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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Obi-Wan21, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    ic- Linda Miller
    Inside Burning hotel

    Linda wasn't sure what to make of any of sure, sure, she had she many things in her time, but never had she seen something on fire, it was human in appearance, a skull showing through the fire. None of this was making any sense. The fireman was dead, slammed through a wall like a rag doll, it had certainly been an insane night, she just hoped she would make it out alive.

    That was when she heard Olin speak, telling her she could shoot it, Linda would have tried to, but Jon had suddenly teleported in the way of the fire-thing, it was impossible for her to make a clear shot. Olin quickly took action, somehow using his mind to thrown furniture, she saw that Jon had opened the fire extinguisher, which did seem to have an affect.

    That was when she realized the water system inside the hotel wasn't working, and if that blast of water worked, then so could the sprinklers, but by now it was probably a worthless thought. With Jon and Olin taking care of the thing, Linda went to the body of the man, she turned him over to discovered his face had been burnt off, as if the fire creature placed his hands on the man's face, completely destroying his features, the man was dead. "Oh, my God," Linda breathed out, holding back her vomit from the disgusting smell.

    Miller jumped back, shocked and unsure of what to do, it wasn't like the so many homicides she had seen before, this was just strange, creepy, why would someone do this? Out of everyone that was dead here, this man was the only one so disturbingly mutilated. There had to be a reason. Jerking her head up Linda ran to the papers, hoping she coudl find something important, the papers were thrown out everywhere, there had to be a reason for all of this, maybe the answer lay in one of those papers.

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  2. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Shane (Hospital)

    "I'm sorry, but we never said we were with the Government,Our interest is in people who are special, much like you and your abilities."

    He just stared at the man, "So he is not with the goverment. Maybe....," but his train of thought was cut off when the man spoke again, and the other two men stepped forward with a syringe, that looked not to pleasent.

    "We don't want any trouble, this will make you sleep," Then he nodded towards the man holding the odd tazzer, "If you act up that gun will fire an electric charge, you'll be unconscious and in excruciating pain, now then, how do you want this to work?"

    Shane just smiled, and nodded his understanding. His eyes shifted to the left and right, just seeing where everyone was, and his smile deepened. "How about this, dude. If I just walk out of here with you guys, and there is no need for the needle or the tazzer. Or, put me on a strecher, and I pretend to sleep." Looking around, he already felt tired, so falling asleep would not be to hard at all. His neck hurt still, and he could still feel the hot area around the shot. "I have one question or favor, how about giving me a pain pill, and that usually knocks me out for a few hours. Oh, if you do knock me out, please grab my clothes." Holding up a finger, "Plus, a several banages, for my neck wound, and the bottle of pain pills, too. Please." Then he motioned the two men to stick him.

    He always hated pain, though he like to inflick pain. Not the other way around.

    OOC:Here comes the men in black. lol
  3. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet
    Inside Hotel

    Jon's attack has struck his unknown enemy, and Olin was showing he was very skilled with some sort of ability, which he had never seen before, well, except for comics and stuff. "He's like Jean Gray," he told himself, but was quickly taken from his thoughts when the beast grabbed Jon with his fiery hands and tossed him across the room. Bennet was about to crashed into a blazing wall when he teleported, while swiping his burning collar clean of the flames.

    Jon appeared near Linda, who was now scrambling for the papers, he looked down to the body, it was like the man's face had melted off, Jon spun away and vomited all over the floor, it smelled terrible. "Okay, maybe I'm not cut off for the dead stuff." Jon had now come to realize his fire extinguisher was no longer with him, meaning he was worthless to fight the beast.

    "Wait," he spoke. Jon looked to the floor, trying to find the hose the firemen had carried in, if it worked, it would create a strong enough blast that possibly destroy this fire thing. He had also come to discover that the fire demon was preparing to unleash a large wave of flames, which would undoubtedly kill them all if no one were to act.

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  4. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day One
    Inside the Hotel

    The creature watched as Jon was reaching for the hose, the building had suddenly grew hotter, and the flames larger, stronger. It was clear this thing was the cause of the fire, and if he could be removed from the Hotel, or simply killed, the fire would calm down, allow the heroes to escape and the firemen to finally stop it. The creature quickly tossed two balls of fire directed at Jon and Olin, hoping to stop them. Linda was out of the way, the creature assuming she was dead.

