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  1. Obi-Wan21

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    Aug 27, 2002
    Some People Are Meant For Something More


    Hollow Men- Collision

    Heroes have existed in secrecy for many years. Only recently, due to a falling plane, did those with extraordinary abilities make themselves known. The man was named Taye Carter, granted super strength and the amazing ability of flight, Taye soared through the air, stopping the collision of a plane from crashing into a large ball park. Taye's appearance was meant with rousing questions, one of which was why he would sacrifice his very identity to save others, he replied with a polite remark, and a quality smile.

    This was Taye's first taste of stardom, and the world's first encounter with those who were different. Gaining renown across the globe, Taye was the instructor of many others with special abilities, who slowly revealed themselves to the world. Carter promoted himself to be the open spokesman for this growing group of extraordinary beings. Although they had no answers regarding their origins, very little did their thoughts drift to this, most of these so called Heroes became obsessed with fame, the spotlight.

    Taye would become the group's heart and soul, leading them across missions to protect and serve. The team, now known as the Eternals, were becoming headstrong and impatient with their status in-front of the camera. Bob Franklin, one of the long standing members, realized the radical idea of taking the team's outings and placing them as being apart of a reality program. The show became a roaring success.

    At the turn of the new millennium, the popularity of the Eternals was proven to an even greater degree. Comic book sales had hit an all-time high, superhero films were even casting people with real abilities to play the parts of icons such as Spider-Man, even Superman. In 2001 a magazine titled With Great Power was released to news stands across the globe. It was the first and only magazine to take a deeper look into the lives of Heroes and even the Eternals. With Great Power became another huge success and leap into the publics eye.

    The Eternals were a name known throughout homes, even the Times provided a cover story about the lives of the Eternals, yet one question always remained: Where did their powers come from? The team slowly grasped the regular occurrences of robberies, hold ups, protecting who they could, saving lives. Their reality show, though, was slowly hitting a steady decline with viewers. They needed something to spark a greater interest in their lives.

    Coincidentally, villains, with equally amazing powers, provided that spark with a massive biological attack in New York City. Although striking personal chords with people across the globe, their ratings geared heavily, being the central focus of news and resources relating to the attack. In those dangerous times citizens looked to Heroes, and found them watching over their cities.

    The Eternals were quickly spreading themselves thin, as a number of other attacks happened across Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland, even Tokyo. It was erupting the globe into a frenzy. What was once ratings gold, had become a nightmare for billions of people. Luckily, another group known as the Archangels quickly took stride and positioned themselves as protectors of the people.

    The Archangels had been around for nearly as long as the Eternals, the difference being the Angels did not share the enthusiasm for the spotlight as the Eternals had. The Archangels priority would always be the protection and guardianship of the world around them. This often times led to arguing differences between the groups, but nothing to set the people on the fence.

    With the revelation of the Minority, a dark group set to take the fall for the biological attacks, the Archangels and Eternals engaged in a brutal battle on American soil, many lives were lost, including those of the Minority. With the day saved, the Nation was left on the
  2. Obi-Wan21

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    Aug 27, 2002
    The Special Abilities List-

    This list will be the guideline for all of the powers allowed in game. There are 86 total abilities to choose from. Remember you only have four ability slots, so choose wisely.

    There are THREE categories to look through. The abilities being split by their power ranking; ADVANCED, MODERATE, and BASIC. Each category offers something different. You will also find a detailed definition for each power.



    Psionic Blast-
    Ability to overload anothers mind causing pain, memory loss, loss of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that person's mind.

    Reality Warper-
    Ability to change or manipulate reality itself.

    Reactive Adaptation/Evolution- (Perm.)
    Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to. This effect can be permanent or temporary.

    Mind Control-
    Power to control the actions or reasoning of another.

    Partial or total imperiousness to harm.

    Molecular Manipulation-
    Ability to mentally manipulate molecules and objects on a molecular level.

    Time Travel-
    Ability to travel through time.

    Time Manipulation-
    Ability to affect the flow of time, slowing, accelerating or even stopping it.

    Portal Creation-
    Ability to create wormholes in time or space.



    Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. An extremely powerful telekinetic might be able to control individual atoms.

    Psychic Weapons-
    Ability to create a weapon, like a knife or grenade, of psionic energy that can harm mentally and not physically.

    Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Usually visual, it may be a light-based effect, a sound-based effect, a mind-affecting effect, or any other effect that causes one to perceive things that are not necessarily real.

    Ability to perceive the future. Sometimes it is only expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it is clear and occurs at will and when awake.

    Ability to turn partially or completely into a liquid.

    Ability to stretch, deform, expand and contract one's body into any form they can imagine.

    Size Shifting-
    Ability to increase or decrease one's size.

    Ability to transform into a gaseous or mist form.

    Ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye.

    Self-Detonation or Explosion-
    Ability to explode ones body mass and (presumably) reform.

    The ability to change into an Animal.

    Superhuman Strength-
    Above normal physical strength.

    Superhuman Speed-
    Ability to move faster than usual. Often times approaching light speed.

    Reactive Adaptation/Evolution- (temp.)
    Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to. This effect can be permanent or temporary.

    Ability to assault others with one or more varieties of toxins, with widely disparate effects.

    Photographic Reflexes-
    Ability to mimic any athletic or martial arts movement after seeing it once.

    Ability to create physical Doppelgängers of oneself.

    Healing Factor-
    Ability to heal rapidly from any injury; the rate of recovery varies from character to character.

    Biological Manipulation-
    Ability to control biology. Biological Manipulators can heal others, alter body composition and other things relating to the living body and/r genetic structure of others.

    Ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between.

    Pocket Universe-
    Ability to create temporary pocket dimensions or access permanent 'small' dimensions. The best example would be The Spot from Spider-Man The Animated Series, he had the ability to travel and create small pocket dimensions and lock people away in them and travel through them jus
  3. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002



    Hair Color/Style:
    Eye Color:
    Facial Hair:
    Skin Tone:


    Personal Weakness: Everyone has some drawback, some weakness that is personal, apart of them. What's yours?


    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon:
    Gadgets: Do you have a cell phone, PDA, anything like that?


    Occupation: Do you have a job, what do you do?
    Bio: Be expansive on this as much as you can. But you must have AT LEAST two paragraphs to even be APPROVED. And I'm not talking about three small lines.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Disadvantage Slot 1:
    Special Ability Slot 2: Disadvantage Slot 2:
    Special Ability Slot 3: Disadvantage Slot 3:
    Special Ability Slot 4: Disadvantage Slot 4:


    This example sheet was provided by jedi_killeroak.

    Name: Stone Sean

    Age: 25

    Sex: Male

    Hometown: Easton, KS


    Hair Color/Style: Shoulder length black hair, that is tied in a pony tail
    Height: 6'
    Build: He is very lean and lightly muscled.
    Eye Color: Dark blue
    Facial Hair: None, very clean shaven

    Clothing: Stone wears black slacks with a red silk shirt, and with a black neck tie. His feet are never far from black pair of steel toed cowboy boots, with rusty looking spurs. But if you took a sample of the rust, you would find that it is not rust, but dried blood.

    Skin Tone: Caucasian

    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: He has one tattoo on his back of a Lich Black Dragon


    Traits: He is cruel and mean, and has a sick sense of humor
    Habits: He tends to rub his hands when he gets angry and taps his feet.
    Personal Weakness: Often times feels his heart weighing him down, dispite his goal, Stone is weary of his intentions. He has much of a heart.


