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Beyond - Legends Honour Thy Father (Anakin lives post-ROTJ - L/M, H/L) - Completed Nov. 4

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Briannakin , Sep 3, 2012.

  1. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Luke punched her? Didn't expect that. Liked that Leia actually felt the danger as well.
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  2. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    “I’m going to save the galaxy and get redheaded grandbabies out of it.”

    LOL!!! I so loved that line.

    Yay, Mara's is joining them already. I think she's already warming up to Luke. [face_love]
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  3. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004

    Your Anakin is endearing! And the dialogue was delightful!

    Mara breaking free so effortlessly without years of bitterness [face_dancing] [face_dancing] and walls of defensiveness -- yay!

    Loved the L/M banter - right off too. I can tell the mush will soon follow. :D :D

    Eagerly awaiting the next post! [:D] [face_love]
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  4. Valley_Lord

    Valley_Lord Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 2, 2005
    Boy meets girl.
    Boy punches out girl.
    Boy invites girl for special training . . .

    kind of an abusive start to a relationship.
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  5. Darth_Malevolent7

    Darth_Malevolent7 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 24, 2007
    Anakin foresees grandchildren with red hair, alleviates Mara of the Emperior's voice in her head, she gets an invitation to join the Jedi and is asked to assassinate the head of Imperial security. All in one day. No waste of time here in getting business done. Love it.
  6. CurtisZidaneZiraa

    CurtisZidaneZiraa Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 18, 2010
    Gee thanks, I'm going to have "I'm going to save the galaxy and get redheaded grandbabies out of it" stuck in my head for the rest of the night. Any more fics with little Beru coming up? Or can they at least be posted on LJ? I love your fics.
  7. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Lady Misty: Yup

    Force Smuggler: Thanks.

    Jedi_Lover: Hehehe. I think HE might like it rough.

    Thanks. That is the whole point of this fic ;)

    Jedi_Liz: Thanks. Anakin’s one motivation in this fic is red-headed grandbabies! Ok, I will

    Ginchy: Yup. It worked, didn’t it? :p Thanks.

    JainaSoloYJK : Yup, family always comes first with Luke. Thanks for the comments Yup, I’ll add you.

    JediMaster_Jen: Thanks. I’m hoping to develop Leia beyond just a politician (not that it’s not cool or anything)

    Hazel: Thanks. And yes, she is!

    Jade eyes: Thanks. Next post is coming up!

    Vally_Lord. Yes, I’ll agree, it is a rather abusive start, but not much worse than canon.

    Darth_ Malevolent : Anakin wants to get stuff done. He has wasted enough time

    CurtisZidaneZiraa : Lol. Your welcome! (And yes, if I have a spare few minutes this week, I may figure out something so that I can post a Beru vignette)

    Tag list: Lady_Misty Hazel Tribaldancer JediMaster_Jen JainaSoloYJK Jedi_Liz

    On? Off? Just ask! New chapter below.
  8. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010

    Chapter Seven

    Mara sighed as she checked out the X-wing she would be flying. Home One would be coming up on Coruscant within a few minutes. She would be using the inevitable air battle when they tried to enter the secure planet to slip through the cracks and head for the Imperial Palace to kill Isard. She was wearing her navy flight suit and her hair was in a tight braid.

    Over the past few days, Mara thought a lot about the turns of her life. It was almost surreal. For her entire life she had been a secret assassin for the Emperor. Now she was an official Jedi apprentice of the New Republic Alliance, going to kill her former master’s lover –well, one of them. And what was even weirder, everyone here knew of her and her story. After Luke told her story to High Command, Mon Mothma decided to reveal Mara’s story to everyone, as it was a story of redemption – what the Jedi and the Alliance stood for.

    She had mostly kept to herself over the past few days. Luke had introduced her to Leia, Han, Chewie – whom she promptly apologised to for incapacitating him, and Winter. And there had been those who were curious about her as well, like the Rogues, a squadron of crazy misfit pilots. Some of them, Tycho Celchu for example, had served the Emperor as well, not as intimately of course, but it was good to feel like she wasn’t alone. She hadn’t realized exactly how alone she was in the past until now.

    She felt a familiar presence approach her. She closed the panel on the X-wing and nodded at Luke Skywalker, who was wearing grey sweats. He was walking a bit slower than a man his age should be, no doubt still suffering a bit from the after-effects of Force lightning.

