Hopes and Dreams(Sequel to What if Vader lived instead of died) May 25 05

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    I'm back!! :D

    So many things going on, so much to talk about.

    Luke, listen to Artoo. He knows what he's talking about. The clone is unstable and get out of there.

    Looks like Padme and Leia gets to save someone. Time for the Empire to get what's coming to it. :D
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    Welcome back JSM

    yup looks like things are about to get interesting
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    Mara looked out over the planet of Jomark, a quick look over her scanners she noted that there were landing markers leading into the main part of the city where the crazy Jedi Master resides. She smiled grimly as she followed the markers in casting her old code hoping that no one would shoot her down. No such luck as her radar was obscured and stopped running all together. She fought with the stick trying to land blind. She saw the landing zone and caught site off an X-wing sitting at the gates. She knew it was Skywalkers ship and she was in the right place. She bit her lip as the fighter sailed past the landing zone and slid to a stop hanging over the lip of a cliff. She fought down her panic as the cliff began to crumble sending the fighter 100 ft down. The only good thing about this was her straps kept her from crashing through the cockpit window. The fighter came to a grinding halt as it slid into a rock big enough to keep the fighter from sliding down further. She reached up popping the cockpit open. She gingerly stood up and climbed to the back where the Ysalamiri was sitting. She breathed a sigh of relief when she noted the animals were still alive. Mara strapped the cage onto her back and climbed out. She looked up noting the long climb ahead. She found some footholds and started climbing.
    Mara bit back a cry of frustration as she slid down fifteen feet more making the climb to the top feel impossible to accomplish. She looked up hearing a familiar sound; the x-wing was shining lights into her eyes as Artoo tweeted an enquiry. ?Its me Mara Jade.? She replied.

    The droid beeped a disapproving sound.

    She smiled slightly knowing the droid must remember her and the way she treated his master. ?Will you help me get to the top? Your master is in trouble.?

    She heard distrust in Artoo?s answer. ?I need your masters help.? She said swallowing her pride, ?That master of his was trying to kill me.?

    Artoo thought about it, while Mara chewed on her lower lip hoping the droid would side with her. He lowered the x-wing low enough to let her climb onto the landing gear. She smiled grimly knowing that this was the best she was going to get. She climbed aboard the landing gear and held on tight as the fighter lifted up and over the lip of the cliff. Artoo set the ship down and Mara climbed off and walked towards the gates. C?baoth was there to greet her.

    ?Why have you come?? C?baoth asked with a frown.

    ?I need Luke?s help.? Mara replied with a frown.

    ?He is not ready and I want you to leave immediately, you are interfering with his training.? C?baoth replied.

    ?If I?m interfering with his training then why isn?t he here?? Mara replied with a smirk.

    ?Mara?? Luke asked as he came out of the gate. ?Why are you here??

    Mara looked over at Luke and noted that he looked tired and half out of it. ?I need your help, Thrawn has Karrde.?

    ?I thought I told you to wait inside?? C?baoth questioned with some anger showing.

    ?I seen a ship crash and I thought they could use some help.? Luke replied as he stepped in beside Mara. He drew in a sharp breath noticing the force disappearing. He shook his head to clear his mind. He looked at the master and realized what he was doing. ?My father was right, you?re beyond helping.?

    ?Your father is a traitor to the Jedi, and I will never forgive him for what he did.? C?baoth replied with complete anger. He reached out his arms and shot force lightning at the two of them. It disappeared within a foot from them. ?What??

    Luke raised an eyebrow and shot a grin. ?Ysalamiri are an amazing animal at times even when a jedi has use for them.? He turned his attention to Mara. ?You said Karrde is in trouble??

    Mara nodded. ?Thrawn has him captured. We need to break him free.?

    ?Alright then lets go.? Luke said as they headed to a supply shuttle with very little guards.

    Mara withdrew her blaster and killed them. They ran to the shuttle running up the ramp to prepare the ship for lift o
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    Good that all Luke needed were the closeness of the Ysalamiri Mara brought.

