows the life of Colin MacLeod. This man has no relation to Connor or Duncan, since neither man exists here. Colin was once a normal man with a loving wife. Then an Immortal named Marcus Octavius came and killed his bride. Colin vowed to destroy Octavius, no matter how long it took. Throughout the centuries, he has pursued his foe, but never had a showdown. Now, it's eighty years into the future and Colin has arrived in the flooded streets of New York. A city that will be destroyed by the constant floods. Colin had found Octavius, but finds himself with a choice. Finish his enemy or save innocents. This MacLeod had no sense of honor anymore, nor is he entirely concerned about anything other than his revenge. He is joined by the spirit of a man long dead. This spirit is trying to serve as Colin's conscious. Peter Wingfield did record his voice as the mentor, but the director opted to replace him as he didn't sound old enough. The film does star Jim Byrnes and Valentine (Kronos) Pelka.

    Vengeance is written by David Abramowitz and direct by the same man and animation studio that worked on Vampire Hunter D. Produced by Peter Davis, William Panzer and Kevin Eastman. Yes, that Kevin Eastman. The film will be R rated, so it's a far cry from the horrible animated series.
  7. Arriss

    Arriss Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 1, 2002
    Ooohhhh, THANK YOU for the pix!!! Methos is =P~ indeed yummy, but Adrian has him beat in my eyes. [face_love]

    I agree that Peter isn't aging as well as Adrian. Hmmm, the anime one sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the updates. :)

  8. darth-ermac

    darth-ermac Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 26, 2001
    Okay, this past weekend was the Highlander Worldwide convention. Seventh annual. All kinds of Highlander goodness, including spoilers. Highlight for them. In attendence were Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfeild, Bill Panzer, David Abramowitz, Marcus Testory and Richard Ridings. The last two were from the series. Valentine Pelka also record a greeting for the fans.

    From the Highlander message board member known as Chris.

    Day one.

    Hi guys. Just got back from the first day of HLWW7 a few hours ago.

    Big news is Bill Panzer was there and we did get to see a 5 minute promotional video of The Source!

    It featured an introduction to all the main characters, a look at some of the action and what I presume was the villain of the movie. The sound was a little off in parts so it was hard to hear all of what was said, but this new enemy doesn't seem to give off a "Buzz" like a normal Immortal, and he's REALLY fast moving. MacLeod gets beaten down and is saved by Joe driving into the guy and ordering Mac to get in the car!

    There was also a small scene showing what appears like it may be a major spoiler. Bill and David didn't really comment on it more than saying loss happens and is part of Highlander.

    David called it an Quest with friends. It's consistent with the mythology of Highlander whilst moving the franchise in a new direction and opening the door for more movies.

    Adrian was very involved, even sided with David telling Brett (Lenoard) that Duncan wouldn't do something.

    They said they want a cinema release but that's up to the distributers in each country. Bill said Lions Gate has been great, they've given it full backing and are looking at theatrical release (that's what they budgeted for) and they've not seen anything since the script!

    There was more news scattered throughout the following panels and I'll post that either later tonight (when I've gone through all my notes) or asap with everything else from the con tomorrow. Peter Wingfield did say in the last panel that there is a possibility of more filming later this year and that a release date isn't set yet (he said maybe Summer or Fall).

    One last tease that was mentioned. They're meeting with Fox soon about the possibility of a new TV Series!

    It does look like a wicked film! And when I spoke to Bill Panzer in the lunch break I did ask about the promo being put on the web. He said it was possible but it would have to go through Lions Gate and it would be up to them when it was posted and it what form, but he did say it would probably be a bit shorter (Im guessing to cut out the spoiler looking scene amongst other things).

    The spoiler is [hl=black]Joe is either injured or killed. Duncan is kneeling over him and saying that he shouldn't have gotten involved.[/hl]

    More Source bits from my notes as I've been looking through them;

    It features more special effects than any of the others.

    Bill Panzer is seeing a cut of it on Monday.