    “So, Skywalker, they finally let you out of the medward,” she said as a way of greeting him. She never called him ‘Luke’; she always called him ‘Skywalker’.

    He smiled. “Yeah. It’s nice to be able to get up and walk around again…”

    Mara barely registered the words he was saying, something about staying with his father during the battle. She was simply captivated by his carefree smile. He was so nice to her despite the fact that she tried to kill his father. Even though she believed she did not deserve it, she rather enjoyed their budding friendship.

    “So, have you ever flown one of these guys before?” he asked her, patting the nose of the X-wing.

    She shook her head. “No, but your buddy Wedge assures me that it isn’t that hard, as long as I don’t take any pointers from Hobbie.”

    Luke chuckled warmly.


    “Hobbie crashes. Hobbie crashes a lot.”

    “Oh. Heh… he,” she awkwardly laughed. Mara inwardly cringed at herself.

    Luke continued to smile. “You’ll do fine. Tycho is going to cover you through the thick of it, and the astromech droid will do all the flying anyways. Comm me once you finish the mission with the comm-link I gave you.”

    She nodded. A silence settled between them.

    He was the one to break it. “Uh. You left your lightsaber in Leia’s cabin.” He pulled her lightsaber off his belt. She had been bunking in his sister’s cabin since Leia spent all of her time either in Anakin’s room or in Han’s cabin.

    “I know,” she said. “I meant to. That saber is a weapon of the Sith. I am a Jedi.”

    Hearing her say that made his smile explode, which did something to her heart she never felt before. “That’s what I figured.” He clipped it back on his belt. He reached into the pocket of his sweat pants and pulled out another lightsaber. The handle was a sleek metal with no embellishments. He offered it to her. “Few people know this but, I was so bored before I went to rescue Han at Jabba’s Palace that I actually made a back-up lightsaber. I want you to have it.”

    She took it from him and powered it on. The blade was a bright blue. She extinguished it and clipped it onto her utility belt. “Thank you.” After a moment she confessed, “I was there, you know, when you went to Jabba’s to rescue Solo. The Emperor sent me there to kill you.”

    The alarm then rung, telling the pilots to get in their vessels. They would be reverting to realspace in a minute.

    “Well, I am glad our destinies were not to meet at that time. I don’t think I could have killed someone so beautiful.” He then leaned forward and took her hand. His lips gently brushed against her knuckles for a brief moment. When he pulled back he was beet red. “May the Force be with you, Mara.”

    He left in a hurry, leaving her in shock. Luke Skywalker had just flirted with her!

    She was now a Jedi, cooperating with the former Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker was flirting with her.

    The galaxy had gone barvy.

    Mynock-shavit barvy.

    * * *

    Anakin perked up as soon as his son entered his room. “So, did you kiss her?”

    Luke glared at him. “I called her beautiful and kissed her hand. Things are going to be so awkward between us now and it’s all your fault.”

    “That’s because you didn’t kiss her,” Anakin said with an exasperated breath. “You know nothing of romance.”

    “And what do you know about romance?” Luke teased. “You were a part of an order that was forbidden to form attachment. I’m not sure I am going to revoke that for the new order.”

    “That decision is for the three of us to make as Jedi. Besides,” Anakin countered, “I know more about romance than you do. I know that you’re not supposed to kiss your sister.” He then started to snicker. Han had told Anakin about Luke’s crush on Leia.

    “Uh! Dad!” Luke whined. He picked up the pillow from the lounger and threw it at his father before beginning to walk out.

    “What? This family is kriffed up! If we can’t laugh about it, your life is going to be extremely awkward and not just between you and your future wife,” Anakin yelled as his son walked down the hall.

    * * *

    Mara let a breath out as the Imperial Palace came into view on the horizon. Aided by the Rogues, she had slipped through the battle between the Alliance and the Imperials. Now, it was time to return the favour to Alliance.

    She transmitted Emperor’s Hand codes to the Imperial Palace’s secret hangar. Thankfully, they still worked. As she came up on the small hangar, the doors opened for her and closed right behind her. She landed in an eerie red glow that was familiar to her. According to all schematics of the palace, this Place did not exist therefor no electricity could be directed here. Only battery powered emergency lights lined the duracrete walls.

