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    Title: How to Train Your Dragon: The Outcast Lands
    Author: mrjop2
    Genre: fantasy/humor/drama/adventure
    Summary: Hiccup and gang is shipwrecked on a strange Island known as the Outcast Lands. Here they must survive some dangerous new dragons, an evil witch, and a mad Viking with a grudge against Hiccup.
    Disclaimer: THis story is not meant to infringe on any existing copyright laws. Most of the characters in this story are property belonging to Dreamworks Entertainment. This story is meant for entertainment purpose only.


    Thanks to Irverna for the fanfic cover once again.
    Thanks also goes out to my beta reader soccerstar7 from for agreeing to come along on this journey and helping me make this story the best that it can be.

    Chapter 1

    ?We?re being attacked!?

    Spitelout?s warning echoed through the entire village. It was a warning that no one ever expected to hear again.

    It had been nearly three seasons ago when Berk was last attacked by dragons; that was when Green Death, the dragon queen, controlled a giant flock of dragons to bring food back to her. Since the death of the dragon queen, they had made peace with these dragons, and with all those dragons in the village, hostile dragons usually didn't dare attack the village.

    For whatever reason, two belligerent Timberjacks were attacking Berk with an abnormal aggression. All the dragons appeared afraid of them and were, or in the process of, hiding throughout the village. No one expected the dragons to behave so erratic, which further lulled the Vikings into a false sense of security.

    There was already major damage done to the village before the first Viking even had an ax in hand; the two dragons were brave enough that they didn't need to be near the other for protection, thus resulting in them causing the most damage possible. Neither dragon was interested in the livestock or any of their food supplies, which was surprising. It was as if these two dragons had a grudge against this village and wanted nothing more but to burn Berk to the ground.

    ?Prepare the catapults!? Stoick ordered, unable to shake the feeling that he had let his people down by this slow reaction to the attack. He was the Viking chief of this village and was well respected among the Vikings. He had led them into many victorious battles against terrifying dragons, and even some against the Romans. He was given the name Stoick the Vast by his father; It was a name he lived up to fairly well, too. But this attack already gave him the distinct feeling that everything had just fallen apart for him.

    ?Look out!? One of the Vikings shouted towards Stoick.

    He turned to see a low-flying Timberjack coming right for him as fast as his wings would allow. The sight of this beast was unnerving; he had never seen a dragon with such a long wingspan and in flight, its wings were sharper than any weapon they had. Stoick dove onto the ground to avoid being cut in half as the dragon let out a nerve-fraying shriek. The dragon flew right at the catapult, using his right wing to effortlessly slice through the thick wood of the weapon. All the Vikings who were prepping the catapult ran as fast as they could to avoid its collapse.

    Stoick quickly climbed to his feet, his eyes never leaving the dragon as he tried to figure out where it was heading next.

    The Timberjack continued to display great intelligence as it raced towards the blacksmith shop. ?Not good!?

    * * * *

    ?Come on, Hiccup! We?ve got to get on our dragons!" Astrid urged, itching to get into the fight. Astid was Hiccup?s girlfriend and closest friend; they were seldom seen apart. While Hiccup was a shy, laid-back boy, Astrid was completely the opposite. She was overly aggressive, and never backed away from a fight. Even Hiccup was a
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    We're jumping right into the middle of a battle. That's a great way to wake me up in the morning :p.

    I'm very intrigued about the Timberjacks' behavior.

    Looking forward to more. :D

    Please add me to the PM list. :)
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    By Thor's ruddy beard, but you really threw us into the middle here! :D And it was AWESOME. =D=

    I have mentioned how much you excell at writing action before, correct? It seemed like something that needed to be mentioned again. :p

    And you have the banter down. This:

    ?I?ve got a *cough* secret exit. Haven't you ever wondered *cough cough* how I always seem to find a way *cough* outside after being ordered to *cough* stay put??

    ?Well, now that you mention it *cough cough*, the thought had *cough* crossed my mind a few *cough* times,? Astrid admitted, barely able to get her sentence out.