    It was mentioned that Anna is not like other Highlander girls. She has softness but also strength. She has a special quality that makes her different to the others. It sounds like (and looked like) she plays a bigger role than other Highlander movie women have done in the past.

    They are trying to appeal to a new audience with this film, to widen the fan base. David said he runs everything by his kids as they tell him when it's bad.

    Commenting on Methos' attitude to life (in relation to doing what he must to survive in the Horsemen episodes), Abramowitz commented that he's lost his core values and that's why he likes Duncan so much - he still has those values and that honour. He linked this to The Source saying that there's a scene where Methos tells Duncan that he can't give up as he's the only Immortal who still has faith. When Duncan asks about the Priest Immortal who's on the quest with them Methos says his faith is based on vanity, whilst MacLeod's faith is (to Abramowitz) based on Honor.

    In the final panel of the day Peter Wingfield did comment that he and Adrian were worried listen
  9. Juliet316

    Juliet316 JCC Game Winner star 10 VIP - Game Winner

    Apr 27, 2005
    [hl=black]Making him mortal would be a good way of explaining the aging without getting rid of what I feel is a linchpin character to the Highlander universe today.[/hl] Methos balances Mac so perfectly that it would be a shame to see him killed in anyway.
  10. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    From John Bierly, from a report he made in Adrian Paul's Yahoo Movie Group.

    There is still no release date for the film, though Adrian is going to see the director's first cut "in a few days" and make his notes about the alterations and adjustments that he thinks need to be made. He did say that a possible release month might be October, but the consensus seems to be that they want to get it right and take their time. And that's a good thing.

    Another thing to note is that the character of The Guardian can move really quickly, and someone asked a question about magic in the movie. David Abramowitz and Adrian both said that there is no *magic* in the source, but rather *mythology*. David also said that
    Adrian fought tooth and nail to make sure that David was brought in as the final writer on the project.

    David also shared a GREAT line from the movie. At one point, Methos tells Duncan that the reason he's the best of all the Immortals is that Duncan has the one thing the rest of them don't have: faith.

    Duncan points at Giovanni, a corrupt priest/cardinal, and says, "What about him?"

    Methos says to Duncan, "His faith is based on vanity. Yours is based on hope."


    Here are some highlights from the promo reel. If you don't want to know anything at all about the movie, STOP READING RIGHT NOW. If you want to hear some of the things we saw, then by all means, let's do this.

    One of my personal favorite moments shows Duncan standing in front of what used to be a building; everything is on fire. He looks fantastic. Short, messy hair, long brown coat. He's talking to The Guardian, who is the villain of the film. The Guardian is massive. He's got pasty white skin and looks very demonic, and he's wearing a strange black leather outfit that leaves one of his massive white arms exposed. [hl=black]Duncan whips out his katana and sets himself in a classic Duncan MacLeod fighting stance.

    Duncan: "Who are you?"

    The Guardian: "The question is ... who are YOU?" (And he doesn't say it in a way that's asking for Duncan's name, but rather he says it in a way that seems that he's asking if Duncan knows who he truly is inside.)

    Duncan: "Duncan MacLeod."

    The Guardian: "You have squandered your precious gift. Pissed it away."

    Duncan goes in for the attack ... but The Guardian is quicker. MUCH quicker. It's sort of a Matrix-style shot: Duncan is moving at normal speed, but The Guardian zooms around him and is quite obviously going to kill him because there's no way Duncan could ever be that fast.

    And then a truck bursts through the burning rubble and slams into The Guardian. The door of the truck opens ... and out steps ... Joe Dawson.

    Joe: "Come on, MacLeod! He's not going to stay down for long!"

    Duncan: "Get out of here, Joe!"

    Joe: "I don't have time for this bull****. GET IN THE TRUCK!"[/hl]

    So Joe and Duncan are driving along and Joe explains that Methos and some others believe in "the source," but Duncan says he doesn't believe in all of that "end of days bull****." Indeed, it truly seems our Highlander has lost all hope. Duncan reluctantly joins up with Methos and some other Immortals -- including a young astronomer named Reggie and the previously mentioned Giovanni -- to seek "the source" and hopefully stop what's happening.