    I love R2, it the most independent droit I ever heard off.

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    Thanks Vadey
    Where did all of my readers go? :(
    heres a new post :)
    Mara landed the supply shuttle onboard the Chimera. Here we go she thought with a grim smile, this was the truth on whether or not they could pull this off. She looked over at Luke was looked ready for this. She got on the comlink, ?this is my first run. Where can we go to rest??

    ?Stay where you are until the ship is unloaded.? Came the prompt reply.

    ?How long will this take?? Mara asked in innocently.

    ?Two hours.? The communications Lieutenant replied.

    Mara nodded as she thanked him, Luke and Mara stood up and headed out of the shuttle while the workers busily unloaded the shuttle next to them. They walked behind the shuttle where they could not see the workers. Luke unhooked his lightsaber and with a snap hiss he lit the lightsaber. The hum disappeared into the background noise. He stuck it into the floor and carved a hole large enough for him and Mara to jump through. He stretched out with the force and kept the piece from falling below. Mara jumped down soundly as he followed in after her. They began walking to a fighter pilot lounge where they could steal some uniforms. ?So how do you propose we get by them?? Mara asked softly.

    ?I can suppress their curiosity enough to get two uniforms it shouldn?t be hard.? Luke replied with concentration clearly etched on his features.

    ?So you plan on walking right in and taking the uniforms?? Mara asked in disbelief.

    Luke nodded as he opened the door and walked in, he stretched out with the force and suppressed their curiosity enough to make them go back to their discussion. He took three black pilot uniforms and walked out listening for any suspicion. He smiled as he handed on uniform to Mara who looked impressed. ?That is a handy trick maybe you could teach that to me sometime.?

    Luke nodded as he slipped into the uniform, ?It only works on minds that are simple minded. It won?t work on the strong.?

    Mara stared at him motioning for Luke to turn around, with a sheepish grin he turned around until Mara told him he could look again. ?Alright were do we go from here?? Luke enquired with a smile.
    Luke stood on top of the garbage pile waiting for Mara to raise him high enough so he could jump up to the grate. They found out what cell Karrde was in and hopefully he was in traveling condition or so that?s what they were hoping. The groaning sounds of the compactor starting up interrupted his thoughts. He felt some sweat trickle down his back as he began to rise up to the top of the garbage. He wondered if Mara might give into her hatred for him and go all the way, those fears were put to rest when the compactor came to a stop just enough to make Luke wondered if she was toying with the idea. Luke stretched out with the force and used it as a springboard to jump up to the grate. He activated his lightsaber and stuck the blade in enough to cute the grate open without drawing any attention. At this time the guards should be in the common room changing shifts. Luke peeked out of the grate and climbed into the hallway when he noted there were no guards. He ran to the cell they were holding Karrde in and walked in. Karrde looked up with a frown. ?We have to hurry, lets go.?

    Karrde raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner.

    Luke took off the helmet, and grinned. ?You ready to leave this place??

    Karrde nodded as he followed Luke out of the cell and down the where to where the grate was cut open. Luke motioned for Karrde to climb in, he wrinkled his nose as he slid into the grate. Luke followed him and carefully placed the cut piece back so no one would notice the gaping hole. He nodded down to the garbage down below, and jumped down. Karrde followed Luke down. ?Whose idea was this?? Karrde asked as Luke handed him a pilot uniform.

    ?Mara?s, she?s controlling our access points.? Luke replied with a grimace.

    ?Ah yes, I knew about Mara?s Imperial background, I just didn?t real
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    He banged his head against the side thinking about how many tortures he could put Lando through before Mon Mothma decides to step in. I was so laughing when I read that.

