Speculation ideas for the spin-offs !!

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    As noted each Spin off will center around a major character and they will be released around the same time as episode 7.

    1.) Darth Vader spinoff- set between Rots & ANH and detail Vaders inner
    conflict & efforts to overthrow the Emperor.

    2.) Boba Fett spin-off- set right after events of ROTJ and show Fett making a meal out of the sarlacc instead of the other way around, & then go to Manalore to set up Fetts rise as the new leader of the that anicent group of warriors.

    3.) Obi-Wan (starring Ewan Mcgregor) set in the years before ANH, showing Obi-Wans adventures on tatoonine and elsewhere as he convertly resists the dark times while watching over the new hope.

    4.) Yoda- don't know about this one, too much yoda could be a bad thing but if done right & set before the prequels, might have promise.

    5.) Han Solo - set before ANH and before Chewbacca when Han was a mere recuit in the imperial Navy.
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    Hunger Games like story with Gungans and Ewoks being forced to kill eachother in an arena for our viewing pleasure.
    Other than that.....whole entire movie of just Darth Vader hunting down the Jedi and being a bad ass.
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    Cindel of course. It's time we learn what happened to her after she and Noah left Endor!


    No, but seriously, a post-RotJ Boba Fett movie would be nice!
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    Well we're already discussing this in the Official thread.
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