I don't know who you are or where you've come from, but from now on you'll do as I say!

Discussion in 'FanForce Community' started by BrotherHalo, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. BrotherHalo RSA Emeritus and Heckler

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    In other words, my wife and I are the proud new mommy and daddy of a precious baby girl!

    Emma Juanita was born on Wednesday September 13th, 2006 at 8:08 AM. She weighed 8 lbs even and measured in at 19 1/2 in. long.

    She is a beautiful baby with a head full of hair and blue eyes (whether they stay is questionable, but we will enjoy them for now). She's a wonderful baby who loves having a different schedule from everyone else. Sleep in the day, awake at night.

    My two boys are so excited to have a new little baby in the family, even if it is a girl! There is a waiting line between the two boys on who can hold her; at this point they cannot get enough of her - talking to her, kissing her cheeks, helping change her, and thankfully, helping out around the house - at least as much as a 6 year old and 3 year old can and want to do. Both boys are NOT fond of pink, but they're gonna learn to deal with it as EVERYONE is already spoiling this little girl - but they did promise me to teach her all about the wonders of Star Wars!

    And now, picture spam!


    I just had to share my joy with my extended FanForce family!
  2. aubrie_darkjedi Jedi Youngling

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  3. Jada Jedi Master

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    Spammer! :p ;)

    Congrat Bob and I wish you some sleep! :D
  4. Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~

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    :eek: :eek: I wasn't aware that you were becoming a daddy. How great! :D

    Congratulations to you and your wife! [:D]
    And to Emma Juanita of course as well. She looks really cute. :D

    Oh, and... can I take her for a while? When your boys don't hold her of course. ;)
  5. MiaTieska Jedi Master

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    Awwww, congratulations!! Your daughter is beautiful and so, so cute. [:D]

  6. Urkanoid Jedi Knight

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    Congrats Bob![:D] I wish you and your family all the best! That picture of your boys holding little Emma is so beautiful, you should be a very proud dad!:)
  7. MacCaffrey VIP

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    Again congratulation and the best wishes! :)
    She looks really cute! :)

  8. Enji Jedi Master

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    Congrats! Very cute baby... [face_love]
  9. CrazyMike JC Collecting Manager and RSA Canada

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    Congratulations to you and your wife Bob :)
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