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    Hey, no fair! You made two posts while I was gone! No fair!! :p

    Great posts, Falcon. Luke has come to his senses, the Noghri are free (sort of), and Anakin and the others are heading home. Yea!!!!
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    thanks you two

    oh lookie lookie
    Mon Mothma stared at Karrde in disbelief as she held her head inbetween her hands. ?The Katana Fleet after all these years has been found.? She looked over at Anakin who looked eager to add something in. ?Is there something you need to add General Skywalker??

    Anakin nodded as he noticed that Fey?lya?s fur stiffened noticing that Anakin was about to tell on him. ?Fey?lya knew about the fleet and he sent Luke and I to find that person who knew about the location.?

    Mon Mothma?s eyes went to Fey?lya who looked stiff in his seat. ?Is this true Counselor??

    Fey?lya shook his head to deny Anakin?s claim when Luke piped up. ?He did.?

    ?I hate you.? Fey?lya muttered under his breath.

    ?What was that Fey?lya? I couldn?t quit hear you mumbling your words.? Anakin challenged with a triumph grin.

    Kay smiled as Fey?lya was forced to repeat his words. ?It was you who sent them on that mission, and they could?ve died because it turned out to be dangerous.?

    Leia looked like she was about to step in when Anakin stood up and glared at the bothan. ?For once the Katana fleet has been found, and we?re sitting here arguing about it while the ships could be under Thrawn?s control by now. We should go after those ships and we should leave immediately.?

    ?Your out of place General, I suggest you sit back down before I order your arrest.? Fey?lya challenged.

    ?Oh excuse me while I rebuke, you?re the one who sent Luke and I on that mission in the first place??

    ?Which you failed into capturing the person I sent you to get.? Fey?lya replied with cold eyes.

    Anakin?s eyes glazed over as he fought to regain control of his anger, the last thing he needed to do was force choke the little weasel here and now. ?Ani.? Padme said from her seat beside him, she reached for his hand knowing that he was nearing borderline. He looked down at her and his anger cooled off after looking in her pleading eyes. He sat down glaring at Fey?lya.

    ?Karrde what are your conditions for the location?? Mon Mothma asked as she turned her attention to him, she felt some relief that Anakin was able to control himself, if Padme hadn?t stepped in she was sure he would?ve force choked the bothan.

    ?Let my group continue on with our activities with no interference.? Karrde said.

    Mon Mothma nodded as she looked at Fey?lya. ?Counselor you will take a fleet out in the morning??

    ?I think we should go now.? Lando added with a glare to Fey?lya to keep quiet.

    ?Hoffner is a man who will accept bribes, and he won?t be hard to break either.? Han added with a nod.

    Mon Mothma sat back and thought about it, Lando Han and Anakin were instant they leave immediately but on the other hand it would take a while to gather a fleet. ?We leave in the morning.?

    Anakin stood up and walked out of the room. The door refused to slam as he used the force to close it.
    Leia stood up and walked out of the room and ran after her father, he really was instant and deep down she knew he was right. ?Father wait up.?

    Anakin stopped in his tracks and waited for Leia to catch up to him. ?Save it, I don?t want another lecture.?

    ?No its not that, I want you to accompany me back to my apartment. I have a request of you.? Anakin raised an eyebrow in wonderment as he followed her back.
    Karrde looked at his second in command, ?I want you to go to the wild Karrde and download a file called Plights.?

    Mara raised an eyebrow at him wondering. ?It?s the location isn?t it??

    Karrde nodded as he stood up and stretched. ?I want you to bring it to the Solo?s apartment. We have to move now, we can?t wait till morning by then it will be too late. I?ll meet you at the Solo?s.?

    Mara nodded as she ran to the Wild Karrde. She didn?t think that he would be so willing to give the location; then again Karrde knew it would be bad if Thrawn got his hands on the ships.
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    the last thing he needed to do was force choke the little weasel here and now.

    Oh, come on! Let him! Pretty please? :D :D

    Incoming? :eek: Who? Not the Imperals! Ack!!!
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    Thanks you two

    well heres more :D
    Han flagged over the tech leader. ?Does this thing have weapons of any kind we could use to defend ourselves against an attack??