    Linda, while grabbing up the papers came upon a nearly destroyed slip of paper, it was almost all burnt off, but there was a number, and a name, if anything it could come in handy, or it may have been worthless, the choice was hers.

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    The man with the syringe had approached Shane, it appeared he was in charge of the whole situation. "You seem to think we're an unorganized crew, my men have everything prepared for you Mr. Shane, they won't even know you're missing."

    The others drew closer as the man lifted up Shane's arm. "But see, you can't just walk out with us, you aren't allowed to know where we're going, so you'll need to sleep," the man added.

    The man slid the needle into Shane's arm, releasing the liquid. "Everything will be set up for you, you'll be drowsy when you wake up, see you soon."

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  5. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Shane (Hospital)

    Shane watched the man, that seemed to be in charge, come closer to him. Shane's body was tense, and nervous. He was used to be the one in charge or in command, not the other way around. This did not seem right to him. Shane was about to say something, but the man in black walked forward, with it syringe in his hand, speaking.

    "You seem to think we're an unorganized crew, my men have everything prepared for you Mr. Shane, they won't even know you're missing. But see, you can't just walk out with us, you aren't allowed to know where we're going, so you'll need to sleep. Everything will be set up for you, you'll be drowsy when you wake up, see you soon."

    Shane felt his arm being pulled up, and a slight tingling in a spot where the needle went in, but that was all. Almost imeditally, he was becoming drowsy, but he willed himself to stay awake for a few seconds more, just enough to ask one question, "What is your name wh..." His eyes was getting droppy, and his voice, started to sound very far away. "Wh...wh..whaat is nam...e? I mu...s.t know." Then his eyes closed for good. Nothing was going to wake him up, short of a nuclear war.

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    OOC: Please drive safly, with Shane. :)
  6. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day One

    The man leaned down, his hand tightening comfortingly on Shane's shoulder. "The name's Davidson, Mister Davidson, and you're in good hands with us."

    Lifting himself up Davidson saw that Shane was out cold, he snapped his fingers. "Get him out of here." The other three quickly obliged, placed the cover over Shane's body and carried him out, safely of course.

    "Take the back way," Davidson stated as a nurse approached him.

    "I'm sorry, but do you have clearance?" she asked.

    "Yes, I do," Davidson answered.

    "I'll have to check with the front desk," she told him.

    "That won't be necessary," Davidson proceeded to make some motion with his fingers, a young woman approached, very attractive.

    She started to speak; "He's a very important man, you don't need to check his clearance."

    The woman seemed to be in a state of shock, she looked confused, but it wasn't that, she was being influenced, by a force not even she could fight against. "You'll prepare the papers for us, Shane checked out in good health, in fact, you saw him leave."

    The woman appeared to obey, turning on her heel and heading to the front desk, in a state hypnosis. Mr. Davidson turned and walked out with the young woman.

    "Persuasion, what a useful ability."

    The two exited the hospital and entered a black van, Shave was laid across a table, his vitals streaming across the monitor, he was out. The van started up and they drove off.

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  7. Penguinator

    Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    May 23, 2005
    Francis Hillian

    As Francis coughed his lungs free of smoke, the flames roared again. He looked up to see fire jump out of the windows, reaching skyward. He stood up, shakily. He'd never done anything like this before, it was insane.

    One side of him was telling him to bolt, to run, but the other side, the side that was winning, told him that if he wanted to help, now was the time.

    Francis steeled himself; this wouldn't be fun, or easy, but the others in there, including Jonathan, would need help. With a deep breath, Francis ran back into the flames, and followed the firehose up, how far he couldn't tell, to the others. By the time he had arrived, he was roasting in his jacket. He wasn't the only one roasting.

    Two balls of fire streaked past him towards the others. Francis reached out mentally, removing the air around them. With a little luck, they'd fizzle out harmlessly. As Francis turned to the source of the projectiles, he caught sight of...something.

    "What the hell's that?" he called to the others.

