Story [HTTYD] Random Viggies #6: The Best Gift of All (Christmas Viggie) 12-24

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    I'm going to try and post a How to Train Your Dragon vignette every other Friday. Some may be silly, some may be mushy. I'm going to try and write with as many characters as possible (but mostly Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless, my favorites!). I might add OCs as I see fit. They should be pretty easy to spot. They are the only one's I own. Everything else belongs to Dreamworks and Cressida Cowell.

    So, without further ado, my random vignettes!

    #1: Tea and Torture
    (Takes place about ten or so years after the movie)

    Hiccup was worried. It was awfully quiet in his daughter?s room. She and Toothless had been in there since after breakfast. Astrid, who had left an hour beforehand, said that she had heard some frightened Nightfury sounds and Anna scream ?Get back over here, Toothless!? and a few thumps, but everything settled down after that and when Astrid called up, Anna responded that everything was fine.

    Now, Hiccup wasn?t so sure. Neither his daughter nor his dragon were particularly quiet beasts.

    Carefully, Hiccup climbed up the steps as quietly as his prosthetic leg would allow, listening intently as he heard his five year old daughter?s voice coming from her bedroom.

    ?Now, Mr. Toothless, would you like one lump or two? Three, well, alright. Some cream??

    Hiccup opened up the door and immediately put his hand over his mouth. Toothless sat on the floor beside Anna, a tea set laid out in front of them. Anna was wearing one of her favorite pink dresses and had a flower crown on her head.

    Toothless, well, Toothless had ribbons tied to his ears, tail, paws, and around his neck, red paint smeared on his lips, blue paint on his eyelids, pink paint on his claws and a very irritated expression on his face.

    ?Hi Daddy!? Anna said, jumping up to hug her father. ?Toothless and I are playing tea party!?

    ?I see,? Hiccup said, still trying hard not to laugh. ?Well, I?ll leave you to it then.?

    Suddenly Toothless whined. Anna turned to him and Toothless gestured with his head to Hiccup. Anna nodded in understanding.

    ?Oh, you want Daddy to join us? Well, I couldn?t agree more!? Anna said. She reached out and took her father?s hand, not hearing his protests.

    When Astrid came home from training, she found Anna still playing tea party with a gleeful Toothless and a grumpy and humiliated Hiccup, who Anna had dressed in one of Astrid?s dresses, flowers tucked into his hair and a paint job similar to Toothless?s.

    An hour later, after taking off the offending garment and scrubbing off the paint, Hiccup took Astrid to the healer because she was still doubled over, laughing. And lamenting that the Polaroid hadn?t been invented yet.
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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I tried imagining Toothless and Hiccup like you described and now I have to see the medic.
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    Oh, but this was adorable! :)

    Thank-you for such a sweet glimpse of the future. The little girl was priceless, as was the mental image you created. [face_love]

    I really look forward to seeing more of these snippets. =D=

    ~MJ @};-

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    Awesome vig! If you don't mind, I put a link to your story on the HTTYD thread, over at the NSWFF resource thread! I'm keeping a catalog of all HTTYD stories on these boards.
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    Hazel: I'm glad you enjoyed it!:D

    Mira_Jade: Thank you! I plan on having Anna make a few more appearances.[face_mischief]

    mrjop2: That's perfectly fine with me. I really like the idea of a catalog for these fics.

    I forgot to put this in the original post, but I'm going to start a PM list for this. Just ask and I'll put you on the list.
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    Neither his daughter nor his dragon were particularly quiet beasts.

    [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    This was really great! Short and sweet and absolutely hilarious :D I love it! Can't wait for more :D
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    Just a reminder: I am willing to do a PM list for whoever wants a PM when this is updated. All you have to do is ask.

    Viggie 2: Something's Fishy

    Getting Hiccup back into the boats to take him back to Berk was easy. Tending to his injuries was easy. Building a prosthetic leg to replace his severed left leg was easy.

    Or at least it would have been had it not been for one huge, black, fire-breathing problem: Toothless.

    The Night Fury refused to leave Hiccup?s side and barely tolerated Stoic and Gobber carrying the unconscious teenager back to the boats. Toothless patiently waited until Hiccup was tucked up warmly in a bunk on the ship. As soon as Stoic and Gobber moved back, though, Toothless was on self-imposed guard duty.