    There's one really spooky image where Duncan is on a freighter at sea, and as the freighter is coming into the docks, he sees a crane out over the water with a dead body hanging from it. (Very spooky stuff.)

    Then it shows a huge fight on the dock, where Methos and Duncan are battling a MASSIVE number of attackers. Duncan kicks a metal pipe on the ground up into his hand and starts fighting a couple of guys with it; it looked AWESOME.

    Later we see Duncan and The Guardian fighting again. Duncan is wearing black leathery pants and a t-shirt, and he's holding two short butterfly swords. The Guardian has a massive sword and screams, "Pick up the pace or DIE, Highlander!"

    And we also get to see a lot of Anna, who is "the first to be called
  11. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    Interview with David Abramowitz, writer of The Source. Coming up is Veron Rieta, fight cordinator for The Source.

    APFC Exclusive - An Interview with David Abramowitz

    David Abramowitz's name has become synonymous with Highlander, and for good reason. As the Creative Consultant for Highlander: The Series, David was the point-man for a writing staff that consistently delivered not just action, romance and intrigue, but stories with heart and meaning that were rooted deeply in history and philosophy. The wisdom behind those stories has made them just as timeless as the characters that inhabit them, and we have David and his beautiful vision to thank for that.

    It delighted Highlander fans worldwide, then, to learn that David's words have shaped the screenplay for the new feature film, Highlander: The Source, which finished principal photography on December 8 in Lithuania with Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod. As Adrian told us in our last issue, this film will combine the heart of the original Highlander film with the essence of the television series, and there's no one better to make that happen than David himself. We e-mailed David on a Friday afternoon about possibly doing an interview, and within 10 minutes got a reply saying it would be okay to do it right then. (His wife and daughter were out shopping and had left him home alone to wait for the cable repairman.)

    The following interview was conducted with David via telephone on Friday, November 4, just days after he had returned from a trip to the set in Lithuania. If you think you can't possibly be more excited about the movie, all I can say is that after reading this interview you'll be itching more than ever to see the latest adventure of Duncan, Methos, and Joe ... from the mind (and heart) of David Abramowitz. And so, without further adieu, the interview. ? John

    APFC: Right now I know that a lot of people want to talk to you, so thanks so much for taking the time to do speak to us. This interview is for Adrian Paul's official fan club publication, and the excitement for the movie is already in high gear.

    D.A.: It's not a problem. Believe me, I am a great Adrian Paul fan at the moment. I'm glad to do it.

    APFC: Let's jump right in, then. Every good Highlander story begins with a question. What is the time limit on a promise when you live for centuries, how can you forgive someone else when you haven't figured out how to forgive yourself, etc. So, what is the question that sets the story of this movie into motion?

    D.A.: I think there are a couple of questions in this story. What is the value of faith, and what is the difference between faith and vanity? Those are Highlander questions.

    APFC: Jumping back a bit, can you tell me how you became a writer on this project?

    D.A.: I wasn't a writer when it was a Miramax/Dimension piece. They had their own writers. There was a draft done by Stephen Kelvin Watkins that he got credit for with Bill Panzer, and then they brought me in to rewrite that draft.

    APFC: You've been involved in various other Highlander projects since the series ended, including the animated film and a miniseries that wasn't filmed, but to my knowledge none of those projects actually included Duncan MacLeod. Was it difficult to get back inside of his head?

    D.A.: Actually, no, it wasn't difficult at all. Duncan MacLeod never really left me. He is the best of both Adrian and myself.

    APFC: You know Duncan MacLeod every bit as well as Adrian does.

    D.A.: I think between the two of us, we've got him covered.

    APFC: So what is it about Adrian that makes him the right man to play Duncan MacLeod?

    D.A.: You know, I think Adrian is more Duncan MacLeod now than he has ever been. He looks great. He's wiser now than he's ever been, and he bears the pain of battles won and lost. And I think the character did that. He lived the character and he gets the character. Between the two of us, we really know who Duncan MacLeod is. There was a disagreement with the director that I was having, and Adrian just ste
  12. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    From Newsarama about the Highlander comic series.

