I Know Now (one post,episode III,Q/O)

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    This is what happens when a plot bunny bites. I had to get it out of my system...

    I Know Now

    They said there was a dark side to everything.
    And they would say how a Jedi would know neither thing.
    I know why. I know better than any other being to walk the galaxy, I know now...

    I know now.

    First there had been the fight. Blue and blue moving so fast that Obi-Wan could barely tell which blur of light was his and which
    was Anakin's. And they knew each other's style so well that Obi-Wan could almost pretend they were back at the Temple
    participating in a training duel,had it not been for the look in his appentice's eyes.

    Pretending. Yes,pretending that there was nothing wrong,pretending that you were a good Master!

    Pretending. Is it any wonder,Obi-Wan?
    Is it any wonder?

    The voice speaking was not his. He didn't want to think about whose it was. It could be any one of the friends he'd betrayed

    Betrayed. What was happening to the people he'd known and loved since childhood? Were they being hunted down even
    now,dying while cursing the very memory of him?

    And without warning,his body gave up on him and let him fall into the sand,sobs racking his body.

    But there it was,and there it would stay for the rest of his life; the scream,the fall,like the melting pit of so long ago...

    And the pain. That was the best word to describe it. Pain.

    He tried to get up,and couldn't. His legs wouldn't let him. He was shaking and shivering,despite the blazing suns overhead. He
    could stay here forever in pain and grief,because he deserved it,he deserved it...

    Then came a voice.
    "You mustn't torture yourself like this,Padawan."
    Obi-Wan didn't believe the voice was real. He ignored it. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder.
    "Listen to me,Padawan."
    Obi-Wan turned around slowly.


    That was indeed who it was.

    "But Master." Obi-Wan breathed,not quite able to believe it. "You're..."
    Qui-Gon nodded,with the hint of a smile.
    "Yoda will explain it,Padawan. I'm afraid it's a bit to compliccated to explain right now."
    "I can't believe I'm seeing you again!" Obi-Wan said in a amazed voice. "I've missed you so much!"
    "I have kept an eye on you and your Padawan,Obi-Wan." Qui-Gon said. "But I have missed you too."
    They looked at each other without talking for a few minutes. Then Obi-Wan broke the silence.
    "You're here to talk about Anakin,aren't you? Here to tell me I'm a failure. Here to tell me I've let you and the Order and the
    whole galaxy down..."
    Qui-Gon raised a hand. "Obi-Wan Kenobi,stop right there. It wasn't your fault. We make our own choices."
    "And I made the wrong one."
    "We all made a wrong choice somewhere along the line,Padawan. Me especially. I have had plenty of time"-he gave a rueful
    smile "-to dwell on how our choices affect others."
    Obi-Wan shook his head. "It's no use,Master. Don't make me think about what I could have done differently..."
    "It's not about what you could have done differently,Obi-Wan,it's about what the rest of us could have done differently.
    Take my Master,for example." His face hardened.
    "He's dead." Obi-Wan said flatly. "He's dead. I killed him."
    "I don't blame you for killing him,Obi-Wan. You did not kill him in anger,remember that. In your position,I would have done
    almost the same thing."
    Obi-Wan nodded,very slowly. "You weren't...close to him,were you?"
    Qui-Gon nearly shook his head,but didn't. "He was a fine teacher. And yes,he was a friend. It will sound strange to you,but he
    wasn't always the evil man you know."
    "I know..." Obi-Wan said,and then he added "But I still don't see how someone like him could have trained someone like

    Qui-Gon gave a start. "Obi-Wan,we shared many qualities. "Stubbornness,pride,confidence,a disregard for rules..we're not so
    different,in the very end."
    "But you wouldn't have..."
    "I would not have joined him."
    "I told him that." Obi-Wan said.
    Qui-Gon nodded. There was a short silence until Obi-Wa
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    Nice really nice...I like...
  3. Shaindl Jedi Master

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    That was sweet - very well done. I love the caring interaction between Obi and Qui. You've got their relationship down pat.

    May I make one suggestion? You might want to fix your formatting - it's kind of hard to read and that can be kind of distracting.

    Other than that, great work - I'll look forward to more of yours soon!

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