I miss games like X-Wing and TIE Fighter

Discussion in 'Games' started by Darth Balls, Jan 29, 2013.

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    It's been probably over a decade since I've played X-wing, but for some reason I'd like to say I sicced my wingmen on the TIE Fighters. When I was still learning the ropes of that mission I had a couple of fails related to them getting in the way (one got right between me and a dupe, and ended up getting a proton torp up his tail). I don't recall getting overly creative with wingmen - generally I just sicced them on things. Basically the key was to get to the dupes as fast as possible and then drop them with one torp apiece. If you have a good turn of speed and are good at evasive maneuvers, the escort eyeballs don't get many hits in.
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    Believe there was a feud between LA and Totally Games, which killed the series and has been the reason for no rereleases.
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    Woah! I had no idea about this. Big bummer. Maybe someday...
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    I was horrified to see a lack of these games on Steam; I will admit, I passionately dislike Star Wars Lego. On the box it says one of the best Star Wars games ever! Disagree - on the basis that games like Tie Fighter, X Wing and Dark Forces exist.
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    Funny that this thread was posted in about this time frame, as X-Wing was originally released 20 years ago this past week. As a history lesson, almost immediately after the release, Peter Simmons formed what became known as the Rebel Alliance on the FSCOMBAT forum of the CompuServe Information Service; the squadrons of that Rebel Alliance are thought to be the first computer gaming clans. :D
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    It would have been great if they had done a 20th anniversary special edition release or event to celebrate the legacy of the series.
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    I've never played them but I hope we get some now that Disney bankroll these projects.
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    I miss that time period STAR WARS-wise. I knew a guy who seemed to be on the cutting edge of all things computer in the pre-Windows 95 early '90s before the internet and home computers went mainstream (he also had the new hardcovers of the Timothy Zahn books) and that was my introduction to the world of bbs, downloading sound files, and games like X-Wing, Wolfenstein, and Leisure Suit Larry. Playing X-Wing felt like watching more of a STAR WARS movie as if it had always been there, almost like dreams I use to have. The replay feature from different angles just blew me away.
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    I don't know about X-Wing, but in TIE Fighter you can complete the first several missions almost entirely by using wingman commands rather than your own guns. That's one of the things I really love about the game, you actually feel like you're a piece of a larger battle rather than superhero who can and must do everything himself.
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    No because it would go and mess up there ban of releasing good stuff.
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