    And once again, there can be only one. In July, Dynamite Entertainment brings the original Highlander, Connor MacLeod back in comic book form, launching a new ongoing series by writers Brandon Jerwa, Micahel Avon Oeming, and artist Lee Moder.
    We caught up with the full team to talk about how they came to be a part of the series, as well as what readers can expect to see in the coming months.

    Newsarama Note: Interior art will be shown closer to the issue's release date.

    Brandon Jerwa

    Newsarama: First off Brandon, what brought you to the world of the Highlander?

    Brandon Jerwa: I made contact with Dynamite in the summer of 2005, asking about Battlestar Galactica. I came armed with trade paperbacks and a letter of recommendation from Mark Powers, who was my then-editor at Devil's Due. Dynamite was very receptive to me and said they'd like to work with me, but they didn't have a specific project at the time.

    So, months go by and conversations continue, but nothing firm was in place. Then, one night, they asked me if I'd be willing to pitch on Highlander. I said yes...and due to the process it takes for approvals and getting the right story together, more months went by. There was some discussion, some revision and a lot of waiting as discussions happened back and forth between Dynamite and the licensor... and finally, things came together with Dynamite, the licensor and myself. They asked if I would be interested in co-writing the book with Mike Oeming, and I said "absolutely" - it turns out we had very similar views on the Highlander world in our pitches, so it was a perfect match.

    From there, I took my thoughts to Oeming and got his feedback. Once the story was settled, Lee Moder was brought on board to handle the art. Then, David Abramowitz - who wrote for the movies and TV series - joined us as Grand Poobah of Continuity. The rest, as they say...

    NRAMA: Is history. Were you a big fan of the movies and/or television show?

    BJ: To be completely honest, I had seen and enjoyed the movies, but I'd never seen the TV show. It just slipped past me. That has since changed, naturally...and now I find myself wondering if I might actually like Duncan more than Connor. It's a tough call. I've got a lot of the TV show to catch up on, and am enjoying it, but for right now, it's all about Connor and the Kurgan. It's a classic hero-villain relationship like Spider-Man and Green Goblin, Batman and Joker, Superman and Luthor. The movie captured a perfect conflict between the two, and we're driving the nail in even further.

    NRAMA: What do you think it is about the legend of the Highlander that so captures people's attention?

    BJ: I think that, for all its twists and turns, the basic continuity of the franchise is easy to grasp: there are immortals among us, and in the end "there can be only one". To make sure you're the last immortal standing, you chop off the other immortals' heads. What's not to like about that? There are good immortals and bad - the good protect, the bad destroy. And of course, the good immortals - like Connor - don't worry about the "head count". Heh.

    Seriously, though...I think that the Highlander characters tend to resonate with people because they still act like "real people" in terms of their relationships and decision-making. Living forever has to be a tough gig, and I think people can sympathize with that.

    Also, did I mention there are people getting their heads chopped off? That's a license to print money, right there.

    NRAMA: When it comes to the new series, why go with Connor, or the film version of Highlander, rather than Duncan, the TV Immortal?

    BJ: Well, 2006 is the 20th anniversary of the first movie, so it seemed like a natural progression. I just turned in a year's worth of story pitches so Duncan may be waiting in the wings.

    NRAMA: How would you describe the elder MacLeod cousin?

    BJ: I think Connor is an acerbic man of the world who should probably
  13. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001


    The following is from Adrian Paul's website. An interview with Vernon Rieta. The first part explains who he is and his contribution to martial arts in cinema. The second part, further down, explains his role and gives some minor bits about the new film.