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  8. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet
    Inside Hotel

    Jon reached for the hose, looking it over on how it worked, he would have to be careful. As he prepared to turn it on the fire creature had shot two roaring flames at his and Olin's direction, acting swiftly he teleported out of the way, safely dodging the blast, unfortunately he appeared a few feet away from the hose, which didn't make things easy. Rushing forward he stopped when he heard Francis calling from behind. "Don't you know? It's our new friend, he just doesn't know how to play nicely!"

    Bennet rushed forward, heading back to the head of the hose. He could be a hero, save them all, he just had to press forward. He breathed calmly, hoping to slow down his onsluaght of emotion, it was so mind-bending and confusing, but he had to focus, he had to survive to find out what was happening to him.

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  9. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    ic- Linda Miller
    Inside Hotel

    Linda rushed through the papers, find little evidence of who this was, or why the craeture may have taken such an interest in one man. Linda then happened upon a slip of paper, nearly ruined except for a number, and some of a name, she pocketed it and attempted to rumage through the papers once more, but then a loud explosion rocked the room, and fire roared. Linda jumped, escaping from the room, the flames covered the body, and any evidence now would have been destroyed, except for what she had.

    Miller then turned to face the monster, pulling out her gun she opened fire, hoping it could possibly harm it. "Do we have any ideas?" she asked. She could barely tell where Olin was, but she noticed Jon grabbing for the hose, maybe they could stop it.

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  10. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day One
    Inside The Hotel

    Things had gone from bad to worse, although Linda was safe, the room was blocked, and she only managed to grab a few pieces of paper, because of the wasted time one of the most important papers was lost to the fire, and the man's body destroyed.

    The few were cut off, the fires were burning, as Jon was reaching for the hose the creature proceeded forward, knowing that Linda had recovered papers that could ruin the plan. They had one shot to stop the creature and save themselves.

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  11. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet

    Jon watched as Linda fired her gun at the beast, he didn't pay attention if it hit the intended target, he was too distracted by the fact that the thing was coming closer, and they had lost ground. Finally he retrieved the hose, lifting it up he pulled on the lever, allowing a large burst of water to escape, if this didn't work he didn't know what would. "Keep out of the way guys!" he warned.

    The last thing Jon wanted was to lose another, and the water was certinly strong enough to blow an unsuspecting victim a fair ground away, and that was unacceptable. He knew water would work, or at least he hoped it would, fire didn't like water, but then this thing was on fire and throwing flames at them so it wasn't average.

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  12. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day One
    Grand Monti Hotel

    Linda opened fire, striking the creature, but the bullets simply burned on impact, he was obviously radiating alot of heat. The creature proceeded forward, his hands growing with more outrageous flames of fire. As he lifted his arms, reading himself to send a large blast that would have easily seared the flesh from their bones, Jon suddenly opened the hose, water gushing out in a powerful burst.

    The water blew straight into the creature, giving him no time to escape. He was slowly being pushed back, weakly the creature attempted to battle the water, but it was too unexpected, he was careless, and now he would pay the price.

    As he was pushed further back, Olin sent a large desk the creature's way, slamming it square into his chest, Linda added a few shots which seemed to make contact as they could hear it screw in pain.

    Finally, the creature was backed near a window, Olin hurled a mid-sized shelf this time,
    smacking the monster, crashing him out through the window. He would fall to his death, if not for mustering up his last strength to create a beam of fire which he rode down on.

    His flames leaving him, the creature was revealed to be nothing more than a man, a man gifted with an extraordinary ability. Stumbling to his feet the man fell to ground, near a dumpster, he laughed weakly, he had escaped, and his job was done.

    "Mission accomplished," he breathed out.

    It was then a shadow grew over the man's body, he jerked his eyes up in fright, and there stood a man. Draped in a black overcoat, entirely in black to be exact.

    "You!" he shouted.

    "What mission would that be?" the man asked.

    "I-I'm not telling you anything!" the man stuttered as he tried to stand.

    The man in black then aggressively grabbed the flame man and slammed him into a wall. "I'll not ask again; what mission?"

    "That hotel, the Grand Monti, it had to go up in flames."

    "Good enough."

    In the dark night, as sirens roared, the screams of the man could be heard down the alley. He wouldn't be causing anymore trouble.


    Back at the hotel the Firemen had shockingly broke through the flames, as if whatever was causing it no longer was an issue. Linda, Jon, Francis and Olin had made it out alive. What they would do with the information they held, and what they had witnessed, was their choice, but it was clear things were getting dangerous.

