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Hostage to Darkness!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by SiriGallia, Mar 15, 2001.

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  1. SiriGallia

    SiriGallia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 28, 2001
    [Briefly I should mention that this is a sample chapter from a book I will never have the nerve to publish! But I like to write a lot and some kids sugjested I post a chapter here! Please post what you think]
    A sharp wail pierced the normal sounds of the dinning hall. Children began to all talk at once, Ari-Yon shivered, that siren usually meant on thing. Master Ezwynn and Master Liront came in to the room, Master Ezwynn began gather the younger students together and Master Liront gather the older students together. "Children!" Master Liront called in his deep voice. "We want each one of you to pick a fellow student within the group your in and make sure you both get to your rooms! Make sure you all get to your room!" He called. Ari-Yon picked Qui-Gon instantly, but Qui-Gon wouldn't go unless Tahl was coming. So Tahl made it easy and picked both of them and all three started out of the room with the flow of students.
    "Do you think it could be.." Tahl began as they walked quickly down the hall.
    "Undoubtedly." Ari-Yon agreed grimly.
    "A fire." Qui-Gon finished dodging Yael who was running down the hall at a fast pace.
    "Isn't that your room Tahl?" Ari-Yon asked as they approached it.
    "Yes. You two be careful alright?" Tahl warned softly.
    "We will." Qui-Gon assured her. After Tahl went into her room Qui-Gon and Ari-Yon started back down the hall. "Good thing our rooms are right next to each other. " Qui-Gon said as they ran. Suddenly a warning was called over the emergency speaker.
    "Warning, Warning, all students with rooms on floor seven, section four, rooms ten through fifteen stay away from your rooms. A fire is spreading slowly there. Repeat stay away from your rooms. Warning, warning all students.."
    Qui-Gon and Ari-Yon stopped short. Ari-Yon looked at Qui-Gon, "We are on floor.."
    "Six," Qui-Gon replied grimly.
    "And our room is on level.."
    "Right, one level up, and our section is four. My room is room 15."
    "And mine is room 14." Qui-Gon said tying off there problem with sigh of exasperation.
    "Now what do we do?" Ari-Yon asked. There was a very long silence as the alarms continued there mewing sound.
    "Well," Qui-Gon said quietly. "They speaker didn't say were to go if your room was there." Suddenly the speaker blared again.
    "Warning, warning, everyone with rooms on level 6 please evacuate to the lightsaber practice chamber, the floor of level 7 will collapse at any moment repeat anyone on level 6 evacuate! Warning, warning, everyone with rooms on level 6...."
    "'Everyone on level 6' would include us!" Ari-Yon exclaimed.
    "Right, come on, she said the lightsaber training room." Qui-Gon agreed.
    "I have a feeling we are forgetting something." Ari-Yon said as they climbed into the turbo lift. "Let's hope the lift doesn't short out if it did we would..."
    "We didn't forget something!" Qui-Gon exclaimed desperately trying to find the switch to take them back up. "We forgot someone, Tahl!" Ari-Yon quickly tried to find the switch, he had been on this turbo lift hundreds of times, why couldn't he find the switch now?! They landed on the second floor and there was a screech of straining repulser lifts and a sparks flashed above them. "The lift control board is on level 7!" Qui-Gon exclaimed. "If we don't get out now will plummet to the bottom." Ari-Yon found the switch to take the up, but the control board was smoking. Suddenly Qui-Gon grabbed out his lightsaber and activated it. "Something isn't right about this." He said under his breath. "Something doesn't feel right." He thrust lightsaber into the lift door and began cutting a hole.
    "We could just open the door." Ari-Yon said irritably.
    "We could." Qui-Gon agreed pushing the small circle he had cut out of it's spot in the door. There was an ominous crash of something metal hitting a floor. "But it would be a long drop." Qui-Gon said grimly.
    "We aren't at the second floor!" Ari-Yon exclaimed.
    "No," Qui-Gon agreed. "We are stuck somewhere between levels four and five. Those sparks were the emergency b
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