    APFC EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Adrian's Sifu, Vernon Rieta

    As soon as Highlander: The Source was announced, Adrian promised that it would bring a new look and feel to the Highlander franchise. One element of that process is a reinvigoration of the fight scenes that have made Highlander so famous. One of the people behind that reinvigoration is Vernon Rieta, a sifu (martial arts teacher) who has been working with Adrian (in the styles of Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut) since the early days of Highlander: The Series. Vernon worked closely with Adrian as a martial arts arranger on Highlander: Endgame, and will bear the title of Adrian Paul's Martial Arts and Sword Choreographer when The Source's credits roll.

    We spoke to Vernon on Saturday, January 28, via telephone from his home in Hawaii about his martial arts background, what it takes to make a fight look good on film, and what we can expect to see in Duncan MacLeod's latest adventure. He had just finished teaching a class of 25 students, and we caught him just before he was about to meet some friends for a celebration of the Chinese New Year.

    APFC: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, Vernon. Let's start from the beginning. Have you always lived in Hawaii?

    V.R.: I was born and raised here in Hawaii. I later got a scholarship to go to art school in New York. I spent most of the last 20 years in Los Angeles and traveled much of the world before moving back here in 2004.

    APFC: What kind of art did you study?

    V.R. A little bit of everything: drawing, painting, photography and printmaking.

    APFC: Did you come from a large family?

    V.R.: Yeah, actually, we had seven boys and one girl in our family.

    APFC: Did anyone else in the family practice martial arts?

    V.R.: Oh, yeah. My half-brother, Gordon Doversola, actually taught Frank Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate. He taught Sinatra and Anne Francis [for the TV Series Honey West] and all those guys. Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon was one of his students, as well. He does a style called Okinawa Te. The founder of this style, Kihei Motobu, had only one arm, so it looks similar to Kung Fu, because in Kung Fu everything is circular. (Because he had only one arm, the style is not linear; most Karate is very linear.) The block and the punch look similar, so it looks like Kung Fu. I've got another brother named Gaylord Rieta who does Kempo Karate. Kempo Karate was a style that was popularized by Ed Parker, who did the Pink Panther movies, and he was also from Hawaii. Gaylord lives here on the island as well, and his teacher was a gentleman called Professor Chow, and Professor Chow taught Ed Parker. It's kind of a small world in the martial arts community!

    APFC: When did you become interested in studying martial arts yourself?

    V.R.: I was influenced at a very young age because all of my brothers are a lot older than I am. Some of them are 10 or 15 years older than I am; I'm the baby of the family. So they were always practicing martial arts and beating up on me [laughs], so I needed something to rebuff their attacks! That's how I learned Kung Fu, and after that I could hold my own.

    APFC: What was the first style you studied? Did you begin with Hung Gar?

    V.R.: I actually started with a southern style called the Five Families Style. The Five Families style is Mok Gar, Fut Gar, Choy Gar, Lau Gar and Hung Gar. Back in the early days of Kung Fu, these were the Temple Styles. During the Ming and Ching dynasties, the Shaolin temple was burned down to try to get rid of the monks, because the reigning armies thought the monks were harboring fugitives. The monks escaped into the population and went into
  14. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Some new stuff.

    "...Following immediately afterwards is HIGHLANDER, THE SOURCE, for Lionsgate, opening Fall 2006 in the US, for old friends and Producers Peter Davis and Bill Panzer. Robinson last worked with Panzer and Davis on 'Highlander IIII: The Sorcerer', and is scoring the newest film for director Brett Leonard ('Lawnmower Man') in London. 'Highlander: The Source' is the fifth in the Highlander series of films, begun in 1985, which has spawned an amazing five feature films, three TV series (two live action and one animated), an upcoming Anime film and a video game, the latter two both to be released in 2007."

    Okay, here's some stuff. E-Bay has been selling actual items from the new film. They also include some details that hasn't been heard before.

    From a time before recorded history, the Guardian belongs to a civilization that has passed into legend. Ancient and unearthly, his ominous outfit and superhuman speed strike fear into his victims? hearts. His demonic voice is matched by his black boots with strange cloven-hoof toes and gloves that taper at the fingers like talons. Amazingly agile and ferocious, he?s seemingly invincible. Like a gladiator from the Roman Empire, he wears a single sleeve arm guard studded with brass. Black leather pants of the same design. A leather helmet. But the devil is in the details: black boots with strange cloven-hoof toes. A horned design on a thick leather belt. A black cowl that juts out like a blade and gloves that taper at the fingers like talons. He stalks the Immortals along their journey. Testing them to see which, if any, will be worthy of the ultimate prize (it remains unclear if this is the same Prize all Immortals are taught to seek).