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    GAME MASTER NOTE: All players have until Sunday, March 4 in the afternoon to make any added posts to Day One. Tomorrow Afternoon I will officially begin DAY TWO. Each player will be given a starting point and will go from there.
  13. Star_Rocker

    Star_Rocker Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 16, 2006
    OOC: Hey Obi-Wan thanks for controlling my character there, I had become a bit too pre-occupied to get in a decent post.

    Olin Spring
    Grand Monti Hotel

    Olin was now outside of the hotel, with the others who had been with him in the fight against the fire creature. Jon, Linda, Francis and himself had made it out safely. Olin stood around outside, and watched as authorities passed him and went into the building, most likely trying to save as many people as possible. Olin knew that the men and woman fire-fighters were heroes, what he was finding hard to accept was that maybe he and the three others around him were also heroes. His lungs still hurt somewhat from the smoke, but only from the first time he went into the fire on the bottom floor, but that was definitely not the worst of it Those last few minutes in the hotel were mostly a blur to Olin, but he gazed down at the ground as if searching for answers, remembering the last events of the night that had been before him.

    [blockquote]Things were absolutely starting to heat up in the room, at least in Olin's point of view. Olin had attempted to use his telekinetic ability to throw as many pieces of furniture as possible at the fire creature, he managed to make contact with two pieces before the monster sent the last ablaze. Then Olin watched almost helplessly as the creature picked up Jon and threw him across the blazing room in one swift chuck. The creature then turned his focus momentarily to Olin, throwing one massive fireball at him and another in the direction of Jon. He watched as Jon teleported away from the blast, but Olin just stood there with his eyes closed thinking of his life. But after a few moments nothing happened, he opened his eyes to see the man Francis, who seemed to have dissipated the fireball.

    Olin dived out of the way of any further attacks from the creature, landing on the floor of the room, rolling around to extinguish any flames. While on the ground he watched as Linda rushed over to what was left of a man, and some papers. She rummaged through the papers, and pocketed some of them, but before she could do much more than the nearly all was destroyed by a large flame, which Linda luckily escaped.

    Olin rushed to his feet again, standing out of the way of the creature, he saw that the others, though not safe seemed to be still going. Jon seemed to be searching for the hose that the fireman had brought in with them. Olin knew exactly where the hose was, but Jon was much closer than he was. While it seemed the creature was distracted by Linda who was now firing her gun at it, Olin used his powers once more to direct the hose as close as he could to Jon. As soon as Jon had picked it up Olin made sure that he was not between Jon and the fire creature.

    All of the next events seemed to happen in an instance. The water released from the hose at great speed heading directly towards the creature. As soon as the water hit it began to push the creature back. That's when Olin decided to use his powers once again, he picked up a large desk, and with as much strength as he could he fired it towards the creature, hitting it in the chest. Linda then started to fire her gun again managing to get a few more shots off at the creature, this time though they seemed to make an impact. The creature seemed as if it was on the brink of defeat and Olin thought that he would make the final blow to it. He picked up a medium sized self, and with basically everything he had left launched it towards it. It smashed into the creature, causing him to smash through the window, to his doom below. Olin fell onto his knees he was exhausted, everything after that had fallen away from his memory, he wasn't even sure that the monster was dead.

    Olin looked back at others.

    "So what happened to it? The Creature." He asked all of them, " and Linda, what of the piece of paper you have that I saw you get from the room?"

    Olin wanted to call it a night, but before he would let himself do so he needed to know what was going on with e
  14. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    ic- Linda Miller
    Grand monti hotel

    Linda watched as the creature was taken care of, her bullets hit their intended target, but she always did have great aim. Olin and Jon had much better control over their abilities, she wasn't even sure what she was capable of. But she knew that this was her vision, they were the people who were running inside, and it had all come true. The creature was finally bested, being tossed out the window, it was impossible to chase after him, they needed to escape.

    As she and the others reached outside, the firemen rushed in. She only hoped there was a chance to save some lives. The fire had calmed down, it was starnge, did Jon and Olin do it by stopping the thing, or was it something else? She didn't want to worry about it. "Good job boys," Linda spoke, resting her hand on her curving hip.

