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Beyond - Legends Honour Thy Father (Anakin lives post-ROTJ - L/M, H/L) - Completed Nov. 4

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Briannakin , Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Darth_Malevolent7

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    May 24, 2007
    Artoo knew how to put Anakin in his place.

    Two Jedi playing with Han's mind and feelings. He'd better get used to it.
  2. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Lady_Misty: They like their fun – mostly at Han’s expense. And don’t worry, I’ve had my moments where I’ve confused EU and AU details.

    Jade_eyes: Lol thanks. I love creating SW names for food.
    JainaSoloYJK: Thank you. I worked hard on Anakin’s personality. And yes, I think Mara has rubbed off on Luke ;)

    JediMaster_Jen: Thanks

    Hazel: I’m glad you found it funny.

    Tribaldancer: Thanks

    Jedi_Liz: Oh God I forgot about that implication! [face_rofl]

    Zer0: I’m glad you caught up and are enjoying.

    CZZ: Thanks. I like your siggy ;)

    Darth_Malevolent: Aretoo puts everyone in their places. Yes, Han better get used to it.

    Tag list: Lady_Misty Hazel Tribaldancer JediMaster_Jen JainaSoloYJK Jedi_Liz

    On? Off? Just ask! New chapter below.
  3. Briannakin

    Briannakin Grand Moff Darth Fanfic & Costuming/Props Manager star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 25, 2010
    Part Two
    Chapter Eight

    One Year Later…

    Luke led his father by the hand through the halls of Imperial Memorial Medcenter, recently renamed Coruscant Memorial during the rather smooth transition of the galactic government. Leia was right behind them, carrying an overnight bag.

    Over the past year, the New Republic had been firmly established as the legitimate government for the majority of the galaxy and had gained many supporters, who wanted a revival of the Old Republic. Imperials had been chased to one sector. But it had taken a lot of effort for Chief of State Mon Mothma, Leia—whose official title was Secretary of State—Admiral Ackbar, and many others like them. There had been rogue moffs and power hungry admirals that needed to be dealt with, and more would undoubtedly show their ugly heads. However Luke was confident that with his father’s in-depth knowledge of all the high ranking Imperials and the power of the Jedi, the sweeping up of the remnants of the civil war could be finished swiftly.

    But today was not about catching warlords. It was about finishing the reconstruction of a man.

    Anakin now had all four limbs, hearing implants and a fully portable life system that included his ventilator in his backpack connected to his ventilator tube coming out of his throat. Today was going to be the last surgery for him for the foreseeable future. He still had no hair on his body and scars on his head. He chose to stay like that, as a reminder to himself, to Luke, and hopefully to future Jedi if he decided to tell his real story to them. Inside, Luke knew he would. All future Jedi needed to learn from Anakin’s fall and redemption.

    Research medics had heard about Anakin’s ‘story’, the one told to the general population about being captured and tortured by the Emperor, and had developed a treatment for his eyes. A week ago they had removed Anakin’s eyes and optic nerves. To fix the damage from the burns he suffered nearly twenty-four years ago, they had replaced the lenses with cybernetics and grafted nerves made from stem cells. Today they were putting back the eyes. They would find out if the procedure worked. If it did, it would revolutionize optic cybernetics.

    For the past week Anakin had been completely blind. He wore a visor over his eye sockets.

    A nurse had led them into a private room and Luke helped his father into the bed, setting the backpack beside him. The nurse hooked him up to a hydration drip. “Another nurse will be in to bring you into surgery in a few minutes,” she informed them.

    Leia thanked her and set the overnight bag down. “You nervous?” she asked, taking Anakin’s hand.

    “No,” he responded. “Just excited. If this all works out, I am going to be able to see you in your wedding dress.” Leia’s wedding was less than two weeks away and everyone knew Anakin was just excited as she was.

    Leia smiled. “Yeah, we wouldn’t want you crying and wrecking traditional optic replacements.”

    “If I had eyeballs, I’d be rolling them,” Anakin replied.

    The door then opened. “Clearia?” Anakin asked.

