Pacific Hit Play Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes Being Performed in Los Angeles for Next Three Weeks ONLY

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    Hello, all,

    Please come see the hit play Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes at USC's Scenedock Theatre. Tickets are only $10 per person and this could be the last time you have a chance to see this production. Right now, it's being performed with publicity only for the true Star Wars fans and USC students, so be one of the last few people to get in on the ground floor, the core audience, before the entire world knows about it and sees it.

    Here are times:

    Friday, August 23rd - 11pm
    Saturday, August 24th - 11pm
    Sunday, August 25th - 9pm

    Friday, August 30th - 11pm
    Saturday, August 31st - 11pm
    Sunday, September 1st - No Shows for Labor Day

    Friday, September 6th - 11pm
    Saturday, September 7th - 11pm
    Sunday, September 8th - 9pm

    Here's the Where:
    The Scenedock Theatre behind the School of Gerontology Building on the USC Campus in Los Angeles
    Enter at Gate #5 at Jefferson & McClintock

    Here's How Much:
    $10 per person - which goes to support the Festival Theatre USC-USA Program at USC

    Please come see this Lucasfilm favorite performed at Celebrations II and throughout the world to delighted critics and audiences everywhere.

    Reservations can be made at:

    We hope to see you there.
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    Some of us from San Diego are thinking of driving up to see it, also some people from the Orange County and LA are probably going to see it as well. I missed seeing it at the Celebration in Indianapolis and I heard it was great.
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