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BC I am creating a Fanfilm

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Jedi_Master_Bren, Apr 16, 2001.

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  1. Jedi_Master_Bren

    Jedi_Master_Bren Jedi Youngling

    Apr 16, 2001
    I am creating a Star Wars Fanfilm with my friends. We are hoping to make it last about an hour in length and be full of special effects. We are doing most of our filming in the Port Coquitlam area and maybe a bit in Maple Ridge. We still have a few crucial parts to fill. One major part is a female trooper role. She will be a main character in the movie.

    The movie takes place 19 years after the Battle of Yavin. The basic story is that a pair of Jedi from the NJO with opposing veiwes of the force work together to overcome a new hidden Sith sect. There will be a few major lightsaber fights as well as a large ground battle.

    There will be a lot of CG effects including all the starships, stormtroopers, aliens and backgrounds. Most of it will be filmed on location in a forest but some blue screening will be used.

    If you are at all interested in playing a part or helping out in some way let me know. My e-mail is

    I am working with Kyle__Katarn if you were wondering.

    Also Post any questions you may have.
  2. death_blooms

    death_blooms Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 21, 2001
    me and a friend of mine started working on a huge lightsaber battle and coriographed fight scene we did... it was pretty sweet.
  3. Cable

    Cable Jedi Youngling

    Nov 5, 2000
    J_M_B, r u still working on it?
  4. kyle__katarn

    kyle__katarn Jedi Youngling

    Apr 15, 2001
    Yes we are still working on it e-mail me at or for more information.
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