    Anselm nodded motioning his weapons tech forward. ?Mat, show him where he can find the weapons.?

    Mat nodded as he motioned Han forward, he took him to the weapons control and Han noted the weapons were still online. He smiled as he studied the controls.
    Anakin yanked back on his stick performing a complete corkscrew ending it in a loop that brought him in behind the fighter that was tailing him only a few seconds ago. He suppressed the trigger, with a smug grin the tie erupted into a ball of flames. He looked to star board and noted that his XO had a tie on his tail. ?Shadow Two turn port and I will cover you.? He watched as his Fern turned port letting Anakin get the drop in on him from the front. He blasted the tie resulting in another ball of flame.

    ?Shadow Lead this is Rogue Lead, nine has detected another wave being launched.?

    ?I copy Rogue Lead.? Anakin replied looking down at his scanners picking up wave two off of the star destroyer Judicator. ?Sir I?m starting to pick up New Republic signals but they?re just sitting there.? Three reported.

    ?I copy Shadow Three, its Fey?lya and he?s not too pleased with us.? Anakin replied with a grimace. ?We?re on our own.?

    ?Wonderful.? Four said sarcastically over the com taking out another tie fighter.
    Fey?lya looked at Captain Virgilio, ?Hold us right here Captain.?

    ?Yes Counselor.? Virgilio replied stopping his flagship from moving any further in.

    ?We can?t just abandon them.? Leia Organa Solo said from her seat beside her mother. ?My brother husband and father are out there.? Not to mention close friends, she added silently.

    ?One mustn?t place personal considerations in for their own sake.? Fey?lya replied aiming a blaster at her.

    Leia felt her anger rise and knew what would happen if she did. She was close to force choking the bothan herself. ?And leave friends family and personal we can?t really spare at risk?? Leia challenged gritting her teeth.

    ?And what about the safety of your unborn children?? Fey?lya posed with what had to be a triumph smile.

    Leia?s hand unconsciously touched her swollen belly. ?That?s not fair.? She whispered looking down, she wondered if she should try yanking the blaster from him through the force, but she couldn?t risk being stunned. She would lose the twins. Maybe if he shifted just a bit to the left she would try jumping him but she felt helpless. ?If??

    Fey?lya interrupted by turning on the intercom. ?How much longer till we can jump to lightspeed??

    ?One minute or so.? Virgilio answered.

    ?As quickly as you can Captain.? Fey?lya replied turning off the intercom. ?Now you were saying counselor??

    ?If they die or are captured??

    ?The Katana is firing.? Karrde said looking out of the window. Leia looked over a blast was sent out incinerating Imperial ships in its path.

    Karrde was scribbling something down on a data pad and stood up as Leia continued speaking. ?They know a great deal about the New Republic and how the system works Fey?lya. Do you want the Empire to get a hold of that knowledge??

    ?Leia I?m afraid your missing the Counselors point.? Karrde spoke as he casually set down a data pad on the console beside her. ?Your naturally concerned about your friends and family.? He turned to face Fey?lya, ?and Fey?lya here has a different set of priorities.?

    Leia hazard a glance over at the data pad Karrde had dropped. Six words were sitting on the screen, turn on the intercom and com. Leia turned her attention to Fey?lya and his blaster but noticed the bothan?s attention was on Karrde. She grimly smiled stretching out with the force and turning on each with a soundless click. ?I don?t understand. What other priorities could Counselor Fey?lya have??

    ?It?s simple
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    Good thinking of Karrde.
    Han wants to play with the chicken walker?
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    Well, well, well. [face_devil] It looks like someone got what was coming to him. HeeHeeHee [face_devil]

    Oh, no! Imperials have entered the ship! :eek: Go Luke and Han!!!!!
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    thanks for the feedback you two

    well I had to reformat my harddrive due to the MSBlaster worm

    so now I lost the next post to this story it will be an extra couple of days before I will be able to post.

    so sit tight an thanks for reading :)
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    Mara looked out of her ship, she noted that most of the ships were New Republic. ?It looks like they did alright on their own.? Aves voice sounded over the com. ?Karrde where do you want us?? Mara asked over her com.