    Primary Weapon: (He is still working on it, at this time.)
    Secondary Weapon: A steel walking stick, with a long serpent neck, snake. With a concealed rapier, inside. It is about four feet long, included is the holder. the rapier, is about three and a half feet long.
    Gadgets: cell phone, and a powerful laptop computer


    Bio: Stone grew up in Easton, KS and lived there with his grandparents for his school years. Graduated with honors, then moved to New York, New York for advance computer classes.

    Stone was the nerd of the class, and he made sure could think other wise. Except when he was bullying the other students in private. Than TV started to interest him, and he began to watch these super heroes battle villains, that is when he decided to work for a goal. His goal was to take over the world and rule with an iron fist. During school Stone found himself curiously watching a new classmate, one who was discovered to have a special ability. Stone could not figure out why he was watching him, until the new kid stopped his bullying. Stone did not mess with the kid no more, but made a rule, "Never mess with some one till you know them."

    After graduating, he moved to New York to learn more about computers and what they can do. Now he watches for other "Special" people and see what they can do and try to use it to his advantage.

    Occupation: Works in a computer firm, as a designer


    Special Ability Slot 1: Time Manipulation-A
    Disadvantage- He is not able to do it after 30minutes

    Special Ability Slot 2: Telekinesis-M
    Disadvantage- He can not use it after 5 times in one day, and can lift up to 200l
  4. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    Oy, there's more rules now!



    Name: Bart Sanders
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI
    Appearance: Bart is a large man. Despite his power's effect on his body, he still appears to be rather muscular. He is bald, usually wears business suits and sunglasses, almost resembling someone trying to look like a secret agent. If he removes his glasses, opens his mouth, or you look up his nostrils or in his ear, you will notice a warm, firey glow.
    *Hair Color/Style: Bald
    *Height: 6'4"
    *Build: large
    *Eye Color: N/A
    *Skin Tone: Caucasian, light tan
    *Clothing: Usually a nice business suit, CIA-like

    Bart is a complainer.
    *Habits: Tends to blow smoke rings, pretty much all the time, usually without a cigar or cigarette or anything like that.
    *Personal Weakness: Bart's power is immensely painful. It's like heartburn, everywhere. Nine times out of ten, he's wishing that he could just shove a fire extinguisher into his mouth and put an end to it. The tenth time he's realizing that the Living Fire probably won't give him that option.

    *Primary Weapon:
    *Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
    *Gadgets: Cell Phone

    *Bio: Bart was a happy kid growing up in Milwaukee. When he graduated from 'Tosa East, he headed for the East Coast to some good college that accepted him to take a bunch of classes and eventually graduate with a degree he didn't care about. Bart jumped from job-to-job, living in an apartment with a few college buddies, taking in a steady diet of the Eternals' show, 007 movies, video games, junk food and alcohol, adopting an imaginary secret-agent/superhero alter ego. Bart drew up this character using some subpar artistic ability, tux and a red cape. Underwear outside. The real supercharacter wasn't too far off, when Bart's doctor told him that his constant heartburn wasn't acid reflux, but his body slowly burning itself up. Bart found that he could control this fire, although not stop it or extinguish it.

    Within a few weeks, he was breathing fire and spitting fireballs into his hand for throwing. He decided to take control of whatever destiny he had left, dressed himself up real nice like the secret agent he had always wanted to be for the past few years, devoted a portion of his savings to buying himself a gun and knife, and headed for New York, where he inexplicably knew something was going down and that he wanted to be a part of it.

    *Special Ability Slot 1:
    Pyrokinesis (M)
    **Disadvantage Slot 1: Bart's insides have been consumed by a 'living fire'. The disadvantage is twofold: Constant, burning pain, and he can only control the Living Fire, not other fires.

    He is also in, what I've seen on wiki articles for Captain America and certain other heroes described as 'peak human physical condition', not quite super strength or agility or speed, but better than an average person.
  5. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005
    [hl=orange]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Name: Francis Hillian
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Hometown: Prince Rupert, Canada


    Hair Color/Style: Short, brown hair
    Height: 6' 8"
    Build: thin, tall, wiry
    Eye Color: Blue
    Facial Hair: none
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: None
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Clothing: Pinstripe black suit, red tie, black shoes.


    Traits: Quiet, and intorverted
    Habits: Pacing, fidgeting, tapping the fingers on one hand against each other
    Personal Weakness: Very insecure - blows to ego will shatter his resolve.


    Primary Weapon: Oak cane with a silver grip styled like an eagle's head
    Secondary Weapon: None, yet
    Gadgets: Satelleite phone, lighter


    Occupation: Soon-to-be Company President
    Bio: Born to a wealthy family in Northern British Columbia, Canada, Francis spent his young life at school in a harbour town. When he was eighteen years old, his father died, and Francis was informed that he'd inherit his father's company, position and all. In four years time, he'd become a reknowned socialite, travelling the world over. All Francis saw was apathy.

    When he returned home, he began preparations to take his father's position, with plans to tear down old establishments and norms, to replace it with a better world. Sadly, such radical aims would never be welcome in a greedy business, and so Francis set about creating a private "revolution" fund, which, in time, would be used to peacefully change the balance of power. He doubts that this time will ever show up, however.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Reality Warper
    Disadvantage Slot 1: Warping Reality disorients and causes great mental strain to Francis. As such, he must set his mind to his task and not be distracted.
    Special Ability Slot 2: Pocket Universe
    Disadvantage Slot 2: Max size of pocket universe is 600 square metres - he can have any number of these, so long as their combined size doesn't exceed his max size. Has difficulty storing large objcts.
    Special Ability Slot 3: Flight
    Disadvantage Slot 3: Very basic flight - never exceeds 25km/h, and even that is pushing it.
  6. Livi-Wan

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    Sep 29, 2002
    GM approved!

    Name: Benjamin Peter Faraday
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Hometown: Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, UK

    Hair Color/Style: Brown, messy. Due to static electricity generated by his powers it tends to stick straight up, more or less.
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Build: Slight, some would say skinny
    Eye Color: Brown
    Facial Hair: None, despite his best efforts
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: none
    Skin Tone: Pinkish?
    Clothing: Standard teenage apparel; jeans, baggy t-shirt, hoodie, trainers.


    Traits: Arrogant, loud, goofy, irresponsible
    Habits: Bites his fingers when he's nervous
    Personal Weakness: Lazy


    Primary Weapon: none
    Secondary Weapon: none
    Gadgets: mobile phone, iPod, laptop


    Occupation: Student on a gap year working in New York
    Bio: Benjamin Peter Faraday had a happy childhood in Kingston, with an affinity for machines and mechanisms showing itself at an early age when he regularly managed to blackout his street during experiments with electricity that his parents let him do until, after about the seventh time, the police had a word and he was stopped.

    These days Ben spends his time working towards a science and technology degree somewhere, but at the moment he's staying with his American aunt and uncle in New York, working in their household appliances shop. Lately, however, this hasn't been going so well: things have started malfuncioning, the television in their flat keps turning on and off randomly and the lights seem to have capricious moods of their own. Ben Faraday's powers are about to manifest.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Electrical Manipulation (M)
    Disadvantage Slot 1: Any kind of prolonged use of this power exhausts Ben; his body generates the electricity itself from stored glucose in a process that's too complicated to explain (i.e I don't know, I'm bluffing this :p) unless he uses an outside source.
    Special Ability Slot 2: Technopath (B)
    Disadvantage Slot 2: This is bound by the laws of feasbility i.e he can't make a working laser ray out of a paperclip but he might be able to make a decent radio reciever.
  7. Nethrin

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    Jun 6, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Neal Robinson
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Hometown: Dallas, TX


    Hair Color/Style: medium length, dark brown, messy
    Height: 5' 8"
    Build: slight but not weak
    Eye Color: bright green
    Facial Hair: none
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: a green vine tattoo around his right wrist
    Skin Tone: pale

    Jeans and a long-sleeve shirt on the inside, short-sleeve on the outside. The shirts tend to be green, brown, or black.


