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KC, MO HOTA November Meeting

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by SouthernSith, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. SouthernSith

    SouthernSith Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 9, 2007
    November meeting
    Sunday, November 18, 2007 3:00pm
    Crown Center (Downstairs in the shops, Just outside of Kabuki, at the tables off the main lobby)
    The agenda:
    *Voting on Charter Amendments
    * Holiday party planning
    - date
    - location
    - activities (contest, movie exchange, etc.)
    - adopt a family?
    *Nominations for vacant treasurer position
    *"Fanboys" movie opportunities
    * winter 'doldrum' event ideas
    - bowling
    - movie nights
    - game outings
    * Other issues TBD

  2. SouthernSith

    SouthernSith Jedi Master star 1

    Sep 9, 2007
    Here are the minutes of the Nov. meeting:

    Attendees: BMXJedi.Joe, Darth3PO, Connor2k, Darth Venomous, Lordstimpy, Mama Fett, Tantive 4, Mandalorian Hunter, Mandalorian Wife

    1) Holiday Party
    We have two possible options at this time - Connor's house in Shawnee on December 8, or Stimpy's house in Liberty on December 15th.
    Location will be decided by the members online after everyone gets a chance to decide if they would like to host the HOTA Holiday Party. If you would like to offer to be host please let someone on the council know and we will add your name to the list.
    The official party will start off the evening and progress into an unofficial party. Time will be announced when location is determined.
    Those in attendance would like to include "white elephant" gift exchange with a minimum of a $5 gift and maximum $15.

    2) Adopt a Family
    We are needing to know how many members are planning on participating in the adopt a family event. The number will determine the size of family that we could adopt or if we need to cancel for this year. A thread will be put up requesting information for this.

    3) Amendment Changes - All Changes were voted on at the meeting with a chance for those not present to vote online through Nov. 27

    Tied votes during Elections
    For details, look Here

    Reorganization of officer duties
    For details, look Here

    4)Opening on the Council - Treasurer Position
    First we would like to thank Bart for helping the new council get situated and getting things sorted out on how to do the many necessary things that go on behind the scenes.
    Nominations are open online through December 31. Elections will be held at the January mtg. Only full members are allowed to nominate, be nominated or hold office.
    We had three nominations at the meeting.
    a) Amy TBD
    b) Joe accepted nomination
    c) Connor accepted nomination

    5) FAN BOYS opening is January 11
    Preliminary planning of possible ways that HotA could get involved were discussed:
    Have costumed as well as non-costumed members at theater(s)
    Hand out business cards and promote the group
    Should we hit one theater or spread out in groups of 6-8 and hit several? General consensus was to cover several theaters.
    Theaters to be determined
    Number of shows to be covered?
    Location of after party?
    Possibility of our own showing????

    6) Winter doldrum activity ideas:
    Movie nights (an ongoing thing for us)
    Bowling night/tournament - possibly on a weeknight or have two, one during the week and one on a weekend.
    Mini Golf
    Poker night
    Power Play

    Connor will be having a birthday party for his son on January 5. He would like anyone who can to come in costume if possible.
    The evening of January 5 will be Angie's 40th birthday party.
    Stimpy and Joe will celebrate their birthdays together with a party on February 23.
    Details of all three of these birthday events will be announced later.

    7) HOTA site changes
    Council members' information needs to be changed on the HOTA site, both on the contact page and the Official Members page. Connor will take care of this. Council members need to notify Conner of first name, forum name, title, email address and if available give him a photo. Angie will get this info to Connor.

    8 ) More Changes to the HOTA site. We are now on our second most wanted in the Bounty Office. If you haven't seen the HOTA most wanted, go to the BountyOffice in Docking Bay 94 and then Track down HOTA's most wanted!

    9) MOQ
    At the end of the meeting the council took a few minutes to take open the floor for a Member of the Quarter discussion. Some of the biggest concerns discussed at the meeting for this program were the following...

    -By what standard are we calling "going above and beyond" normal membership activity? Many members do many similar things, who is to say which is more important and why? Can we just reward participation in a normal way, such as thank you and board recognition?

    -Many companies do these sorts of things to encourage work performance. All of us her
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