    Giovanni : A Cardinal and the leader of the group. Initially he gloried in his Immortality, amassing a fortune and wallowing in excess. But then his resurrection began to weigh on his mind. Perhaps he was being given a chance to redeem himself for the crucifixion. He decided to turn to the God he had once scorned. As the centuries went on he became fanatical about his religion. He rose in power and stature, and began to believe that God had chosen him to be His messenger. And as he learned about the legend of the Source, he became convinced that it is a gift from God: the power to bring salvation to mankind. Now a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, he has enlisted a group of Immortals to help him find the Source. Dressed in sumptuous scarlet robes and corrupted by vanity, his Christian manner hides a ruthless core. He feels he is doing God?s work and he will accept casualties along the way. He doesn't get along with Methos, and at one point has an altercation with him, who confronts him with, "I saw Christ teach. I saw Christ eat. I saw Christ heal. And you, you son of a bitch, are not a true Christian."

    Reggie Weller : A vodka-guzzling astronomer, yet also a scientific genius that had looked to the stars for an answer to why he was spared death and pain like those around him. Eventually he was recruited by Cardinal Giovanni to search for the Source. Reggie is skeptical but everything else has been a blind alley. The Immortal Game has never interested Reggie, although he is quick to anger when he sees someone being unjustly treated. Small in stature, he uses humor and bluster as survival skills. People see the young man in the high-top sneakers and the ripped jeans and they underestimate him. At the start of their adventure, he?s seeing the stars align in a way they haven?t for hundreds of years -- long before he was born. This overcomes his skepticism about the Source and motivates him to join the quest. A cheeky cockney, Reggie uses humor and bluster as survival skills. People see the young man in the high-top sneakers, the Rebel Division sweatshirt and the ripped jeans and they underestimate him. In fact, Reggie?s a scientific genius whose astronomical wizardry is crucial in the search for the Source.

    Links from E-Bay.

  15. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Highlander Issue #0 out on stands soon.




  16. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Photos from the Source. Beware some spoilers.

    Found on E-Bay, Duncan's Katana.

    [hl=black]The Guardian cuts the dragon head off the katana and breaks Duncan's sword. The sword is also at some point thrown at the Guardian's throat. This is why Duncan uses the Butterfly swords.[/hl]

    Also on E-Bay. The Guardian's own sword.

    Finally, the covers for issue one of the comic.
  17. rumsmuggler

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    Aug 31, 2000
  18. Darth_Berserker

    Darth_Berserker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 12, 2005
    this may sound like a dumb question but will this be released at the cinema, including australia as endgame was staright to dvd here in aus
  19. darth-sinister

    darth-sinister Manager Emeritus star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 28, 2001
    No, it's not a dumb question. At the moment, Lions Gate Films helped to fund the making of the film and is in charge of the North American release. No word on what studio will release it internationally or if it will go theatrical or DTV. All that is known is that the film will be finished come October and will be presented to LGF. They will then decide on a theatrical release or go to DVD right off the bat.
  20. Arriss

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    Jun 1, 2002
    I hope it makes it into the theaters here in the US. Highlander movies are awesome to watch on the big screen (ok, except for one of them).
  21. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    First, update from Newsarama. Interview with the writers about issue one of the monthly series.


    by Chris Lawrence and Brian James

    With Dynamite Entertainment?s Highlander #1 coming out in October, co written by Mike Oeming and Brandon Jerwa, with art by Lee Moder, it was time to go all out geek on the writers. We tapped the lore, and, in asking them about what?s to come, and what?s going to be used, got a clearer picture of where the series will be going, as well as the storyline of the first arc, and just who Oeming is looking to bring back into the fray if he has a chance.

