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    Title: Hope
    Author: Ceillean
    Characters: OC's (bet you didn't see that coming :p )
    Timeline: during NJO
    Notes: Written for the Victorian Roulette Challenge, a very awesome challenge if I might say so.
    My quote reminded me of Hope. Hence the title.

    02. ?We looked into the darkness of futurity as a child gazes after a rocket up in the cloudy sky, full of wondering expectation of the rattle, the discharge, and the brilliant shower of sparks and light.?
    ~ Elizabeth Gaskell, ?Cranford?

    Hundreds of years ago, their home had been beautiful. Nature dominated all. Trees touched puffy blue clouds as they swam along the sky, birds of all shapes and sizes sang their songs while they soared on a gust of warm wind. The people lived in harmony and peace, they valued life above all else.

    War and destruction did not exist in this world.

    Until the Outsiders appeared out of nowhere.

    And destroyed everything these people had ever known.


    ?Aunt Ellie said that over there, where the rocks split the sky in half, there used to be a castle.? Ezio whispered softly pointing straight towards a line of snow covered mountains. ?The King and his Queen lived there for years while they ruled the planet.?

    ?Really?? His little sister Leesa whispered with awe in her voice. ?There used to be a Queen??

    ?Yeah. And a Princess, too.?

    Leesa gasped and crawled closer to her older brother, placing small hands on his arm. ?What happened to them, Ezio??

    The boy shrugged his slender shoulders. The coarse material of the old, worn vest his Aunt had given him bit into his skin but he tried his best to ignore it. Only few were able to afford clothing to keep warm during the night. Leesa and Ezio were lucky.

    ?They died, Leesa.?

    Leesa took a deep breath and sat up, crossing her legs at the ankles. She tilted her head upward to the black sky, watching hundreds if not thousands of stars twinkle on the carpet of space. ?Everyone dies, right??

    Ezio was fourteen years old and he knew all there was to know about death. He?d witnessed it more times than he cared to remember but Leesa was only five. She was innocent in the way of the world and far too young to have to deal with?everything.

    ?Yeah.? Ezio answered slowly. ?Everyone dies.?

    ?What happens when you die??

    Ezio took a deep breath while his eyes wandered down towards the camp. It was forbidden for anyone to visit the camp. There was only one path to the valley, the Path Of The Damned, and if one of the camp members was caught trying to flee, they would immediately be executed. Ezio had witnessed it with his own eyes just a few days earlier. He couldn?t understand the difference between the camp dwellers and those that lived outside the mountainous walls. Up until he?d seen the camp dweller up close.

    He?d been human once. But after the Yuuzhan Vong had finished with him, he was anything but. Just an empty distorted shell of a human being, its only purpose to try and stay alive. Life in the camp ? it wasn?t life at all. It was just a longer wait for death to arrive.

    Ezio pulled his sister into a warm embrace and kissed the top of her head. ?I?m not sure what happens when you die, Leesa.? He gestured to the dark sky above. ?Maybe we become one with the stars.?

    ?You mean we can fly to space and see the stars up close?? There was so much hope in her voice that it nearly broke Ezio?s heart.

    ?Maybe. No one knows for sure.?

    ?I hope we can fly to the stars. Because then dying wouldn?t be all that frightening anymore.?

    Ezio held on to his sister for a long time. He listened to her quiet, steady breathing while his eyes kept darting back to the camp down below. What happened to those whose soul had been taken by the Vong, he wondered? When they died, what awaited them? Even more torment than they had had to endure while they pretended to live? Or would they finally be granted a reprise, peace and quiet?

    Ezio didn?t know. He wished he had the answers to his questions. Because why let them live in the camp, knowing that life this way was agonizing when they/>
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    Very likeable OCs you have here -- you care about what happens to them right off :D

    In just a few words you give them a rich past and a glimmer of hope.

    Splendiferous use of the quote.


  3. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Poor kids and I hope they will be saved before the Vong get them.

    A sequel[face_batting]with them happy and saved.
  4. FelsGoddess Game Host

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    Ceillean, this was fantastic.

    Because in less than ten days, it was their turn to see the Master Shaper. And eventually they would be camp dwellers.

    And then all hope would be lost.

    That line was so moving. You captured the despair perfectly.

    Excellent, moving piece.
  5. Irish_Jedi_Jade Jedi Master

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    I agree with FelsGoddess....that was such a heartbreaking line at the end. I totally want to know more...youuuu should definitely expand this [face_praying] Still, it was wonderfully done, and great job with "mush" that wasn't romantic. Love it!!!

    [face_good_luck] Irish
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    This was a really nice peek at what the "normal" people must have been going through during the Vong war. Very nice story.
  7. Kailene Jedi Youngling

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    [face_love] Wonderful response to the challenge, Cei! [face_love]

    You do realize that the problem with you creating such lovable and real OC's, is that we all fall in love with them and want/need to find out what happens to them. Now, like earlybird-obi-wan said, you have to do a sequel! :p [face_whistling]

  8. Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master

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    You do write the awesomest OCs, Cei. [face_love] Now I want more! Ezio and Leesa are very lovely and I think there's so much you could do with them! :D
  9. Ceillean Jedi Grand Master

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