    Mara exited the hangar via secret passage and emerged into a hallway from behind one of many grand paintings. The memories of this place made her want to behead something. The paintings of the Emperor only reminded her of the lies he used to control her. She made her way to the “War Room,” where she knew Isard was watching the battle. She walked right past Royal Guards and into the darkened room filled with holograms and viewscreens. Admirals and advisors ran or stood about.

    In the center of it all was Isard, sitting in a high-backed chair with the face of a madwoman. Her head snapped to Mara when she entered. Isard stared at Mara with one ice-blue eye and one flaming red eye.

    “Back so soon, Jade?” the older woman asked her. She was one of the few people who had known of Mara’s position in the Empire. Isard had tried to persuade Mara to help her in controlling the Empire after the Emperor’s death.

    “Yeah, I forgot my toothbrush,” she replied, leaning on a desk.

    “Sarcastic to the last breath. Are you here to help or mock me?” Isard asked, annoyed. “I have the Rebels attacking me and moffs running around with their heads chopped off because they have no credits.”

    “Help, of course.” She didn’t specify who she was helping.

    “I thought, and I shall quote you: ‘Without the Emperor, the Empire will eventually go down the ‘fresher with the rest of the shavit’.”

    “I was wrong. If you get everyone else out of here I can tell you how you can speed up this process.”

    Isard looked at Mara, suspicious, but then said, “Out, all of you.”

    Once they were alone, Mara took her new lightsaber off her belt. “I’m going to tell you a secret. You can’t beat the Rebels. They are far too organized and clever for you.”

    “I thought you were going to help me!” Isard screamed in anger, drawing a hand-held blaster.

    Mara ignited the blue blade. “Nah. I’m just helping flush the poodoo down the fresher.”

    Before Isard could pull the trigger, Mara had her head separated from the rest of her body.

    * * *

    Mara walked the halls of Imperial Memorial, one of the best med-centers in the galaxy. After she had taken Isard’s life, getting out of the War Room and the Imperial Palace without having to slaughter her way out had proved to be an eight hour feat. A feat that featured being captured by Royal Guards and escaping from a cell.

    It was now late evening in this sector of Coruscant and apparently much had happened in the past eight hours. Most beings had accepted the Alliance as the new government. With no clear successor to the position of ruler after Isard, the Empire was a disorganized mess. There would still be persistent admirals and warlords wanting to become Emperor, but for now the Alliance had a hold on the most populous and powerful planet in the galaxy. It felt good to be on the winning side.

    Mara sensed Luke’s presence from all the way down the hall and quickly made her way to him.

    When she entered the room, she saw Anakin, still lying in a bed and hooked up to a dozen machines and monitors with his blue cap on his head and a green gown on, glaring at Luke. Luke was standing up with his hands on his hips, giving his father a death stare.

    “Dad! You are going to eat those mashed tubers.” The younger man pointed to a bowl on the bedside table. “Or I’m not going to give you any say in the New Jedi Order.”

    “No! I want real food. You’ve been force feeding me mush for the past week,” Anakin complained.

    “It could be worse.” Luke’s eyes lit up when Mara entered the room. “I could be the one force feeding you.” She gave the elder man a wicked smile. She had hated the man who was Darth Vader, yet she and Anakin had so much in common. It was hard not to relate to him, as much as it irked her former self.

    “But he bought you guys Corellian sliders for dinner.” Anakin pouted.

    “You bought me dinner?” Mara asked Luke, ignoring Anakin.

    A slight red tinge came across Luke’s cheeks. “I figured you would be hungry after today and my father is the one calling this meeting during dinnertime.” He grabbed two brown bags off one of the tables in the room and gave her one.

    “Meeting?” She took the bag from him and sat down in one of chairs in the room.

    Luke cleared his throat. “I now call the first meeting of the New Jedi Order to order.”

    “Wow.” Mara removed her slider from the foil packaging. “Such a historic moment,” she said, half sarcastically, before taking a bite of the slider.

    “You’d think for such a historic moment he could have bought us all bantha steaks,” Anakin muttered.

    Luke gave his father a sour look. “Sorry, I was in a hurry to get back to my bedridden father. Now, do you want me to feed you your mashed tubers or not?”