    Was awesome. [face_laugh]

    Three years later, and still so much the same. :)

    The Timberjack's behavior was very intriguing! I can't wait to see how that will be explained. :D

    PMs please? [face_batting]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Thanks everyone! You're both have been added.

    Actually, this story takes place about nine months after the events of the movie. Vikings did not use calanders for dates, they count by seasons. Three seasons means that three seasons have passed since the death of the dragon queen. This story takes place about 3 months after the Trial By Fire. We don't want Hiccup to grow up too fast, now do we? LOL
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    Oooooooh! [face_hypnotized]

    . . . fascinating. :p

    I do love it when fanfiction teaches me things. [face_laugh]

    ~MJ @};-
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    Chapter 2 is on it's way soon. My beta reader has been seriously ill this week. She'll have it ready for me sometime soon.
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    Don't know what is going on with my beta reader. It's been seven or eight days since I handed her the second chapter. She says she's been sick, but now it's been more than a week. I hope she feels beeter, but I just can't wait anylonger. I was hoping to get this chapter this past Monday. So, Here is the un-beta-read version of Chapter 2. If she is not back by Monday, then I will have chapter 3 for you by Monday. I'm just about done with it.

    Also, thank you all, for all the noms for Trial By fire! With chapter 3, I will be more specific on which catagories at the Fan Fiction Awards that Trial By Fire has qualified for. It was a blast to write, just as I hoping to repeat the success with this story.

    Chapter 2

    Running through the village, they could see, first hand, how much damage the dragons were doing. There was no mistaking that these dragons were out to level this village. What Hiccup could not figure out was why? These two dragons were acting unusually destructive while Berk?s dragons were acting strangely fearful and uncooperative. This could not be a coincidence.

    Running through the village, they had to dodge rampaging Vikings, who, on a few occasions, nearly tripped over them. As they reached the heart of the village, Astrid saw one of the Timberjacks swooping down, getting ready to shower more fire onto the village; the problem was... they were directly in his path.

    ?Look out!? Without thinking, Astrid shoved Hiccup as she leapt to avoid the flames. The dragon flew by quickly and disappeared to attack another part of the village.

    As she was coming to her sense after their near brush with death, it dawned on her that she had landed awkwardly on top of Hiccup. He was staring up at here with an intense look of shock. ?Uh, sorry. I, uh ?? Her face turned red as she climbed to her feet. She offered Hiccup a hand and helped him up to his feet.

    ?Uh, my hut is just up ahead.? Now, it was Hiccup?s turn for his face to turn red. The words had come out of his mouth before he realized that his comment might have been taken way out of context. ?No, no, no, I mean, uh, that Toothless might be in there, you know? You should go and find your dragon.?

    ?Oh, yeah, right, uh, I better go, then.?

    Both of them avoided eye contact at the awkward moment, as they were frozen in place for a minute, unsure what to say. Finally, Hiccup nodded and decided to be the first one to exit out of this uncomfortable deadlock that they had found themselves in. As soon as he did, Astrid turned and ran in a separate direction to go find her dragon.

    Hiccup was relieved to see that his house was still standing, but with the fire spreading as rapidly as it was through every part of the village, he held to little hope that it would remain that way for much longer. He ran inside, and hoped that Toothless was still inside. The last thing he could afford to do was to waist time looking for the hid dragon.

    As he threw open the door, he found Toothless inside, but he was stomping and storming, tearing up the house in the process. This was extremely weird. The dragon did not seem scared, but something had him very agitated. ?Whoa, Toothless, what are you doing??

    The dragon did not seem to hear him. He was snorting, and growling and even clawing on the wooden walls. Hiccup was able to get a quickly glance of his eyes, and he knew something was terribly wrong. Toothless? pupils were dilated, almost as if the dragon was sleep walking.

    ?Toothless, stop!? He urged, stepping closer to the dragon. Under most circumstances, approaching a frantic dragon like this was a very bad idea, especially for someone as small as Hiccup; he could end up being trampled to death.