    She then heard Olin as he questioned about what she found. Slowly she pulled out the small slip of paper. "M, A," she read off the letters. "And four-zero," she read the numbers below the letters. "That's all I got, everything else is gone from the fire, I might be able to get some more off of it, but does that ring a bell to anyone?" she asked.

    Miller didn't know what to make of any of this, had she gotten herself into something she wouldn't be able to get out of? She didn't even know, but she did find it fair to share with the others what she knew. "I had a vision of this place, burning to the ground, hours before it actually happened. I had no idea what it was until know, I'm different, like the rest of you."

    Linda faced the three men, she knew it would be time to leaving soon, it was late, and she was tired. After the others had replied Linda made her way home, waving off the news vans and cameras in her face.

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    ooc- btw the letters and numbers were what Obi21 told me was on the paper this was all approved by him
  15. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet
    Grand Monti Hotel

    Jon couldn't believe it worked, he and Olin had saved them, the others, and whoever was left in the Hotel. The creature was blown out of the window by Olin throwing around some shelf, Jon was unsure if it was on accident or done on purpose, he didn't really care, they made it out, that was what mattered. As teh four headed down and out of the hotel Jon watched as the firemen went in, slightly rubbing shoulders with a few of the men. And that was when he felt confused, puzzled, something just didn't feel right, and it was making him sick.

    Bennet heard as Olin spoke, and answered. "Maybe we destroyed it, could we have? I mean, I don't even know." All that mattered was that lives were saved, and Jon had done something usful with his abilities, he saved people. He was a hero. He was still a tad confused by everything, he didn't know how to deal, but that didn't matter.

    Linda finally mentioned the papers, and what was on them. "I dunno what it is," Jon said. None of rang a bell, a couple of letters and numbers wasn't exactly a big piece of the puzzle. After some time, Jon realized it was time to head home, go his separate way, but he knew there were others, and he didn't feel so alone. He always knew that people with powers existed, but to be one of the few himself, and now have friends who were gifted, it was destiny.

    He knew he was meant to save the world, but first he had to go home and write his article, then get some sleep, and with teh time, he may not get that much. Jon waved bye and started home, too weak to teleport.

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  16. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Shane (IN DREAM LAND)(A day before his 19th birthday)

    Darkness fell quickly for Shane, and in seconds he was asleep. As time flew in his dreams, he woke up;

    Shane sat straight up in his own bed, and he started to raise his hand to wipe the sleep from his eyes, but stopped when he noticed the time. It was only 1600 hours, and still had the night to go. A smile crossed his face and he knew this was the day his grandparents would die.

    So he got out of bed, and slipped into something more relaxing. The military greens, he loved them. When dressed, he slipped out the front door and headed for the gym. He knew that the cleaning detail would be there, and the power in the place was not that good.

    Shane jogged the four blocks, and went around to the back doors, and went in. He could hear the work detail, sweeping and dusting off the seats. As quitly, as he could, he went to the power switch and slammed the switch down, into the off, postion, and the lights went out.

    Screams could be heard from the other room, and a broad smile came across his face. Then he realized that something was different, it was not the screams of some one else, it was him! He put his hand over his mouth, and clamped down hard on his fingers. Blood leaked into his mouth, and his wide eyes stared at everything. He slowly turned around in a circle, and tried to locate the power switch, that should be right behind him. Though, when he reached out to grab it, he felt some thing else.

    It had the feeling of six day old jello, that had been left out, and something that felt like an old bone inside. He looked up, to see what it was, and saw his grandfather. His eyes were nothing but an empty sockets, and his hair was almost gone.

    "Hello my grandson, I missed you soooo much. I just wanted to say that I forgive you, for killing me" Then pointed teeth were shown when he opened his mouth.

    Shane's scream could have been heard down ten blocks, but he was not in the real world, and his scream felt very loud in his ears.

    "No, it can not be true, you are dead! You are just freaking DEAD!" Then he turned and started to run towards the doors. As he ran, he kept running into poeple who he had killed with his powers. "This can not be right, I know they are dead."

    "Oh, we are dead my grandson. But time is on our side here." Then she reached out, and out, and out to him. He could hear the breaking and popping on bone and rotten flesh tear, as his grandmother and a young private reached for him. "We all will be here for you".

