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    Title: Ice And Steel
    Author: Thryce
    Timeframe: Thrawn novel, Rebels Season 3 and after
    Characters: Arihnda Pryce, Thrawn
    Genre: Perfect Drabbles
    Keywords: Inktober Prompts
    Summary: No overarching story, just little moments
    Notes: Two drabbles a day until I caught up with now.


    1. Swift
    Impossibly swift. It was the only was to describe Commander Thrawn's rise through the ranks. It took years from captain to commander. The alien had made it from lieutenant in the same time.
    Arihnda looked over the file again. But there was no foul play, the small but obvious signs of favours curried were missing. What was curious was his tendency to come out of court-martial panels promoted. Only very few people could effect that.
    The Emperor has taken a shine to him, Moff Tarkin's word echoed in her mind.
    If that was true, Thrawn would be a powerful asset.

    2. Divided
    Thrawn gazed out of the Chimaera's bridge viewports. Few stars lit the space around them, a common sight in the regions his missions took him. Somewhere out in the darkness lay the Chiss Ascendancy. He blinked slowly.
    His home lay besieged, refusing to admit it. The legendary Chiss prowess in battle meant little to the foes surrounding them. It meant little to his newfound allies as well. The Empire looked strong but it was held together mostly by too many forces pulling it into too many directions. One small imbalance would break it apart.
    He needed better allies.
    Or friends.
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    3. Poison
    A few words was all it took. Spoken into the right ears at the right time they worked wonders. An easy game were you playing it alone. But you weren't—you never were.
    Arihnda looked out over Corsucant. It had been a long day with many words spoken to many ears. But for now she was done. For now—
    She sighed and turned to her comm. Now it was time for words that didn't want to poison. Words that might not even want at all. Her fingers punched the comm code on autopilot while a smile crept to her face.

    4. Underwater
    It was most likely due to the colour of his skin. Humans lived in worlds where the water reflected their skies and more often than not, the immediate association was blue. Thrawn watched his fingers move.
    "It's like being underwater," Arihnda had murmured, her breath gentle against his shoulder.
    "Because of the detached serenity?", he had asked.
    "No. Just like—drifting, engulfed from all sides, stranded, eternally."
    "You will drown." Thrawn wasn't sure he understood.
    "Yes." She moved slightly. "But it is safe. The worst has already happened."
    It was still unsettling. But it explained a lot about Arihnda Pryce.
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    Welcome to fanfiction :cool: and what compelling characters you have chosen tofocus on. =D= Insightful and very good prompts you've selected to describe Thrawn [face_love] and Price.
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    Sharp and crisp. Well done! =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - Thank you. They are both cold and calulating and also perfect for each other. :D

    @AzureAngel2 - Thank you. I love drabbles because you have to be very precise. Fits those two very well. :)

    5. Long
    "Three weeks." The holoimage of Thrawn flickered. "Maybe four."
    It was just half of the problem. Arihnda sighed. "Understood. Godspeed."
    "I hear you were recalled to Coruscant."
    "Tarkin requested my presence," she confirmed.
    "He won't be there."
    "I know."
    The silence reached through the galaxy, connecting two of its most far-flung inhabitants. Arihnda knew it wasn't enough. It never was.
    But it was what it was. Another month, another mission. It was always too long. But that was just half of the problem. And the other half made no sense. Not on its own. And yet, here she was.

    6. Sword
    "Ancient," Arihnda disparaged the weapons but took one nevertheless.
    Thrawn smiled. "Unexpected," he countered as he raised the blade and began to circle her.
    Arihnda fell into a defensive posture. "Useful as such alone?"
    She was not easy to teach, too many lessons had been learnt cruelly and randomly. But she was softening, listening. If only to him. A true challenge.
    They circled each other in silence. Now and then the light glinted on a blade, an easy distraction neither fell for. The corners of her lips curled upwards. Oh, he would teach her a thing or two, no mistaking.
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    You were able to take Zahn´s characters and make them your own for new, exiting adventures.
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    Long -- how intriguing, the thoughts Arihnda is having. :) Sword -- Thrawn would be a fascinating and thorough instructor indeed. [face_love]
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    @AzureAngel2 -I did an I will. They do not have a choice. [face_mischief]