    He growled at everyone who came too close to Hiccup and gave them glares with his big greenish-yellow cat-like eyes. He even tried to set Fishlegs on fire when the boy went to see if Hiccup?s fever had broken. The obese teenager did not look it, but he was fast when there was a fireball flying after his backside.

    Needless to say, this meant that the Healers had a problem in tending to Hiccup?s injuries. Stoic knew that, if the Healers did not tend to Hiccup in time, infection would settle in, making the boy?s wounds worse. Unsure of what to do, Stoic and Gobber turned to Astrid and her friends for assistance.

    ?So?? Ruffnut said as she peered inside of the room holding the dragon, curled up on the floor beside the bed that held his unconscious rider. ?How do we get him out of there??

    ?I say we grab him by the tail and drag him out!? Snotlout said, pounding a fist into his palm.

    ?I don?t think that?s such a good-? Astrid started to say, but she was too late. Tuffnut, Snotlout, and Stoic all crept as quietly as they could into the room. Gobber, Fishlegs and Astrid knew it was a bad idea and Astrid grabbed Ruffnut?s arm as she started to follow her twin. Confused, the Viking girl looked at her friend, but Astrid just shook her head. Ruffnut decided it would wise to stay put.

    However, what the three Vikings who did dare to sneak up on Toothless didn?t know was that Nightfuries has a keen sense of hearing. Toothless knew they were coming in, led them into a false sense of security, and?as soon as the three Vikings made a move to grab his tail?he turned and showed to them that his name was not entirely accurate.

    Ruffnut doubled over in laughing as the three Vikings?including the Hairy Hooligan?s supposedly fearless Chief?screamed like little girls and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind them. Fishlegs stood in silent shock, Gobber tried?and failed?to keep a straight face, and Astrid had an ?I told you so? look on her face. They were all surprised that Hiccup was still asleep after that.

    ?So, are you going to listen to me now?? Astrid asked, putting her hands on her hips.

    ?Yes, yes, we?re going to listen,? Tuffnut panted, trying to regain his dignity, which was hard when he saw that his twin was currently lying on the floor, clutching her stomach, still laughing.

    ?Good,? Astrid said. ?Because here?s the plan.?


    ?Are ya sure this is gonna work, girl?? Gobber asked.

    ?Almost positive,? Astrid said. ?On my count. One. Two. Three.?

    Ruffnut opened the door slowly. Toothless? ears perked up and turned to see the Vikings, each holding two fish. Astrid stepped into the room. Toothless purred; Astrid, he liked. As did Hiccup. He knew the boy wouldn?t mind her coming near.

    Astrid, however, did not approach Hiccup. Instead, a few steps away from Toothless, she placed a fish on the ground.

    Toothless? stomach growled and he liked his lips. The cod looked so good?

    ?It?s all yours, Toothless,? Astrid said cooingly. Toothless tilted his head and slowly approached the fish and snatched it up. While he was chomping happily on his fish, Astrid took a few steps back.

    ?Want some more, Bud?? Astrid asked, using a term of endearment she had heard Hiccup use for the dragon. Toothless nodded. He hadn?t eaten since before Hiccup?s failed arena test. Astri
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    That was hilarious!
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    Aww! Poor Toothless. :*

    But Astrid had a very good idea. :)

    Ruffnut decided it would wise to stay put.

    So the smartest twin is Ruffnut.

    This was a very funny viggie. :D [face_laugh]

    EDIT: Forgot to ask for PMs. :D
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    Sorry for not responding sooner. I didn't have much internet access for a day or two after I posted this, then my mom had oral surgery and my school work caught up with me.

    mrjop2 and Hazel: I'm glad you both enjoyed this, as it was fun to write. I would have to keep stopping and starting from laughing so hard.

    As for Ruffnut being the smarter twin, well, Ruff's at least smart enough to know when to listen to Astrid when she says to not do something. Especially after the results mentioned above. :D

    PM List:


    If you want on or off, just ask.
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    It's almost Halloween! And in honor of the scariest night of the year, I wrote this vignette with the help of my little brother.

    Viggie 3: Things That Go Roar In The Night

    It was all Snotlout?s fault.

