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    Here is another sweet little piece, ties in with my other fics

    Title: Husan and Qui-Gon
    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: JA
    Characters: Obi-Wan (18) Qui-Gon, healer Aaqu
    Genre: A single post
    Summary: Obi-Wan celebrates the coming of the husan to the temple. A companion piece to Husan.
    Disclaimer: Star Wars = George Lucas.

    Obi-Wan was slowly waking up.
    It felt so good to be in his own bed again. First a three-day mission accompanying two knights on a simple rescue-mission trying to sleep in a chair or on a hard cot and next a bed in the healers-ward because master Aaqu wanted to keep him for a night. No arguing from him or his master about healing faster in his own bed had convinced healer Aaqu and he had given them a look that allowed no comment.
    Yesterday noontime he was released from the healers. A debriefing at the council followed and an afternoon spending with his master, half lying on the couch and watching holovids. His master had ordered diner from a fast-food restaurant as he was not good at cooking at all.
    He stretched and felt a small tugging at his arm. ?Ah, yes the sling master Aaqu insisted he should wear for at least two days more to rest his right arm? he thought.
    ?Obi-Wan, where did you put the cereals and the oatmeal?? Qui-Gon yelled from the kitchen. ?Yesterday we had two full packages of them and now they are gone.?
    Obi-Wan looked beneath his bed and there they were lying. He said ?I have the cereals and oatmeal in my room; it is a gift for a friend, celebrating 15 years of templeduty today.?
    Qui-Gon came to his room and asked ?Who is that friend, I have never heard of him.?
    Obi-Wan answered ?She, and she is a beautiful little husan.?
    ?What is a husan?? Qui-Gon asked.
    Obi-Wan said ?You will see master after we have had breakfast.?
    Qui-Gon muttered ?What kind of breakfast, no cereals, oatmeal, only tea and toast? and went back to the kitchen.
    Obi-Wan appeared a short time afterwards, dressed in a clean tunic and robe and they had a simple breakfast.

    ?Lets go master? Obi-Wan said and tried to pick up the packages with his left hand.
    Qui-Gon said ?Let me carry them and lead the way Obi-Wan. He was curious about this friend celebrating 15 years of templeduty. How was it possible that he had never heard of her? And a gift of cereals and oatmeal?
    They entered the temple-gardens and walked to the large meadow. Obi-Wan whistled and some snorting was heard.
    Qui-Gon couldn?t believe it at first sight, thinking ?his Padawan and his dislike of pathetic creatures as he had demonstrated again and again when he had brought a stray cat or dog home.'
    Trotting to Obi-Wan came a brown beast with long black manes and as she came to a stop, she nuzzled Obi-Wan on his cheek.
    Obi-Wan said ?Master, will you give me the packages?
    Qui-Gon gave them and Obi-Wan emptied them on the grass. The husan started eating the oatmeal and cereals.
    Obi-Wan said ?This husan was saved by me 15 years ago when a farmer wanted to destroy it because it was a violent creature. We brought her to the temple and she has been teaching initiates to ride and to love animals ever since.

    ?Learnt to ride I did, this husan? Yoda said walking toward them. ?Friend of mine she is.?
    Yoda had brought a bridle and saddle and put them on the husan.
    ?Up Qui-Gon, learn to ride you do. No argument from you.? Yoda said.
    Qui-Gon hopped on the saddle and Obi-Wan was laughing.
    It was a funny sight: Qui-Gon with his long legs, his feet about twenty centimetres from the ground and Yoda guiding the beast into a slow walk.
    Qui-Gon was enjoying it and he patted the coarse hair of the husan?s neck. ?Nice friend?
    Yoda halted the husan and Qui-Gon dismounted.
    Qui-Gon said ?Obi-Wan you have a lovely friend and now she is my friend too.?

    The end
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    Nice bit of mush about the husan:D
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