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Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by Jon_Goodfellow, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Jon_Goodfellow Jedi Knight

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    Err... I went acronym-crazy there didn't I? :p

    Well, our weekend trip is in the final stages of planning. We'll be going to King's Dominion next Saturday, 1 July, sometime around noon. We're hoping to make this an overnight trip, and I'll look into maybe getting a group rate at a local hotel. I'm really hoping to make this our biggest showing yet. So, bring your friends, bring your family, bring anyone you know who might be interested... and bring some bloody beer! ;)

    Everyone who wants to join us, either reply in here or shoot me a PM about what time in the afternoon you want to meet up and head down there. We'll just meet at our official spot at the Wendy's on West Nursery Road.

    I hope to hear from all of you! :)

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    hmm....perhaps, i could attempt to do this, I'll just have to talk to my boss and see what work looks like that day...does kings dominion have a website? I have questions, but i can probably answer most of them from there...
    mostly i just want to see how long the drive is...i'm alone and long drives alone are something i only attempt for good reason (and hanging out with other geeks is always a good reason)
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