    ?Help the squadrons clear out the next wave.? Karrde replied.

    ?I copy Karrde.? Mara replied as she sung her Z95 headhunter around looking for a particular x-wing, she knew that Anakin was out here she could feel him near. ?Mara, we could use your people on the far side of the dog fight.? Anakin?s voice came over the comlink. ?I copy Shadow leader.? Mara replied as she keyed in marks for the rest of Karrdes group.

    ?Sir, we?re picking up anomalies from hyperspace.? Shadow two voiced.

    Anakin looked over to where he caught site of a wave, his heart sunk as he recognized the Peremptory come out of hyperspace, backup had arrived, the Imperials backup. ?Not good. All wings form up around the Quenfis.? Anakin ordered over the com. ?Mara, take the far side and form up behind the Darklighter.? Anakin said over the com. He heard acknowledgements as everyone formed up around the ship.

    ?General, I?ve picked up five waves being launched.? Six reported.

    ?Take those ties out, and don?t go easy on the carriers either.? Anakin commanded as the squadrons split up. He watched as the Imperials started shooting at the Katana. Anakin swore under his breath. ?They must know the Katana is under Alliance control. We need to take that destroyer out.?

    ?How without that type of fire power we won?t be able to.? Mara said in between her teeth.

    ?Mara, where?s your location?? Anakin asked suddenly.

    ?I?m on the far side of the destroyer, why?? Mara asked but realized too late why Anakin was asking.

    ?You?re in the fire beams range, turn hard to port and swing around on the other side.? Anakin replied feeling his heart sink, he didn?t want to see her get hurt not after everything she had been through.

    He watched with horror as Mara?s fighter ran right into the beam, he watched her eject and tried swiveling away from the beams but was too late as another beam took out her chair. He lowered his head feeling her barely hanging on then there was nothing.
    Everyone backed up into the room hitting the door; Han reached over and blasted the controls knowing that would give them a few minutes to prepare. ?The netting should hold them long enough to use the ATST laser on them.? Han said as he watched Luke climbed up into the cockpit.

    ?Everyone should head to the next room and wait for my signal.? Luke shouted out.

    The techs where flush faced nervous and exhilarated that they had survived their first firefight ran into the next room as Han climbed up into the cockpit and stay just below Luke.

    Luke felt something through the force, he shuddered at their touch. Something didn?t feel right about the Imperial troops. ?They?re slitting up.? Pronounced.

    ?They?re trying to flank us then.? Han said as he got out his comlink. ?Lando, they?re splitting up, be on the lookout when they come on the other side.?

    ?I copy Han.? Lando replied before cutting the transmission.

    ?Here they come.? Luke said as liquid metal appeared. When the troops walk through the door the metal net will fall keeping them in place long enough for Luke to get a shot off. The door fell to the floor with a thump, when all the troops walked through and stood underneath the metal mesh Han cut the rope.

    Luke swiveled the head around and let off a shot that killed all of the troops in one shot messing up the floor even worse then it had already been. Parts sparked and smoke appeared. ?That?s the only shot we?re getting out of this thing, it needs repairs in a bad way.? Luke reported motioning for Han to climb down the ladder.

    Han nodded in acknowledgement as he looked over to the door. ?Lando, anything yet??

    ?Nothing yet. We still have at least five of them running around, though we could take them out at our leisure now.? Land
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    Time to stop that crasy clone and then Thrawn.
    I hope Mara will recover.
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    I'm really losing it when it comes to remembering SW books: I don't remember the Katana sending a ship into a Star Destroyer. Oh, well.

    Great post! Good thing Anakin's there to give them info on the Clone Wars.

