I wonder if someone remembers me, and if does, would not have a grudge + bunch of old 3d projects

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  1. Topa-Topias Jedi Youngling

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    Hello, I'm a guy from Finland, a SW fan and I have done a lot of 3d modelling in the past. Almost ten years ago I used to do a lot of SW 3d-modelling, especially architecture things. I used my real life nickname, Topa, and I started up at the Star Wars Modelling Alliance (or something like that it was called) and moved to Scifi 3D to do modelling. Some of my models still seem to be on the site, even though they are almost a decade old. I'm not sure if someone who was active back then still remembers me and what happened.

    I had a lot & lot of works in progress and we folks with Scifi 3D had this some fan film project going on, but then suddenly I just dissappeared in the middle of all these projects and collaborations. No one of the SciFi 3d-folks were able to contact me. If someone still remembers this personally, I want to say that I am very deeply sorry about what happened and I wish I would have done things differently. I'm not actually quite sure what the year was, perhaps between 2000 and 2001. Anyway, I was a teenager back then and some very personal issues and troubles were happening that made me stop and dissappear. So it was not a car crash or something like that. If someone who I knew personally back then still hangs around here, I can write you a detailed explanation on what actually was going on. I'm just not sure of the names I used to be in contact back then.

    Well, anyway, things have changed, as have I and I found some rrrreally old 3d-projects from some zipped file I had forgotten for years. Here's some pictures I rendered today, but the models themselves are from the year 2000 I think. I'm planning to tweek them and finish them so I can send them to Scifi 3D so that they can be of any help to the SW community.

    Some Coruscant building I assume. Actually I'm not 100% sure the model is by me, but it looks very familiar as my style:

    The pit from TPM.

    Yes, this is a 3d-model. It is an animation of the hyperspace jump with streching stars:

    The gas giant Endor, of which the maps are messed up:

    Ceiling of the prison from ANH I assume. Also not 100% sure if the model is mine. It is actually at the current moment just the ceiling:

    Throne room of Theed:

    Corridor from Theed Palace:

    Some Theed bridge structure:

    Some Coruscant building blocks:

    Some Coruscant building:

    Gate of Jabba's Palace:

    So, time has not been gentle to these models. Most of them have seriuos mapping problems, and I had (and still have) the habit of naming files (such as map files) as something like "Image2fasdfasdf.jpg" or "fffff.jpg". The same goes with the 3d-file names themselves. I have like almost a hundred files with names like "asdfa.max" or "ddd.max" and "dddd.max" and I have to open each one of them to see what they contain. And these models in the pictures are maybe a fraction of all the stuff I've still have to go through. This is like archeology.

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    Love your work! I used one of your planets in [link=http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/sw_180/]this[/link] short flick I did while back for Atom Films. Tried to contact you at the time, but had no luck.
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    Hey Topa. ZOO. Email me some time. admin@scifi3d.com
    Lucky I saw this post. Don't keep up with all the threads in here, and there's a lot of them.
    Looks like you may have disappeared again? No posts since December 2010.
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    These are beautiful.
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