    The dragon still did not recognize his presence in the room. Toothless was acting like he was having a terrible nightmare. Perhaps, he could wake him up, and things will turn out okay; otherwise, the Timberjacks would become the least of his problems. As he stepped closer to the Night Fury, he had to duck to avoid the dragon?s wings which began to
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    WOW! (again)

    The attack continues and that is a very strange behavior for the dragons.

    As usual, your descriptions of the scenes and characters are awesome, you really know how to bring us into the story. =D=

    Poor Deadly Nadder! [face_worried]
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    Oh, and I will have chapter 3 up sometime in the afternoon, Eastern U.S. time.
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    Chapter 3

    Just because the dragons had left, did not mean the danger was immediately over. The fire continued to rage throughout the village all through the night. As the sun started to rise, a storm pushed its way through and unleashed a torrential downpour. The rain proved exceedingly helpful in putting out the flames. Now, through the rain, Gobber and Stoick were walking through Berk, assessing the damage that had been done.

    ?Those beasts really did a number this time. They even got my shop! All my attachments were in there. This, here, is the only one I?ve got left.? Gobber said, waving his ax-head attachment in the air.

    ?This is my fault. We let our guard down, and we paid dearly for it. We?ve forgotten that not all dragons can be reasoned with.? Stoick replied. The sight of the devastation around him made him sick to his stomach.

    ?Now, don?t go blaming yourself. There?s no way we could?ve been ready for such an attack.?

    ?It doesn?t matter; I?m the Viking chief; the safety of this village rests solely on my shoulders.?

    ?Stoick!? his brother, Spitelout, came walking up to them. ?Everyone is accounted for with only a few minor injuries to report. The damage, however, is extensive. The dragons destroyed almost everything that was important for our survival.?

    ?Dad!? Hiccup and Astrid came running up, appearing weary and battle worn.

    ?Hiccup, how are the dragons??

    Hiccup shook his head, not really knowing what to report. ?As soon as the Timberjack arrived, all the dragons were acting like they were in a trance. Most of the dragons are safe; they went into hiding when the attack began. We did lose one Deadly Nadder in the attack: Astrid?s dragon.? Hiccup looked over at Astrid who remained quiet and emotionless. This was one of the rare times he could not pick up on what was going through her mind.

    Stoick stroked his forehead as he felt a headache coming on. The damage to Berk was bad? real bad. They have had their fair share of destruction and chaos to overcome, but this was far worse. Their food supply, their building supplies, and even their weapon supplies were devastated. They barely had enough to survive another month, and they were quickly approaching winter.

    ?So what do we do now?? Spitelout asked.

    ?We?ve got no choice but to go for help. We?ll set sail for the island off of the Visithug Territories and ask Ivar the Fearsome for help.? Stoick turned to his son. ?You and your friends go get some rest. You?re coming with me.?

    * * * *

    ?We?re gonna visit the Killagain Tribe?? Snotlout asked, not sure if he heard his cousin correctly or not.

    ?Yep,? Hiccup confirmed. ?Toothless will be coming as well as a random Monstrous Nightmare.?

    ?Why are we bringing the dragons?? Tuffnut asked.

    ?Ivar is really only interested in Toothless. I think he wants to show us off to his tribe. The Monstrous Nightmare we?re bringing along only for security reasons. You never know what we may encounter during our journey.?

    ?This is stupid,? Bitwolf growled. ?We don?t need their help! Do you realize how dangerous the journey will be? There are dangerous sea dragons roaming those waters, but they?re the least of your worries if the weather is bad.?

    ?Stop being a coward! We?re going there whether you like it or not!? Astrid snapped harshly, almost threatening him with her fist.

    Her anger did nothing to faze Bitwolf, but everyone else was standing there in shock. No one had seen Astrid get this angry before. No one knew what to say or how to react. Feeling the eyes of everyone around her, she turned around and stormed off.

    ?Uh, don?t mind? her,? Hiccup eventually said. ?Sh?she?s had a bad day. Bitwolf, I know how you must feel about going back to your old tribe, but??