    “I am right here, Anakin,” the Twi’lek nurse replied. She was the nurse that had been there for him just after he had returned to the light. She was one of the few people that knew his true story, and had aided Anakin in recovering after his many surgeries. “I’m going to bring you into the operating room and I’ll be here with Luke and Leia when you wake, alright?”

    Anakin nodded, and then hugged both Luke and Leia. “I’ll see you two when I get out.”

    Clearia pushed him out of the room.

    * * *

    “Luke, you are going to wear a hole in the floor,” Leia said as she reached over to put her hand on Luke’s knee. His leg had been bouncing up and down.

    “Sorry,” he mumbled. They were waiting for news on their father. Surgery was expected to last another three hours, but the nurses had promised to bring them frequent updates.

    Leia went back to going over the final details of her wedding and Luke went back to his book on the history of the Jedi. It wasn’t long before Luke’s leg started to bounce once again.

    Leia looked up at him and let out an exasperated grunt. “Luke, go comm Mara. Ask her go to the gym and spar with you. You are driving me insane.”

    “Fine,” he muttered. “Comm me if you get any information.”

    * * *

    Luke had changed out of his typical robes and into a pair of combat pants and a white sleeveless shirt. He was waiting in a private combat practice room for Mara.

    He was doing stretches when she entered in tight black exercise shorts and a black tank-top. Her red hair was back in a loose braid. Over the past year Luke had often seen Mara in outfits like this one, yet he never got used to her beauty.

    “Hey, Skywalker,” she said casually. Over the past year they had become friends and a formidable pair of Jedi.

    “Hey, Mara. Thanks for coming. Apparently I was driving Leia insane.”

    “I can see you doing that,” she said with a smirk. “I don’t mind coming to kick your butt on my day off. How’s your father’s surgery going?”

    “There haven’t been any hitches so far. But I invited you so I could let off some energy, not to talk.”

    “Fine by me. Lightsabers or hand to hand?” she asked.

    “I figured that we could get some lightsaber practice in without an old man yelling at us for incorrect form.”

    Mara grinned and unclipped the lightsaber Luke had given her. “Sounds good.”

    Blue and green blades were ignited. Mara was the first to attack, but Luke easily deflected it. He attacked quickly, hoping to catch her off guard, but he was unsuccessful. They rapidly began a dance of quick strikes and parries, each looking for an opportunity.

    Luke thought he could take advantage of the trance-like state they had settled into. He tried to swiftly kick her legs, but she took one of her hands off her saber hilt and grabbed his foot. She threw him back. Luke thought fast and grabbed her arm. She came crashing down on top of him.

    He took advantage of her surprise and rolled over so that he pinned her.

    Mara breathed heavily as she looked up at him. “You wanna get off of me?”

    “No, I find it rather comfortable up here,” he said with a lopsided grin.

    “Well, don’t get too comfortable. I’m just getting warmed up.” She launched him off her, grabbed her lightsaber, and lunged at him.

    An hour and a half later, both were exhausted. Mara took a swig from her water bottle while Luke toweled sweat off his face.

    “Gods, that felt good,” Luke muttered, speaking of the endorphins he had released.

    “It did,” she agreed.

    Before he realized what he was saying, he asked her, “Do you want to go out for caf?” The way that it came out, it sounded so much like a date. Maybe that’s what Luke wanted it to be. He wasn’t quite sure. He enjoyed Mara as a friend but he wanted more from her. She always treated him as a man, not as a hero. But he also did not to ruin their existing relationship. “I still have time to kill before I have to be back at the medcenter,” he explained quickly. “And if I go back there anytime soon, Leia might tie me up with drip lines.”

    Mara smirked. “I would like to see that.” She then paused. “I want to be clear, because I hate complicated situations, is this a date?”

    Luke felt his cheeks grow warm. “I uhh…”

    “Are you buying?”

    “I guess so,” he answered.

    “Then, it’s a date,” she clarified for him. “I’d better go have a sanisteam – the infamous Luke Skywalker is taking me on a date,” she mocked him as she exited the room.