    He was the one who thought it would be fun to see which of the six Viking teens was tough enough to camp out in the woods on the last day of the tenth month. And stay there the whole night.

    At first, everyone was hesitant. The last day of the tenth month was known as the day spooks ran wild through the forests of Berk, monsters howling, and the legends of ghosts of the island appear and wreak havoc on the villagers.

    But, nevertheless, they all agreed.

    That was why Hiccup, Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Snotlout and Fishlegs were sitting around a campfire, roasting fish and looking around hesitantly in the woods. Hiccup was almost positive that the eerie sounds heard each year coming from the forest were the dragons, but, as Astrid pointed out, they would have heard the sounds more nights than the last night of the tenth month.

    Astrid?s observation did not ease any of them, especially Astrid herself.

    "Why don?t we tell stories?? Ruffnut suggested. ?That?ll make the night go faster.?

    Everyone agreed and decided that everyone would take a turn telling a story.

    Hiccup told a story about a terrible monster killed by a heroic warrior, then faced that monster?s revenge-seeking mother. Tuffnut told the tale of three wizards that cheated Death, who gave each brother a different gift and how they used those gifts. Astrid told a ballad of a young woman who rescued her lover from the grasp of the Faeries who wanted to offer him as a sacrifice. Snotlout told the tale of a man and his fleet of soldiers who traveled across the ocean, facing horrific monsters and trials. Ruffnut told of a princess locked in a tower by an evil witch, rescued by a prince who scaled the walls of the tower with the aid of the princess? long hair.

    Everything was going well until it was Fishlegs? turn to tell a story.

    ?Okay,? Fishlegs said, taking a deep breath. ?Generations ago, before our ancestors settled Berk, six teenagers came out to camp in these woods, on this very night. They had heard that the forest was haunted, but they didn?t believe the tales. They heard the sounds of branches breaking, of crunching leaves, but ignored the sounds, refusing to believe in the tales of monsters.?

    Just then there was a loud, echoing CRUNCH. All the teens jumped a foot in the air.

    ?Wh-what was that?? Snotlout asked shakily.

    ?M-must be a dragon out hunting,? Tuffnut said half-heartedly. ?Carry on, Fishlegs.?

    ?The teens were starting to run low on firewood,? Fishlegs continued. ?One got up to find more. Ten minutes later, he still hadn?t returned. Just as his friends were starting to worry, they heard a loud, echoing ROAR! They all turned to a big, hideous monster with six rows of big, sharp teeth dripping blood. They were supposedly eaten, for they were never seen again, but on nights like this, you can still hear their screams-?



    All six Viking teens scrambled over each other and pushed each other out of the way in the rush to get as far away as they could from the horrid huge, black monster.

    Toothless, who was indeed the ?monster?, was lying on his back clutching his belly, laughing his strange dragon laugh as he watched with tears of mirth in his eyes as the teens ran screaming back home to their warm, safe homes and their respective parents??

    And to fresh undergarments.

    As soon as he got home, Hiccup realized exactly who the ?monster? was, confirmed when Toothless came into the house, laughing his tail off when he saw Hiccup.

    Hiccup and his friends gave Toothless the silent tre
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    That was a cute Halloween story.
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    That was very funny!

    * * *

    Hiccup told a story about a terrible monster killed by a heroic warrior, then faced that monster?s revenge-seeking mother. - don't know this one.

    Tuffnut told the tale of three wizards that cheated Death, who gave each brother a different gift and how they used those gifts. - that's the Deathly Hallows

    Astrid told a ballad of a young woman who rescued her lover from the grasp of the Faeries who wanted to offer him as a sacrifice. - I have no idea but I'd love to know.

    Snotlout told the tale of a man and his fleet of soldiers who traveled across the ocean, facing horrific monsters and trials. - the Odyssey?

    Ruffnut told of a princess locked in a tower by an evil witch, rescued by a prince who scaled the walls of the tower with the aid of the princess? long hair. - Rapunzel
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    Hiccup's story is the story of Beowolf, a very appropriate tale for Vikings. They also teased about the story of Beowolf in the movie when Tuffnut calls the Dragon queen, "The Bride of Grendel!"

    As of Tuffnut's story, I would have never gotten it. I am not a HP fan at all.

    I don't know Astrid's story either.