    “No, I want a fried sweet-tuber.”

    “If you are trying to disassociate yourself from the image of Vader by being a whiny old fart, you are doing a damn good job of it.” Mara plucked a fried sweet-tuber out of the brown bag and ate it slowly. “Can we get on with this meeting? I need to figure out where the hell I am going to sleep tonight.” She could always go back to the Palace. The Alliance had probably taken it over by now, but she didn’t really want to. That place reminded her of too much.

    “You could stay with Leia and Winter,” Luke offered as he forced a spoonful of the soupy tubers into his father’s mouth. “Winter is in the process of getting temporary apartments for all of the higher-ups in the Alliance. Everyone is just going to bunk together until more permanent arrangements can be made.”

    “Alright, I’ll comm them after.” Mara was alright staying with the two women she barely knew since both women would probably spend most of the time either establishing the new government or with their respective boyfriends.

    “Now,” Anakin said. “To get this back on track, I think our first step to re-establishing the Jedi is to gather as much information as we can and study it both together and individually. Much was destroyed but the Emperor kept the most important pieces in his personal library and archives. Mara should know where they are and what codes you will need. I want you two to go tomorrow.”

    Luke nodded. “We will. I think Mara and I should gain more knowledge both about Jedi and about the Force before even beginning to look at future Jedi to train.

    “Is it safe to say it could be months or even years before we rebuild the Temple or any academies?” Mara asked. Both men nodded.

    Anakin then spoke. “We can decide what elements we want to keep from the old Order and what elements we want to change, but I want to decide one thing now: the attachment rule. Aside from Corellian Jedi, Jedi of the Old Republic were not allowed to form attachments or marry. I think this was a huge flaw. Jedi need love. If we are going to rebuild the Jedi, many of our first apprentices will probably have to be adults who willingly want to train. They won’t want to become Jedi if they know they can’t love.”

    Luke nodded, as did Mara.

    “The last thing I wanted to bring up tonight was a vision I had recently. It was of the future. Horrible things will happen if we don’t take steps to stop them. I know what we need to do. I propose we spent the next year or so helping the Alliance and training, and then we start tackling the future.” Anakin then yawned.

    Luke fed his father one last bite of his mashed tubers and gave him a drink of water. “It sounds like a plan, Dad. But for now, I think it’s time for you to rest.”

    Anakin scowled. “Fine.” His features then turned soft, borderline worried. “But you are staying tonight, right?” Deep down Anakin was worried about a number of people from his days as Darth Vader coming to kill him.

    Luke let out a soft sigh as he wiped his father’s face. “Yes, Dad. I’m your warden remember? I’m not allowed to leave you.”

    Mara then got up. “But thankfully, I am. I guess I’ll comm Winter and I will see you two tomorrow.”

    “Bye, Jade,” Anakin grumbled, upset at the fact that Luke was tucking him in like a mother frooster-hen.

    Luke smiled at her. “Goodnight, Mara.”

    She couldn’t help but smile back. “See you, Skywalkers.”

    End Of PART 1
    (I will post a short interlude on Wednesday and part 2 will begin next Sunday)
  9. Darth_Malevolent7

    Darth_Malevolent7 Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 24, 2007
    I liked the chapter very much. But then I love scenes between Mara and Luke. Anakin giving Luke advice on romance was funny.
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  10. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Ha ha ha! Seems like the way for the Rebellion is cleared!

    The only problem now is Thrawn.; at least for the near future.

    So, are there going to be lots of dating anytime soon?
  11. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Ding- Dong the wicked witch is dead. =D=

    Whiny Anakin is funny. [face_laugh]
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  12. Ridley Solo

    Ridley Solo Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2010
    Palpatine gone, Vader reformed, and Isard now gone thanks to Mara. Three down, several to go...

    Mara called Anakin a whiny old fart!? [face_rofl] That is the funniest thing ever!!!!

    The mush between Luke and Mara is perfect, as is Anakin giving Luke advice on romance.
  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh, wonderfully delightful! Luke is so adorable in this!!! :* Looking forward to the interlude. And their plan of action in rebuilding after careful study is a very excellent idea. =D=
  14. Jedi_Lover

    Jedi_Lover Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 1, 2004
    Luke Skywalker flirting with Mara Jade! That is a step in the right direction.
    o_O I know where she should be sleeping tonight. :p What? Too soon?
    I shouldn't complain I have 14 Chapters in my story and still no bookknocking.:(

    Nicely done!
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  15. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Darth_Malevolent: Thanks. I think the former Darth Vader would be the last person to take romance advice from.