    * * *

    With the smell of caf thick in the air at the Caf-On-Tap Brew House, Luke order Mara a fratte and himself a caf while she found them a table in the back of the brew house so that no prying eyes would see them. He paid the worker, got the drinks, and joined Mara in a booth in a dimly lit corner.

    Mara took a sip of her fratte and let out a small “Mmmm.”

    Luke covered up his smile. Over the past twelve months he had seen a huge change in Mara. When they had first become friends, she had been angry, hurt, withdrawn, socially awkward and most of all, confused. But in a year, he had seen her come to terms with her past and what she had done. Like his father, she was healing.

    She seemed to pick up on his thoughts. “I can’t believe it has been almost a year since...” She didn’t have to finish her sentence.

    He nodded. “Yeah. It’s been a wild year. Han and Leia’s wedding marks the one year anniversary. Mon Mothma kind of forced the date on them so all the citizens in the New Republic could have something to celebrate.” He then became nervous. He had been meaning to ask Mara something for a few weeks. “You’re coming, right?”

    Mara let out something that sounded like a snort. “Free booze? Of course I’m there. I’m also going to the bachelorette party. I plan to get your sister drunk.”

    “Good luck with that,” Luke chuckled.

    “I will do it,” she said with determination. “And if I don’t, there is always my roommate to laugh at. Winter is hilarious when she’s had one too many.”

    “That, I would pay to see.” He then looked down at his caf. “So, about the wedding… I was wondering if you would like to come with me… as my date.”

    She eyed him. “What makes you so sure I don’t already have a date?”

    “Who would ask you?” Luke tried to shove the words back into his mouth as soon as they came out. “I… uh… oh gods that came out wrong.” He set his head down the table in defeat.

    Mara scoffed. “I’ll have you know many of your Rogue Squadron friends asked me.”

    Luke did not lift his head. “Who did you say ‘yes’ to? Wedge? Hobbie? Oh for the love of the Jedi, please don’t say it was Wes.”

    Mara leaned down and put her chin on the table across from him. “I didn’t say yes to any of them.”

    “What?” he brought his head up. “I’m glad, but why not? They are all great guys… some of the time.”

    “I don’t think I am…” she searched for the right word. “Equal… to those guys.”

    Luke let his cocky grin show. “You’re right – you’re not. I’m not equal to those hooligans either – I’m their creator.” He expected her to roll her eyes, but she didn’t.

    Instead, she rose. “No, Luke.” Her voice was uncharacteristically soft. “I’m not equal because I don’t deserve your or anyone else’s kindness. This date was wonderful. I really enjoyed it, but I don’t know what I was thinking by saying yes. You don’t want to see me as more than a friend.” She began to walk away.

    “Mara, wait,” he said, getting up as well. He knew things had gotten too deep for her liking. He just wanted to take her out to see if there was any chance of their relationship escalating. He still believed there was.

    “You have to get back to your father,” she said.

    He was about to reply, when one of the patrons shouted: “Is that Luke Skywalker?”

    He was mobbed by fans while Mara made her escape.

    * * *

    Luke glumly made his way back to the medcenter. He entered his father’s room to see that Anakin still wasn’t there.

    “The doctor just left. Everything went fine. They should be bringing him back in any minute now.” Leia then looked at her brother for a few moments. “Are you alright?”

    Luke sighed. He didn’t want to talk about it, but he knew Leia wouldn’t take that for an answer. “Things just got… complicated with Mara. I think I can mend it before we leave to fix the future Dad saw in his vision.” He spoke of the mission his father was sending him and Mara on. They knew the list of the things they had to do to save the galaxy from impending chaos, which included destroying hidden cloning facilities and superweapons. He and Mara were leaving when Han and Leia came back from their honeymoon.

    Leia nodded. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

    “Just make her feel included,” Luke said with a nod. He then smirked. “And drink whatever she tells you to drink at your bachelorette party.”

    She stared at him and opened her mouth to retort, but nurses soon entered with their father. Anakin was still asleep, and a heavy black cloth was over his eyes. The nurses put the bed in the proper place and arranged his life systems around him. All the nurses left, with the exception of Clearia.