    ?You know nothing about it!? Bitwolf snarled, stepping up to Hiccup as to provoke him to a fight. Ivar had banished him as consequences of his father?s and his actions. Ivar had never been an easy man to get along with. He was a Viking chief that only ruled to serve himself. He shared none of the dragon-kills with anyone in the village. He sought to glor
  11. Hazel Jedi Master

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    That was a terrifying nightmare, although maybe it was induced by something (?).

    Poor Astrid, she wants to be strong about her dragon's death, but it did affect her. :(


    Congratulations on all your nominations. =D=

    As for excerpts, I think, maybe:

    Best Action - the final fight.
    Best Fantasy - the whole story :p, maybe one that bit where you introduce the dragons.
    Most Underrated Story; Best Multi-post story - these two, I have no idea.
    Best Canon Interpretation, Male (Hiccup) - Hiccup brooding, maybe the scene from chapter 6.
    Best Villain Ivar the Fearsome - a scene where Ivar says that he'll take over Berk if they don't prove themselves.
    Best Villain Wolfbane - Wolfbane plotting.
    Best Ensemble Cast - the scene where the Berk Vikings take the village back.

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    Very nice few updates!!

    Your action was splendid, and it was a very peculiar case with the dragons. [face_thinking]

    My favorite line so far was this so far:

    ?I?ll leave him in your capable care, then? Stoick replied. ?You know, I?m proud of you, son. You?ve really matured in the past year. I?ve given you plenty of responsibility, and you've done a great job. You?ve no idea how it makes me feel to know that I?ll have you to take my place when I?m gone.?

    I know it was not the focus of the chapter, but it was lovely to see Hiccup growing as a character - and his relationships with everyone in return. That, I think, is one of my favorite things about reading these two stories.

    As for excerpts . . .

    Some of my favorite scenes from the first one were the culmination scenes right before the action- with Ivar finding out about the dragons, and the drama before everything goes down. Astrid decking Birwolf has to be my favorite part still. :p

    Good luck with finding your excepts! =D=


    ~MJ @};-
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    Thank you all! I handed in my exerpts, and wow, it's not easy coming up with eighteen exerpts between three stories, and quite a few of them competing against each other.

    The next chapter is coming tonight. And I'll tell you something...I can't wait to get to chapter 5, because there's going to be a very touching scene. If this story gets nominated next year, this will definetly be a scene I want to hand in as an excerpt.
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    Chapter 4

    Getting Toothless onto the ship was not hard at all; it was the Monstrous Nightmare that proved to be a challenge. The dragon was not accustomed to traveling on a boat. The size of the dragon also proved to be challenging; the dragon would have to travel on a different ship because there was no room for two dragons on just one. A ship, at the very least, must have at least eight Vikings to paddle the boats in case they experienced a lack of wind. It also had to have a Viking to steer the boat and one to be the lookout and/or give the commands as to where to steer the ship. To get a dragon on board took up almost all of the remaining space, especially one the size of a Monstrous Nightmare.

    They had three ships ready to make the journey, and the time to set sail had finally come. With the rough seas that they were about to travel, Stoick expected to arrive at the Killagain tribe?s village by sunrise. It would have been wiser to leave at sun-rise instead of mid-day, but having spent all night defending the village from the dragons, he thought it better to allow the young Vikings to rest before making the journey.

    ?Do what you can to ration what food we?ve got left til we return. With Odin's blessing, we?ll be back with help, building materials, and some spare food.? Stoick told his brother, Spitelout. ?If the dragons return, your priority is to protect the food supply and the livestock.?

    ?Don?t worry. We?ll be fine til you return.?

    ?We?ll be back as soon as possible.?

    Stoick made his way onto the ship with Toothless, Gobber, Hiccup and his friends. They would be the lead ship in the convoy. After he was safely on board, the ships departed for what would be a very long journey.

    * * * *

    The journey started very smoothly. The rowers were not needed because the wind seemed to favor their travel. It seemed like Odin and the gods were showing them good fortune during this dire and perilous times. What hiccup found most surprising was that Toothless was enjoying the ride. Hiccup feared that his last experience on a Viking ship, being chained and yoked by his father, would cause him to be very tense on the ship. That did not turn out to be the case; on the contrary, he was bouncing around and pushing Vikings out of the way to stick his neck past the edge of the boat. Of course, some of Vikings were starting to get a little testy about being pushed around by the over-enthused Night Fury.