    Does Han need a med center? :D Finding out Boda Fett is a clone is bound to send someone into a coma! :D :D :D
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    Two months later Pellaeon looked out the window noting the black of space and the stars peppered space. He looked over to a com officer who was reporting to Thrawn. ?Sir, all reports show we?re battle ready.? The com officer listened to reports pouring in, ?the task force is just starting to check in.?

    ?Very good Lieutenant.? Thrawn replied, ?Captain Pellaeon.?

    ?Yes sir?? Pellaeon replied as he began to search his superiors? features for the stress he himself was feeling. As usual Thrawn was showing no stress at all.

    ?Begin to countdown.? Thrawn commanded.

    ?Yes sir.? Pellaeon replied as he turned to all eight holograms. ?Gentlemen, Launch marks. Bellicose, three minutes.?

    ?Acknowledged Chimera.? Aban acknowledged with proper demeanor, he punched his left fist into his right indicating victory disappearing from the row of holograms, long-range communications being cut off as their shields went up.

    ?Relentless, mark four point five minutes.? Pellaeon ordered.

    ?Acknowledged Chimera.? Captain Dorja replied as he cuffed his right hand into his left, indicating victory as he too disappeared from the row of holograms.

    ?Judicator, mark six minutes.? Pellaeon said.

    ?We?re ready Chimera.? Captain Brandei said with a soft voice that sounded wrong to Pellaeon.

    ?This is war Captain.? Thrawn said quietly as he walked up beside Pellaeon, ?you should be concentrating on your assignment, and not to concentrate on personal revenge.?

    ?I understand Admiral.? Brandei replied.

    ?Do you?? Thrawn asked with a raise of his eyebrow. ?Do you really understand Captain??

    ?I understand that my duty is to the Empire and to you Admiral, and the crew under my command.? Brandei replied with sincerity.

    ?Good see to it, make sure it stays that way.? Thrawn replied warning underlining his tone.

    ?Yes sir.? Brandei replied as he disappeared from the holograms.

    ?Captain, continue on with the count down.?

    ?Yes sir.? Pellaeon replied; he finished the list without any more incidents.

    ?Sir the Stormhawk reports the guide frigates has launched on time with all of their tow cables functioning properly. We?ve just intercepted a general emergency call from the Ando System.?

    ?The Bellicose and its task force are right on schedule. Any response sir?? Pellaeon said.

    ?The rebel base at Ord Pardon has acknowledged.? Thrawn replied. ?It?ll be interesting to see how much help they send.?

    Pellaeon nodded, knowing that the Rebels had seen enough of Thrawns tactics to know this was a feint and will respond accordingly. Though one star destroyer and eight dread naughts would not be placed out of hand either.

    Pellaeon knew it didn?t matter, they would send a few ships to fight the Bellicose and a few more to send to fight the Judicator at Filve and a few more to Crondre to fight the Nemesis, and so on and so on. By the time the Death?s Head hit the base itself Ord Pardon would be screaming for backup themselves that would leave the system ripe for the plucking.

    He knew that all would be left was a turbo laser and the planetary shield, most thought that gaining control of a planet with its planetary shield still intact would be impossible, but today that history will fall with Ukio itself.

    ?Intercepted a distress signal from Filve, Ord Pardon is responding.? The comm. officer reported.

    ?Good.? Thrawn replied as he turned his attention to Pellaeon, ?We will move in seven minutes. Now is the time to confirm that our Jedi Master is ready.?

    Pellaeon hid a grimace thinking about the insane clone of a long dead Jedi Master, he stood up taking a deep breath. ?I?ll go sir.?

    ?Thank you Captain.? Thrawn said, as if Pellaeon had much choice anyways.

    Pellaeon walked down the corridor to where C?baoth was waiting. He felt the pull as soon as he left the Ysalamari bubble.

    ?Come in.? C?baoth said with a tight smile. ?I have been waiting for you.?

    ?The battle has required my full attention.? Pellaeon answered.