    “When he starts to wake I’ll dim the lights and remove the cloth. Then we will know if the procedure worked. If it did, he will be sensitive to light for a few days, so he might prefer the lights dimmed or even to have the cloth over his eyes when he wakes.”

    They nodded at Clearia’s words and both Luke and Leia took one of their father’s hands and waited until he started to moan.

    “Luke? Leia?” Anakin groaned. The twins were used to his altered state whenever he woke from anesthesia.

    “We’re here, Dad,” Luke said soothingly. In the background, Clearia dimmed the lights in the room.

    “Ani,” Leia whispered. “We are going to remove the cloth now. Tell us what you can see.”

    The cloth was removed and familiar blue eyes stared at them. The pupils took a few moments to adjust. Anakin then smiled as his gaze fell upon Leia. Yes, he had seen her before, when he was Vader, but this was the first time he was truly seeing her with his own eyes.

    “I see an angel.” He reached his hand up to brush her cheek. “You are so beautiful, like your mother was.”

    Leia returned the smile.

    Anakin then looked at Luke. “My son. You are so handsome, my son.” A single tear escaped his eyes. The three sat there for a long while.
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  4. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Poor Mara, she still has a lot of healing to do. @};-
  5. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi, Bri. Loved the L/M as always [face_dancing] Getting comfy indeed :D :mischief:

    Bleh though. I didn't see that reaction of hers coming -- not worthy of kindness - :eek: She's worthy of that and so much more. She deserves every ounce of adoration and desire and passion LUke has to give. She certainly does not want to drive him into the arms of anyone who isn't Mara - we've been there, done that and it's icky. :p

    So glad this is the start of part 2. Glad to know there's more stuff to come. :)

  6. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Mara! Arrggghhhh! Why do those two always have to play hard to get? And toe us right up to the line...I think I see bootknocking in the horizon....but no! Mara has to suddenly get cold feet. You are a tease!o_O

    Other than my obvious disappointment about the lack of was a wonderful update!:D
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  7. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007

    Leia's getting married and Anakin's getting better as time goes on. :)

    I bet that Thrawn is going to be coming soon to crash the party :(
  8. Ridley Solo

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    Aug 27, 2010
    Mara's reaction was actually completely in-character. I don't like it when she softens up too much. All the more work for Luke to get his girl. He will, if Anakin's visions are anywhere near correct...and they usually are. :p

    I canNOT see Leia drunk! :eek: Han, sure. Mara, definitely. Most of the rogues, sure. But Leia!? If Mara succeeds, this ought to be ten shades of both weird and hillarious. :cool:

    Anakin being able to see his children...aww! I'm a total sap...when he called Leia an angel, I got misty-eyed. [face_love]
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    May 25, 2005
    I had a lot of catching up to do! You've been a busy writer, gal. I love the family feel you've cultivated. I like how Anakin is slowly healing and how everyone is creating their own futures, even if they already seem set. Mara needs time to heal but she can't resist the hot Farmboy for long, right? [face_batting]
  10. CurtisZidaneZiraa

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    Nov 18, 2010
    Taaaaag meeeeeee.... Don't you love me anymore? I even quote you in my signature...
  11. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    So cool that Anakin can see them now. =D= You're doing a great job on the characterizations. I hope Luke can get through to Mara soon.
  12. Anakins_Kiss

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    Jan 26, 2006
    This sounds great. Gimme more! Gimme more!
  13. ccp

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    Apr 29, 2005
    This is great
  14. Darth_Malevolent7

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    May 24, 2007
    Red haired grandchilden may be in the future, just not immediately. If Leia drinks at the party, that ought to be quite an event. I like the idea of a slower healing Anakin. It is a better transition into his next phase of life.
  15. Ocelotl_Nesto

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    Oct 29, 2004
    Just found the story... nice twist without too much drama... waiting to see how they will deal with Thrawn/Daala/Vong with reformed Vader in the fray
  16. Jedi_Liz

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    Apr 24, 2000
    Glad Anakin is slowly healing. i think Mara needs more time to heal...she went through a lot being the Emperor's servant...just used for her skills... Not sure what Leia will be like Drunk....lets hope she doesn't say anything dumb
  17. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Hey guys. My life is spiralling down the black abyss known as University (thankfully, this fic has been finished for a while so it won’t be affected). THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE REPLIES! Also, I’m not a mindreader, so if you want on the tag list, you gotta ask.