    As Toothless gazed out into the vastness of the blue, ocean?s water, a school of jumping fish started skipping over the water?s surface like tiny dolphins. The Night Fury?s eyes watched, fascinated by the sight of leaping fishes. As the school of fish skipped beside the boat, the dragon became delighted.

    Licking his lips, he lowered his neck over the edge of the boat and snapped at the fish, hoping to catch himself a nice mid-day snack. When his mouth came up empty, he snapped a few more times, but still was unable to catch anything. Almost in mocking fashion, a lone fish leaped out of the water and ended up slapping Toothless across the face. The dragon shook his head and looked around in bewilderment.

    Hiccup chuckled as he looked around at the others on the boat. His father was taking his turn steering the ship while Gobber was sitting on the ground, fidgeting with his stone tooth. Elsewhere on the ship, Astrid and Ruffnut were keeping to themselves; it appeared that Astid was still not in a talking mood. Bitwolf was keeping to himself, clearly still brooding over this trip back home. Tuffnut and Snotlout were laughing at some joke that one of them had told. Fishlegs? he had no idea what he was doing. He was at the bow of the ship and had been there for quite awhile.

    Curiosity got the better of him, and he walked towards the front of this ship. ?Hey Fishlegs, you okay over here??

    The young Viking turned towards him and Hiccup had to take a step back. His face was turning green before his very eyes. ?Chances of? regurgitation? a hundred percent.? Fishlegs quickly leaned over the side of the ship and unleashed the co
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    This box was a mistake!
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    I love this movie. You can add me to the PM list.
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    Welcome! You've been added to the PM List.

    This is the second story of my HTTYD series, but you don't really need to have read the first one (Trial By Fire) to understand and enjoy this one. If you have any questions about any new characters you don't recoginize, feel free to ask. I can give you a few important things from the first story that might answer your questions.
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    That did not turn out to be the case; on the contrary, he was bouncing around and pushing Vikings out of the way to stick his neck past the edge of the boat.

    I'm imagining this scene in my head and [face_laugh]. Toothless is the cutest dragon ever.

    Great action sequence with the Sea Devils.
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    A very interesting update! The Sea Devils were an interesting sort, and there were quite a few character moments to enjoy in the begining - like Toothless trying to fish, and:

    The young Viking turned towards him and Hiccup had to take a step back. His face was turning green before his very eyes. ?Chances of? regurgitation? a hundred percent.? Fishlegs quickly leaned over the side of the ship and unleashed the contents of hit stomach.

    Oh dear, but I think I burst something vital giggling at that.

    A very well done update, as always, I am eager to see where you are heading next with this. :D

    ~MJ @};-
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    Thanks. I liked the Toothless fishing scene as well. I wanted to bring in a little more HTTYD like humor to this story.
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    Chapter 5

    The Sea Devils were not coming back. Things were starting to calm down, which give Stoick time to assess the damage. One ship was lost, and a good number of their weapons was gone. Luckily, there were no injuries or fatalities.

    ?We?re down one ship. Should we head back home and pick up another?? One of the Vikings asked.

    ?No,? Stoick responded quickly. ?We move on. We can?t let this stop us; Berk is counting on us.?

    ?It?s gonna get a little cramped on both ships, especially on the other with Blue,? Gobber said.

    ?Blue is a very restless dragon. He doesn?t seem to like being cramped up for long periods of time,? Hiccup added.

    ?Then someone onboard that ship will have to fly him, every so often. We?ll have to make do with what we have. Now, let?s set sail before those beasts do decide to come back.?

    ?This is a mistake,? Bitwolf spoke out, before Hiccup could stop him. ?Sea Devils are nothing compared to what's out there. It?s foolish to attempt such a journey with just two boats.?

    Stoick?s eyes narrowed towards the young Viking. ?Boy, you better learn your place when you?re on my ship.?