    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - Yeah, she's not very good with feeling feels. ^.^' He would and it would not be pretty. :p

    7. Shy
    "I understood that nudity is not taboo between lovers." His voice was full of questions.
    Arihnda took a deep breath. He was right, of course; Thrawn usually was. It was not a taboo. She rubbed her forearms absently. One advantage of the Imperial uniform was that it covered you well.
    "It's – personal," she finally said. "Painful."
    Thrawn took a step towards her, taking one hand gently in his. "It can wait."
    Looking down at their hands, Arihnda made her decision. There would never bee a good time, it would only become more difficult. And it was only scars after all.

    8. Crooked
    Names were things of power. Back in the Ascendancy they bestowed rank, affiliation, and history. Thrawn had gotten used to the crude pronunciation of the centrepiece of his name. As the core of a person it ought to be reserved for close encounters.
    But here it was his public face, the visible canvas, honoured and besmeared at will. That it was evoking twisted thoughts was not helping. Change the name to change the man. Did it work?
    Her voice fell on his ear like velvet. Thrawn closed his eyes. Sometimes – sometimes his name still did comprise his true self.
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    Ahem, one word for both/each. SQUEE! =D= =D= Very vulnerable in spite of herself is Arihnda [face_thinking] And he too =P~ Thrawn is so multifaceted and you know it takes quite the lady to evoke a deep emotion. @};-
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    Now this makes me melt away. You can write him clever and sexy alike! :D
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - Everybody is vulnerable; regardless of what they themselves believe or want others to believe. ;)

    @AzureAngel2 - Clever is sexy. :p

    9. Screech (pt. 1)
    "He wanted to leave my parents behind to die!" Arihnda took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "I could not allow it. They are my parents, they are everything I have. They are—everything!"
    A glance at Thrawn revealed him to be as calm as ever. So he had suspected, maybe even known. Arihnda paced for a while before sitting down on the bed.
    "I had to shoot him with my mother watching. My mother! She has never seen violence in her whole life and then her only daughter—" she broke off.
    "You should have seen her eyes."

    10. Gigantic (pt. 2)
    It was obviously a big confession. Thrawn looked at the woman sitting on his bed, trying to stay composed. He would have been insulted had he not known her so well. She never let her composure go. Even when she relaxed, it was a conscious effort.
    Arihnda Pryce did not break down. Ever.
    And yet here they were.

    Thrawn suppressed a smile. It would send the wrong message. The right message being that she was not in control of the situation and that was okay. Not touching her hurt, but she was not there yet.
    Keeping his distance, Thrawn waited.
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    Definitely a hard choice and life-altering but necessary to save her parents. [face_thinking] Thrawn's reaction to such a disclosure and the tumult of emotions, very in-character. =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha - I would ave done the same in her place. Mostly. [face_blush]

    11. Run (pt. 3)
    All she wanted to do was run. Leave and put as much space between her and everybody as possible. But there was nowhere to go. The Chimaera was a big ship but even big ships ended and there was only space. The cold vacuum held a certain appeal.
    Arihnda pulled her legs up, shaking her head. At least it was now. The worst had come to pass. A glance up revealed Thrawn still at a safe distance, watching, waiting.
    Closing her eyes she took a few deep breaths. He was still there and he was not mad. Not visibly anyway.