    Tag list: Lady_Misty Hazel Tribaldancer JediMaster_Jen JainaSoloYJK Jedi_Liz CurtisZidaneZiraa

    Chapter Nine

    Anakin woke with a smile on his lips. Today was his daughter’s wedding. Although she didn’t truly see him as a father figure, he was just glad that she allowed him into her life after all the things he had done in his past.
    He heard the tell-tale signs of a hangover coming from the refresher down the hall. Luke was moaning and vomiting. Anakin rolled his eyes. He had warned his son not to drink too much at Han’s bachelor party.

    Anakin reached out in the Force to Han and the elder man knew that the Corellian was in the exact same state that Luke was in. He feared reaching out to Leia, who had stayed at Mara’s and Winter’s apartment after the bachelorette party. He wanted to believe that his Leia had the sense not to get drunk the night before her wedding, but knowing the company that she kept, that probably was not the case.

    With a grunt, Anakin sat up in his bed. Although medics had rebuilt him, his body still showed evidence of his tragic decisions. He disconnected himself from his nighttime ventilator and reconnected himself to his portable one. He was so thankful that his two new ventilators were completely and blissfully silent. The few moments without his oxygen mix made him dizzy, so he simply sat on the edge of his bed for a few minutes.

    He had bathed his body and cleaned his tracheal tube last night – both long tasks for him – so he simply had to put on his tuxedo this morning. A task easier said than done. His body was worn out from decades of abuse inside a personal prison so even dressing took time.

    He procrastinated getting dressed by going into the refresher attached to his bedroom. Both Luke and Leia forced him to take the master bedroom when they moved in. Anakin guessed it was because it made them feel like a normal family unit, something they had all needed over the past year. Now, it was all changing. After today Leia would be moving into her own apartment with Han. Anakin was glad that she was happy with Han, but he was also sad to see her move away from her brother. But, in a way, Anakin was lucky. Leia could never really move out and away from him. As part of his punishment for his crimes, he had to live with her fifty percent of the time. He, Leia, Luke and Han had agreed that he was not well enough to go with Luke and Mara on their mission to avoid the future he saw in his vision, so he would stay with Leia and Han during that time.

    Once in the refresher, Anakin washed his face and hairless head and brushed his teeth. He stared into the mirror. Even after a year, he still barely recognized the figure looking back at him.

    He exited the refresher and got his tux on. In the background he heard the sanisteam running. Luke had finally stopped barfing and had started to get ready.

    Anakin put the effort in to thread all his support systems’ wires and thin tubes attached to his chest around and out the back of his crisp white collar. There they attached to his life systems that were in a black bag that he put on his back. The bag blended into his black jacket so no one would really notice it or the wires.

    His trachea collar and the ventilator tube – the white band of plastic around his neck and the blue tube extending from it – was masked by a blue scarf tied around his neck. The ends of the scarf were tucked into his jacket. He draped the tube under his arm, coiled up all the excess tubing he could, and put it in the bag. Anakin looked in the mirror once more to make sure he was presentable for Leia’s wedding.

    “Dad? Are you getting ready?” Luke’s groggy voice came from outside the bedroom door.

    Anakin walked two meters and palmed open the door. “I am ready,” he said, glaring at Luke. Luke had cleaned up well. He wore a standard Alliance dress uniform and his hair was combed nicely. However, his grey face showed all the evidence needed to show that he was hungover.

    “You look nice,” Luke said, forcing a smile.

    “And you look like shavit. Your sister is going to rip a chunk out of you.”

    Luke grunted. “This is Han’s fault. He probably looks worse. Besides, I’ll be better once I have a caf in me.”

    “Let’s hope so, for your sake.”