    Traits: Outspoken
    Habits: pacing and fidgeting
    Personal Weakness: When he feels strongly about something you can never get him to stop talking about it.


    Primary Weapon: a pocket knife
    Secondary Weapon: none yet
    Gadgets: Cell phone, laptop computer


    Occupation: Library worker
    Bio: Neal was born in Dallas and grew up in the typical American family. He went to a local high school and then moved to New York City to attend university. He was to be am english major but once he moved and started to attend classes he discoved that it was not for him. He dropped out and got a job working at a public library.

    He rents a small loft and lives there with a friend from high school who is still in college. After dropping out of uni his parents stopped talking with him. They had other reasons and the lack of communication is probably for the best.


    Special Ability Slot 1:
    Disadvantage Slot 1: Can only shapeshift into a hawk

    Special Ability Slot 2: Plant Manipulation
    Disadvantage Slot 2: To manipulate plants he must be focused. Distractions will stop him from using this power.
  8. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    Game Master Approved

    Name: Jonathan Bennet
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Hometown: Dublin, Ohio


    Hair Color/Style: Black hair, short, long bangs
    Height: 5ft, 10in
    Build: muscular, weighs at about 170
    Eye Color: green
    Facial Hair: none
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: none
    Skin Tone: Caucasian
    Clothing: Red long sleeved shirt, white shirt underneath, tan pants.


    Traits: Honorable, laid back, Jon likes to have fun, a good drink ever now and then, he's a good man. Kind, quiet most of the time.

    Habits: tends to brush his hair out of his face

    Personal Weakness: Jon does the right thing, but he knows where to draw the line. That line is his weakness, because he never knows if it's too short, or too late.


    Primary Weapon: none
    Secondary Weapon: none
    Gadgets: carries a cell phone with music capabilities


    Occupation: Writes a column for the New York Times, entitled, "Why We're Here".
    Bio: Jon is a dreamer, he grew up with a well financed family in Dublin, Ohio. His head was always in the clouds, he wanted to be different, special. His most loved comic as a young man was Superman, he'll never forget the 'Death Of Superman' arc. It was one of his favorites.

    After High School Jon was accepted into Miami University in Ohio. He studied primary to perfect his writing, a small passion he had growing up. After getting out of College Jon began work for a local paper, reporting news, but it was nothing major.

    Bennet moved out to New York, hoping to focus his dream of writing for a major company. Doing some small work he became noticed by a news man, who got him a job with the New York Times.

    After running a few reports for over a year, Jon was given his own column; "Why We're Here" is a column about the world around them, after the terrible attacks on the nation and so many super powered people revealing themselves, Jon's column was a hit.

    He takes an interesting perspective on these Extraordinary individuals, never holding back his opinion. To Jon, this column is his freedom, an expression he has never been granted.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Superhuman Strength (M)
    Disadvantage Slot 1- Is only capable of lifting a ton, requires great focus, negative thoughts also keep him from using his strength

    Special Ability Slot 2: Teleportation (M)
    Disadvantage Slot 2- Can only teleport within 15 miles of his standing point. Cannot teleport other people or large objects.

    Special Ability Slot 3: Empathy (B)
    Disadvantage Slot 3- Must be touching the person to feel their emotions. An onsluaght of negative emotions can weaken him, even send him into shock.
  9. Genimay

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    Jun 2, 2005
    Name: Donna Patty Katherine Ackerman
    Hometown:Haden Heights,NJ


    Hair Color/Style:Long,straight(hangs to her mid back)and red. Usually has it in a pony tail.
    Height: 5'5"
    Build:Slender and flexable
    Eye Color:dark blue
    Facial Hair:none
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos:has a cat tattoo on the small of her back.
    Skin Tone:pale with freckles dotted over her body but very few on her face.
    Clothing:Jeans and tee shirts.


    Traits:A pretty happy girl. Tom boyish and loyal.
    Habits:When nervous bites her lips and makes a small whimpering sound. When afraid her eyes go wide and she holds her breath.
    Personal Weakness: Can be loyal to the point of stupidity. Once she trusts someone she has accepted them and will protect them. NO matter WHAT.


    Primary Weapon:Her fingernails are her favorite.
    Secondary Weapon:Teeth
    Gadgets:Cell phone,lab top


    Occupation:High school,works at a book store after school
    Bio:Donna Patty Katherine Ackerman,more commonly know as Kitty or Kat,was born on a cool October morning. She was a quite baby and didn't cry much. At the age of one she discovered she could climb trees. Well,it was a bush but she got the basic point. Ever since she's been climbing trees,playing base ball, running around and scraping her knees from falling off her bike.

    By the time she was five,Donna had earned herself the name Kitty,due to the fact that every time she fell out of a tree she landed on her feet. In kindergarten she fell in love with the idea of learning. Though she wasn't always learning what she was supposed to be. She was the kid who read comic books during math class and tried to blow up her class room with battery acid( it kinda worked,minus the fact she only used an AA battery,she ended up blowing a hole through a table). Kitty was smart,no doubt there and easily passed her classes with A's.

    In second grade,when she was seven years old,Kitty's parents divorced. Not really understanding all of what was going on she started to read. She read and read and read until she understood what divorce was. It didn't really bother her as her parents had fought quite often and she still saw both of them.

    But it was then Kitty's life began to go down hill. At first no one could figure out why such a bright student was suddenly failing all her classes. Kitty stoped playing outside and climbing trees. She hated seeing her father....and one weekend her mother found out why. He was abuseing the eight year Kitty.

    It was a year and a half later,when Kitty was nine,that the trails were over and her and her mother finally moved away. Away to New York! They lived a couple hours aways from the Big City in a small town called Nickles. It was alot like Haden Heights and Kitty fit in right away.

    The summer she moved she met a boy named Alex. He became Kitty's best friend and the two were inseberable. No one knew how such tottaly different children could fit so well but no one asked. Alex failed school,Kitty aced it,Alex was afraid of getting dirty,Kitty practically rolled in dirt. Some how they fit.

    Finally,Kitty went to high school. She was more grown up and still loved to learn. There was less tree climbing,though it still happened often,and she tended to stay clean.

    At six teen Kitty got a job working in a book store. She loves the job and has read close to every book in the small,privatly owned shop. Alex is still her best friend but he is now also her least to a point...


    Special Ability Slot 1:photographic Reflexes Disadvantage Slot 1:She feels the strain on her body as if she had trained to prefect the move herself the first time she uses it.
    Special Ability Slot 2:phasing
    Disadvantage Slot 2:Can phase herself and other objects but can NOT make anything denser
    Special Ability Slot 3:Sonic Scream
    Disadvantage Slot 3: She isn't aware of this ability for awhile and it tends to throw her off balance
    Special Ability Slot 4:Night vision
    Disadvantage Slot 4:Her e
  10. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    GM Approved!


    Name: Mathias Masterson Valtar, (Mathew Masters, English Name)
    Age: 39
    Sex: Male
    Hometown: Newark, New Jersey


    Hair Color/Style: Black Hair, Buzz cut
    Height: 6' 8"
    Build: Muscular
    Eye Color: Ice Blue
    Facial Hair: Mustache and Goatee
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: Large Cross tattoo on his left shoulder
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Clothing: Large black trench coat, all black suit underneath.


