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    Title: I remember

    Author: obi-gonjinn

    Timeframe: pre TPM... based on the Jedi Apprentice book The day of reckoning

    Characters: Xanatos, Qui-gon and Obi-wan mentioned

    Summary: Xanatos's thoughts before his death

    WARNING SPOILERS!!!!! [face_dancing]

    I stand here on Telos at the side of once holy pools now turned to acid in my wake. I know my end is near. I know that I will not be able to save myself.

    As I look into the ice blue eyes of my former master ,Qui-Gon Jinn, I am reminded of a time when things were not as they are now, not full of hate , contempt, anger and vengeance, but when they were filled with love, happiness and comfort.... a time when I myself was a Jedi. When I could walk freely through the cool, calm peace that was the Temple. When I would laugh until I cried. I don't laugh anymore. I am never happy anymore.

    Why should a person be happy when they have nothing and no one?

    I have no real friends to speak of. The only ones who call themselves my friends are only there for the power and wealth that I can give them.

    No, I don't have any friends, but I remember the time when I did. We would spend all of our free moments in between training and missions with each other, swimming in the room of a thousand fountains. We would spar with each other, telling one another about our adventures with our masters, how we escaped death, foiled plans of great evil, imprisoned Bounty hunters, rescued Kings and Queens and maybe even won the heart of a damsel in distress.

    Yes, I remember my friends. They are either knights or dead by now. If they are alive, if they ever thought of me, it would not be a kind thought. It would be a thought of a fallen Jedi, a dark, cursed Jedi who's lust for fortune overpowered his will to help those who needed it, a Jedi not worthy of their recollections.

    Or maybe it would be a thought of an unfortunate man lead astray by the power and evil of the dark side, too easily taken in by lies and a sour heart.

    Then again it does not matter now. I cannot change the course of time or the past. No one can, not even a Jedi, not even Master Yoda.

    I remember a time when all I saw in Qui-Gon's eyes was pride and love. Now all I see is disappointment, and the knowledge of a deed that has to be done.

    I remember a time that Qui-Gon took me on vacation to a small, wild planet called Oxad. We became lost within the first few hours, the comm units wet from a violent storm that passed over upon our arrival. with no way of contacting the Temple, we soon gave up hope of being found within a mere few days. But it had not disheartened us. Yes, we spent the next two weeks soaking wet and freezing cold, but we also got to know one another better. We walked by day, chatting about things of importance and some things that held no importance at all, and at night we would tell each other stories. I had heard that Qui-Gon's stories were the best. I would sit and listen to them for hours. It had been a wonderful time. Eventually we had been found and taken back to the Temple.

    I feel a ghost of a smile pass across my lips as I remember the looks on the Temple Healers face's as we dragged our lame, half starved bodies in to the Healer's ward.

    Qui-Gon no doubt thinks that the smile he sees is that which sprung from a spiteful thought. If only he knew the truth. I wonder what he would think.

    There was a time when Qui-Gon knew everything about me, my hopes, my dreams, and my nightmares.

    I remember a nightmare I had, how it had utterly shook me and how I had woken up in tears because of the dream that seemed so real. In this dream I was running from dozens of shadowy beings that rode on the backs of wild beasts but in the end I could not escape them. What happened in that dream still brings shivers down my spine. It had terrified me so completely that I had refused to let Qui-Gon leave my side for several nights.

    Qui-Gon had been so understanding and had told me stories until I fell asleep each night. When I woke up he was still
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    please tell me what you think[face_praying]
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    Your formatting makes it hard to read (you used Notepad, didn't you? :p), but the story is still interesting.
  4. obi-gonjinn Jedi Knight

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    how did you know I used notepad???????????:eek:
    are you a Jedi????:D
    and sorry about the writting and spelling and everything eles
    I did write it in a fit of anger and I am soooooooo sleepy I-)
    mee sa goin to find my be.....d............ snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrI-)
    see you all tommorow
    night night
  5. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    The "force" told her you use notepad[face_hypnotized]

    Why did you write it in a fit of anger:mad:
    You should follow the code
    as you know what 'anger' leads to.[face_skull]

    Xanatos was a fool but
    he is a good character to write about
    you can make him good, bad, or
    indifferent[face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    mee sa wooden go ta beed if Jar Jar is there8-}

    I liked your little story [face_dancing]

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    I cannot get to sleep it is now 5 in the morning :_|
    ah well [face_plain]
    thankyou Geri :D
    and what was all the gobeldeeegoop about at the end???
    and don't worry I am not going to turn to the darkside I like the
    light side to much :D
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    with thanks to Micky-nikki your a life line in the mess that is my work [:D]
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