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Oceania How do you all talk?

Discussion in 'Oceania Discussion Boards' started by theScreenwriter, Sep 29, 2001.

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  1. imzadi Jedi Master

    Member Since:
    Sep 19, 2000
    star 4
    I was asked by an American friend to explain "Up yourself", so I think that might be australian slang. I'll give an example of the usage.

    "You are so up yourself." Meaning: "You are so conceited."

    Also, I've heard that Australians generally speak faster than the Brittish people or Americans. Oh, another one, sometimes for Brittish people, Australians use the term "Poms".

    1 Brittish person is a Pom or a Pommy.
    2 or more Brittish people are Poms or Pommies. (I apologise if anyone finds this offensive).

    Also, though this is less common (at least I think so), "Bright eyed and bushy tailed" is an australian phrase, I think. It's used when you're wide awake and alert (it's a description of a nocternal animal).
  2. Kehleyr Jedi Master

    Member Since:
    Jul 22, 2001
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    mebbe screenie needs to go to Tazzy or to Sheepland ;)
  3. LittleJedi Jedi Padawan

    Member Since:
    Jun 4, 2001
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    I think here in Oz, swear words have lost a lot of their effect. My teachers don't even flinch if you say $h!t, and i use 'bugger' all the time. (Man, i loved those bugger ads.... LOL)

    I think Ketchup and Tomato Sauce are slightly different. I think one has vinegar and the other doesn't. Oh well.

    And i think we do have rather strong accents - we just don't notice them. It's only when you compare them to other accents that you realise...

    Other 'slang' my frinds and i use:
    Down south - any state other than the NT (where i live)
    Stuff it - who cares?
    Screw this - stuff it (see above)

    I'll write more later, methinks.

    -Little Aussie Jedi-
  4. soneil Jedi Padawan

    Member Since:
    Nov 30, 2000
    star 4
    Here in WA, we often refer to the rest of the country as the eastern states. Sometimes that excludes SA and NT though since they're not all the way to the east.
  5. Sith-Gecko Jedi Padawan

    Member Since:
    Jun 26, 2001
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    Mike Myers was extremely excited when he was on The Panel and found out he could say "bugger" on TV here. He was saying it every few seconds. :)
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