    Traits: Acts like Nobility, very confident.
    Habits: Has the tendency to get into fights with those that are "Scum"
    Personal Weakness: He fears fire. His entire family was killed when he was just a boy from their house burning down.


    Primary Weapon: Sword, Hilt looks like a Cross
    Secondary Weapon: .44 Magnum
    Gadgets: He rides a black Chopper outfitted with a Sattelite phone connection.


    Occupation: Mathias owns and runs the Masterson Import Emporium
    Bio: Mathias was born to a European family whose claims to nobility date back t the Kings of old. He is a devout Catholic whose convictions allow him to easily claim his powers are meant for something more.

    Mathias, when he moved to Newark as a child, was trained and groomed to take his Uncles place as the head of the family business. His Fathers dieing when he was just a boy caused him to have severe nightmares which, somehow manifested themselves as actually images while he was awake. Though it was believed he was still in shock from the accident, where, in truth. It was his powers showing themselves.

    Once 18 he legally changed his name to Mathew Masters, making it easier to have anonymity. He now serves by day as a Businessman, and by night, a Crusader for Justice.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Reality Warper-A
    Disadvantage Slot 1: Can only do it under extreme duress.
    Special Ability Slot 2: Telekinesis-M
    Disadvantage Slot 2: Can lift only about the weight of a car.
    Special Ability Slot 3: Illusion-M
    Disadvantage Slot 3: Once the illusion is touched physically it falls apart.
    Special Ability Slot 4: Power Sensing-B
    Disadvantage Slot 4: Cannot sense mental abilities
  11. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    [hl=black]Obi-Wan21 Approved[/hl]


    Nanami Mizushima
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan


    Hair Color/Style:
    Shoulder length auburn hair (former), N/A (current)
    Height: 5'3" (former), 7'2" (current)
    Build: Slim athletic physique (former), heavy athletic physique (current)
    Eye Color: Almond brown
    Facial Hair: N/A
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: N/A (former), looks like a mutant human/squid hybrid (current)
    Skin Tone: Fairly tanned (former), alabaster white (current)
    Clothing: A red maillot one-piece bikini with a white circle inscribed on the stomach area


    Driven to excel in whatever she sets her mind on, is sometimes shy when around others
    Habits: Before discovering her powers, she spends most of her time swimming laps in the pool
    Personal Weakness: Has always been driven to succeed by her father, to her, failure is not an option. Should she fail and her father find out, the result would be catastrophic


    Primary Weapon:
    Secondary Weapon: N/A
    Gadgets: Cell phone, mp3 player


    Olympic Swimmer in-training
    Bio: Young Nanami Mizushima is the daughter of a Tokyo business man by the name of Minoru Mizushima who frequently partakes in business ventures overseas in America. As such, Nanami has visited the country many times in her youth.

    As soon as Nanami could walk, her parents taught her how to swim by taking her on her grandfathers sailing vessel over the summer to many of the smaller outlying islands. Nanami was a quick prodigy and took to the water like a fish. For the many years to follow, Nanami would visit her grandfather just for the chance to start swimming once again.

    When Nanami started school, she joined a youth swimming league where she was quickly outshined by another girl, Riko Fukui, another aquatic prodigy. When one would beat the other's time, the other would work harder and harder until they beat that time by even a hair of a second. Both girls were driven to competition by their fathers, who ironically worked for the same company. The fathers grew to hate each other through their daughters progression, and the girls emulated the feelings of their fathers when told to.

    After entering the third grade, Nanami's mother developed a chronic illness that left her in a coma for many months. During that span of time, Riko's parents divorced. A year passed and Nanami's mother passed away. Her father was distraught, and when another year passed, he began courting Riko's mother, much to the dismay of Riko's father.

    The two eventually married, and Riko and Nanami became step-sisters. The two disagreed and argued even more than they had as children. Their rivalries continued through junior high and onward into high school, climaxing during their three years on the varsity swim team. The girls competed fiercely, but Riko was forced to forfeit due to a tear in her calf muscle. Nanami felt guilty and wanted to concede, until Riko explained that she had always envied Nanami's drive and will to succeed. Nanami competed and won the national swim meet during their senior year of high school.

    During her college years, after being accepted to Tokyo University due to exceptional entrance exam scores, mostly in part of Riko's tutelage, Nanami continued to practice her swimming ability with Riko as her coach. The two trained for many years, though Riko did so less intensely as her step-sister due to her past injury, both determined to see Nanami compete on behalf of Japan in the upcoming Olympics.

    The girls, having taken an extended break from training, have been invited by Minoru to visit him in his New York apartment. Riko declined, allowing Nanami to spend some time with her father and away from her strict training r
  12. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    Obi-Wan Approved, like I had a choice.

    Name: Linda Miller
    Age: 34
    Sex: female
    Hometown: Manhattan, New York


    Hair Color/Style: light brown, razored, flairs out and shoulder length
    Height: 5 foot
    Build: slim
    Eye Color: hazel
    Facial Hair: none
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: a skull on the low of her back it has meaning
    Skin Tone: tanned
    Clothing: thin strapped black top, reveals mid-drift, leather black pants, knee high black boots.


    Traits: great sense of humor, rude, outspoken
    Habits: bites finger nails when nervous
    Personal Weakness: she never knows when to stop, to let go. Holds grudges for a long time. She can't move on.


    Primary Weapon: hand gun
    Secondary Weapon:
    Gadgets: blue cell phone, iPod


    Occupation: Police Officer, Lieutenant

    Bio: Linda has called New York home since she was a baby, born and raised to an average family. She never could get along with her parents or siblings, moving out as soon as she turned eighteen. After enjoying four years at college, Linda applied for a job at the NYPD, she passed the exams and began her first case. Since so many attacks on the nation, crime was slowly rising in New York, and she was on the job.

    During a shoot out Linda was wounded in the shoulder, but found herself healed quite quickly, she paid it no mind. After a number of years on the job Linda slowly rose in the ranks, becoming one of the top female officers of her time. Miller is a single woman, having never been in a serious relationship, she can't keep one. Mostly keeping to herself, Linda has few friends outside of the force.

    About a year ago Linda's partner was killed during a bust, it was then that she had her first taste of enemies with powers, the attacker had unnatural claws hanging from his hands, they were apart of him. Nearly wasting her entire clip, the man was finally killed, but something never felt right. The whole bust seemed staged and she couldn't escape the feeling that it was apart of something bigger.

    Currently Linda lives in a loft in New York.


    Special Ability Slot 1: Heal Factor (m)
    Disadvantage Slot 1: can not heal organs, terminal cancers or tumors. Cannot heal fatal attacks to the brain or heart

    Special Ability Slot 2: Precognition (m)
    Disadvantage Slot 2: can only see glimpses of the future when in extremely inflicted pain
  13. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    [blockquote]GameMaster Approved[/blockquote]

    ~Name: Chiaki [Key-ark-i] Tetsuya- (Birth Name)
    Utada Hikari- (Stage Name)
    ~Age: 19
    ~Sex: Female
    ~Hometown: Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.


    ~Hair Color/Style: Naturally Japanese- Fairly long, as black as dark brown gets and straight.
    ~Height: 5"4'
    ~Build: Very petite
    ~Eye Color: Black
    ~Facial Hair: N/A
    ~Scars/Markings/Tattoos: 1 Tattoo- The symbol for 'Queen' on the back on her neck, just below her hair line.
    ~Skin Tone: Naturally Asian- Olive/Tanned
    ~Clothing: Being a singer/dancer, she has to keep fashionable and feminine, wearing the typical Japanese scene clothing/Harajuku fashion.