    Ruffnut's was an easy one, but her story is based on the children's story, not the Tangled version since the man that scaled the walls in that movie was a thief.

    I don't know Snotlout's either.
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    mrjop2 and Hazel: I'm glad you both enjoyed. This was fun to write, as I let my little brother help me write it. Mostly, he did the typing, which somehow has expanded my patience level.

    I'm highlighting the titles of the stories so if anyone still wants to try and guess, they may.

    Hiccup's story was Beowulf

    Snotlout's story was The Odyssey

    Tuffnut's story was The Tale of Three Brothers, or The Deathly Hallows

    Ruffnut's story was Repunzel

    And now for the big one: Astrid's story was Tam Lin, my favorite Celtic ballad. If you type it into a search engine, there are two sites that you can learn more about the story from. One is Wikipedia. I don't usually recommend it as a resource, but they give a fairly accurate synopsis and a decent catalogue of books, movies and songs inspired by Tam Lin (my favorite song is the version by Coyote Run; if you type the band's name in on iTunes, the song is "Tam Lin" on their CD "Between the Wick and Flame"). The second site is called, which can give you the ballad, the history of the ballad, all the variations, sheet music, and even some images that were inspired by Tam Lin.
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    Sorry I've missed two updates. School and life have been crazy. I'm going to post another viggie next week to make up for it!

    PM List:

    Just ask if you want on or off!

    Viggie 4: Braids

    ?Tuffnut, will you hold this while I go check on breakfast,? Mrs. Thornston asked as she paused in the middle of braiding five-year-old Ruffnut?s hair.

    ?Yes, mama,? Tuffnut said, and held his sister?s hair where his mother instructed him to. The twins started to talk to pass the time while they waited. Almost unconsciously, Tuffnut moved the pieces of Ruffnut?s hair into place, finishing the braid, much to their mother?s surprise.

    ?Ruffnut, what do you say to your brother?? Mrs. Thornston asked as Ruffnut admired herself in the mirror.

    ?Thank you, Tuffy!? Ruffnut said as she wrapped her arms around her brother?s neck.

    ?You?re welcome, Ruffy,? Tuffnut said, trying to shyly maneuver himself out of his sister?s grasp.

    So it became a ritual that, every morning, Tuffnut would braid Ruffnut?s hair, and they would chat, tell jokes, and laugh. And it would all end with a hug.

    Three Years Later?

    ?Ruffy?? Tuffnut called into their room softly.

    ?I don?t want to go and no one can make me,? Ruffnut said hoarsely in the dark from where she laid curled up on her bed.

    Tuffnut sat down beside her. It was time for their father?s funeral. He had died valiantly protecting the younger ones of the village during a dragon attack.

    The twins and their father had a special bond: Ruffnut was his little princess, Tuffnut his little warrior and they would follow him wherever he went like puppy dogs.

    ?I miss Daddy too,? Tuffnut whispered. ?Daddy would want us to be there, to say good-bye.?

    ?I don?t want anyone to see me cry,? Ruffnut said. ?I can?t be a Viking if I cry.?

    ?No one would care if you cry,? Tuffnut assured her. ?You?re supposed to cry at funerals, right??

    Ruffnut lifted her red-rimmed eyes and flung herself at her twin. Tuffnut braced himself, ready to be wrestled, but instead she wrapped her arms around him and put her face against his shoulder and sobbed.

    Tuffnut sat there and held her calmly, running his fingers over her hair. As her sobbing slowed, he began to separate the parts of her hair and tie the pieces into a braid.

    ?There,? Tuffnut said softly. ?Now you look like Daddy?s princess.?

    Ruffnut smiled.

    ?Thank you, Tuffy,? She said.

    ?No prob, Ruffy,? Tuffnut responded.

    He took her hand, then the twins left the room and joined their mother, where they proceeded on to their father?s funeral.

    Two Years Later?

    Ruffnut sat expectantly on the small stool in the room she shared with her twin. She heard him rummaging through his trunk, and waited.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    Finally, Tuffnut walked past his sister and began to open the door.

    ?Uh, haven?t you forgotten something?? Ruffnut asked.

    ?Uh, no,? Tuffnut said, confused.

    Ruffnut pointed to her head.

    ?My braids??