    He could feel himself start to fade into nothingness, as they all drew closer to him. "No, I can not die, and Not by You!"

    Then he woke up, screaming.

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    OOC: Only for "day 2"
  17. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day Two-

    We are, all of us, humans of habit and structure. It is when we travel down lost paths that we realize our destiny. But we must first move away from the safety of our own world. And that can lead to untold dangers....


    The Enternals, New York Set-

    "The Eternals are about to make a major announcement Steve," the news woman said. "And here comes Bob Franklin now!"

    The current leader of The Eternals approached the stand, speaking to the wide-eyed cameramen and the audience he had attracted. Bob was a clean shaved man, very short hair, black. His skin was fair and he wore a business suit. It was Bob Franklin who first stated the notion of having a reality show based on the The Eternals, and his good friend, Taye, wasn't happy with it. Unfortunately Taye died late last year, no, he was assassinated. Bob always felt it was because Taye was about to reveal something big, it was Taye's own fault, of course.

    "Today, The Eternals are proud to announce open interviews to people who are experiencing special powers. Come in and join us, you may just get a spot on the new season, which will be taking place LIVE!" he said excitedly. The crowd seemed happy, clapping and roaring. "The show returns in two days, stay tuned!"

    With that Bob left and returned back to the comforting of his room. The camera returned focus to the news woman. "You heard it first here! The Eternals will be holding interviews through-out the day at their New York Set, the address is on the screen below," she explained. "Remember, you must experience a special ability. We wouldn't want a repeat of last year. Back to you Steve."

    The screen cut and returned to the News Station, Steve, the leading news anchor was now the focus.

    "Continuing our coverage of The Grand Monti Hotel fire, two hundred and forty have been confirmed dead. Ninety are still missing. Police chief had no comment when we question him what could have caused this," Steve stated. "Also, one of our cameras caught business man Francis Hillian running inside the building as well. It was unveiled early yesterday morning that Francis was one of the few to have special abilities. Stay with us through-out the day for continuing coverage."


    Linda Miller-
    Alleyway, Crime Scene

    Linda was called in early that morning to check in on a crime scene, it was a man, the top of his head completely removed. It was such a clean cut, she didn't know what could have done it, blood was everywhere. The man's brain and hands were still intact. At least they would be able to identify him. She had sent the prints off already, they'd be back soon enough. Linda's stomach was in a complete knot, she wondered who could have done this. If that man was back, Linda had seen homicides like this before, but not in recent months.

    She thought they had stopped, she was wrong. Opening her cell phone she called Matthew the man from the previous day, he wasn't answering his phone, still. The young woman knew she would have to check in on him soon. Suddenly she caught a call, just as she was hanging up. It was the police station, they identified the man. Roger Manns.

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    Olin Spring-
    His Home,

    Olin had tossed and turned all night long. The events at the hotel left him feeling uneasy and not sure how to handle his new found powers. And today he woke up to his bed, soaking wet. He questioned if he had maybe wet himself the night before, but that wasn't it, it was water. He found that the glass of water he had set beside his bed last night was also empty, which was strange, considering he never drank it.

    Olin stood, looking over his nightstand, he found the paper where Linda had wrote down her cell number in case of an emergency, he was glad fo
  18. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    IC: Bart Sanders

    "Oh ****!" Bart muttered, checking his alarm clock. 10:23, his roomie would be long gone by now. That slightly lessened the blow of accidentally starting the room on fire. He took a moment to thank his lucky stars that his stoner ex-roommate had taken the liberty of disabling the smoke detectors. If he had to deal with this with that Satanic beeping at the same time, he would probably have just let it burn while getting dressed and getting the heck out of there.

    He was wondering, following the incident the night before involving parts expelling the same fire the rest of him did, if he had 'wet the bed' or if it was just flaming drool that had caused the inferno.

    By 11:15, the bed was covered in foam from a fire extinguisher and doused with the half a beer Bart must have left sitting on his night stand whenever he managed to stagger home last night.

    Not long after that, his window was open and his mattress in a conveniently placed dumpster on the sidewalk, and Bart was sitting at the cable spool that made their coffee table, eating a bowl of stale Cheerios and channel-surfing.