    ~Traits: Deep, sarcastic, has a dark sense of humour, sassy, she knows how to work her looks to her advantage, witty, moody.
    Habits: Overdoing the sarcasm.
    Personal Weakness: Egotistical, not being able to express emotion such as sadness or genuine happiness.


    ~Primary Weapon: She keeps a small throwing knife on her for protection.
    ~Secondary Weapon: N/A
    ~Gadgets: Cell phone, iPod.


    ~Occupation: Singer/Dancer.

    ~Bio: Chiaki grew up a normal child with normal ambitions- super stardom. At the age of 15, her parents separated and her father moved out of the country. Her mother could not afford to keep her house and posessions so sent Chiaki around the area to dance and sing for money. She wasn't making much at first, enough for dinner perhaps.

    Months passed and Chiaki was reeling in enough money for the weekly shop, clothes and whatever she wanted. People waited for the Friday evening where Chiaki would perform and it wasn't long after that before she was known throughout her hometown.

    After 2 years in total of street performing, she was spotted by a budding entrepreneur who noticed her talent. He took her under his wing, giving her professional training and putting her behind such stars as Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda Kumi as either backup dancer or backup singer. After a couple of years and furthered training, she managed to received a record deal, from a company who also work with the people she would sing and dance for.

    Chiaki was a raging success in her home country, grabbing the number one spot when she could. She has recently flown in to New York City to break America.


    ~Special Ability Slot 1: Molecular Manipulation A
    ~Disadvantage Slot 1: Extremely worn out atfer major use. Breathless and tired after smaller uses.

    ~Special Ability Slot 2: Telekinesis M
    ~Disadvantage Slot 2: Headaches, migraines, dizziness, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness after major uses.

    ~Special Ability Slot 3: Energy Blast M
    ~Disadvantage Slot 3: As energy is released from the body, Chiaki is left tired, with a chance to lose consciousness.

    ~Special Ability Slot 4: Shape-Shifting B
    ~Disadvantage Slot 4: Can only be used again after 15 minutes, but can shift back to original form whenever.
  14. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    I'm glad so many have taken a liking to the RPG. You all have amazing characters and I look forward to the engaging game that lay ahead. I know you'll all enjoy the game that lies ahead. This will be the Opening Post!!! There are a couple who have yet to post their approved sheets, when they do they can jump in at any time, but it's about time we start!

    Note: Players May Still Join. Don't hesitate to send in your Character Sheets For Approval!



    We are all extraordinary, individuals chosen for a specific purpose. Within those few, their DNA is the key to unlocking the fate of the universe. Perhaps it is destiny, taking us by the hand, revealing our path to us. Or something so simple that we are what we make of life. But when the time comes, when destiny calls for you, will you accept your fate in the evolutionary chain, or perish, like so many before you?


    It was just after One AM, the harsh rains pouring down onto the loud streets of New York, it always seemed that this city never slept, few being able to find relaxation in this weather. In a dark alley a large beast stalked the people of the city, its glowing eyes stretching the shadows beyond the creature's body.

    The silhouette was of a large figure, possibly male, yet he didn't appear human. Lightning struck as the beast hurled himself into the air, landing on the rooftops. Hunched, the monster proceeded to the edge, looking down to the damp streets, a gust of wind clashing against his hooded robe.

    It was at this moment the monster revealed its teeth, gleaming in the light, sharp to the touch. He jumped again, an even greater length, easily passing countless towers.


    First Day-

    The sun had risen to the wet streets of New York, dark clouds shrouding the busy locals, rushing to work, making their way in the world. It was this day that would begin a chain of events which would change the world forever....
  15. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    [blockquote]Francis Hillian
    New York City, Six AM

    Francis had slept fitfully through the night. His new penthouse was very comfortable, despite the unfamiliar bed and strange surroundings. The rain had helped, certainly - Prince Rupert, the town of his childhood, had it in abundance. He didn't realize until yesterday how much he had missed the sound of rain against windows. Though New York had very few features next to the seaside, he enjoyed the feel of being by an ocean. Not that you could tell from the streets below that there was an ocean...

    Ah well. Up and on with the day - regardless of how good his sleep was.

    Francis sat up, and turned to his left, where the window was. There was something distinctly odd about the curtains, but he couldn't quite place it. He'd just moved in; perhaps it was the colour. Oh well.

    As he neared the foot of his bed, where he'd placed his robe, he noticed that the bench that should've been there was gone. He had been pretty tired last night, and lack of sleep was linked to hallucinations. No, he though, that makes no sense, that was no hallucination.

    Then he saw it.

    The bench was on the ceiling. As was the rest of his furniture. Francis stepped out of the bed. He was most certainly on the ground; gravity was normal, as far as he knew. Nothing seemed to be falling. What was wrong?

    Then he looked out of the window. New York was upside down.

    Francis stared for a moment, mouth agape. This was not normal - this was far from normal. He shut his eyes in concentration and frustration. He had to think about it. When he opened his eyes again, Francis half expected things to be worse. But the room had returned to normal. New York was normal.

    Francis was on the ceiling. He jumped in shock, and fell from his position, quite a drop considering the room's height. Francis had no time to think, he was about to hit - but it never came. He opened his eyes, realizing only then that he had shut them in fear. Francis Hillian was hovering two inches from the floor.

    This day was not going to go well.

    Francis had finally begun to figure things out. He had gone immediately to his laptop, sat down on the floor with it, and had promptly floated up to the ceiling. Gravity had no normal effect on him. He placed the laptop an inch above the ceiling, and let it go. It hit the ceiling softly. Gravity was normal, but reverse. This was weird.

    After an hour on the net, Francis had come to the conclusion that he had powers. Like the Eternals, or, more accurately, the Archangels. Francis would never compare himself to those spotlight seekers.

    But what extent did these powers have? He could fly, and apparently change gravity at will, but was that it? Deciding some investigating was in order, Francis stood, floated to the floor (he was already getting good at that), and showered quickly, donning his suit.

    Ties always were a problem for Francis. "Wish it would do itself up..." he grumbled.

    Then something very strange happened. The tie dissolved into a million tiny red dots, floating in the sky, and congregated around his neck. They fused together again, reforming into his red tie, perfectly done around his neck.

    Francis blinked. He wasn't about to argue with results, however, and so strode to the central foyer of his private floor. The building was, in his opinion, an architectural marvel. The foyer was little more than a large balcony, overlooking the main plaza many floors below. Elevators where located on either side of his room, on the sides of the balcony.

    Floating was getting more and more comfortable with Francis. He took a deep breath, stepped over the rail, and prepared for the worst. He left his hands on the rail, and let his feet seek out the open air. He thought of that plummeting feeling in the pitch of your stomach, and swallowed hard.

    But his feet were still standing on something.

    He was still standing, but on air! His thoughts had been right - he could fly, he could change the world around him at will, at tho
  16. GraySaberFreque

    GraySaberFreque Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 23, 2006

    GM Approved

    Name: Daniel Morton
    Age: 19
    Sex: male
    Hometown:Colorado Springs,CO

    Appearance- Black hair, little curly at the ends, normal height and weight

    Hair Color/Style: Long black hair wich curls at the sides and back
    Height: 6'7
    Build: average
    Eye Color: Blue
    Facial Hair: goqutee(sorry if I spelled that wrong)
    Scars/Markings/Tattoos: none
    Skin Tone: tan/white
    Clothing: T-shirt and jeans

    Personality- Pretty shy around people, prefers to keep to himself, pretty kind though.