    Tuffnut ducked his head.

    ?Snotlout says it?s not manly or Viking like to braid girls hair.? He muttered.

    ?I?m not a girl! I?m your sister!? Ruffnut protested. ?And since when do you listen to Snoutlout??

    ?Just leave me alone,? Tuffnut snapped as he left the room and slammed the door behind him.

    Ruffnut sat in silence, listening to the non-existant echo of the slammed door. Then she cried.

    Ruffnut stared at her reflection in the mirror and, though she could braid her own hair, she left it down, save for two small braids on either side of her head that stuck out. It was time for her to start acting like a Viking.

    No more braids with summer flowers tucked in. No more little girly dresses.

    It was time for her to grow up and prepare herself for fighting dragons.

    The twins? relationship was never again the same after that day. They were constantly squabbling with each other and physically fighting with the other. They never agreed on anything, or if they did, they did not say so.

    Five Years Later?

    After the demise of the Green Death, the twins
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    That was very sweet! :) @};-
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    AH, that certainly explains their squabbling!

    I don't know how I missed this. I didn't think I would need to be added to a PM list because I'm here virtually every day for hours on end. Oh well, better safe than sorry I guess. You might as well add me to the PM list.
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    Glad you enjoyed! [:D]

    PM List:

    Just ask if you want on or off!
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    AN: I know, it's been forever since I posted one of these. School's been crazy (we thought we had a major problem with a course I was taking; I had a B average for quizes, a B on the final exam and an A for labs and the computer said I got a C in the class; fortunately, the professor knows it's a problem and is fixing it) and my muse went AWOL (and only returned this morning, like, fifteen minutes ago). I'm going to post a Christmas viggie next week to make up for it.

    Viggie 5: Brothers

    Toothless watched silently by the fire as Hiccup made an adjustment to his prosthetic leg. The leg alternately confused and angered Toothless. Toothless knew it was helpful for Hiccup, but it changed Hiccup?s smell.

    Toothless liked his Hiccup smelling of coals, paper and fresh fish. He still smelled like all those things, but now it was all tainted with an oily odor.

    Not only had the leg changed Hiccup?s scent, but it frequently pained him and more than once had the day?s schedule been rearranged so that Hiccup could rest his leg. Those days were both good and bad for Toothless. Good in that the two could curl up beside the fire or on Hiccup?s bed and they could sleep or Hiccup would sketch inventions that he was planning on making. Astrid would come over and with home-cooked meals for Hiccup and freshly-caught fish for Toothless; she would cuddle up with Hiccup and they would talk and?quite often?have make-out sessions. Stoic had more than once jokingly referred to Toothless as the best chaperone in the world.

    But those days were bad in that they couldn?t go out flying. And when Hiccup had inventors-block he would get irritated, and the best way Toothless knew how to calm him was to fly. When Hiccup was in a bad mood, Toothless was in a bad mood.

    Toothless worried about Hiccup when he was in a bad mood. It was just abnormal, so not-Hiccup-like for him to be grumpy and angry about things. And, worse, Hiccup knew he couldn?t do anything to get him out of that bad mood.

    But, to his amazement, Hiccup had never once openly expressed anger towards the fact that his leg was amputated, nor did he resent having the prostetic. Toothless couldn?t even begin to comprehend that fact. Had the small human just accepted his fate? Toothless couldn?t. He had been in the exact same posistion. While loosing his tailfin meant gaining Hiccup in his life, it still took away his freedom to fly without Hiccup (though he enjoyed flights with Hiccup more than solo flights).

    Seeing Hiccup finished with his work, Toothless went over and lovingly nudged his head against the human?s arm. Hiccup smiled down at Toothless and scratched the dragon behind the ears. Toothless laid his head on Hiccup?s lap, looking down at the metal contraption that was where a leg had been.

    ?You know,? Hiccup said softly. ?Even when this leg does start rusting, or hurts me, or does something I don?t want it to, I don?t regret having it.?

    Toothless looked up, surprised, his eyes asking ?Why??

    ?Because it makes us even more alike. My leg and your tailfin. It just shows that this was meant to be. That we truly are brothers.?

    Toothless smiled and licked Hiccup?s face.

    ?Hey, stop that!? Hiccup exclaimed, laughing. ?Alright, Toothless, you ready for some flying??

