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    I could see the episode numbers being dropped after IX, but the story continuing for a few more films. Then a reboot simply titled Star Wars.
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  3. ShaneP Ex-Mod Officio

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    I'm thinking two more trilogies. So twelve.

    But they could also do other trilogies not part of this storyline in SW too.
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    If they go to 12 and or to 15 what will they call the trilogies after 7-9? 1-3 is prequel (PT), 4-6 is Original (OT), 7-9 is sequel (ST). Will 10-12 be Sequel Sequel trilogy (SST) and 13-15 be Sequel Sequel Sequel trilogy (SSST)?
  5. Darth Eddie Jedi Master

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    A fourth trilogy could be interesting. frankly im most comfortable with star wars being a trilogy of trilogies. the concept of whatever 9-12 could be can just as easily by a spinoff instead of a continuation... at 9 episodes, unless the next trilogy ties back to the PT/OT extremely, then it seems like the finite story of the Skywalkers may start to feel a little protracted. I'm all for spinoffs though. Bring em on.
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    I hope they don't go past 9, to be honest. Sure, they could continue the story of the new characters in movies after that, but I would like for the Episodes to be closely tied together - too many generations would break that.
    Also, I like the symmetry of a trilogy of trilogies.
  7. hachijedi Jedi Master

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    I think the Episodes will end at 9. They will make more movies but they won't be called "Episode" it would be something like:

    "Star Wars: Old Republic" or "Star Wars: Rebels" or "Star Wars: Beginnings/Origins". A subtitle like that.
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    What sort of time-frame are we talking? The next 20 years? Depends on the response to the ST and the stand-alone films. Probably no higher than 12 at most in the next couple of decades in the numbered sequence.

    Looking further out, I think SW films will continue to be made for quite some time, like other ongoing franchises. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Star Wars film released in 50 years.
  9. GunganSlayer Jedi Knight

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    How many episodic films do I see Disney making?

    One too many.
  10. Slash78 Jedi Master

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    At some point someone will go back, look at Lucas' first treatment for the 9-12 part series and do that. Clone Wars, fall of Anakin Skywalker in Ep 1-3, Luke rescues the princess in Ep IV, Vader confronted, first Death Star destroyed at the end of Episode 6, Luke meets his sister who isn't Leia this time, Emperor offed at the end of 9.
  11. Chewgumma Jedi Grand Master

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    To quote Weird Al Yankovich, "They'll be making these movies to the end of time."

    As long as these movies are super profitable we'll be seeing more of them. And if the main episodes have a significantly larger profit margin than the spin-offs you can expect Disney to keep making more.
  12. Frank_TJ_Mackey Jedi Grand Master

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    there's no real treatments or notes for episodes 10-12.......Lucas said many times that episodes 10-12 were tangential to the saga.....one was about Chewbacca's homeworld (basically an ewok movie with wookies).

    Since last october, I wrote this many times :

    If Disney does produce episodes 10-12, it won't have anything to do with Lucas. It will be about the new characters starring in episodes 7-9 and their children..

    I can see Disney going ahead with a sequel to episodes 9 in 10-15 years. It would be a pretty big event, as much as the return of the big three will be for our generation.

    Hopefully, we will care about the new characters introduced in the ST and we will be (and our children) calling for a sequel like we do now for Luke and company.