    Traits: Shy, Quiet, Dreamer
    Habits: Day Dreams too much
    Personal Weakness: Doesn't like to admit he's wrong, strong desire to prove himself.


    Primary Weapon: none
    Secondary Weapon: none
    Gadgets: Portable Navigator(GPS)


    Occupation: College Student, author hopeful.
    Bio: Born to loving parents as Daniel Gallni Morton, he spent the first 10 years of his life in a strongly catholic community.Because of this he went to catholic school. Daniel hated it there, he didn't fit in well with the other kids, he had a strong feeling one of his teachers hated his living guts, and he wasn't interested in any of the classes.

    He used to spend his days day dreaming, thinking of places besides his own, dreaming of great adventure. Hoping to get their son more interested in his studies, they sent him off to boarding school. For the first few months he showed little improvement, but soon his grades began to rise, his parents learned that he had taken great intrest in the human body, especially disaeses and sicknesses. This seemed an odd pair for the imaginitive Daniel, but his parents thought little of it as long as it helped him in school.

    Daniel became addicted to learning biology. He would sit alone during lunch reading his book, learning more and more. He often thought about combining diaseses or new ones. He excelled so much in Biology that he eventually got a scholarship for it.

    The only area now that didn't seem to improve was his lack of friends. His parents had sent him to a phsycologist many times during his childhood. They always asked," why aren't you interested in being with people, or creating bonds with others. He always replied," Everyone inside my mind is perfect, everyone outside seems just to flawed."

    He now goes to Harvard, studying biology. He's spending his brwak in New York with his parents....


    Special Ability Slot 1:Biological Manipulation( ability to create and give diaseses to unexpecting victums, can even replicate known diaseses
    Disadvantage Slot 1: Must touch victums with hands or tounge

    Special Ability Slot 2:Invulnerability
    Disadvantage Slot 2: Only against sickness and disaeses
  17. Zedd-Vega

    Zedd-Vega Jedi Master star 5

    Dec 13, 2003
    Nanami Mizushima

    New York City, Minoru's Apartment

    [blockquote]Nanami awoke slowly, as she did every morning, clearly ready to begin her adventure through New York at the side of her father. He had told her only the night before that he might not be at the apartment in the morning, but would be there sometime in the afternoon. Nanami took this as a chance to freshen up and prepare for the day ahead. But something felt wrong. As she sat up in the bed, her body felt as if it was dehydrating fast, and her arms seemed heavier than normal. In fact, her whole body felt heavier, and even in the darkness of the apartment, she felt as if she were breathing underwater.

    She stood with a start and rushed to the bathroom, her arms dragging at her sides, scuffling along on the hardwood floors. She could feel the ingraining of the floor itself, and the rough splinters that would've certainly become lodged in her feet had she not spotted them in the dark. Nanami was breathing heavily now, out of sheer panic, and drug her heavy body back to the bathroom, where she was having trouble locating the lightswitch. She could feel it just under her hand, and finally thrust most of her body weight to turn the light on. Her feet seemed to stick to the linoleum floor, popping up with a suction-cup noise every so often with every step. Her fair eyes gazed into the mirror, and her jaw dropped in horror.

    Nanami screamed and attempted to lift her arms again, bringing the long sinewy tentacles up to her face, the horrid things freaking her out more than her initial appearance. She had sadly been introduced to something that not only affected her, but her overall appearance. The asian girl struggled to move her body, the tentacles elongating slightly to accomodate for the lack of movement, bringing themselves up to the medicine cabinet. The suction cups stuck to the mirror and as she pulled it open, the fragile door shattered and broke from the cabinet itself.

    Her eyes darted from shelf to shelf, eyeing the asprin and pills that lay in the cabinet and attempted to grab them to no avail. Her new hands were in capable of grasping the small bottles, sending the shelves and the pill cases clattering to the floor. It was during this moment of panic she spotted the razorblades. She couldn't bear living like this, temporary or not. Her father would have certainly killed her or sold her to science, and she couldn't become an Olympic-class Swimmer looking like a giant squid! Nanami ruffled her tentacles over the packet, slamming her heavy tendrils down to attempt to slash her own wrists by mere contact. She felt the blades brush against her skin, and instead of feeling the sweet release, she felt nothing.

    Nanami slumped to the floor, her body much larger than it seemed the night before, and sobbed. The salty tears quickly absorbed into the girl's thick skin, moistening her slightly. She was a physical and emotional wreck, and she wouldn't dare let her father catch her like this. She would drown herself if she had to, but her rationale kicked in when she realized that she clearly couldn't do such a thing in the shape she was in now.

    But how could she escape without being seen? She could've jumped from the top floor, but that would lead her father to believe that the dead monstrosity was indeed his daughter. She assumed her grief-ridden father would come to the same end as her, and they would meet in different afterlives. While the thought soothed her for the moment, she needed to escape. Her body was far too large and abnormal to fit in anywhere but the water. Then the thought struck her as the tears that ran down her face quickly absorbed themselves to hydrate her oversized body.

    "The Hudson River," She said aloud, a strong Japanese accent apparent in her voice. She was pleased that her voice hadn't changed, but was still digusted with her own physical appearance. Her only dilemma now was how she was going to exit the apartment complex with no one seeing her...[/blockquote]

  18. SephysLittleHelper

    SephysLittleHelper Jedi Youngling

    Dec 11, 2006
    IC: Bart Sanders
    A very messy Apartment, 12:00 PM

    It was the phone that finally woke Bart. He'd slept through an alarm, a UPS man with a package for one of his roommates, and countless other would-be distractions.

    Actually, he would have fallen right back asleep after the phone stopped ringing, but what stopped him from falling back asleep was his heartburn. As he groggily sat up, feeling the burn in his chest and lower abdomen, Bart wondered how he had gotten to sleep to begin with.

    Thinking very hard, he finally remembered how. It had involved large quantities of alcohol. A keg, some drinks one of his buddies had made, a pretty blonde fresh out of high school, more drinks.

    His phone rang again, Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta rising up from the tiny folded device. He picked it up and answered a groggy "Hello," as he headed towards the medicine cabinet.

    He mixed some Pepcid and water in a glass, gulping it down quickly as the doctor explained that Bart's tests were back. "And...?"

    The Pepcid hadn't done anything. Bart grabbed a handful of Tums, which had a similar lack of effect, and then rummaged through the near-empty fridge for soemthing to drink, settling on a flat can of Bud Light. It'd hafta do. He gulped it down before spraying on a bit of deoderant and stepping into some sandals before heading for his doctor's office.
    After a brief wait in the waiting room, reading a pamphlet about heartburn while eying up one of the secretaries, Bart was quickly called in to see the doctor.

    "What was so important that ya couldn't tell me on the phone?"

    "Well, it''re an unusual case, mister Sanders. I-I-I can't really say what's going on. We ran some tests. Not acid reflux. You're a very unique case."

    With a half-hearted excuse for a smile, the bewildered doctor added, "If it's any consolation, this'll probably go down in medical history as Sanders' Syndrome."

    "What?" Bart asked, exasperated. "If it's not your average heartburn, what is it?"

    "Well, I'd like to run some more tests. Some scans. With you here so we can double-check against the more...unusual results I've been getting..."

    "What kind of unusual results?"

    "According to our acid reflux test, there was no acid whatsoever." The doctor explained, "If this were the case, you'd be incapable of digesting anything. You'd starve to death in a matter of weeks, I think. There's been some other...abnormalities. With you here while I'm performing the tests, I can try again when I get one of those odd results."