    ?Of course.? C?baoth answered in under
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    Leia needs lots of rest; what is Mon Mothma thinking?

    At least, they got away. C'baoth lost them!! :D
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    I have a bad feeling about this!
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    Oh, will El Clono show up?

    *checks to see that Valiento isn't around*
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    All caught up!! (finally)

    nice job! THis time, I;m not going to fall so far behind!
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    This is great. :D

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback I see a couple of new readers in here

    welcome :)

    ?I presume, you have an explanation for breaking the attack off at Filve.? Thrawn asked in his cool deadly voice.

    C?baoth looked up slowly, and noted the Ysalamari slung across Thrawns shoulders. ?Do you have an explanation Grand Admiral Thrawn??

    ?You sent the entire task force at Filve at a dead end chase, not to mention we lost the fight here at Ukio.? Thrawn answered letting some anger show.

    ?And you?ve failed to produce my jedi.? C?baoth answered with anger.

    ?You had Luke Skywalker, and you failed to keep him there.? Thrawn reminded with a frown. ?You can?t blame me for that mistake.?

    ?I didn?t fail to keep him there, if it wasn?t for Mara Jade I would?ve had him completely under my control.? C?baoth answered with a glare.

    ?Captain, place C?baoth under tight security, order a shuttle and take him back to Wayland I can?t afford to let him make mistakes like this. He is to stay in the throne room and will be placed under house arrest.?

    ?Yes sir.? Pellaeon replied feeling some relief show.

    ?You can?t do that! I am the heir to the Empire, and you are suppose to answer to me.? C?baoth argued with anger.

    ?Follow me Captain, order a detail to come down here immediately with Ysalamari.?

    ?Yes sir.? Pellaeon replied as he thought about something, was there something he needed to bring to Thrawns attention? He couldn?t think of it, he knew it would come eventually.

    ?You?ll regret this day Thrawn, your Ysalamari can live for only so long.?
    It was called the Calius saj Leeloo, the City of the Glowing Crystal of Berchest, and it had been one of the most spectacular wonders of the galaxy since the earliest days of the old republic. The entire city was nothing more or less than a single gigantic crystal, created over eons by saltile spray from the dark orange waters of the Leefari Sea that roiled up against the low bluff upon which it rested. The original city had been painstakingly sculpted from the crystal over decades by local Berchestian artisans, whose descendants continued to guide and nurture its slow growth.

    At the height of the Old Republic Calius had been a major tourist attraction, its populace making a comfortable living from the millions of beings who flocked to the stunning beauty of the city and its surroundings. But the chaos of the Clone Wars and the subsequent rise of the empire had taken a severe toll on such idle amusements and Calius had been force to turn to other means for its support.

    Fortunately, the tourist trade had left a legacy of well-established trade routes between the Berchest and most of the galaxy?s major systems. The oblivious station was for the Berchestians to promote Calius as a trade center; and while the city was hardly to the level yet of Svivren or Ketaris, they had achieved a modest degree of success.

    The only problem now, it was on the Imperial side of the line.

    A squad of stormtroopers marched down the street at a fast pace. Luke Skywalker pulled his hood tighter around his head, to keep his face hidden. He stretched out with the force and found normal thinking patterns. He looked over his shoulder and noted someone was following him. He began to walk down the road towards a shop, he stopped and pretended to study the contents inside the store. He quickly through a glance over his shoulder and noted the man was doing the same thing.

    He began to walk towards the bridge, wondering if his pursuer would follow him to the middle of the bridge that was just ahead of him, he threw a quick look over his shoulder and noted his pursuer was stopped and disappeared around the corner into an ally. Luke kept walking towards the bridge deciding on whether or not he should follow the troops to where was he sure there were clones or head back to his ship and check out the planet he got coordinates from the last batch that walked through here.

    He cast a glance over his
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    I loved Anakin being mischiefious( is that an actual word?) in the face of this situation.
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