    Lady_Misty: The ONLY PROBLEM IS THRAWN? What EU have you been reading? :p Dating is going to have to wait till Sunday.

    Hazel: That she is. He is. I loved writing him.

    JainaSoloYJK: Thanks for your comments. I`m glad your enjoying.

    Jade_eyes: Thanks. I love Luke in this. You`ll enjoy the interlude.

    JediLover: OOHHH YOU'RE NAUGHTY!!! You need to be naughty in your own fic! Hint hint.

    Tag list: Lady_Misty Hazel Tribaldancer JediMaster_Jen JainaSoloYJK Jedi_Liz

    On? Off? Just ask! New chapter below.
  16. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010

    Several weeks after the taking of the Coruscant, Luke found himself on the floor of his new apartment, going over datacards and holocrons from the Old Republic Jedi that he and Mara took from the Imperial Palace. Every bit of information sucked him in. He was so glad the New Republic did not need the Jedi’s help in calming anti-Alliance riots today. Luke loved the quiet hours that he got to spend with Mara and his father.

    Mara was sitting in one of the loungers in the living room, going over an old Jedi textbook, titled The Jedi Path. It was an actual flimsy book, which made it even more unique.

    Anakin was now home from the medcenter, but he was far from recovered. He was currently on the couch, propped up by pillows. His portable ventilator was in a backpack beside him. Medics had reattached his left arm; this one actually looked and felt real. It matched his skin colour, which was still abnormally pale, yet he had gained some pigment since coming out of the suit. They were going to rebuild him back into a man slowly so he could get used to his new cybernetic replacements and implants, and so that he wouldn’t exhaust himself by doing too much at once.

    He lived with Luke and Leia in this apartment. He needed help with almost everything in his current state as he tired easily. He told his children that he was not used to the kindness, but he tried his hardest to return the love. He constantly joked that Luke and Leia ran the plushiest prison ever, even if he had to deal with Mara Jade every day.

    Anakin was currently arguing with Artoo Detoo about some padawan instruction files.

    “Artoo, I know you have those document files. I gave them to you for Ahsoka so when we were in hyperspace she could study. Now, please transfer them to this ‘pad.” Anakin tapped the screen of the datapad that was attached to the droid.

    Artoo tweetled something.

    “What?!” Anakin was outraged. “You deleted them? Why would you delete something like that?”

    Artoo explained in a few very blunt sounding beeps.

    “Oh, since when has something being illegal stopped you from keeping a file? You are full of Bantha poodoo.”

    More beeps came out of the droid.

    “You needed the memory room? For what?” Anakin asked in disbelief. “Your holo-porn collection?”

    As an answer, Artoo projected a metre high hologram of a young man and a woman in a wedding dress. They were holding hands and smiling at Anakin.

    “Oh Force,” Anakin mumbled, reaching his one hand out to touch the blue image. His fingers went through and blurred the woman. Even though he was still technically blind, he could sense the exact shapes of holo images through distortions in the air and create the three dimensional image in his mind. It amazed Luke

    “What is it, Dad?”

    Anakin gulped. “It’s me and your mother, just after we got married.”

    Luke got up on the couch with his father. “She was beautiful. Leia does look a lot like her.” He put his arm around his father to comfort him.

    Anakin nodded. “Do you have any other holograms?” he asked Artoo.

    Artoo beeped an affirmative and said something else, but did not change what he projected. Luke looked on the data-pad for a translation. ‘I HAVE MANY. I HAVE MASTER LUKE’S AND MISTRESS LEIA’S BIRTH, BUT I WILL NOT SHOW IT TO YOU.’

    “That’s fine, Artoo,” Anakin said softly. “I don’t want to see it. I am not ready for that.”

    Mara shifted uncomfortably on the couch. “I’m going to go on a lunch run,” she said, putting down the book and getting up. “What do you guys want?”

    “An Ithorian-style bene-box meal,” Luke replied, digging in his pocket for some cred-coins. “And a Kox to drink.”