    Newsarama: Mike, let?s begin with you - the first film ended with Connor MacLeod defeating Kurgan and claiming ?The Prize?; yet subsequent movies and series have retconned the battle with the Kurgan into a personal victory for Connor instead of the actual end of "The Game." With that in mind, what do readers need to know in order to follow the new Highlander series and stay in perspective with the movie?

    Michael Oeming: It?s simple - while others will disagree, I look at each branch of Highlander as its own continuity. The first film, and the TV series are two slightly different continuities, obviously they don?t match up. So, if you take that approach, you don?t need too much suspension of disbelief.

    And of course, in terms of this first story arc, there are events that are taking place before that "final" battle with the Kurgan.

    NRAMA: Brandon, the first issue of Highlander features swordplay galore. Give us a roll call: it's Connor and who, versus whom?

    Brandon Jerwa: The clashing swords belong to Connor and two other immortals, versus an army of Soviet super-soldiers who have been hanging around since the Cold War. Look for a metric ton of sword-fighting - and a little hand-to-hand as well - throughout this arc. The Kurgan will swing his blade along the way, too...and you don't want to be in the way of that.

    NRAMA: Catch us up on the new Immortals. Who are they, and what's their deal?

    BJ: The two new immortals are an Italian named Paul Furio and Russian KGB agent Tasya Desny. Along with mortal scientist Dr. Arman Volkov, these two immortals will encounter Connor first in the 1960s and again in the 1980s when they realize the threat (that brought them together in the first place) hasn't exactly been completely dealt with. They're all going to have to clean up an old mess and face the basic truth that people (even immortals) can certainly change over time. We'll see that play out.

    NRAMA: Mike ? you get the rock and roll question. The original movie had a well-regarded soundtrack by Queen, most notably containing "Princes of the Universe," which is also used in the Highlander television series title sequence. Is this soundtrack playing when you are working on the Highlander series?

    MO: No, but I love the soundtrack and the TV show. I've seen the first movie a million times, the TV show is one of my faves, I think the fourth film was a great cap to the series. I love how Queen was integrated into all of that. A "Kind of Magic" has always been the best explanation of Highlander!

    NRAMA: Touching on the history aspect of the property, you?ve been given not just the entire world as a stage for Highlander, but all of history as well, did you find this limitless setting problematic? Also, what research or personal interests were involved in working with such a vast stage?

    MO: Again, I'm only thinking of one story at a time. The limitless potential of history is fun. I want to do Duncan/Conner stories that take place in the old Highlands, I'd love to do work with Immortal Samurais.... hey that sounds like a good name for a mini- "Highlander: Immortal Samurai!!"

    NRAMA: Back to touching on the specifics with you Brandon, the book's bad guys seem to have a thing for the vilest villain in Highlander lore. What's their link to the Kurgan?

    BJ: The Kurgan plays a part in their "birth" as it were, which helps u
  22. Darth_Berserker

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    Apr 12, 2005
    what! they have the other two songs but no "give me the prize", that song is so awesome, hope they get a good band doing it
  23. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Well, the song fits Kurgan more. Not to mention that the Prize is only mentioned in this film and not won.
  24. NJOfan215

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    May 17, 2003
    I picked up highlander 0 a few weeks ago. I liked it, while not being much of a highlander fan (i saw a few of the movies), i was able to follow and enjoy the book. Oeming is a talented comic book writer and he's also a comic book artist, whihc i think probably helps his comics out overall. He's done a lot of cool stuff recently. He's been writing Red Sonja, for dynimite for he past year, which is a cool sword and sorcery type of book. He also wrote some stuff for marvel as well: Thor diassembled (doesn't really tie into avengers dissasembled), Thor blood oath, Storm Bringer, and Ares. He also does the art of powers. I like oeming stuff and if you guys like the highlander comics, you will probably like his other stuff also.
  25. darth-sinister

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    Jun 28, 2001
    According to George Kalis and John Mosby, the film looks to be out in March 2007.
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