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hmm. well this is interesting.

Discussion in 'Winston-Salem, NC' started by VinkFloyd, Apr 2, 2002.

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  1. VinkFloyd

    VinkFloyd Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 28, 2000

    Midnight Screening Policies
    Tue, Apr 02, 02 09:45:26 AM EST

    Jordan points out this info in the FanForce forums from Kir Kanos about the possiblity of no midnight screenings. Sounds highly unlikely to be a corporate policy, lining up for that first midnight showing is what people live for. But apparently in at least this location, it is out:
    I just got off the phone with Carmike's District office. The Corporate Rep for Carmike was in town last week and told my contact person that Lucasfilm told them that there would be NO Episode II Midnight showings in the U.S.. The reason being that Lucasfilm is going to try to coordinate a simultaneous world wide release. Needless to say, my mouth dropped!
    She was even wondering how Lucasfilm was going to pull this off, but for now that's what they've been told. All I have to say is that Lucasfilm had better get their act together soon and give us times and dates or they are going to have a very unhappy fanbase.[/blockquote]

    well that's interesting. you know what? it kinda doesn't surprise me, either. check this bit of chat i had with a friend of mine in an australian channel last night:

    [02:09] <nter> when does it come out there?
    [02:09] <VinkFloyd> may 16
    [02:09] <VinkFloyd> i suspect you'll have it may 17
    [02:09] <nter> you reckon you could give me a blow by blow accoun t of it after you se it?
    [02:09] <VinkFloyd> it's supposd to be global
    [02:09] <nter> yeah? last time we hadda wait two weeks
    [02:09] <VinkFloyd> the goal is loftier this time around
    [02:10] <nter> oh, and cause our may16 is before your may16, it has to be 17 here...
    [02:10] <VinkFloyd> as with europe and asia
    [02:10] <VinkFloyd> so you guys get it friday, we get it thursday
    [02:10] <VinkFloyd> but it's all the same time
    [02:10] <nter> I guess that way
    [02:11] <nter> the news of it being bad, wont spread as fast, so they'll make more globally off opening day stuff0rs
    [02:11] <nter> or wont have as much time to spread
    [02:11] <nter> rather.
    [02:11] <VinkFloyd> you're sick
    [02:12] <nter> just cause I undertsand global manipulation of conscious thought, dont make me sick
    [02:12] <nter> well, I dont actually even know what global manipulation of conscious thought is...

    ok, but here's the thing. if we can't see it until noon on thursday, they'll have allready seen it on their noon friday... i think.

    well it allready seems that carmike is gonna pussy out to the might of lucasfilm. can you blame them? they don't wanna screw their chances of getting episode iii...

    does this kill wynnsong? questions... questions... questions...
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