    * * *

    By the time they got to the Alderaani Memorial Gardens, where the wedding was going to be held, Luke was looking and feeling much better thanks to two ice-cafs. It was going to be a few minutes before guests would start arriving so Luke let his father come with him to the bride’s suite where Leia was getting ready with Winter’s assistance… and freaking out.

    “Is Han here yet?” she practically screamed when the door opened and they walked in. Despite her panicked state, she was the image of a beautiful bride. Her dress was entirely made of lace – the bodice and sleeves were tight while the skirt was flowing. Her hair was up in the most complicated braids Luke had ever seen her hair in. Her makeup was simple yet elegant.

    Luke nodded. “He’s here, Leia,” he assured her. “Dad and I were just talking to him in the groom’s room. And before you ask, he is not hungover and he has the rings. There is nothing to worry about.”

    Leia visibly relaxed. “Okay.” She then eyed the two men standing in front of her. “You two look sharp.”

    Both men flashed her the same bashful smile. “Thanks, but all eyes will be on you,” Luke told her.

    Anakin wiped away the first tear of the day. “You look so beautiful. I am so thankful I got to live to see this day and that you let me be here.”

    “You welcome, Ani.” She got up and gave him a rare hug. “Now, you better go take your seat. It’s at the front.”

    He nodded and slipped out the door.

    Luke and Leia sat idly while Winter finished Leia’s makeup. Then they got word that the wedding was starting and Winter left to walk down the aisle as Maid of Honor.

    “Luke,” Leia said quietly. “Will you get my veil and put it on me?” She pointed to a lace veil hanging on a hanger. “I contacted our mother’s family just after Han proposed.” This didn’t surprise Luke, they had been in contact with their mother’s family since the taking of Coruscant. “Ani doesn’t know this, but they gave me her veil. It is tradition in both Nabooian and Alderaanian cultures for the oldest daughter in a family to wear her mother’s veil; however, she must never touch it. Whoever gives her to her husband must put it on her. This usually is her father, but since you are giving me away…” She didn’t have to finish her sentence.

    During her explanation, Luke had gotten the veil and was now gingerly putting it on her. He pinned it and smiled. “Now, you truly are a bride.” He gave her a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek.

    The door opened. The golden protocol droid See Threepio entered. “Mistress Leia, Master Luke, they are ready for you.”

    Luke turned to Leia. “Are you ready to become Mrs. Han Solo?”

    Leia let out a deep breath then smirked. “I have a bad feeling about this, but I’m doing it. I am as ready as I’ll ever be.”

    * * *

    As soon as the music indicated that the bride was entering, the audience rose, Anakin among them. He smiled as soon as he saw Leia on her brother’s arm.

    Anakin felt a wave of pride wash over him. He was not proud of himself, but solely of his children. They had overcome so much in their short lives and now Padmé’s daughter was marrying the man that completed her.

    Anakin felt Padmé with him now. She was not with them physically, but she was here with her heart.

    He then saw Leia’s veil. It was the same veil that Padmé had worn.

    Anakin felt tears well up in his eyes and let them fall. They were tears of joy and they made him feel human.

    * * *

    Leia’s hands trembled as Luke kissed her cheek and gave her hands over to Han’s hands. She looked as Luke slipped away from her to sit next to Anakin.

    She then looked up at Han. He was gazing down at her with brown eyes. He gave her hands a squeeze, then winked. Those simple actions put her at ease.

    Mon Mothma, who was performing the ceremony, began to speak, but Leia did not listen. It was only her and Han in this moment.

    After many minutes of Mothma speaking of love and of union, Han began his vows to Leia.

    “Leia, I once asked a certain kid from Tatooine if he though a princess and a guy like me could ever make it. His answer was simple and blunt: no.”

    Leia quickly glanced to see Luke hiding his face in his hands.

    Han continued. “But I am determined to prove that kid wrong. I don’t deserve you, Leia, but for some reason, you complete me. I am just some smuggler but you accepted me and changed me for the better. You made me the man I am today. I love you. From this day forward I vow to assist, comfort, and hold you in all times of need and to celebrate, rejoice, and to be your friend when times are good. You are a princess to a lost world, but you will always be the queen of my heart. I love you, Leia.”