    12. Shattered (pt. 4)
    "I couldn't risk it."
    Thrawn looked down at the huddle figure as Arihnda put her head onto her knees. Thrawn. It would have been easier had she looked up, but Arihnda was in a hell of her own making. The past was not something he could change, but in the present—
    "You saved them." He sat down just close enough for her to notice. "You covered up killing Gudry by blowing the whole settlement up."
    She sighed and leant against him. "Now I disgust them. But wouldn't you save those you love whatever the cost?"
    "Even if they despised me."
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    13. Teeming
    For the first time in her life, Arihnda had felt the desire to kill. How dared he? In her own house? Well, in her parents' house actually, but that didn't make it any better.
    Their whole lives her parents had striven to make life better for her and for their workers while they still owned Pryce Mining. And there he stood, calling them freaks. Calling her one too by proxy but Arihnda didn't care. She had done questionable things in her life – her parents had not.
    Her fingers closed around the blaster in her hand. Three shots were hardly enough.

    14. Fierce
    She hadn't been much to look at in the dojo on Coruscant, just somebody getting their first real combat training. Thrawn had wondered what had become of Arihnda's skills in the meantime.
    She wasn't much to look at now either. Arihnda Pryce didn't fight with elegance or flowing beauty. She fought to get the job done and she did. Another rebel went down. She grabbed his blaster and threw it to him, aware that his position was better for shooting. Then she went right t the next enemy.
    Thrawn took out the rebel aiming at her from the right first.
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    You can sense Arihnda's progression -- in the midst of vengeance or retribution in #13 and then to a precise fighter in #14, almost to the point of not even thinking of her targets in sentient terms.
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha -I am not sure killing in cold blood with training is an improvement over anger character-wise, but it sure works better in battle. :D

    15. Mysterious
    Everything new was something to unravel and so was he. But Thrawn was close-lipped and didn't help her.
    His aide on the other hand—Arihnda smirked. Eli would talk about his Captain as detailed as the day was long. He wasn't easily pried off the side of his superior office but it was worth it.
    Unfortunately, half he had to say about Chiss in general was legends. Well, she would get behind that calm, blue façade sooner or later.
    "So, art you say?" She prompted the young man.
    "I don't even know," Eli began.
    Arihnda leant back with a smile.

    16. Fat
    "They were smuggling—that?" Thrawn looked at the glistening blob of whitish wobble.
    "Yes, Sir." To his credit Lieutenant-Commander Eli Vanto did not wince. "It is forbidden on Talasera."
    "We are talking about variations of triglyceride?"
    "Yes, Sir. Apparently Talasereans have two reactions to it: anaphylactic shock and delirious intoxication."
    Thrawn punched the bridge of his nose. This was not what he was out here for. "Very well. Arrest the crew, confiscate the cargo and put that," he took a deep breath, "to good use in the kitchens."
    Thrawn let out a long breath. The Emperor would not be amused.
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    Argh, dang. Your latest updates managed that I like Arihnda Prycenow and develop some sympathy for her.
  18. Thryce Jedi Youngling

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    @AzureAngel2 - well I do not see why I should suffer liking her alone. :p

    17. Graceful
    A turn of the head, a small gesture of the hand – it was ll it took to distract her. Arihnda shook her head, trying to shake the feeling off but it was impossible.
    Thrawn trailed his fingers over the surface of the desk, talking to her as he did so.
    Arihnda realised she should probably be more interested in his words than his fingers. What was she thinking anyway? An alien. An upstart, too.
    But there was music in the way Thrawn moved, a siren's call impossible to overhear; impossible to resist. He knew what he was doing. It showed.

    18. Filthy
    Thrawn didn't understand. Considering another person in all their aspects including physical options should not call for verbal abuse. Yet there it was. Arihnda had a unique mind and strong agenda. Attraction was not implausible but the connotations of dirty were uncalled for.
    Maybe it was because he was an alien, an upstart, protégée and an alien. Thrawn raised a hand scrutinising the portrait before him. It was quite possible that the mere suggestion of non-Core World people interacting thus with the elite evoked this reaction.
    The Empire was strange. He intended to change it. Change it and have Arihnda.
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    Graceful = SQUEEE! :D Filthy -- interesting musings and like how Thrawn decisively makes a choice on being involved with Arihnda. Of course he respects/admires her strong intellect and purposefulness. [face_thinking]
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