How to really combat terror

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    It's come to my attention that the current "War on Terror" is not an effective solution to be using for fighting Musilm extremists.

    Why? Because you have to understand their mentality. They think that they're doing humanity a favor, they don't see their actions as wrong or "evil" in any way. They see the US and the "west" as a threat to their religion, and they justify their actions by declaring a worldwide state of "jihad" or holy war against the unbelievers.

    From a certain point of view, this claim could have some merit.

    -the "west" is globalizing its views on how to live life through the media, which is shown all over middle eastern television. Most families in the middle east get a dose of "The Bold and the Beautiful" every day, and the views of those programs conflict with the muslim lifestyle and way of life.
    -muslim restricions and traditions are being ignored and prohibited more and more around the world, like the ban on head scarves in France, Turkey, and other countries.
    -muslim countries are always at war for some reason or another; Palestine has been under occupation and at a constant state of war for the past decade or more with no intervention, Bosnian muslims virtually got wiped out by Serbs in a matter of days in Srebrenica, Chechnya has people dying all the time, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. all this could appear as a global conspiracy against Islam.

    Islam does seem to be getting pushed and shoved all over the place, but is this enough to actually call a holy war?

    In my opinion, the end to terror will never come by force. No matter how many people you kill or throw into Guantanamo Bay, there will always be others, new recruits, who are so eager to serve their religion that they are ready to listen to anything any religious looking person says.

    The end to terror is from within. Islamic scholars and good muslim leaders must hold a council with representatives of the extremists and discuss the issues at hand. Each should present the other with proof from the Qur'an and hadiths to support their claims. If a mutual understading is reached through EDUCATION, the motivation for the extremism would instantly die when they see that what they've been doing is wrong and NOT a favor to humanity.

    This move however would need a lot of support from the west. Muslims are unorganized. Most of the muslim countries are run by corrupt leaders. There is no unity, there is no "Muslim Council" where leaders are chosen to represent Islam on a global scale, there is no quality Islamic programming on television - Islam needs to be reorganized and restructured. Only by doing this can Islam have a voice and more non-muslims would understand Islam, more muslims would be able to tolerate and live in harmony with people of other religions as they are supposed to and vice versa, and most importantly, extremism and terrorism would be destroyed by giving all muslims EDUCATION of their own religion and create unity from the various points of view.

    If the US and the EU cooperated with this muslim council and agreed to be more respectful to the traditions and lifestyles of the muslims and sort of give them a little push in the right direction where organization and especially media are concerned, this would be regarded as a notion of peace and good will. They've already started doing that with making various countries in the middle east hold democratic elections, and I'm sure that if they gave them more help like that, the Islamic nation would flourish and we would be one step closer to global unity and tolerance.

    Comments please

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    see: [link=]Retrospection on Iraq--The war's buildup, execution and justification[/link]

    or: [link=]Iraq: Moving forward after the 'Three Week's War'. [/link]

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    These threads should provide a good starting point
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