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    Title: Look Away (Shuffle Challenge)
    Author: karebear
    Disclaimers (Hunger Games): The Hunger Games trilogy was written by and belongs to the brilliant Suzanne Collins. I'm just borrowing the characters and world for a short while.
    Summary/Notes: Mods Shuffle Challenge. For each song, I included the ?trigger words? that provided the inspiration for the sketch, but in all honesty, as I wrote each I had the relevant song on repeat and listened to all of it for tone...

    Asia - Who Will Stop The Rain? "The logic ceases to exist, emotion is the beat we miss"

    His lips on hers, his hands tangled around hers as his arms wrap around her, and he is pressed against her body, warm and solid and safe, and she is aware more than she ever has been that this is Gale, her Gale, and this is their place, out here in the woods, under the sunlight as it streams through the trees. She is aware of him as something far more than a hunting partner or even her only friend. She is aware that what she feels with him is different than the feelings she?d had for Peeta in the arena, which were mostly concerned with keeping them both alive. But with Gale, she actually does feel alive.

    ?I had to do that,? he murmurs, his low deep voice vibrating against her skin, and she flushes and nuzzles against him because she feels good with him, and she is not eleven any more and he is definitely not a kid. ?At least once.?

    And he tries to pull away and she knows she should let him, because President Snow?s threats still linger in her mind, but although it?s far from the coldest day they?ve ever spent out hunting, the thought of Gale?s warm body separating from hers suddenly seems unbearable.

    Chicago - Look Away "I just never thought that I would be replaced so soon, I wasn?t prepared to hear those words from you..."

    He looks at her with anger that cuts deep, and she can?t blame him, even though he promised he would always watch her back, that it would always be the too of them against the world.

    That was before.

    Before she went into the arena without him to fight side-by-side with someone else, even though that wasn?t her fault or her choice. What did he expect her to do? Die? Did he really want her to kill Peeta?

    Maybe, or maybe not, but he certainly couldn?t have expected her to get engaged to somebody else. Does she really expect him to be okay with that?

    She wants to tell him that it isn?t real, this thing she has with Peeta. But she takes another look at him and knows he won?t believe her. Or won?t care, and she isn?t sure what?s worse.

    ?President Snow personally threatened to have you killed,? she tells him instead, because that at least is the truth and explains things far more cleanly than trying to sort out her tangled mess of feelings.

    The Beatles - Revolution "You say you want a revolution..."

    She knows he wants to fight and that he?s wanted it for a long time but she also knows that he cannot understand what such a fight will mean. He hasn?t seen people die the way she has, the life draining away from their bodies, growing cold. She remembers desperately trying to pull Rue back to some kind of life, with flowers and music and all the beauty that the arena stole from an innocent child.

    Gale knows about danger, hunger and fear, but this is different. He lost his father, the same as she did. In one violent, hot explosion that left no aftermath to see. He says he?s okay with blood, and maybe he?s right, but animals are not the same thing, and he can't know it in the way she does.

    What frightens her most of all is that she believes that he will kill. But she knows what that means and he doesn't, she knows it will make him different, it will make him not her Gale anymore.

    She?s changed too, and she doesn?t know if he can?t see it or if he just doesn?t care.

    More to the point, if he does this, he will be in danger, and he?s right about one thing: it?s not just abo/>/>/>
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    As always, beautiful and sad!! I feel bad for poor Gale :( The kiss scene was so sweet!! Great sets!
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    Oh, these were lovely.

    I still have yet to read this trilogy, but your writing was bright and sharp and intense, and a joy to read. =D= The first was my favorite, just because of the amount of feelings. Very enjoyable. :p


    ~MJ @};-
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    pretty good. Guess I'll have to read Hunger Games some time.
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    Those were excellent! I especially liked the last one with Haymitch.
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