I have a bad feeling that Viqi Shesh is actually Ysanne Isard

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Admiral_Lelila, Oct 9, 2001.

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    As mere weapons of war, SSDs could have been scrapped. But Lusankya was no longer a mere weapon of war. She was also a science research ship, and doubtlessly may have had portions turned over as a med center. While she would probably still have maintained her weapons compliment, and probably her fighter and ship/shuttle compliment, other factors would have changed. She would no longer have been viewed as a mere weapon of war, but as something a bit more.
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    Mike Stackpole was dumbfounded when we told him that in Crimson Empire that "General Antilles" was commanding an all new Rogue Squadron from the bridge of the Lusankya. It's a good thing too, because he changed a couple of plot points to Isard's Revenge to fit this continuity mishap.
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    I agree on Lusankya being more than a simple warship. It's an SSD, and those have a bad image. Making it more than a warship is good PR. :p

    (Sick and tired and going to skip Latin... she's a fool)
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    I believe that Viqi Shesh with be making her move in the next few books. Differently by the time that Wedge?s book, Rebel Dawn is released. I can?t wait to read about the confrontation between Fey?lya and Shesh.
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    Dan Wallace, via chat: "Just because Mon Mothma issued the order doesn't mean they actually followed through with it. BFC doesn't say they actually dismantled an SSD."
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