How will your collecting habits change w/ the new films?

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by PadmeLeiaJaina, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. PadmeLeiaJaina Jedi Grand Master

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    So I've been giving a lot of thought to this conundrum - what am I going to do when the new films hit the theaters when it comes to my collecting habits?

    I certainly know that spending will depend on what the films are like. If eps IIV-IX are good and have great characters, I'll probably selectively purchase stuff, especially if there's a great female protagonist in the film and we get more Han, Leia, Luke stuff (I'd love elder statesman figures!)

    For the individual films, it depends on who they'll focus on. If we get Yoda films - I'll happily buy more Yoda stuff. Other characters I might not be overly interested in - it will really depend on who they're centered on whether I'll buy anything. Jabba the Hutt? MEHHH I don't need more items w/ him on them in my collection (other than I do want the 1/6 scale Sideshow version of him.)

    Until then, I'm about to move and am deciding what to do w/ my collection as it currently stands. My new office is going to be a bit larger than what I've currently got - I'll be able to add a few more bookcases - and I plan to get glass doors for as many of my Billy bookcases that I can to protect my collection from my puppy.

    I think I'm going to be getting rid of all of my duplicate items - including lots of extra in package duplicate figures that were early Hasbro items. I've also picked up a lot of stuff at thrift stores over the years that don't necessarily mean a lot to me - those will probably go too. I have a fair number of ships that I don't overly need that I'll probably part with.

    It's possible that w/ Disney being in charge, we won't have the massive fast food items anymore (they go through Subway only now.) This sorta sucks because I love my cute Burger King/McDonalds toys - but I know my waistline would approve of those chains not getting kids meals goodies.

    I'm thinking if the 6" line takes off - I'll concentrate on those, GG mini-busts, and 1/6 figures and just have to mostly forgo much else - I just don't have the display room. I love the 3 3/4" figures - but those things - god they're space hogs.

    What are your thoughts? Are you thinking that you'll be buying stuff from the new films? How do you think they'll affect your spending/collecting habits? Are you planning on doing anything to your current collection in anticipation of the new films coming out?
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  2. Juke Skywalker Jedi Grand Master

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    This is a really good question. One we'll all have to answer in exactly two years if the promised (and recently re-confirmed) 2015 release date for Ep. VII holds up.

    I know from past experience that hype is an infection that slowly spreads through your entire body and doesn't stop until it reaches your wallet :p. I can sit here now and say that I've learned my lesson from Ep. I-III, but will I be able to resist when the stores are full of new SW stuff and a new movie is weeks away? Probably not. Which means sometime in 2027 I'll end up giving it all away, the way I did this past Christmas with my all of my PT stuff.

    I do think I'll be more selective this time. As far as figures go, I'll grab the core characters and then wait and see if the movie is any good before I pick up any more, and certainly before I get any "big ticket" items.

    Right now my collecting focus is '77-'83, and I don't see the new movies changing that (He says now, in the hype-free safety of 2013).
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  3. TrakNar Jedi Grand Master

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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Basically, it boils down to this for me: If I like it, I'll buy it.
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  4. LAJ_FETT Tech Admin and Collecting/Lucasfilm Ltd Mod

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    That is a good question. Without doubt I will probably get the film-related books and comics (assuming I like the film!). After that it probably depends on character (Fett?) and if I like the item.
  5. CrazyMike JC Collecting Manager and RSA Canada

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    Dec 4, 2000
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    I am looking forward to the new movies and like most of you I will wait to see what characters I like.
  6. Aaronaman Jedi Knight

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    Mar 12, 2013
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    I really havent gotten into alot of the newer figure and tend to only buy new versions of the older'll hjave to be a pretty special figure for me to shell out the cash haha....mind you I'm really looking forward to older versions of the older main characters
  7. Ani501st Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Since the beginning of the TCW line, I was mostly buying TCW figures so as this line is now cancelled, my collecting habits will change a lot.
    So I will continue to buy the figures that I want from the movies and may look for some of the TCW realistic figures from the saga legend line.
    Since the vehicles are now smaller, I won't buy anymore new vehicles except when there are special vehicles ( like the Boba Slave I from Amazon ).
    Concerning the figures from the Disney SW movies, well I may buy the characters that I like but probably not.
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  8. Sgt Crowfield Jedi Grand Master

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    I don't think my collecting habits will change all that much.

