how do you gain "control" of an area??

Discussion in 'FanForce Communications' started by SnapHiss, Aug 31, 2001.

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    I'm from the central PA area, and there doesn't seem to be much orginazation. Just wondering.

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    Taken from the FanForce [link=]FAQ[/link] thread:

    **I'd make a great moderator! Can you list me as the moderator for my city?

    FanForce does not recognize moderators in the traditional sense. Instead moderators have been effectively replaced by City Representatives (CR's.) It is important for all City Representaive aspirants to understand that this role is inclusive of, but not exclusive to moderation of the city forums. While moderating is a key responsibility of CR's, the position has been greatly expanded.

    City Representatives must be (first and foremost,) leaders -- capable of organizing and supporting an entire community of city-wide fans. As a CR, you are there to serve and represent your organization. You must garner their trust and their support. They have to believe that you can be called upon to represent them and TFN in any capacity.

    A key point to understand is that CR's do not appoint themselves as such. In addition, FanForce Staff do not appoint moderators, either. As FanForce is essentially "for the fans, by the fans," we trust that CR's can, and will, be appointed by the cities themselves. We expect that this will stem from cities meeting together, planning activities together, and communicating on the forums together. FanForce cities will use these avenues to deicde on a CR.
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