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    Welcome to Hybrids - Infection Of Creep

    This is based on the book: Hybrids
    by David Thorpe


    It has been three years scince the creep virus struck the U.K. The virus has only struck the U.K and so it had been cut off from the outside world, in fear of spreading the disease. It is unknown how the disease is transmitted, but it is xcontagious and it causes the affected to merge with technical equipment, namely mobiles, computers and other electrical appliances. The affected only slightly merges with the equipment, still retaining some human features. The disease has not got everyone, however and the Hybrids have been given laws by the Government, colours. Each colour used shows what status a Hybrid is in: Grey = Unregistered. Blue = Registered and under the responsibility of a "Normal Human". Red = Taken to the Government for unknown reasons, thought to be tested upon for a cure. The victims of the virus, after they have merged with the technology, are able to use that technology for whatever purpose it was used for before. The Gene police are taking control of Hybrids and their actions as a security force for them, but several human buildings are being erected to shelter the Hybrids - the Salvation House is the best known. The Hybrids have transition poins where the human meets the tech and these points itch and cause the Hybrids pain alot.


    1: Gm's word is Law (unless blatantly wrong, them pm him)
    2: No Flaming, Swearing, or "Romantic Scenes" Romance is allowed, but not to an abrasive content.
    3: No God-Modding
    4: Use Tag, IC and OOC rules
    5: OOC chat allowed, but keep to a minimum.
    6: No Killing Other players unless they say so
    7: No controlling other charactors
    8: All Chara Sheets To GM
    9: Ask GM for additional charactors approval.
    10: Have Fun (Like Always)

    Character Sheet


    - Name:
    - Species: (Hybrid/Human)
    - Age:
    - Affiliation-Humans Only: (Gene Police, Government, Hybrid-Friendly)
    - Gender:
    - Hometown-Location: (Must be born in UK or move there before the virus outbreak)
    - Rank: (Coloour, Red, Grey or Blue)
    - Melded Item(s): (Can be anything equipment wise, like a computer or a gun -keep guns minimum- or mobiles, scooters, anything at all)


    - Hair: (All infected have hair, even those with a computer monitor for a head - like the main charactor in the book)
    - Eyes: (Or colour generated by screen of equipment, maybe it changes face for an expression, again like Johnny)
    - Skin Colour: (Explain colour of attatchment too)
    - Scars: (Any, maybe the transition points, where the human meets the tech)
    - Facial Features: (Explain if there is anything wrong or if your head is a monitor/screen)
    - Body Features: (including location of item(s)
    - Clothes:


    - Likes:
    - Dislikes:
    - Other Info: (Uses for your equipment)
    - Pets:
    - Bio:

    For any more details, please pm me.

    Heres mine.


    - Name: Dmentae Salamander Uay
    - Species: Hybrid
    - Age: 24
    - Affiliation-Humans Only: None (Hybrid)
    - Gender: Male
    - Hometown-Location: Transylvania - Moved to Leeds
    - Rank: Grey Hybrid
    - Melded Item(s): In the centre of his left forearm is a phone/computer, his right forearm has a SMG moulded into it, with only the turret in view. He has a prototype jetpack melded into his back, with only funnels showing.


    - Hair: Silvery white, reaches claves.
    - Eyes: Black
    - Skin Colour: Light tan with all black items.
    - Scars: transition points on back are severe, others are not noticed as much.
    - Facial Features: Protuding cheek bones and an intelligent look.
    - Body Features: Prototype Jet on back, SMG on right wrist/forearm, phone/comp on left forearm.
    - Clothes: Black hooded cloak with a dark brown/black leather vest, long, baggy black trousers and high boots.


    - Likes: Other Hybrids who understand what they are and accept it, human helpers.
    - Dislikes: Gene Police, Government, unruly Hybrids who use thier virus as a gift to
  2. Black-Pearl Jedi Youngling

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    I've PMed You my CS.

    I hope you accept it. :p
  3. Black-Pearl Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 5, 2007
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    - Name: Mike Krauser
    - Species: Hybrid
    - Age: 34
    - Affiliation-Humans
    - Gender: Male
    - Hometown-Location: London
    - Rank: Gray
    - Melded Item(s): An M16 rifle welded to his left arm. No other mutations

    - Hair: Blonde
    - Eyes: Blue
    - Skin Colour: Skin is white, the rifle is black
    - Scars: From above eye to cheekline, there is a jagged scar around where the m16 is attatched to his arm.
    - Facial Features: A light blonde beard
    - Body Features: Very muscular, high endurance and stamina.
    - Clothes: Military Camoflauge


    - Likes: Anybody who will fight with him against the government
    - Dislikes: The Government
    - Other Info: Normal body, except left arm. He carries extra weapons on his leg and grenades around his waist.
    - Pets: n/a
    - Bio: Krauser was born and raised to be in the military. He has been training for the teenage years of his life, and became a corporal in the army when he was 24. He is now a high ranking officer and was in a military base at the time of the virus spreading. He now has an m16 attached to his arm but the rest of his body is normal.
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    Tyvm for joining Pearl, i only started this up yesterday night before i went 2 bed, and im suprised anyone joined so fast ^_^.
  5. feline_monstrosity Jedi Youngling

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    Believe it or not I am the son of this book's author (which is why I just registered here.) I may aswell join the game so I'll PM you with the character. I find it a bit silly that you said to keep the guns to a minimum and then you made a character yourself that had every cool thing there is to have.
    Anyhoo, we're glad for the support and your interest and I'll give the game a try at least.

    Oh yeah, and if you enjoyed the first book, you'll be pleased to know the second is well underway!
  6. Black-Pearl Jedi Youngling

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    Is that your sock Master?

  7. Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan

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    Yeah, well i ihave 2 have everything cool eh?? lol but, welcome, son of my newly fav author. I cant wait for the new book!! the first was ace, finished it in one night (ish) and i couldnt get away from it. WOOP GO *thinks a mo* Robert? Johnny? Pixelface? no...no...NO! WAIT!! Bob...(its short for Robert, and the most mickey-take name there is) lol...
  8. feline_monstrosity Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 12, 2007

    Yeah, Johnny rox.

    How does this game work then? We only have a measly 3 players...
  9. Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan

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    OOC: well, hopefully, more people will join, its only been up for less than a week (i think) and alot of players are doing hw or tests and the like atm, so when its summer holidays/whatever, it should be busier, for now can people like invite ur close mates ty.
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