    Leia let Han’s words flow over her. They touched her heart like nothing had before and now it was her turn to do the same to him.

    “Han Solo. You are a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder. I once told you that I like nice men. I do. But you are not a nice man. You are the most gallant love a princess could hope for. I love you. I could go on, but I don’t want to give you an even bigger head, so I am going to shut my mouth and you are going to kiss me.”

    Han did precisely that.

    They were then pronounced husband and wife.

    * * *

    Anakin sat next to Luke, who was sitting beside Leia, at the wedding reception. The grand meal was just being finished, so Anakin took this opportunity to clank a knife against his glass and started the speeches.

    “Han, Leia,” he said, addressing the jubilant couple. “Love is an extraordinary thing. It can withstand anything, as you two have experienced. There will be fights, there will be hard times, there will be tears, but you two will be able to get through anything if you always remember that you love each other. Congratulations.” Anakin held his glass up, and then drank from it. He set the glass down on the table and pointed at Han. His voice turned stone cold. “And if you do anything to hurt her, good Force, I will make you beg for the mercy of carbonite.”

    Almost everyone in the room laughed, except for the few that knew the backstory behind the threat.

    Anakin took his seat as Luke rose.

    “Leia,” he said with a grin plastered into his face. “Do anything you must to keep Han behaving well. Han, you lay a finger on my sister or do anything to harm her well-being and I will kill you.” Luke laughed with mirth along with everyone else, with the exception of Han.

    Han chuckled nervously and pulled at the collar of his dress uniform.

    * * *

    The party was in full swing. Luke looked around the reception hall. Han was trying to dance with Leia, however the Rogues and Anakin were stealing her away every two minutes. Anakin was dancing with her now. Luke saw his twin throw her head back in laughter as she spun in Anakin’s arms. Luke had gotten his fair share of dancing with his sister in, but now he had to do something personal.

    Luke continued to scan the room. He saw Winter making out with Tycho, Wes trying to make Hobbie drink some kind of flaming alcoholic drink, and a redhead drinking at the bar by herself.

    Luke approached her. He tapped her on the shoulder.

    Mara Jade spun on the barstool. “Skywalker. You look nice.”

    Luke blushed. “Not as nice as you.” Mara was in a strapless dark green evening gown with a silver scarf just under her breasts, tied in a bow at the back. Her hair was down and curled. “I like seeing you with your hair down.”

    Slight colour touched Mara’s pale cheeks. “Thanks.” She then swiftly spun back to her drink.

    “Can we talk somewhere?” he asked, placing his hand on the small of her back.

    He felt her shiver through the Force. The touch electrified them both, but Mara did not show it outwardly. She moved away from his hand. “It’s your twin’s wedding, you should be enjoying yourself.”

    “I can’t without you.”

    She gave him an annoyed glance. “I’m not getting rid of you, am I?”

    “Nope.” He offered her his hand.

    Making a grunt, Mara accepted his hand. He helped her hop off the barstool and guided to an abandoned balcony overlooking gardens.

    “So?” she asked, leaning against the stone railing. She looked so beautiful with stars in the background.

    Luke let out a deep breath. “The other day when we got caf together, things got too complicated. We are about to embark on a mission that might take us years to complete. I don’t want things to be awkward between us if we are going to be on a ship together for that long. I want to know where we stand.”

    Mara nodded. “I like how your brain works, Skywalker. You don’t like complications. Neither do I. I think we can safely say that we are coworkers.”

    “Coworkers? Come on, Mara. We have spent the past year together. I think we can say that we are friends.”

    She rolled her eyes, but had a hint of a smile on her lips. “I guess.”

    “Good. But I am about to make things complicated again.” He stepped forward to take hands. “I think there is more between us. I know there is.”

    “Luke,” she said, trying to extracting her hands from his, but he held on. “I like you. I think I like you more than as a friend and teacher. You saved me from myself and I will be forever grateful to you. But you do not want to think of me as a potential romantic partner.”

    He looked deep into her eyes. “Why not?”

    “Isn’t it obvious? You are a saint, a hero. I don’t deserve you and you don’t deserve someone with my past.” She tried to get away from him, but he blocked her path.

