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I am Riachia Windsight

Discussion in 'Ft. Lauderdale, FL' started by RiachiaWindsight, Oct 21, 2001.

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  1. RiachiaWindsight

    RiachiaWindsight Jedi Youngling

    Oct 17, 2001
    ?I am Raechea Wmdsight, ?crackshot? chief gunner and security officer fo The Pride?s Revenge, formerly The Legacy?s Pride. I am a Dathomir Witch who has travelled the galaxy for many years. I have served aboard many ships and was a member of Red Squadron for the Galactic Republic. As a result of my vast experience, I have much knowledge regarding an array of weapons.
    Take one of my personal favorites, the ubiquitous blaster for instance.. .When fired, a small amount of high-energy blaster gas moves from the gas chamber to the gas conversion enabler (exciter). From there the gas is stimulated by energy from the blaster?s power source, which is a small and interchangeable power pack. The excited gas passes into the actuating blaster module, where it is processed into a beam comprised of intense energy particles coupled with light. It is the prismatic crystal housing that focuses the beam. Then it becomes even more focused by passing through the blaster?s barrel. The actual ?color? of the blaste/ bolt is determined by the type of blaster gas that is used. However, it is the emerging particle beam/bolt of high-energy particles that blasts battledroids to bits.. .not the by-product of light!?
    From Shu-Shu: I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse at my character's background as Riachia, and the cursory look at her knowledge of weapons in the ?Star Wars? Universe.. I am enjoying the process of building this character and I am having a lot of fun with it thus far. As far as the whole ?production? is concerned, I am even more thrilled with sharing this experience with all the members of The Fandomenace! Just imagine what we can do when we combine everyone?s ideas! Let?s keep the fun. . . .And May The Force Be With Us!
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