    “A Kibi strip slider and an oragnce slupp. Make sure they don’t skip on the Hissi sauce on the slider this time,” Anakin reminded her.

    Luke threw the right amount of cred-coins at her. She caught them and said, “Thanks. I promise not to buy a Corellian male dancer with them.” She headed for the door and just as she palmed the switch to open it, the chime rang. The door opened and Han Solo stood on the other side of the threshold.

    “What’s the point of having a chime with Jedi? They know when you are coming,” Han muttered.

    “See, I would never spend good money on a Corellian,” Mara said with a smirk before leaving.

    Han shook his head as he entered the apartment and sat in the chair Mara had vacated. “Is Leia here?”

    “No, she’s at the Imperial Palace like she always is,” Luke replied as he observed Han. The normally laid-back man was uncharacteristically nervous. Luke was pretty sure he smelled sweat.

    “Good. I have something to ask the two of you.” Han pulled at the collar of his white shirt. “I have come to ask for Leia’s hand in marriage.”

    “No,” Luke answered, pretending to go back to his studies.

    Han looked dumbfounded. “What?” He then dug into his pocket and pulled out a box. “I already bought the ring.” He opened it to show them a gorgeous yet elegant ring, inlayed with sparking gems around an Alderaani diamond, a rare and expensive find.

    “You heard Luke and I agree with him. You are not good enough for Leia,” Anakin stated.

    “I know I’m not, but I love her. I will do anything in my power to protect her.” Han then angrily got up. “I don’t care what you say. I am going to marry her without your consent.”

    “Why did you ask us for our blessing then?” Anakin said with a raised brow. “Is it because you know what we can do to you if you disobey us?”

    Han puffed out his chest. “I’m not afraid of you two.”

    Anakin narrowed his eyes. “You should be. Do you remember the carbonite?”

    Han looked like he was going to make a mess in his pants.

    Luke then started laughing, Anakin joined in. “Oh man, where is a holo-recorder when you need one? Han, your face is priceless!” Luke said through fits of giggles.

    “What?” Han stared, not amused.

    “You have our blessing, Han,” Anakin said with a nod.

    “We know you will make Leia a very happy woman. Thank you for asking for us first,” Luke said, getting up to hug Han.
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  17. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Those two are bad! :p

    For the record I've read so many AUs I barely remember the EU. :p

    Either way the conversation between R2 and Anakin was funny. [face_laugh]
  18. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    The wedding holo - awwww! Aww! :) :) :)

    Luke and his dad ribbing Han [face_rofl] [face_rofl]

    Bri, you come up with the most interesting but delicious sounding SW food [face_laugh] ;)
  19. Ridley Solo

    Ridley Solo Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2010
    Anakin sounds like he's making a nice recovery. I love the personality you've given him. It really fits an older Anakin.

    Aww! I figured Artoo kept important things like Anakin and Padme's wedding and Luke and Leia's birth. [face_love]

    Han formally asking for Leia's hand- squee!

    Oh, Luke! I could see your dad pulling a joke like that but not you! :p Poor Han! Mara must be a bad influence. ;)
  20. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Very nice. Loved Luke and Anakin giving Han a hard time.
  21. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    Loved Anakin's and Artoo's exchange - so like them. [face_laugh]

    And Anakin and Luke ganging up on Han... [face_rofl]
  22. Tribaldancer

    Tribaldancer Jedi Youngling

    Sep 7, 2012
    I behind but I totally loved this!

    The galaxy had gone barvy.

    Mynock-shavit barvy
  23. Jedi_Liz

    Jedi_Liz Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 24, 2000
    heh heh....loved how Luke said "no" at first to giving his blessing to Han asking for Leia's hand. Considering that Han was going to step aside on Endor because he thought Leia was "in love" with Luke.....not knowing Luke was her BROTHER..... [face_rofl]
    Glad they did give their blessing after all. I bet the proposal will be sweet.

    Mara killing Isard....well, glad that was quick...but still...there probably will be chaos.
  24. Zer0

    Zer0 Jedi Knight star 3

    Sep 3, 2012
    Fell behind a bit on these chapters, I love how it's been going though, poor Han.
  25. CurtisZidaneZiraa

    CurtisZidaneZiraa Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 18, 2010
    No. Hahaha, so funny. Your stuff!