    “I don’t know why you think that. What happened in the past or what you did does not matter to me. Look at Han and Leia. He was a smuggler, she’s a princess, yet they still love each other. They make it work. Look at my father: he willingly and knowingly made the choice to follow the Emperor.” He paused to let this sink in. They had discussed this before, that the Emperor took her as an innocent child and manipulated her. She was a victim, as much as Luke hated using the word to describe Mara. She had never followed the Emperor knowing that what he was making her do was for the will of the dark side.

    She shook her head, although she saw his point. “You don’t have to do this for me. I am fine on my own. I am fine as friends.”

    “This is not just about you. It’s about my wants and needs as well. I am not a selfish man, but I know we can be so much more than what we are. You treat me like I’m an ordinary man. Don’t I deserve that? Don’t I deserve to be happy?”

    “You do Luke, but I can’t make you happy.”

    He smiled and cupped her cheek with his left hand. “But you do. You make me happy by just being you. Over the past year I have seen a dramatic change in you, and I want to continue to be a part of that change. Don’t I make you happy?”

    She took a moment, then spoke. “You make me feel things I have never experienced before. Good feelings that I can’t put words to. I appreciate your kindness, but it’s not something I can take because I can’t return it. I don’t know how to. I can handle a lot of things, but being a cancer – taking all and giving nothing – in a relationship is something that even I am above. I won’t be a burden you have to deal with your entire life. You are the rare type of guy that can’t break a woman’s heart, especially if she has become a friend, and I don’t want to break yours and ruin our friendship. I don’t want to be what prevents you from finding love.”

    “But, you are not a burden, or a cancer. You are a beautiful woman. I love you.” The words came out of his mouth without him thinking about them.

    Her shock was almost palpable. Mara opened her mouth to say something, and then closed it again. She swallowed hard. She looked like she wanted to run, or cry, or both. “I don’t know what love is.”

    “Yet that does not stop you, and that amazes me. You never knew compassion, yet you proved you had it when you didn’t kill my father. The fact that you overcame the darkness proves that you deserve happiness, and whoever may bring it to you, including me. You love me in your own way, I know you do, but you just can’t recognize it. I want to teach you to feel what love is, both in your own heart and in my heart. We will go slow and we will turn back if we reach a point that just does not work. I know what they say – that you can’t go back to friends once you reach a point – but if we do reach that point, I know I am not going to go back. Just try this with me, please.” His voice was edging on begging. “We can start out as best friends and love each other as best friends. We’ll see where we can go from there. It will be a journey for the both of us.” Luke then got down on one knee. “Mara Jade, I love you. I want to be your guiding light no matter what for the rest of my life. I want you to be there to help me and remind me that I am just a man. Will you make me the happiest man in the galaxy and be my best friend?”

    “You’re not going to let this drop until I say yes, are you?”

    “No, so you might as well accept happiness now.”

    She gulped, but nodded.

    * * *

    Two weeks later Leia, Han, and Anakin came to the official New Republic hangars to see two Jedi Knights off on a mission that would last at least a year, if not more, and that would prevent millions, possibly billions of deaths.

    After many hugs, Luke and Mara, along with Artoo Detoo, ascended the boarding ramp of the first official ship belonging to the New Jedi Order, the Second Chance.

    Once in the cockpit, Luke took a moment to hold Mara’s hands and capture her green eyes.

    “Are you ready for this?” he asked her.

    She let out a breath. “To prevent pain in the galaxy? Yes. I want to do this so I can feel like I have been forgiven for my past.” She paused. “To learn to truly love someone? I’m frightened, but I’m ready.”

    He smiled. “Me too.”
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    my internet hates me
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    L/M -- wonderful! wonderful! So much in character for them both and I love how he presented his case to her; she does deserve happiness and he does deserve it too and to be treated like a regular guy. And she is the only one who can do that - and rock his personal world [face_laugh]

    I also like the idea of starting out as best friends, although - in that dress she was wearing at the reception [face_mischief] I feel if she keeps doing that - the best friends phase will be quite short LOL

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