Howard the Duck

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    I saw the Nostalgia Critic review of it , and it did't look very good for me at least.
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    Had to pull out the DVD and show it to my kid after GOTG.

    She thought it was pretty good.
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    Tbh it's not even bad at all. It does what a movie is supposed to do, it entertains. It's not like it breaks any cinematic rules or is horrendously boring or something. It's a pretty good movie to me.
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    The movie is not a classic, but it isn't nearly as bad as people say.
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    He's baaaaack!

    With the new comic title, the buzz from the GotG cameo, the cult following of the movie and the fact that Marvel/Disney seem intent on giving everyone this side of Walt Disney's frozen, disembodied head their own movie, can a Howard the Duck movie reboot be in the cards?