    Good thing I didn't have any plans, Bart thought.
    Several hours and countless tests later, a mystified, exhausted doctor finally gave up. "I'm sorry mister Sanders, but you're suffering from Sanders' Syndrome."

    "What does that mean?" Bart was justifiably impatient. He'd wasted a whole day in his doctor's office. He wanted an answer, and a quick solution.

    "Well, as far as I can tell -and we've redone these tests enough to greatly slim the margin for error- you're very slowly Spontaneously Combusting. I don't claim to understand it, and I certainly can't claim to have a solution, much as I'd like to give you one."

    Bart left, the sun was setting on a wasted day. He went home and played a few missions in 007: GoldenEye and munching on cold pizza until one of his roommates came home and inquired about whether Bart was smoking in the apartment. Bart shook his head, and explained as best he could the mystifying events of the day before calling it a night and heading off to a fitful, restless, sorry excuse for a sleep.

    Tag: None
  19. GraySaberFreque

    GraySaberFreque Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 23, 2006
    IC: Daniel Morton
    Morton Family residence, a few months before

    It was raining outside, that didn't really bother Daniel though, he rarely went outside anyway. He continued reading his biology book, he had read over a thousand times but he read it again to make sure he could take in all the info. He was on the page about minor illnesses abd ailments, headaches, colds, minor throat soreness all that good stuff. It made him wonder,could one of these illnesses become fatal if they were simply more extreme.

    He imagined, bleeding runny noses that caused you to die of blood loss, headaches that caused pain signals to mess with normal brain functions like breathing, coughs that occured so oftn and were so huge that they allowed you to little time to breath. Of course, such a sickness would probally never evolve, the cells would take years to mutate even if it was possible. Still, it was an interesting thought.

    Just then Tony, his moms favorite cat jumped up and scratched his arm.

    "Ouch! Why you stupid little cat!"

    He wacked the cat with his hand and it ran off. Daniel was shocked, not because of the cats escape, but of this strange feeling he got the moment he touched the cat's body, it felt numb at first, then it felt as if something had drained out of his hand.

    He shook his head, it was nothing probally, just a little feeling was all.

    IC: Daniel Morton
    Today, Daniel's parents' house

    Daniel came into his parents' apartment. It was lush and luxurious, his parent we're low level rich. He hugged his mom and dad in greeting.
    " So, hows things been going around here." He asked

    His Mom looked sad a moment," Tony.....died two months ago."

    Daniel faked a frown for his mothers sake, as much as HE hated the cat, his mother loved the old thing.

    "I'm sorry to hear that mom, I know how much he ment to" faking grief with every word.

    "Oh well, at least he's in a better place" his mom said sadly.

    "So, how did he die" Daniel Asked

    His Dad answered this time" It was....odd really, vet said he'd never seen anything like it before."

    "What do you mean?" Daniel scratched his head, this seemed interesting.

    "Well, the symptons didn't match anything the vet ever saw, bloody noses that seemed to leave pools of blood, huge coughs, and the doctor swore Tony was suffering from a monumental headache." His dad said

    ".......Interesting...." Daniel said, he had a funny thought that he had heard of it before.

    IC: Daniel Morton
    5 hours later.

    Daniel had searched through every text book he knew existed, he had searched online half a dozen times too, still no name for the diasese that killed the rotten Tony.

    He read through a biology text book about minor illnesses and aliments, he doubted he'd find it here, but he had checked everything else.

    Whil he was reading, he rembered Tony a little bit, he had been reading this very text book last time the two had met. He rembered he was thinking about an imaginary diasese.

    Then he rembered

    Bloody runny noses that made its victums bleed to death, coughs that left little time to breath, headaches that stopped brain function

    And that weird feeling he got when he hit Tony, he connected all the pieces.

    He knew now why the vet had never heard of the diasese, Daniel had only just created it........

    TAGS: anyone
  20. Nethrin

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    Jun 6, 2006
    Neal Robinson
    Neal's loft, NYC. 8:00 am

    Beep Beep Beep Beep

    Neal's fist came smashing down on the alarm. He hated mornings and today was no exception. He rolled around in his beg, grabbing at a pillow he pressed it to his head.

    Beep Beep Beep Beep

    He had missed the off button this time. He hit the alarm again, this time silencing the incredably annoying alarm. He opened his eyes slightly and then shut them quickly. The light comming from the rooms window hurt this early in the morning. He opened his eyes again, this time keeping them open so they could get adjusted to the light. He slowly stood up and groggily walked to the small kichen area.

    "Connor! You home?"

    He called out to his roommate. When no reply came Neal rolled his eyes. One more night his roommate had spent out all night doing who-knows-what. He could have guessed what was happening but he didn't care to know. He opened the small refrigerator and bent down, grabbing a small bottle of water. He drank it all then turned to the bathroom. After and quick shower and putting on his jeans ans t-shirts he was ready to leave for work. He grabbed his cell phone and his keys from his nightstand and walked out the door, locking it behind him.

    Neal pushed his cart full of books down yet another row. Working at the library was slow and not very interesting but he needed to pay his bills somehow. He picked up a book from the cart and placed it in its spot on the bookshelf. He pushed the cart forward slightly and picked up another book. This one he also placed on the shelf where it belonged. Work would go on like this until it was closing time.

    He picked up another book and looked at it. It needed to go on the top shelf. He walked down the aisle and pulled the rolling ladder back to the spot on the shelf that was needed. He picked the book up once more and started up the ladder.

    He paused for a while at the top. From up here he had a good view of the library. Row upon row of shelves of books and many people milling about. People going about their lives, doing what was normal. Neal sighed, his own life was not so normal. A college droppout and an exile from his family.

    He turned his attention back to his books. He placed the one he was holding on its shelf and climbed back down the ladder. He looked at the next book on the cart and started to push the cart down the aisle.

    It was going to be another long day.

    After work its was starting to get dark. None the less, Neal made his way to the nearest park. there was something about the trees and the plants that would calm him down. He sat down under one of the large trees in the park and leaned back. He looked up into the sky and then let his gaze fall to earth. He looked at his hand that was gently touching a flower. He ran a finger over its soft, delicate, white petals. He smiled as he looked at the beautiful flower.

    As he smiled the flower started to grow. Neal watched in awe as the flower grew to twice its size. He pulled his hand back away from the flower and rolled to get farther away. As soon as he had moved the flower stopped growing. He placed his hand on his head to make sure he didnt have a fever. He felt like normal. He stood up and slowly backed away. His foot caught on a rock and he started to fall back.

    A large tree branch scooped him up and held him up. The tree branch had moved. On its own. He staired at the tree, a frightened look on his face. He stood still for a long while, afraid to move and make the tree angry. He knew it sounded silly but the tree was Alive. After what felt like hours but was in reality just half of one hour, Neal moved. He walked forward and knelt down by the large flower.

    An idea ran through his mind. A theory that he needed to test. He focused on the flower and let out a deep breath. He focused even harder on the
  21. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Benjamin Faraday
    Faraday Appliances, New York, 3:00 AM

    Ben loved it when it rained. He didn't know why, but thunderstorms always made him feel more awake, more alive. Back in England he'd spent hours staring out of the window, tracing raindrops with his finger and counting the seconds between the thunder and lightning strikes. Tonight- well, this morning, now, as the glowing red numbers on his clock testified, was no exception. It was all the better because his room had a balcony over the street where he could stand full in the rain, listening to the storm.