    When Bitwolf did not back down, Hiccup had no choice but to step between them and intervene. His father still did not trust Bitwolf and had questioned the decision to bring him along. Being responsible for Bitwolf, Hiccup had to cool things down between them.

    ?Uh, Sorry, Dad. He didn?t mean to question your authority, especially in front of the other Vikings,? Hiccup looked back at Bitwolf with an angry look painted across his face. It was a look that said to drop this argument, immediately!

    Stoick grunted as he turned away to prepare the ship to commence the journey.

    * * * *

    Night had fallen, and the ships used the light from the giant-sized full moon in the sky to direct their way. There was a gentle cool breeze that brought a slight chill to the night. There was just something so soothing and peaceful about the sight of a full moon along with the sound of the calm sea splashing against the sides of their ship.

    Hiccup was sitting up against the side of the boat, with his arms wrapped around his knees, caught up in the mesmerizing sight and sound. It was only the voice of Astrid, who was able to break him out of it. ?Big moon out tonight.?

    ?Yeah. Maybe this means smooth sailing the rest of the way.?

    ?Odin willing.? Astrid sat down on the ground next to Hiccup. ?Listen, I?m sorry for snapping at you earlier. I really didn?t mean to take my frustration out on you or Bitwolf, for that matter.?

    ?You don?t need to apologize. Losing your dragon can?t be easy.?

    ?That?s just it,? Astrid replied. ?I?m not angry about my dragon dying. Like I said, I didn't have a strong bond with it.?

    ?What do you mean?? Hiccup asked.

    ?Everyone else has begun to forge a bond with their dragons; they?ve even given their dragons names. I've never had that kind of partnership with my dragon.?

    Hiccup was starting to get the picture. He did notice more and more Vikings were giving names to dragons and bonding with them. Fireworm, the Monstrous Nightmare, was Snotlout?s dragon, and their mannerisms were nearly identicle. Fishlegs had the same rapport with his Gronkle, Horrorcow. Even more recently, His father had come to grow close to two dragons: a Gronkle named Newtsbreath, and a Monstrous Nightmare named Hookfang. Ruffnut and Tuffnut still had to name their?s; they were always fighting about what to name their Hideous Zippleback. Bitwolf was not yet ready to have his own Dragon. Hiccup was not ready to put him in charge over any one dragon?s care.

    ?I?m sure that when we get back, we can find a dragon that you can relate to? and bond with.?

    ?I don?t want just any dragon,? Astrid said, shaking her head. ?Let?s face it; most of our dragons at Berk are not that bright. They?ll be friends with whoever gives them a fish. I want a dragon that can understand me. I want to share the same kind of bond with a dragon as you share with Toothless.? Astrid scooted up right next to him and laid her head on his shoulder as she staired up at the
  22. Hazel Jedi Master

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    Hmm! Strange dragon behavior, strange weather changes - I detect a pattern.[face_thinking]
  23. PadmeSkywalkerSHM Jedi Padawan

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    Thanks for putting me on the PM list. I kind of skimmed the other story so I have a very basic understanding of it.

    What will they do on a island for who knows how long? Well I guess we will find out soon.
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    Another great update. :D

    ?I don?t want just any dragon,? Astrid said, shaking her head. ?Let?s face it; most of our dragons at Berk are not that bright. They?ll be friends with whoever gives them a fish. I want a dragon that can understand me. I want to share the same kind of bond with a dragon as you share with Toothless.? Astrid scooted up right next to him and laid her head on his shoulder as she staired up at the moon.

    Something tells me that she'll meet this dragon before the story is through. ;)

    A great character moment, though. :D

    Hiccup could understand why she felt the way she did. She was a very aggressive girl, who really only sought to prove herself to all the men that she belonged. In a way, she was very much like Hiccup. While he was shy and timid in his approach to loneliness, she was strong and bold in her approach. They were two different approaches, but for them, they both had led them down a path of seclusion. Maybe that was why the two of them hit it off so well.

    Great, great character moment. =D=

    ?The fury of Helheim is against us. This storm came out no where.?


