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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by ENIGMA2006, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. ENIGMA2006

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    May 21, 2006
    **** a nationwide magic competetion to find the best national magician. 7 contestants will compete for the title of the National Best Magician. This will be broadcasted on live television for the country to see straight from Harry Houdini's mansion in Manhattan, New York. But there is a rumor going around that the ghost of Houdini still walks those halls.
    Only you can find out as you compete in his mansion. What will happen to you?
    You and 7 others will be competeing in a magical competetion on live television in Harry Houdini's mansion. It is believed that his ghost roams the halls, but nobody really knows.
    1.swearing is allowed. Do not overdo it.
    2.No magic tricks that defy the laws of physics. if it has been done, you can do it. If it is imposible....YOU CAN'T DO THAT! original. do not copy things from magic books, or use a magician's name.
    4.respect one another...
    5.listen to me and the co-gm. other gms may allow one thing, I may not allow it. so sorry. that gm is themself, I am me. get over it.*I will establish co-gm at a time I see fitting.
    6.there is no reason for god-modding. This is a magic tournament...nothing that should be god-modded.
    7.if yo join, post. If you don't join...don't post. so, if you want to join, just for a free post to get your post count up, don't waste my time.
    8.PM CS to me...if not you will be ignored. may post for family and friends, but do not let that interfere with main going ons.
    10.make friends. don't be a loner. yeah, you may be like me and all, where you aren't real social, but at least interact with one another. it gets broing when you don't.
    11.have fun and don't ruin another's good time.
    Charcacter Sheets
    hometown:(town you represent)
    -hair style:
    -hair colour:
    -eye colour:
    -magician name:(if used)
    -main act:(illusionist, escape artist...)
    -years of magical practice:
    -most performed trick:
    --Bio:(tell us a bit about yourself)

    **I need two people to join to be impartial judges. be like the American Idol judges if you want..give critisism...that stuff....or I may recruit two of my own. just depends.[/color]

    NP edit: Copying other people's RPGs is a no-no.
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