    Thunder. Ben counted quietly to himself.

    One, two....


    The force of the impact hit the teenager like a hunded freight tarins all at once, knocking him off his feet and into the wall behind. His boxers scorched in the heat and his slippers melted into soggy lumps of rubber, pooling at his feet. Ben tried to speak and found his words chattering and yammering as his brain rushed at a million miles an hour, the whole world jamming itself into his eyeballs directly to his frontal lobe. It was, to say the least, one hell of a rush.

    After everything had calmed down a bit, Ben picked himself up and, stepping out of the ruin of his slippers, staggered indoors. It was remarkable that he was even alive. A lightning strike like that should have cooked him to a cinder or, at the very least, stopped his heart dead cold. But, apart from a mild scorching, he seemed to be fine. He leant his hand on his bedside table to steady himself as he sat down. Next to him, the radio flicked on and started playing pop music at a ridiculously high volume. Startled, Ben jerked his hand away and it stopped. Tentatively, he touched the radio and as he did he nticed a spark pass between his finger and the casing. The radio turned on again, eliciting some loud complaints from next door where his aunt and uncle had until recently been sleeping. There was a thumping sound and Ben's uncle, Trevor, appeared at the door.

    "What the hell d'you..."

    Trevor stared. Everything electronic in the room had suddenly switched itself on. Lights that in the past week had refused to work strobed like disco balls. Downstairs, all the dishwashers, driers, microwaves and oher appliances turned on and off in a cacophony of beeps and rumbles. Ben looked at his uncle, grinned like an idiot and shrugged.

    "Um... You know I said I was good with machines...?"

    [TAG no-one]

  22. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    Mathias Masterson Valtar, Mathew Masters
    New York Hotel, Manhattan

    [blockquote]Mathias had lived in the United States all his life nearly. Newark was truly his home, yet he spent as much time in New York as he did at his Estate in New Jersey.

    He had awoken early that morning, already attending one conference meeting among many that would take place in the conference rooms of the hotel over the next week. His Import Business was suffering, and he was doing some fast footwork to fix the problems before they reached the point of no return.

    He sat at the table in his hotel room, preparing for that afternoons conference. The Laptop provided by his company analyzing all the market shares for the different company bids laid out in the proposal for new business partners so his company didn't sink faster than the Titanic.

    He put his head in his hands, eyes closed, clearing his head for the moment.

    If I don't atleast land the Garrin Busness Acount, I'll be sunk!

    He had spoken softly, almost inaudible. He turned back to the Laptops screen, its analysis done and the results blinking in a highlighted orange.

    15% success rate.

    He sighed. It meant that he was going to have to do something else. Which meant calling and speaking with his cousins in England and other various European venues. All of them hated that he had been the one to gain the company, but it couldn't be helped now.

    Just then his Phone rang. Connected to his Chopper downtown it provided him with a sattelite connection. Far more reliable than relying on the Cell Towers.


    Mr. Masters?

    Yes, Who is this?

    This Frank, I'm afraid theres been an accident. Your wife and son have been murdered.

    I...Oh God....Oh my God...No...

    The silence was deafening. Mathias, known to everyone else as Mathew, fell to his knees and wept. It was all he could think to do. Frank was still on the line, and kept saying "Sir?, Mr Masters?" Frank fell silent after a minute of trying to get a response. Mathias was in shock. Then, after a good five minutes, he spoke, voice raspy and harsh sounding, yet quiet as a whisper.

    Where, Frank?

    Frank explained they had been on the Upper East side, visitng the shops. They weren't sure what happened.

    Don't move. I'll be there as soon as possible.

    He hung up on Frank before the man could respond. Standing, Mathias looked about the room. All the furniture was thrown about, the TV smashed.

    He hadn't even realized he had been using his Telekinesis. But at the moment it didn't matter. His life had just shattered.

    He quickly had his car readied and had left within minutes. Tonight, a hunting would take place.

    TAG: anyone who wants to join in.
  23. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    (Celix don't mind some Police company do ya?)

    ic: Linda Miller
    6:00 AM, Loft In Downtown Manhattan

    Her day began like every other, she showered early, after having a comfortable night with the pouring rain, then dressed herself in her Police uniform. Linda clipped the belt around her waist, sliding the gun into its holster. Heading to her car Miller relaxed as she drove to work. Each day was a routine for her, except when something happened, which would be the only excitement in her life. Linda was a beautiful, wildly attractive young woman, could have any man she wanted, but she didn't. Not now anyways. Taking a large yawn Linda found her radio going off. "Lieutenant Miller?" asked an officer.

    Linda grabbed her radio and responded back: "What's up?" She was heading to work, and was going to be on time, what did this guy want? "Have you ever heard of the Masterson Import Emporium?" the man asked. "Yeah, why?" Linda asked annoyingly, she hated these briefs. "The owners wife and son have been found dead. We need you there asap."

    "Got it, give me the location," she ordered. The place was quickly radioed to her, which she entered in on her GPS unit that lay insider her car, turning a sharp corner Linda headed for site. Jumping from the vehicle, Linda walked toward a man at the site.

    TAG: Zandoran_Celix
  24. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet
    Dawn, New York Apartment

    At five sharp Jon was up and preparing for work. His prime task today would be to find a story with enough interest that he could put it into his column for tomorrow's paper, today's was finished and ready to print, and so the cycle began again. He dressed, putting on his tight white undershirt, following by placing on his red shirt. Slipping into his tan pants Jon headed for the door, brushing his hair out of his face and behind his ear.

    Leaving his home Jon called for a taxi, he relaxed inside, giving the driver his directions. It was awfully damp today, puddles filling the streets. It was then that Jon's mind drifted back to the morning, he could have sworn his feet floated off the floor, for even a split second, when he got up this morning. He knew it was impossible, or was it? There was all these heroes around, why could Jon be one of them, be like Superman?

    "Have you... have you ever felt like you wree meant for something extraordinary?" Jon asked the driver. "You mean besides driving a taxi through the streets of New York?" the man asked sarcastically, an accent in his voice. "uh, I guess," Jon replied.

    "You look around and you see all these people with amazing abilities, it's not natural, it's some freak genetic experiment by the Government, it's all a conspiracy!" the man shouted. Jon rolled his eyes, Great, I get a lunatic driver, he told himself. I wish I was just at work. In the blink of the eye Jon had teleported down the street, to his job! The taxi driver passed him, mouth agape, he looked to be cursing something.

    Bennet could hardly breathe. "Am I all here?!" he felt around himself, checking. Yes he was all there. "How did I do that!? I teleported! I-I, that was awesome!" Jon grinned happily, he knew it, he knew he was meant for something. Looking to the building Jon rushed inside the doors, it appeared no one had caught his little trick, which he was entirely fine with.

    OOC: Pengunator, will everyone know you have a power? Could it get to the paper and Jon come to you for an article?
  25. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, mid-day-

    A man, in his mid-twenties, proceeded through the streets of New York. He wore a black, short sleeved collared shirt, form fitting, along with black low rise pants. Along with that he wore a black, thin overcoat, it was form fitted aswell, the collar flipped up. He had short, brown hair, messy. A very scruffy-looking man, a strong amount of stubble across his face.

    He carefully walked through the crowds, avoiding contact with others. This man was tall, standing well over six foot, he was thin, but contained muscle. His skin was fair, and his blue eyes dotted around his surroundings.

    Suddenly he heard rumblings around him, quietly he strode toward the excitement; a man was floating down from a building; he was flying. Curious, he spoke. He would have to keep his eye on this man.


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