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Austin,TX Howdy and a heads-up

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by Skippy_The_Klingon, Sep 5, 2001.

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  1. Skippy_The_Klingon

    Skippy_The_Klingon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 4, 2000
    Hey Folks, I'm from up in the D/FW area and I just wanted to drop in and tell you guys about a little event coming up early next year...

    For any of you that are anime fans I thought you would like to know there is a anime convention coming up in early Febuary called USHICON[]It's a little first year con and I thought you guys might want to know about it, plus me and bunch of folks from D/FW will be coming down for it.

    I know it's several months away, but I thought you might want to know....
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