    Oh, I have been reading too much Thor fanfiction . . . :oops: I love all of the Norse references in this. :p

    ?Are you *gasp* crazy? What were *gasp* you thinking??

    ?Seemed like *gasp* a good idea *gasp* at the time.?

    Gah! Is it smart for Hiccup to be swimming, with his leg? [face_worried]

    ?No, but it?s our salvation! We?ve got to get to shore and take shelter. We?ve not seen the worse of this storm, yet; and I don?t think we want to, either.?

    And there the fun will begin. :cool:

    Very, very interesting update. =D=

    ~MJ @};-
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    Thanks everyone! Well, surprise surprise, I have another chapter done.

    Chapter 6

    Two camps were set up near the edge of the forest. The first camp was for the three female Vikings, who had come on this journey. They had their own firepit and the men had even constructed a divider to separate the camps using thick tree branches and large palm leaves.

    On the other side of the divider was the larger of the camps. There were three fire pits that were going, since there were many male Vikings that needed to keep warm and dry. Each camp had constructed clotheslines near the fire pits so their outer garments could be dried by the fire. Everyone was instructed to strip down to their undergarments so that their clothes could be dried, and the chances of illness were minimalized.

    It took awhile for all this to be completed, but fueled by their determination, they were able to get it done and relax around the fire before going to sleep. Hiccup sat by the fire along with Bitwolf, Snotlout, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut. He was checking out the condition of his artificial foot and lower-leg. Most of it was wood, so he knew that he would need a replacement as soon as possible. It would not be long before it became moldy and would cause an infection.

    ?Well, this is fun,? Snotlout said, mildly sarcastically. ?Sitting around a fire, in our undies, and roasting fish on a stick on a strange island.?

    ?Chances of survival are currently sixty percent,? Fishlegs commented, turning his fish around to allow the other side to cook. ?Even by me, those are good odds.?

    ?I knew this was gonna happen. I tried to warn you all,? Bitwolf grumbled. "No one here understands this side of the Barbaric Archipelago."

    ?Actually, getting shipwrecked is common for us Berk Vikings,? Hiccup replied. ?I don?t think we've got anything to worry about.?

    Hiccup looked over at the palm leaf barrier. Toothless was keeping guard over the ladies while the males had Blue. Hiccup did not say it out loud, but he wanted Toothless with the girls mostly because he was the only dragon Hiccup trusted well enough to protect Astrid. If she had known this, however, she would have probably given him a black eye.

    * * * *

    Hiccup was scavenging the woods with his knife, determined to find his prize. No one believed him that he shot down a Night Fury, but he was determined to show them otherwise. After he showed his father what he did, perhaps then he would think better of him. He knew he hit the Night Fury last night with his Bola launcher. Yes, it may have been a lucky shot, but he was certain that it was a gift from the gods to finally start his quest to become a Viking warrior.

    As he spent the morning searching for the dragon, he continued to come up empty. ?Oh, the gods hate me! Some people lose their knife or their mug. No, not me! I managed to lose an entire dragon!?

    Out of frustration, he swung at a branch that appeared in front of his face, but instead of breaking off, it swung back and hit him across the face. ?Ow!?

    Hiccup was ready to curse the gods, but he noticed all the broken branches and the dug up dirt. Something had crashed right here and slide over the ridge right up ahead. Could this be the Night Fury that he was looking for?

    He took a step towards the ridge when a giant black dragon started to rise from the other side of the ridge. This was not a Night Fury that was approaching. This dragon was almost twice the size and had a much more defined snout. He was face-to-face with a Shadow Lord.

    "Uh--you're not the Night Fury! ?

    The dragon shook his head and let out a nerve chilling roar. When the dragon returned his gaze down on him, Hiccup took notice of an old woman, with an extremely wrinkled face standing on the dragon?s head. He could not shake the feeling that he had seen this woman countless of times before. Despite her familiarity, he could not put a name to the face.

    The Shadow Lord took a deep breath as he could see the flames rolling around in the back of the dragon?s mouth. Hiccup knew he needed to run for his life, bu
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