    "-sterious fire."
    "-nety missing."
    "-ms Brand Pet Food..."
    "-ll your favorite appeti..."
    "-o-forty dead."
    "-nterviews for those with special powers." He watched this for a moment, thinking his problem could be construed as a power. Apparently some of that reality show trash about the Eternals was holding auditions. He might as well check it out, it would beat grilling Big Macs with his breath.

    Bart headed out towards the address on the screen. He'd wanna find a cheap mattress and linens somewhere too, even though he'd probably be sleeping on the floor for his furniture's safety from now on.

    Tag: Obi
  19. PressRedForFreakMode

    PressRedForFreakMode Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 29, 2006
    IC: Chiaki
    New York - Center

    Chiaki entered the Center, one of the most popular and reknowned places in New York, always full of budding New Yorkers who seemed to be rushing from one place to another, never stopping to look around or pause for breath.

    She was arranging to meet with her two companions from the previous day, in the middle of this Center. She approached the bottom of the escalators, where a small fountain and water feature was. She sat on the marble edging and awaited their arrival.

    Tag: Arclite, Nethrin
  20. Zipporah

    Zipporah Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 2002
    ic- Linda Miller
    New York, Crime scene

    "Roger Manns," Linda said. "Get everything you can find on him, I want a damn history and why he's laying with his head open!" Linda rubbed her forehead and hung up the phone, sliding into her back pocket. Miller would have to backtrack some of teh cold cases from the murders that matched this man's death, was it the same guy? Was he back? She didn't know what to think. But this time she had a power, she could see into the future, and she would all she could to use that to her advantage.

    Walking beyond the crime scene, Linda barked her orders. "I want the body packed up and taken for an autopsy, find me a weapon that killed the poor bastard." It was time to go see Matthew Masters and what exactly was going on with him. he hadn't called her since yesterday, it just seemed strange. "Keep me up to date," she said. "You know my cell, call when you have any further information."

    With that Linda got inside her car and drove off, down to the hotel that Matthew was staying at. From her pocket she pulled out the small slip of paper she found at the Grand Monti the night before. She couldn't help but feel like this was all somehow connected. That there was something going on that they didn't know about.

    It didn't take long for Linda to arrive at the hotel, she carefully placed the paper back into her pocket and headed inside. She would check the paper later, see if ther was anything she could get off of it. Taking the elevator Linda rode up the floors. The elevator dinged and she left, walking down the hall to Matthew's room.

    She knocked on the door, but suddenly heard something going on inside. Kicking it in with her foot, Miller blazed inside, her gun drawn and ready to fire, she found Matthew's body, his throat slit so deep you could see his spine. Jerking around she saw a robed figure jump out of the window, she rushed to the window and opened fire, but the thing was gone.

    "This is Linda Miller at the Northside Hotel," she radioed in. "We have a homicide, Matthew Masters is dead." The radio came back and she was told a unit was on the way. Going to Matthew's body she leaned down, was this the same man who killed his family? It must have been? Could this even be the man who cuts off heads? She didn't know, she wasn't sure what to think.

    tag- Obi21

    ooc- Obi wan21 approved this post matthew's death and the thing that was there.
  21. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day Two-

    It was lucky Bart Snaders called in when he did to set up an interview, they were becoming packed, unfortunately most haven't had any powers, just talent like touching their tongue to their nose, and that wasn't exactly a power or ability unless your tongue was about fifteen feet in length.

    Bart would get tehre soon enough, and his interview would be ready for him. He was told over the phone he would have to show prove of his ability.


    Tag: SephyCloneNo15
  22. jedi_killeroak

    jedi_killeroak Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Shane

    Shane?s dream had left him a little out of it, and that was not counting the stuff they put into his body. His eyes were still out of focus, and could have sworn that there were two people in the room, but now there was only one, not counting him. Shane put an arm out to scratch an itch, and found that there were numbers on his wrist. ?What the cranberries, is this? I know my body pretty well, and that was not there when I woke up this morning.? He thought, then the memories flooded back into him. Getting shot, then the hospital, and four men, in suits.