    And, as Hiccup climbed into the saddle, sliding his prosetic leg into the stirrup and flexing Toothless? artifical tailfin, Toothless knew he was right.

    They truly were brothers.
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    That was nice. Looking forward to the Christmas one.
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    So sweet! [face_love]

    I love Toothless and Hiccup.
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    I did mean to post this yesterday, but I had to finish writing my little sister's Christmas present (A songfic with her favorite couple from her favorite book series). Plus, Darth Real Life brought us a Death Star last week; it's not been helping my muse at all.[face_frustrated]

    But it's here! And I hope you all enjoy!

    Christmas Viggie: The Best Gift Of All

    Astrid was starting to get worried. It was the day before the Winter Festival. It was hers and Hiccup?s first Winter Festival as a married couple, and Astrid wanted to get him the perfect gift. She had been searching for weeks for the perfect present, but nothing seemed just right. Being nearly nine months pregnant didn?t help her in her shopping, or any of her other chores.

    Desperate, Astrid bundled up her pregnant self and headed for the market, where many villagers were getting last minute gifts and food for the holiday. She had been browsing a booth with various oddities when she felt the baby kick, harder than ever before. It was enough to get her doubled over.

    ?You okay, Astrid?? Ruffnut asked as she came up to put a hand on Astrid?s back, checking on her friend.

    ?Yeah, I think so,? Astrid said, panting slightly, as she righted herself. Then she scrunched up her face. ?Ruff? I take that back.?

    ?Why?? Ruffnut asked as she picked up Astrid?s shopping basket.

    ? ?Cause I think my water just broke.? Astrid said.


    Astrid was not in a good mood. Not only was she in labor a week before her estimated due date, but she still had no gift for Hiccup. She considered having Ruffnut?who, as Astrid?s best friend and the closest thing she had to a sister, was acting as the midwife?s assistant?find something, but she knew Ruffnut would have just as much success as she had.

    Soon, though, thoughts of anything other than the task at hand disappeared.

    ?This had better be worth it,? Astrid growled as another contraction hit. The midwife just patted her knee motherly.

    ?It always is,? The midwife told her.

    ?Then why am I thinking of killing my husband for doing this to me?? Astrid grumbled.

    Ruffnut just chuckled.

    ?Would you like me to go tell the nervous git that?? Ruffnut asked.

    ?No, but can?t he come in?? Astrid asked, turning to the midwife.

    ?Men do not need to be involved with the birth of children. It is not their place,? The midwife said as she brought some fresh towels over to the bed. ?Now, the next time you have a contraction, push. Understood??

    Astrid nodded just as she felt a contraction and did as the midwife instructed. And, boy, did it hurt!

    Astrid let out a pained scream and instantly regretted it. She knew Hiccup was right outside the door and was cringing at the thought of his wife being in pain. But she couldn?t help it. It was the worst pain she had ever felt in her life. Ten minutes later, it was still hurting, even though the midwife had given her herbs to ease the discomfort.

    ?HICCUP!? Astrid screamed. She didn?t care what the midwife said, she wanted her husband. And she wanted him then and now.

    She heard the doorknob jiggle as Hiccup tried to get in, but the midwife had locked the door.

    ?Let him in!? Astrid demanded. Ruffnut moved to open the door, but the midwife stopped her.

    ?Men do not-? She started to say, but was cut off by Astrid.


    The midwife did not argue this time and Ruffnut unlocked the door. Instantly, Hiccup was at her side, holding her hand.

    ?I?m here, Astrid, I?m here,? He whispered, kissing her forehead softly.

    ?It hurts, Hiccup,? Astrid whimpered, burying her head under his chin.

    ?I?m sorry,? Hiccup said, wrapping his arms around her. ?I would do anything to do this for you.?

    ?Just hold me,? Astrid said softly.

    Hiccup did so, gently whispering words of encouragement as her labor progressed. Finally, Astrid heard the midwife say, ?I can see the head.?

    ?Hear that, Astrid?? Hiccup whispere
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    That was so very sweet! [face_love] The perfect gift for Hiccup.

    Merry Christmas to you too! @};-
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    great story!

    Now, if I can pull myself away from my Kindle Fire, I can get back to writting as well.
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