    If there are cool/nice/interesting armored (human) troopers in the new movies and they become available as action figures (preferrably 1/6th scale), I'll probably buy them.
    If the movies turn out to be like TPM where the only troopers were either droids, Gungans or operatic Naboo folks in faux leather coats, I'll pass.
  9. shapland86 Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 12, 2013
    I'm not sure what age demographics I am speaking with so it is hard for me to give advise. I have been collecting since around 1996 when the special editions came out for the first time.

    That being said, Star Wars is a large franchise. Items are constantly being released. Much of the Star Wars merchandise is not worth much unless you happen to own limited edition mint items.

    I was so obsessed back in the day that I was purchasing anything with the word Star Wars on it. I started to run out of room and now that I am married with kids, I only have a limited space to display my collection.

    The way that I collect now is to only buy older items that are not very common. I used to only buy thing that said Lucas Film LTD on the packaging. I am now broadening my collection. I purchased a Boba Fett made entirely out of loose scrap metal. I am also now into the Ultra Sabers which is of course not a Lucas film company. I am more interested in collectable items other than the Hasbro toy line. It makes collecting a little more enjoyable.

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  10. Drac39 Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 9, 2002
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    It's too early for me to say. I have to see some trailers from the new films
  11. Skywalkin' Jedi Knight

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    May 23, 2013
    I have a goal to collect at least one figure for every kind of droid that appears in the saga, so getting any new droids is a given. Other than that, it's going to depend on which characters I really like. Since I'm casting such a wide net as far as droids go, I tend to be very picky about any other figures. Aside from liking the character, I have to be impressed by the execution of the figure itself. Rarely do both coincide, which is good news for my wallet.
  12. DarthVengeant Jedi Master

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    I used to be an avid collector and even more so for Ep 1 - 3 because I wasn't a kid (like I was when the OT came out) and I had the money for it. I still have enough SW stuff to fill a small house, but most of it is packed away in boxes. Alot of boxes. However, ever since the Ep 3 figures came out I really don't buy anything. I bought one of all of them and that was sort of it for me. I on occasion will buy a figure or something if I like it, but not too often. I even stopped buying the Star Wars Insider about a year ago partly because it was just getting too expensive for a magazine for my tastes. The last thing I paid for that was SW related was Season 3 of The Clone Wars on Blu-Ray. The prices are just too much imo for things now days and my interest in collection has died off considering I already have WAY too much.

    Depending on what we see in the trailers for Ep7 and they don't go a stupid direction, I may buy a figure or two, most likely the bad guys. Prob the theatrical posters (since I have all 6 of the others in many versions). But, not much more. Maybe if they have SW cereal again i'll buy that and keep a box unopened (like I did with the other SW cereals years ago). But, I am pretty much done collecting much SW. I'm nearly 40, my money and interests goes for other things now. not that I still don't love SW, but it's just not a priority anymore. I have "moved on" as they say.
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  13. PadmeLeiaJaina Jedi Grand Master

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    Your collection sounds fun - I'd love to see pics of all of your droids!
  14. Blur Jedi Grand Master

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    Aug 11, 1999
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    Well, it depends. The figures/toys will almost certainly be released before EP7 comes out (as has been the case for most of the SW films, starting with ROTJ back in 1983).

    I may get just a couple of the figures when they first come out, and then I may get more later if I like the film. That being said, if I really like the way the figures look, I may get many/most of them when they're released even before I see the movie.

    What I envision/hope is that the characters (both human & alien) remind me of the OT & PT re: their outfits & appearance, while at the same time have a new look/vibe to them.

    Also looking forward to seeing what the new vehicles will look like. Will they be similar to the OT vehicles, or look completely different?!
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