VIDEO How to get by the law on Manaan after poisoning the Sea Monster in KOTOR?

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    Thread title. Whoever has an answer PLEASE help me with this. Thank you in advance.
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    You need to consult the Jedi Googlecron and ask for a sacred Force walkthrough.
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    If I remember right there is no way to avoid being banished from Mannan if you kill the big fish. You fight the law, but the law wins.
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    There are ways, depends how good your dialogue options are.
    You can essentially blackmail the court by saying you will tell people there is no more Kolto unless they let you go (and don't ban the Republic either).

    It doesn't really matter if you do that mission as the last thing on the planet, because then you don't need to come back. But i do like the covert assassination missions that the Rodian offers you, and unless you are allowed to come back to Manaan you won't be able to claim rewards from him.
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    This is why I want to be able to come back to Manaan. I collected my reward for killing the guy on Dantooine but that's it. I want to finish the quest.

    I found this after posting the OP last night, I'll see if this works:

    Google doesn't answer everything. I appreciate the common "use Google" response though.