    "Glad to see you're up and healthy Mr. Stow. You were wounded pretty badly, we stitched you up the best we could." Said the man, as he stood there crossing his arms, as he stared at Shane. "You'll find your powers won't work here," Thompson pointed out. "I've worked with your kind long enough to know how to paralyze your abilities, somewhat anyway."

    ?What do you mean you paralyzed my abilities and my kind? You have no right in doing this to me, and I know what my rights are! Nuts! I lived on a military base, so I should know what they are.? Shane took one step towards the man, just to see what he would do. Using his powers at this time did not cross his mind. He wanted his hands around the neck of this man, for taking his greatest asset away from him.

    TAG: Obi-Wan21
  23. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    New York City, Day Two-
    Undisclosed Location,

    "Mr. Stow, here, you have no rights," Thompson spoke. "The fact that you are even alive is because I only allow it."

    Thompson walked to the corner of the room, a clear glass wall separated Thompson from Shane's cell. It was a simple and plain cell. gray walls, a bed, a toilet. That was it. Mr. Thompson watched as Shane approached the glass window, looking as if he wanted to wrap his hands around the man's neck, unfortunately he couldn't do that.

    "We know all about you Stow, your life, the things you've done. As well as your time at the military base, we've been watching you for some time."

    Thompson was kindly pointing out that with Shane's villainous history, he certainly had no rights, not anymore.

    "Now then, Mr. Stow, we've discovered you have a small handful of abilities. One of them being a summoning ability, we've never seen that before."

    Thompson pulled up a seat and sat down, his identity still shrouded by shadows.

    "I'd like to ask you some questions, if you're up for it."


    Tag: Jedi_Killeroak


    OOC: JK, sorry that I didn't make it clear you were in a cell. You and Thompson are separated by a glass wall, as pointed out.
  24. John_117

    John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2006
    IC: Jonathan Bennet
    New York Times

    Jon was finally holding the article in his hands, the most important piece of his life. Or at least he felt it was. Last night was just so surreal, things were changing right around him, and his new friends. He had abilities, he could teleport, it was fantastic! But there was still the question of the creature, and what exactly it was capable of. What did it try to kill all those people, what was it after? He only hoped Linda would be finding some answers soon enough.

    They were connected, more and more things were happening. It was like a new generation. Since all that occurred last year, supermen, not having rights. It was weird that now he had abilities. Maybe it all meant something. Bennet had finished reading his article, he was sure others would love it, hopefully anyway.

    He rolled up the paper and tossed it onto his desk. Walking from his office Jon decided he'd go outside for a bit, his boss knew he had a rough night, he didn't know because of what exactly, but it didn't matter.

    TAG: anyone around
  25. jedi_killeroak

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    Apr 16, 2005
    IC: Shane Stow (Unknow Place)

    Shane stared at the man, that called himself Mr. Thompson. He had heard what he said and what he wanted, but did it matter, yes it did. His own freedom was taken away from him, and he could not contact his men and women. What made it worse, was the fact that his powers was damped or taken away completely.

    His wrist itched, and he scratched at the numbers on his wrist. "Screw you, and your little cell Mr. Thompson, you have taken something that does not belong to you, and I will find a way to get out of here." Then he sat down on the bed, since the talk glass would not allow him to get close to Mr. Thompson. He felt defeated, and he let it show. His mouth drooped and he let his arms hang, but inside his head, he knew something would give. All he had to do was think it out.

    He looked at the seated man, on the other side and stared at him. Then he remembered some of the questions that he asked. "So, I actually matter to you, do I? Hmmm...since my rights have been taken from me, that means that you will not get nothing from me. Well, not today, though I must say, thank you for fixing me up and branding me to your liking." Shane stood up and walked over to the window, and looked out. "So I am different from what you are used to, humm? Well, I must say this for you. You are very sure of yourself and..." He looked around the small room, and kicked at the bolted bed. "This great place of yours. So what do you want, a test subject or just some one locked up in your dungeon. Well, I hope things do not get turned around. Where you are in my holding cell. Things might turn out different."

    Then he turned around to face Mr. Thompson, "My time with you is at an end, unless I eat something soon, I will not say another word. Oh, please make it a pizza, I just love Pizza Hutt pizza, and make it a surpreme." Then he went to the bed, and laid down upon it.

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    OOC: This must be test week for me. [face_mischief]
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