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Spok, WA I want to do this....!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by mightyd4, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. mightyd4

    mightyd4 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 24, 2004
    Star Wars Meets Monty Python

    (written better, but a short film of short skits)
    (I'm going to start a script, and think, costuming Monty Python Style!)

    > Go away or I will taunt you a second ti--ime

    "Hey! Where'd you get those Gundark-nuts?"


    "Your pretending to ride in a landspeeder, rolling on those two
    Gundark-nuts! where'd you get the Gundark-nuts??"

    "?!? (tch) ..I *found* them..."

    " !! ..what?!? You don't just FIND Gundark-nuts! This is an arid, yet
    temperant zone.. Gundark-nuts are Extra-Terrestrial! They can't be
    found here!, how'd you get Gundark-nuts???"

    "(grrr) ..a Mynock will migrate out, in winter..."

    <interrupting> "..Are - you - trying - to tell me that those two
    Gundark-nuts, MI-GRA-TED here?!?"

    "..not at all, they could have been carried in, by the Mynocks.."

    <interrupting> "'s just not physically possible! You're trying to
    make me believe, that itty-bitty Mynocks could just carry those huge
    Gundark-nuts, across Interstellar distances?!? can't be done, `ya
    daffy bastard!"

    "It's not important.. go tell your Jedi master, that Skywalker -
    from Tatooine, is here an.."

    <interrupting> "..look.. a 2 kilo Mynock CAN-NOT lift a pair of 12 kilo
    Gundark nuts, it denies the laws of physics!'s just not blooming

    "Perhaps two Mynocks carried them side-by-side, using a sling.."

    <interrupting> "..what?!? do ya think that they just *picked-up* a bit
    of Gundark foreskin, then used it to rig a sling, ..just so they could
    halfway across the Galaxy, carrying a pair of Gundark-nuts?!? ..what
    possible reason would explain that?!?"

    "It's not important now! ..go tell your Jedi master that.."

    <new interruption> "..perhaps, if they were Gammorean Mynocks, it might

    <interrupting> "Oh, yea... GAMORREAN Mynocks could conceivably pull off
    that stunt, but not AFFYTECHAN Mynocks, as he'd have us ruddy-well

    <leaving> "..come, threepio.. we'll go seek out the next Jedi master.."
    > Intermission

    "Arrrgh, those who'd cross the Star of Death, must answer me, these
    questions three - ere the DeathStar trench he see. ..what.. is your

    "..Luke Skywalker, from Tatooine.."

    "..what.. is your quest?"

    "I seek vengeance, for ..Bail.."

    "What is the average air-speed velocity of a Mynock?"

    "What do you mean? ..Affytechan, or Gamorrean Mynocks?"

    "I don't no thaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!"

    "Luke! do you know that we'll be able to pull-out, at that

    "You have to know these things, when you're a Jedi, y'know.. It'll be
    just like Beggar's Canyon, back home..."

    > ----- ?íñé -----

    OK, now that'll be the end to the silliness, blokes.. ..from here on,
    there will be no more silliness allowed, run along. move along,
    no more silliness here to witness.. =)

    > 8========##<^>##========8
    >>>>------> {çhêêtah}
    > 8========##<^>##========8

    "Cut down a Jedi with a `erring? It can't be done?"

    "A creature, so fowl, so cruel, the bones of 50 men lie about it's

    "Where? behind the Hoojib?"

    "It ..IS.. the Hoojib!"

    ". . ! . . you silly-sod, you got us all worked up!!"

    "'s the most murderous rodent you ever layed eye's upon, mate ..look
    at the bones, man!"

    "..I soiled my Jedi robe!"

    "..go on, Gantoris, chop the `lil bugger's `ead off.."

    "..right! One hoojib stew, coming up.."


    [cue 1930-ish action-music sequence, hoojib bites Gantoris' `ead off..]

    "Jesus Sith!"

    "I tol' you.. hahaha ..I tol' you, but would you listen? oh-no.. hahaha's just a `armless `lil hoojib..."

    "Shut-UP!! Alright men, CHARGE!!!"

    "run-away, run-away, run-away!"

    "..`ave at you!"

    "..I chopped your bleedin' leg off!"

    " you didn't!"

    "Then what's that?" [points at severed & cauterized extremity]

    "..`tis only a flesh-wound, have-at-you!"

    [whirrr, buzz, slice!]

    "Now stand aside, good Jedi - you've fought val
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