Star Wars Hunted (Somewhat Realistic)

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    The Rebel, veiled with face paint and camouflage, peered out the bay window of the U-Wing and took a glance at the moon below him. The surface was covered with deep blues and greens. A nice place, He thought, if it wasn't about to be thrown into a war. Maybe he would come back, if this ever ended for him...

    Footsteps from the cockpit area shattered his day dream. The lieutenant stood at the top of the short stairway leading to the bay, the imposing figure quickly finishing the discussion being had below. He looked around, satisfied with the silence of the 10 man team.

    "Alright, ladies and gents. We've got a job to do. In light of the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, we are looking for potential locations to set up out first official headquarters," He pointed to the moon."If you don't know already, that's Endor. It's covered with millions of trees, and about that many Ewoks, a semi-sentient bearlike creature," He paused, glancing around the room to check everyone's understanding. "Now, high and mighty Beta Squadron think they found a good place, some jungle moon called Yavin 4. We're going to prove them wrong. We will be scouting the Northeastern sector of the moon, and 3 other U-Wings are converging on the moon as we speak. You'll all be deployed to scout, and the U-Wing will return in 15 days. Pack your things, ETA 10 minutes." He turned around and sat back down in the small bridge.

    Returning to his happy vision, the soldier only just realized the U-Wing had entered the atmosphere.


    The U-Wing cruised over the canopy, the normally green leaves shades of grey in the night. Then, he saw something strange, a box like shape, that gleamed in the moonlight. But as suddenly as he saw it, it vanished behind him.


    "Turbolaser!" The lieutenant shouted. "Hang on!"

    The rebel grabbed tightly onto the handle next to him, and watched in terror as the laser impacted the wing and blew it right off. The ship seemed to float in midair for a nano second- before shaking violently and beginning to spiral out of control towards the moon's surface. The last thing the soldier heard was a cacophony of alarms, yelling and the constant clanging as equipment was tossed around in the sub-gravity compartment.

    Then it all went still, and the rebel's head went straight into the bay door. A white light exploded in his head, and then everything went black.
    Director Cal Sygin, Installation R3, Endor

    "Director!" Cal turned to the voice, to see Lieutenant Final approaching. Cal regarded the 25 year old with an approving glance. He was enthusiastic, and ran to his CO. He will go far, Cal thought. "Director! The aircraft that was shot down looks to be a U-Wing sir, but it's affiliation is still unclear. My guess, it is Rebellion.The new Alliance may be sending out strike teams-"

    "No need to shout classified information, Lieutenant," Final lapsed into silence, the young man looking down at the durasteel plates of the bunker's floor. Cal motioned to the young man to follow him to the center of the control room. The bunker was built into a mountain, the room itself looking over a lake, a beautiful sight during sunrise.

    In the middle of the room sat a hologram table. "Where?" cal asked. The new officer pointed to the northeastern section of the map. "Sector A7, Sir."

    "Send a reconnaissance team immediately."

    Final nodded, and rushed off to inform the men.

    Hello all!

    This is an RP idea I've been thinking of, however, it will be different from others in the forum.

    If you read above, you know that the team is scouting Endor as a potential location to create a base. The team was shot down, and must escape the surface alive. If you read carefully, you would have noticed that there will be 3 other U-Wings landing, and the other groups will leave after 15 days. If you chose to be a rebel, you will start there. Due to the unfortunate situation your characters are in, Your character will be limited to only 5 items and two weapons, as you are not being deployed, you are scavenging from the U-Wing's crash. Even though all of you will share the same starting place, it will allow players to strike out on their own if they want to. But, I will advise you, with limited resources, STICKING WITH THE GROUP WITH RESULT IN A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF SUCCESS. Your objective is to make it to the other Expeditionary Forces within a 15 day limit, each GM update being a single day.

    If you chose to be an Imperial, your objective is to hunt these rebels down, and to destroy them before their extraction. As an Imperial, You will begin in the Installation. You will have access to any weapons or equipment, and to speeder bikes (No AT-STs). However, you do not know about the other landing teams. So you are confined to hunt down only the Rebels that have crashed. Because the Imperial forces are superior in supplies, I will only allow 3 playable Imperial characters.

    Remember- chose your equipment wisely.


    1. No Godmodding
    2. PM your character sheet to the GM (MandoA101)
    3. Your character will be held accountable for the actions he or she takes. If something foolish is done, your character can die
    4. No force users, please
    5. Most Importantly, to quote Saintheart, this is online pretendy time. Have fun.

    Character Sheet-

    Species (if imperial, only human):
    Rank (No higher than Lieutenant):


    Weapons (2):
    Equipment (5 if rebel, more if Imperial):

    Military History:
    SHORT Bio:

    Because of limited time and experience, I will only allow 8 players, with a maximum of 3 Imperials but any number of rebels. Please reply quickly!
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